The Pas Local News Archives for 2023-01

Tourism Winnipeg Launches Mobile Discount Pass To Help Boost Winnipeg's Tourism Industry

A mobile discount pass that allows people visiting Winnipeg to check out local attractions has been launched as a way to stimulate the city’s tourism industry post-COVID lockdowns.


Economic Development Winnipeg’s marketing director Tyler Walsh explains the Winnipeg Attractions Pass provides access to five destinations and offers up to 35 percent off individual admissions.


Here, Walsh shares how the Winnipeg Attractions Pass benefits northerners making the trip down to the capital.


“That’s one thing we are really excited to get this pass out there to our friends in Northern Manitoba because, as you said, there are lots of people that come in for weekends and that come in for trips or appointments. I think this is a great, affordable way for people to experience Winnipeg as a tourist. I imagine many of your listeners have probably been to some of these places but you know, this is an opportunity for them to get together with their families and go to some of these great attractions. These attractions have done a really good job of always having new and exciting things seen so it’s a real opportunity for folks all over Manitoba.”  

You Can Provide Input on Manitoba Budget 2023

The Manitoba government is inviting Manitobans to join telephone town hall engagement sessions and attend in-person public meetings to help inform Budget 2023. 


The only in-person session in the north is being held in Thompson on February 9th

The northern regional telephone town hall is being held on February 8th at 6:30 pm. 


Participants are asked to pre-register and reserve a spot for an in-person meeting or sign up to receive a phone call for the telephone town hall at


You can also participate in an online survey that has now been launched at or email ideas to You can find these links in this news story at


The government notes Budget 2023 will focus on what Manitobans want most including affordability measures, quality health care, education, economic growth and infrastructure investment

UCN Chancellor Awarded With Platinum Jubilee Medal

UCN Chancellor Edwin Jebb has been rewarded The Queen Elizabeth Platinum Jubilee Medal for his significant contributions and achievements through the province, with a strong focus on community-mindedness, service and reconciliation.


The Medal Celebrates the 70 years Queen Elizabeth was the monarch of The British Commonwealth Countries, with the platinum jubilee being held on February 6, 2022


1000 medals will be awarded during the platinum year. Recipients can be of all ages and from all walks of life, provided that they have made a contribution to society, more details can be found at the links below.


The Pas RCMP Investigating Sudden Death

On Saturday morning around 10 am, The Pas RCMP received a report of a body having been found outside a residence located on Cathedral Avenue in The Pas.

Officers attended and located the body of a dead 23-year-old woman outside the rear of the home.

The cause of death has yet to be determined as authorities await the results of the autopsy.

The Pas RCMP, along with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, continue to investigate.

Firearms Safety Course Coming Soon

Winnipeg Firearm Safety is heading to The Pas Sunday, February 19th.

They’re setting up classes for anyone wanting to get their gun license.

The Course is taking place at the Wescana Inn and will cost 250 Dollars.

When they have completed this course,  graduates will be licensed to carry non-restricted firearms such as shotguns and rifles.

Booking your spot can be done on the day or can be done through e-transfer.

More details can be found here

Music And Fine Arts Returns

From 1936 to 2020, The Pas Music and Fine Arts Festival ran a total of 84 consecutive years and was believed to be the oldest music festival in Manitoba's history.


However, it was unable to run for 3 years due to the pandemic.

This year marks the festival’s return to an in-person event.


People who are interested in getting involved can complete registration forms at The Pas Regional Library on Friday, February 3rd from 4:30 to 6:30.

Home Owners Invited To Open House

Homeowners in The Pas and RM of Kelsey are invited to an open house on February 8th at the Roy H. Johnston Arena.


The Open House is being held by The Pas Community Development Corporation and Urban Systems Manitoba.


Their goal for the open house is to get feedback from homeowners on how to improve the quality, availability and suitability of housing in the two communities.


