The Pas Local News Archives for 2018-09

Our Member of Parliament Says There is Now Hope for Churchill.

Niki Ashton says relief is the only way to describe the reaction to the announcement that a new northern led consortium will be taking over the Hudson Bay rail line and the port of Churchill. Relief because it means that repairs will be made to the rail line, because it means the port can reopen and because Omnitrax will no longer be able to hold the community of Churchill and the government of Canada to ransom. She says what we saw with Churchill and the rail line was the result of a disastrous privatization by the Liberal government in 1997.


Ashton adds it makes no sense to privatize strategic assets like Churchill. At a time when the federal government is looking at doing much the same with airports and other transportation infrastructure we need to recognize the degree to which privatization has failed in the past. She concludes the true credit for what has happened does not go to the federal government it goes to Churchill and the Northern First Nations that worked to find a solution.


The Pas Citizens On Patrol Clean Up Graffiti

Recently, members of The Pas Citizens on Patrol took time to clean up graffiti at Devon Park. Paulette Aamont the newly elected COPP coordinator says that members of the local COPP patrol the community to looking for graffiti and if they find any they cover it with paint.


She added that it’s part of their mandate to keep the community clean. If you find any graffiti here in town you are asked to report it by calling 204-620-1369.

The Pas and Area Animal Shelter May be Getting a Building for a Shelter

Linda Geswin and Sandra Anderson from The Pas and Area Animal Shelter spoke to Arctic Radio News recently where they announced that they have negotiated the purchase of the Kelsey Glass building for an animal shelter in The Pas.


The Pas and Area Animal Shelter is waiting on the town to approve a zoning amendment application for the building because it is not zoned to accommodate an animal shelter at this time.


The application passed its first reading at the regular meeting of council on Monday night and it is expected to go through its second and third readings at the next meeting on October 9th


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Public Hearing Held at The Pas Municipal Building on Rezoning Application Made by Wuskiwi Sipihk First Nation

A public hearing was held at The Town of The Pas Regular meeting of council on Monday night regarding a rezoning application for a property owned by Wuskiwi Sipihk First Nation.


The First nations plan is to rezone their property on Gordon Avenue to a commercial central zone to build a structure that would provide office space along with a convenience store or a pharmacy.


No members of the public attended to voice their support or concerns and the town is expected to vote on this application at the next meeting on October 9th.

Mayor Electoral Forum

There will be a mayor electoral forum for The Town of The Pas at the UCN Cafeteria on October 1st from 7 until 10 at night. This is an opportunity for The Pas residents to meet the candidates running for mayor and to find out what they have planned if they are elected. 


Those participating will also have the chance to ask the candidates questions.

The Candidates running for mayor for The Town of The Pas are Herb Jacques, Johanna McLaughlin, Brain Roque, and incumbent mayor Jim Scott.


The doors to the forum open at 6:30

Oscars Place Homeless Shelter Winter Hours and Donate a Meal Campaign

The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter will be starting their Donate a Meal campaign next month.


They will be asking people to provide meals for the people at the shelter by either donating funds needed to prepare a meal or to prepare a meal themselves. This will alleviate some of the stress on the shelters financial operations.


If you are interested in taking part in the Donate a Meal Campaign you can call Chad Zolinski at 204-627-9092.


The Shelter will also be switching to their winter hours on October 1st. The shelter will be operating from 8PM until 8AM.

Tim Horton's Smile Cookie Week makes over $13,000 in Cookie Sales Locally

Last week was The Tim Horton’s Smile cookie week and this year the local Tim Horton’s raised a total of $13,440 breaking last year’s record of $10,600 dollars.


All proceeds will go to The Pas families building a Better Community Group to Build a Spray Park for The Pas.


The construction is expected be begin soon and the spray park is set to be operational by next summer. The spray park is being built at Centennial Park and you can keep up to date with The Pas Families BBC on their Facebook page.


Dianne Sanderson from the OCN Tim Horton’s would like to thank the staff and all those that took part in the smile cookie campaign this year.

