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Mike Pichlyk

Mike grew up in a small community just twenty minutes north of Winnipeg. He went to school in the city and spent the majority of his time in the car listening to the radio. He then slowly developed a love for radio but never really thought it was something he would pursue as a career. When he graduated from high school he enrolled in the University of Winnipeg's Business program. He then realized very quickly that this wasn't the career path for him, so he dropped out after the second semester. He then took a year off from school working various odd jobs and started thinking of what he should do for a career. It wasn't until his parents showed him an advertisement for Assiniboine Community College's interactive media arts program where he finally had the realization that radio was something he wanted to be a part of.

After being accepted into ACC he moved to Brandon and spent two years working on getting his degree. He then graduated in the summer of 2020. Usually, a practicum would be set up by ACC but due to COVID-19, he was left to look for a job himself. He was working as a screener at Seven Oaks General Hospital until he was informed by a friend that works at CFAR to apply for a job position here in The Pas, Manitoba. He applied and sure enough, he got the job.

He's a huge sports betting fan, and enjoys watching the NFL, CFL, Mixed Martial Arts, and Boxing. He also likes keeping active by working out and running outside.

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