For more information call Economic Development Coordinator Jackie Rechenmacher at 204-627-1118

or email

Your Input is Needed as Our Health Region Plans For the Future


The Board of Directors of the Northern Health Region is looking ahead and renewing its commitment to strategic planning. 


They are asking you to complete a survey to help shape the direction for the next five years. 


In the survey, they note to achieve their goal of improving health services they are looking for your experiences and insights on the Northern Health Region adding since you have a stake in a healthier community and a stronger Northern Health Region you have a valuable perspective that they need to hear. They are asking that you take the time to complete a survey that will be open until January 31st.


Their strategic plan is due April 1st. To complete the survey go to their website and scroll down to Community Stakeholder Survey or find the link at and give your opinion on their current direction and what direction they should be going over the next five years.

Mayor Andre Murphy Report

During the town council meeting held Monday, CAO Julie Fothergill stepped down from the position and will be replaced for now by Jen Early.


Also during the meeting, Mayor Andre Murphy and staff took a look at the budget for The Pas and the surrounding area.


With a possible Tax Increase on the horizon, Murphy looks more toward efficiency rather than cutting back.  He wants to make sure the community is getting the best value towards essentials like groceries, gas, and other living expenses.


Town Council meetings take place on the second and fourth Mondays of the month at 6 pm in the town office chamber.

Listen to the full interview with Mayor Murphy on The Pas Today 

Wellness Wednesdays

It’s estimated that 30% of Canadians are living with Diabetes, much of which is undiagnosed, and that number is expected to rise in 2023,  according to Diabetes Canada.


The Beatrice Wilson Health Center is hosting Wellness Wednesdays as a way to promote physical activity into your weekly routine, especially for those living with or at high risk of Diabetes.


The Program gives individuals free access to the Kelsey Rec and Wellness Center from 7 to 8 pm every Wednesday from now until February 22nd.


To get involved you can contact Shawn Yaremko with the Beatrice Wilson Health Center at 627-7461.


Those that spend at least 30 minutes getting active during the program can enter into a draw for a grand prize of a 3-month membership to the Rec Center.

People interested in applying for the University of Manitoba's Northern Social Work Program have until March 1st to do so.

Program Director Lee Anne Deegan explains jobs pertaining to social work will continue to be in demand saying many of their graduates stay in the north as they pursue their careers.


Deegan walks through the application process for prospective students.....,


“Students come into our program in two different routes.  We have students who come in externally who apply directly to the University of Manitoba and those students have a minimum of 30 credit hours of University level course work at a College so they can just Google Faculty of Social Work Fort Garry Campus of the external students and the application information bulletin and all the details will be there.  Our access students come directly into our program.  They have to be at least 21 years of age and have less than 27 credit hours of University level coursework.”


She reports 460 people have graduated from the program since 1988 meaning around ten to 15 students graduate from the program in a given year.

The Moffat Family Fund

The Moffat Family Fund is now accepting applications for 2023.


In late 2001 Randy Moffat and his family established a fund through the Winnipeg Foundation with a gift of 100 million dollars.

In order to disburse these funds in a fair and equitable way, a call for proposals is being made through the Kelsey Rec and Wellness Center.


Applicants must be for charitable, non-profit organizations, and can be picked up at the front desk of the Wellness Center.

The deadline for applications is Friday, March 10th.

National Non-Smoking Week

The Manitoba Lung Association says it wants to support residents who’re looking to quit tobacco.


This comes as the organization commemorates National Non-smoking Day, an awareness campaign dedicated to educating people about the dangers of smoking and helping them quit.


Hailey Coleman, a certified tobacco educator who runs an online support group with the association, says they’re currently running a challenge for those looking to quit smoking.





According to the Canadian Community Health Survey, smokers are more likely to quit in January than any other month.


To learn more about the resources the Manitoba Lung Association offers, here the full interview with Coleman on the Pas today at The Pas online dot com.

Trappers Festival Looking For Volunteers

The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival, which sees visitors from all over the country, and some from even further, is almost here.


Volunteers are preparing for next month’s event with will run from the 15th till the 19th.


