The Pas Sports News Archives for 2016-07

Slo Pitch

Three games tonight in The Pas Slo Pitch League. Games begin at 7pm and Arena 1 has Blue Jays meeting the Paperworks Pounders. At Kinsmen The Stompers play Big League Crew and at Centennial Balls Deeps faces off with Old Balls.   


OID Soccer Tournament

Opaskwayak Indian Days is coming up in August and now is the time to get your soccer team entered for the Henry Personius memorial tournament. Entry fee is 600 dollars per time. There’s 6-thousand dollars in prize money available in each the men’s and women’s divisions. To register you can call 623-0483 or 978-0700. 


Slo Pitch

Tonight is the final night of double headers in The Pas Slo Pitch League. A full 6 game schedule, with Master Batters playing a double header against Sweatshop Swingers and Team T at Arena 1. At Kinsmen Old Balls plays OCN Jacs and Sons of Pitches. And at Centennial Pure Pressure plays Alouette 1240’s and Blue Jays. 


Slo Pitch

There are five Slo-Pitch games to take in tonight in The Pas. Blue Jays play a double-header against Old Balls and Balls Deep at Arena 1. At Kinsmen Field, Tipsy Ten are back-to-back with Team Fireballs and Team T. And Bracken Dam O-G are up against Deadly Diamonds in the lone game at Centennial. First pitch at all 3 parks is at 6:30.


Wayne Young Tournament

The annual Wayne Young memorial Golf Tournament will be held this weekend in The Pas. It is expected to be the busiest tournament of the year and is geared for both the competitive golfer and the ones just wanting to play for fun. You can sign up at the Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Club or by calling them at 204-627-2300.



Local Hockey Players Trip to Europe

This week two hockey players will get the chance to play for team Canada. Atom aged local players Lazarus Constant and Merico Bercier will be playing for team Canada at a World Atom Hockey Tournament in Europe. Here Lazarous talks about what he’s looking forward to most."The most exciting part about playing with kids across the country, see how good they are and see how they play together. Just to represent First Nations people, it goes to show you to never give up on your dreams and anything can happen if you believe." 

The two boys will fly to Europe for 17 days next week playing 10 exhibition games before the tournament starts for real. They will play teams from Germany, Italy, and Sweden and across Europe.


Million Dollar Hole in One

Another event that wrapped up this weekend was the annual Million Dollar Hole in One. The best golfers from The Pas and OCN took part throughout the week trying to qualify for the million dollar shot. This year’s three finalists were Mitchell Katcher, Jeff Reiben(Ree-Ben) and Bob Kerslake. Bob Kerslake was the overall winner narrowly missing the million dollar shot, but still managed to take home thousands of dollars in prizes.  


Slo pitch

Just three games tonight in The Pas Slo Pitch league. At Centennial Deadly Diamonds has a double header against Balls Deep and Master Batters. The lone game at Arena 1 sees OCN Jacs against Bracken Dam OG. Games begin at 6:30 and 8pm.


Slo Pitch


It’s a busy night in baseball in The Pas. There are 5 games on the Slo-Pitch League schedule. Starting at Kinsmen Field, Sons of Pitches take on Big League Crew in the only game at that diamond. Arena 1 has a double header. Pure Pressure take on Old Balls and then Tipsy Ten. The Stompers are up back to back against OCN Jacks and Blue Jays. First pitch at all diamonds goes at 6:30.




NAIG Soccer Tryouts

Team Manitoba Soccer Try Outs for the 2017 North American Indigenous games are being held in OCN tomorrow. Tryouts for both the under-19 and under-16 teams will take place at Oscar Lathlin Collegiate. Registration is 50 dollars and it does include a tee shirt. If you can’t make the try out tomorrow there will be another one held in Winnipeg August 20th 


Hole in One

After day 1 was postponed into yesterday both day 1 and day 2 of the million dollar hole in one are in the books. Today is day 3 and loads of prizes have already been handed out. You can take your shot at the competition from noon until 9pm at the Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Clubs Driving range. If you don’t have early bird tickets 20 dollars gets you 30 balls at the 80 yard pin.


OCN Blizzard Hire Assistant Coach

The OCN Blizzard have hired an assistant coach for the 2016-17 season. Greg Hunter will join new head coach and GM Doug Hedley on the OCN Blizzard bench this season. Hunter has previously coached the OCN Blizzard and will bring the experience necessary to push the Blizzard in the right direction. OCN has also hired Tyler Grove as the Strength coach and Trainer. Grove played for the OCN Blizzard between 2012 and 2014. The Blizzard begin the season September 24th home to Dauphin.


Slo Pitch

Five games on the schedule in The Pas Slo Pitch League tonight. At Arena 1 Sons of Pitches plays a double header against Balls Deep and Old Balls. Centennial has the Paperworks Pounders facing Pure Pressure and OCN Jacs. And at Kinsmen just one game sees Deadly Diamonds and Blue Jays.


BU Volleyball Camp Coming to The Pas

The University of Brandon Volleyball program is hosting a camp in The Pas in late August. Registration is open now and space is limited. The current head coach of the Brandon University men’s volleyball team Grant Wilson will be leading the camp. It will be held August 25th for ages 3 to 12. Registration forms can be found on The Kelsey Rec Facebook page or at the wellness centre.


Slo Pitch Tonight

A busy 6 game full schedule for The Pas Slo Pitch League tonight. At Centennial, Team T I meets with Balls Deep and Big League Crew. Arena 1 has The Stompers facing Deadly Diamonds and Old Balls. And at Kinsmen the Alouette twelve fordies take on EVM and Blue Jays. Games begin at 6:30pm and 8pm.


Slo Pitch

Slo Pitch teams return to the diamonds tonight for games in The Pas Slo Pitch League. Four games taking place, at Centennial EVM has a double header with Deadly Diamonds and Hits and Giggles. Kinsmen has the Master Batters playing Team Fireballs, and at Arena 1 Team T-I takes on the Stompers.


Slo Pitch

After the weekend long provincial slo pitch tournament, The Pas Slo Pitch League will have a night off of regular season games. No games scheduled for tonight but league games resume tomorrow. Four games on the diamonds with Team T-I taking on the Stompers at Arena 1. At Kinsmen Master Batters plays Team Fireballs. And at Centennial two games as EVM has a double header with Deadly Diamonds and Hits and Giggles.



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