Aurora House Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Results

Aurora House held the walk a mile in her shoes at the Otineka Mall on September 20th.  The event involved men walking around the mall in high heels in an effort to put a stop to gender based violence.


The walk had a total of 18 regular participants plus 24 OCN Blizzard players and those that took part in the walk also raised $2,893 worth of pledges to go towards Aurora House’s programming and client research.


Aurora House workers would like to thank those that participated in the walk.

2018 Fall Clean Up Campaign

The Town of The Pas is participating in the 2018 Fall Cleanup Campaign which runs from October 15th to the 19th and they will be providing trucks for those that have unwanted items on their properties. The town is encouraging everyone to take part in the campaign and to have their properties cleaned.


People are reminded that, ashes, sod, dog waste, and material from dismantled structures and construction waste will not be collected and be sure to have your waste put outside prior to the pickup.


You are aslo reminded to ensure that all waste is protected from wind and animals and to place it in disposable containers.


A complete list of rules and more information can be found at the town of the community updates Facebook page.

University College of the North Sisters in Spirit Walk of Hope

The University College of the North is having a sisters in spirit walk of hope on October the 4th at 5PM.


The walk will begin at the OCN Blizzard office at the GLMC and they will make their way to UCN The Pas Campus.


There will also be a gathering at the UCN Mamawechetotan Centre with guest speakers and refreshments.


The run will take place rain or shine and everyone is welcome to participate.

For more information call Michelle Ballantyne at 204-627-8517.

The Pas Pride Crosswalk Painting This Saturday

The painting of the pride crosswalk for the town of The Pas will now be happening tomorrow at 1PM at the crosswalk located at Cathedral Avenue near the Roy H Johnston Arena. Everyone is welcome to help out with the painting and the road will be closed during the painting and drying.


The painting was originally scheduled for September 9th but was postponed due to bad weather.

Kelsey School Board Election

The 2018 School Board Trustee election is up and coming and Edith Sexsmith of Ward 2 and Jennifer Olinyk of Ward 3 have already won by acclamation.


Vaughn Wadelius will be seeking re-election for Ward One and five other candidates are running for the same position. They are Amy Hopper, Kerri Huculak, Sharian Jones, Carole Reimer, and Trevor Yahnke.


The election is October 24th from 8AM-8PM at The Town of The Pas office and Roy H Johnston Arena

RM of Kelsey Election Candidates

The Candidates for The RM of Kelsey election have been released. Reeve Rod Berezowecki, Larry Johnston of Ward 6, Neil Scott of Ward 2, and all three LUD Cranberry Portage Committee members have already been re-elected by acclamation. The other candidates running in this year’s election include:


Ward One: Wayne Anderson and Jarret Berezowecki


Ward Three: Bruce McLean, Bently Gluska, and Armand LeSann


Ward Four: Kelvin Dionne and James Berscheid


Ward Five: Peter Bieker and Douglas McKenzie.


The advanced polls will be on October 17th from 8AM until 8PM at The Pas’s RM of Kelsey Office for residents of all wards and at the LUD Cranberry Portage Office for Ward 5 residents only.


The election day is October the 24th from 8AM until 8PM at the Kelsey Office for residents of Wards 1, 3, and, 4, The Wanless Community Hall for  Wanless Ward 4 residents only, and the Cranberry Portage Legion Hall for Ward 5 residents only.




UCN Creates the Centre for Indigenous Community Development

The University College of The North recently announced the creation of The Centre for indigenous Community Development.


The goal of this centre is to help indigenous and northern communities to develop economically, socially, and culturally.


Former MKO Grand Chief Sheila North will be leading the new centre and she is excited to be leading this new initiative. 


Ms North has been recognized for her efforts in building bridges between indigenous and non indigenous communities.

The Manitoba Personalized Life Style Research Program looking to recruit 800 Manitobans for A Study

The Manitoba Personalized Lifestyle Research Program is looking to recruit 800 people from Manitoba to take part in a new study that they are conducting.


The study is set to look at how genetics and lifestyle interact to influance the development of chronic diseases.