Registration is now underway for the torchlight parade which will happen following the opening ceremonies kicking off this year’s event


Volunteers are still needed for multiple events that will be running. Photographers to help capture this year’s festival as well as individuals that would like to work the ice bar, which will be brought back following last year’s success.


Fundraising events are well underway with the fur Queens Champaign brunch coming up this weekend, and other events being hosted by fur queen candidates Airianna Bignell-Beardy, Cadence Easter, and Gloria Ballantyne-Packo


For more on this year’s event, you can go to

Brillaizn Music Is Heading Up North

Marco Castillo will perform with the Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra this Friday at the Royal Canadian Legion.


Castillo was born in Rio De Janerio Brazil to a musical family; he decided to enter the music industry in 1994 and began touring across Brazil and South America until immigrating to Winnipeg in 2006.


The Theme for the Friday show will be Brazilian Season which will remix and cover songs from Castillo’s first album.


All tickets have been sold but you can find the interview with Castillo on The Pas Today.

Trappers Festival Kicks Off With A Champagne Brunch

The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival is hosting a fur queen champagne brunch this Sunday at The
Royal Canadian Legion starting at noon to help kick off the trappers festival.


Followed by the Brunch. The Fur Queen contestants will host a beauty pageant wearing clothes from the
stores in town along with apparel from their own closet and they’ll get to talk with the attendees, A 50/50 draw will take place along with potential special guest entertainment.


Tickets cost twenty-five dollars while kids under the age of 3 can enter free of charge, tickets can be
bought by contacting Tooley at 204-620-2373.
The full interview with Tooley can be found on The Pas Today by clicking here

Regular Eye Exams Are Recommended to Hold Off the Silent Thief of Sight.

Known as the Silent Thief of Sight, glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide that affects nearly 800,000 Canadians today.  Yet according to a national survey by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society less than half of Canadians are familiar with glaucoma.  For Glaucoma Awareness Month the society is reminding Canadians of the importance of regular comprehensive eye exams as it’s the only way to detect this eye disease and prevent permanent vision loss.


Society President Dr. Phil Hooper explains the damage to the eye from this disease of the optic nerve often develops slowly over long periods of time with few symptoms and the damage once done is irreversible.  He adds while there is no cure at this time medication and surgery can help you live with the disease and slow its progress. 


He recommends if you have any concerns about changes to your vision, especially if over the age of 50 it’s important to communicate with a healthcare provider so they can determine if ophthalmologist intervention is the best course of action.

Canadian workers plan to look for a new job despite economic uncertainty.

The survey by Robert Half finds those most likely to make a career move in early 2023 are Gen X and Millennials at 56 percent and those who have been with their employer for two to four years at 61 percent.


Working parents and tech professionals also indicated they would look for jobs at 55 percent and 57 percent respectively.


Spokesperson Mike Shektman was asked how Manitoba measures up to the rest of the country.......


“When you’re looking at Manitoba as a whole just to put it in perspective the November Stats Canada report that came out unemployment is now sitting at 4.4 percent.  When you actually drill down right across the Manitoba market and you’re looking at specifically in business, finance and administration unemployment are actually below 2 percent sitting at 1.8 so we’re seeing many organizations finding it really difficult to find those skilled workers that with driving still very much Canada’s driven market.”


Reasons for many Canadians looking for a new job include a higher salary, better benefits and perks, advancement opportunities, and flexibility on where and when they work.

Youth Members Looking To Help With Snow Removal

For anyone looking to have a hand clearing snow from their property. The Pas Family Resource Centre and The Cross Roads Teen centre are offering their help to anyone in the community with snow clearing, ice breaking and salting.


The goal of helping out the community is through the resource centre’s Young Wolf Pack Program. This gives wolf pack members a chance to initiate positive change, leadership, and pre-employment skill building.


Donations are appreciated but not necessary, to contact the resource centre email or Call 204-623-6499.


More details can be found on the resource centre’s Facebook page.

University of Manitoba's Northern Social Work Program applications available until March 1st

People interested in applying for the University of Manitoba’s Northern Social Work Program have until March 1st to do so.


The program can be completed anywhere between four to nine years, which program director Lee Anne Deegan says provides flexibility for students who’re working or have families.


Deegan adds jobs pertaining to social work will continue to be in demand, saying many of their graduates stay in the north as they pursue their careers.


She cites 460 people have graduated from the program since 1988, meaning around ten to 15 students graduate from the program in a given year.


To learn more, catch Thompson Today at 12:40 and 5:10 this afternoon here


Snowmobilers are Heading South This Week in a Fund Raising Ride

The Lions Journey for Sight starts in Flin Flon at 9:45 Wednesday morning.  The Journey is an annual fundraiser for the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario.  Committee Chair Dave Mullin of the Swan River Lions Club says about 25 snowmobilers from across Manitoba will leave from the Walmart parking lot with a stop in Cranberry Portage before spending the night in The Pas….


“The second day we leave The Pas.  We’ll stop at a few places as far as Mafeking, Overflow and Bowsman on the way down and end up in Swan River and spend the night there.  The next day we’ll split between the two groups. One group goes the Dauphin way stopping at all kinds of places at Ethelbert, Gilbert Plains all the way around there and another group will go through Benito, Roblin, Russell, and Binscarth and end up in Birtle.  And then that last day we meet up at Neepawa for lunch, stop at a couple of different places on the way and then we’ll head down toward Carberry, hit the number one highway and Saturday about four o’clock we’ll be in Brandon.”


In the past, the Journey has raised between 70 and 80 thousand dollars for the Lions Eye Bank.


Manitoba RCMP Major Crime Services Investigating Homicide In The Pas

On January 15, 2023, at 3:55 am, The Pas RCMP received a report of an unresponsive male located near a residence in The Pas. 


Officers attended and located two victims, in close proximity to one another, both with obvious signs of trauma.  One victim is deceased and the other is in critical condition. 


Scenes have been secured and the matter is being investigated as a homicide. 


The Pas RCMP along with Major Crime Services continue to investigate.


If anyone has any information, please contact The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6200 or submit a secure tip online at

Adopt-A-Hydrant Returns For 2023

The Pas Fire Department is asking the community to join the Adopt-A-Hydrant Campaign for the winter. Residents of the community are challenged to shovel 3 feet of snow away from fire hydrants to help the fire department locate them during an emergency.


Prizes can be won by sending before and after pictures to The deadline to submit pictures is February 5th  with a grand prize on the 6th.


More details can be found on The Pas Fire Department Facebook Page


Thank You For Being A Friend, The Betty White Challenge Returns To The Pas

The Pas Animal Shelter is asking the community once again to take part in the Betty White Challenge.


Actress Betty White, best known for her roles in The Golden Girls and Hot in Cleveland passed away from complications of a stroke just seven teen days away from her one-hundredth birthday.


Communities across the world started the Betty White Challenge, where they would donate 5 dollars or more to their city's animal shelter on January 17th in honour of the actress who was known to be a huge animal lover.


E-transfers can be sent to or be delivered to the shelter at 63 16th Street


Thank you for being a friend.

The Impact Of Climate Change In The North Is Paramount.

Ashton explains climate change has a disproportionate impact on northern communities pointing to the shortening ice road season.


She says the governing Liberals need to invest in all-weather roads adding that she put forward a private member’s bill to address this.......


“We covered a lot of ground, unfortunately, it didn’t pass but we were able to push the Feds to recognize that they’re not doing enough on this front and unfortunately Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are traveling the world but also here in our country pretending that they’re taking the action we need on the international stage when it comes to climate change but we know and the Auditor General reported that First Nations, for example, are not receiving the support they need from the Federal government when it comes to infrastructure in the face of climate change.  We know that here in our communities we need a lot of support.”


Ashton adds there are benefits to bettering infrastructure as it creates jobs and improves road connectivity in the north.

Science North. Learn How To Re-duse Your Carbon Footprint

Science North is an interactive science museum based in Sudbury Ontario with the goal to inspire one million youths across Canada to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve Canada's goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

Science North's Climate Quest is touring across Canada with exhibits teaching kids the importance of global warming and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Climate Quest Exhibits will be held at The Pas UCN Campus until January 16th from 8 AM – 5 PM.


More details can be found at Science and UCN on Facebook

A Documentary That Shines A Spotlight On Northern Manitoba Artists Is Now Available For People To View.

Andria Stephens, the co-founder of the Mall of the Arts in Thompson, talks about the film......


“There’s so much talent in northern Manitoba and if you go to other places in Manitoba or other places in Canada people don’t really look at it as a place that would have a creative pool of people so when we came here we didn’t know that either and we’ve been here for about nine years and were kind of blown away by the kind of talent that is in northern Manitoba and just the fact that we were introduced to and found so many talented artists and that people weren’t knowing that and there was no place for them to shine was what we wanted to bring to the forefront of the world.”


The 38-minute documentary is available on the Mall of the Arts YouTube channel.

Mayor Andre Murphy And His Plans For The Future

The first council meeting of the New Year for The Pas and surrounding communities took place yesterday evening, newly elected Mayor Andre Murphy was able to give an insight on what topics were being discussed, from excellent community economy from sporting tournaments to an amazing volunteering number’s, and helping with efficiency towards inflation.


Council meetings take place every second and fourth Monday of every month at The Pas Town Office; sessions are recorded and can be re-watch on YouTube at the Town of The Pas Council Meeting.


The full interview with Mayor Murphy can be found at The Pas Today

Input is Needed to Support Our Tourism Industry


The Communities Economic Development Fund and Look North are recognizing the importance of supporting the tourism industry in northern Manitoba.


Their Manager of Programs and Projects Leanne Brown says they are working with Canada Ecotourism Services…..


“We’re looking for information on what are the needs of the tourism industry with respect to workforce needs and ensuring that we’ve got the necessary training programs in place to respond to those needs of the tourism industry so through this assessment and study what Canadian Ecotourism Services will be doing is looking at tourism providers, tourism stakeholders to identify what those needs are and in completion of that what we’re going to do is provide a report over to UCN who will then develop programs that will assist the needs that are identified within the tourism industry to develop the workforce and capacity.”


If you are interested in providing input contact CEDF at or call 1-800-561-4315.

January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month

The Month of January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Research has shown that by 2030 almost 1 million Canadians will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and 1 in 5 Canadians have experienced caring for someone living with dementia.


Liz McLeod of the Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba shares how they offer support for those with an Alzheimer's diagnosis.





McLeod also shared why studying and learning about Alzheimer's benefits all of us.





Almost 20,000 Manitobans are living with Alzheimer's and that number is expected to grow to over 40,000 by 2050.


More details on how to get help can be found here


The full interview can be found at The Pas Today.

The Pas Financial Center

For anyone looking for financial advice and planning, a new business has opened up in The Pas providing
financial support for those needing it.


Ly Dich, Financial adviser with the center says that the center can help provide information in regard to saving, estate planning, or protecting and growing your money.

Here Dich explains the center's financial literacy campaign.






The goal is to help families explore financial literacy and by educating they can help alleviate financial

To learn more about financial literacy listen to the full interview with Dich at The Pas Today,  and visit the new financial center at 1559 Gordon Avenue.

Winnipeg Orchestra Heading To The Pas

The Pas Arts Councils In partnership with the Manitoba Arts Councils is inviting the community out to
see The Winnipeg Jazz Orchestra live on January 20th.


The Orchestra is presenting a show called Brazilian Season featuring vocalist Marco Castillo, who emigrated from Brazil to Winnipeg in 2006 and has been a staple in the Winnipeg music scene ever since.


The event is taking place at the Royal Canadian Legion, doors open at 7 PM with a pre-show of the MBCI’s Jazz band at 730 followed by the main show at 8, drinks and food will be served.


Tickets are thirty dollars for adults and fifteen for students, Tickets can be bought at The Pas Regional
Library or by e-transfer at


More information can be found at

The Pas Huskies Bottle Drive And Tournament

Hockey is kicking off early in the new year. The Pas U9 Hockey team will take part in a three day
tournament starting this Friday at the Roy H. Johnston Arena at 2:15.


Also happening this weekend The U15 Huskies is asking the community to donate beer bottles and beer
cans to help fund expenses like tournament entrée fees, renting ice time, and time apparel.


More details on the bottle drive can be found by messaging Karen Hall on Facebook or by texting
her number at 2-0-4 -6-2-7-0-3-1-9.


Additional details can be found at

A Night Of Comedy Is Heading Towards The Pas

The Pas Kinsmen is holding their annual kinsmen comedy night on

January 14, Kinsmen Member Glen O’Connell has more to say.


Followed by the refreshments and dinner, the comedy show will feature Ryan Ash of Edmonton Alberta who performed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, and opened for Tracy Morgan and Jody Peters of Saskatoon Saskatchewan who performed at the prestigious Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Full details of the Kinsmen’s comedy show can be found on The Kinsmen’s Facebook Page and the full interview with O’Connell can be found on The Pas Today.


Kevin Bernstrom's Phone Number is 204-623-6657

Your Pharmacist Can Support You with Your New Years Resolution to Quit Smoking.

In April 2022, Pharmacist Manitoba launched a Social Impact Bond with the Manitoban Government called The Quit Smoking With Your Manitoba Pharmacist Campaign.


The campaign's goal is to help 4500 Manitobans quit their smoking addictions by March 31st, 2025.  


The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy in The Pas is a part of the program Individuals eligible for this program must be 18 years of age or older, be a Manitoba resident with a valid Manitoba Health Card, and consent to participate in the program.  Individuals involved will receive up to a one-hundred-dollar subsidy towards smoking cessation products along with counseling sessions.


CEO of Pharmacists Manitoba Tanjit Nagra notes quitting smoking is not an easy task but they hope with the help of a pharmacist and resources made available through this initiative interested participants will feel motivated and supported every step of the way.


 For more information on booking an initial appointment go online to


RCMP Calls for Service in Manitoba Were Down Ten Percent in November Over November Last Year.

RCMP report during November 2022 Manitoba North District reported decreases in all occurrences except crimes against property over November 2021.


Common police activities decreased from 874 to 600 with all sub-categories reporting decreases notably persons missing were down from 212 to 79 followed by suspicious person or vehicle down from 90 to 39 and breach of the peace down from 352 to 277.


Crimes against people decreased minimally from 822 to 801.  Notable decreases were reported in sexual offenses down from 61 to 40 and forcible confinement down from 15 to 12. The only increase was reported in robbery, extortion, harassment, and threats which were up from 110 to 139.


Crimes against property increased overall from 1041 to 1157.  Theft over five thousand dollars reported the largest increase from 24 to 36 followed by theft under five thousand dollars up from 66 to 95. 


The largest decrease was in arson down from 15 to 6 followed by fraud down from 16 to 12.  Drug enforcement decreased in all sub-categories and overall from 54 to 33 including possession down from 10 to 3 occurrences.

Manitoba Public Fraud Details 2022

Manitoba public insurance released details on fraud committed in 2022 This included the closure of nearly 3000 cases and savings of over 14 million dollars to MPI customers.


Insurance fraud comes in all forms and costs everyone in premiums, this attributes to about 50 dollars a year to customers.


To raise awareness of additional costs, MPI has released detail on the top 5 frauds committed this year, all together they discovered nearly half a million dollars in savings alone from these 5 frauds.


Anyone with information about auto insurance fraud is asked to contact the MPI Tips line at 1-877-985-8477.


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