Anyone that is 30-46 years of age and has lived in Manitoba for at least five years are eligible to take part in the study


For more information call 204-480-1042

Manitoba Government to Mail Employment and Income Assistance Cheques Early In case of Canada Post Strike

The Manitoba Government will be mailing employment and income assistance for October early to avoid being delayed by a possible Canada Post Strike on September 26th.


Manitobans that receive payments or benefits by direct deposit will not be affected and due dates for provincial tax returns will remain the same.


If you need more information or if you have any questions about the provincial governments plan


Call 1-866-626-4862 or visit

Rising Prices of Materials Causing Problems for The Pas and Area Recycling Centre

Recently The Pas and Area Recycling Centre have had to pay extra to transport recycling out of town to get processed. They used to pay 45 dollars per metric ton and now they have to pay 110 dollars per metric ton due to rising costs of certain materials. 


Workers at the recycling centre have started sorting out the materials before they are sent out in order to cut the costs.


Marjorie Greenwood the manager of the recycling centre does not expect residents to sort their own recycling but she says it would be nice if they did.

Marijuana Store Opening at the Otineka Mall

The Otineka Mall will be getting a new Marijuana Store in the near future. The set date for marijuana legalization in Canada is October 17th and the plan is to have the store open on the legalization date.


The store will be located beside North of 53 Paperwork’s plus where the old Bargain Shop Store used to be.


Ginger Martin, the CEO of the Paskwayak Business Development Corporation hopes that the business will be successful and she hopes it will improve economic development on the first nation.


The business is a partnership between National Access Cannabis and Opsakwayak Cree Nation.



Tim Horton's Smile Cookie Campaign So Far

The Tim Horton’s smile cookie campaign is underway and on the first day $1,075 dollars raised in cookie sales at the OCN Tim Horton’s location. 


Proceeds from smile cookie sales will go towards the spray park for The Pas. If would like to order cookies you can find order forms on The Pas Families Building a Better Community Facebook page.


If you would like to volunteer to make the Smile Cookies at the Grub Box message Jodie Madden on Facebook.

Opaskwayak Educational Authority Staff to Visit with OCN Members

The Opaskwayak Educational Authority is planning to update the information that they have on the students that attend their schools to update their records.


On September 21st OEA staff will be going door to door visiting members of OCN to provide updates on their children that are attending OEA schools.


The OEA is required to provide the government with accurate information on students. If you have any questions call OEA’s Director of Education Bev Fontaine at 204-627-7480.

Mayor and Council Candidates for The Town of The Pas 2018 Election

The candidates for mayor and council for The Town of The Pas’s 2018 election have been announced. Mayor Jim Scott will be seeking re-election as mayor and Herb Jacques, Brain Roque, and Johanna McLachlan will be running against him.


Councillors Crystal Krost, Chad Zolinski, and Margaret Commodore have also announced that they will be seeking re-election.


As of press time the other registered candidates for council are Andre Murphy, Roland LaSann, Bill Ward, Trevor Lane, Carrie Atkinson, Joanie Snyder, Larry Forster, and Ivan Young.



Annual Northern Chambers of Commerce Meeting in Flin Flon

The annual Northern Chambers of Commerce meeting took place in Flin Flon over the weekend. 


Dianne Russell, past president of the Flin Flon Chamber of Commerce, spoke to Arctic Radio News about what was on the agenda. 


She said that they discussed the federal funding announcement for the new Churchill rail line owners, as well as how tourism connects to economic development.


The meeting was attended by chamber members from Flin Flon, The Pas, Swan Valley as well as Thompson. 


Last years’ meeting was held in Thompson, and there is not yet a location for next year.

The Pas Precious Pet Kennels and Animal Rescuers help to Provide Stray Dogs with Good Homes

The Pas Precious Pet Kennels and some animal rescue groups from Winnipeg worked really hard this past Sunday to help prepare 84 homeless dogs for adoption. The dogs were all strays from The Pas and Area, Sapotaweyak Cree Nation, Moose Lake, and Pukatawagan and they were all transported to Winnipeg.


The dogs that were transported to Winnipeg were also transported to Sudbury, Ontario where they will be sent to rescue groups that will rehabilitate the dogs to ensure they are vaccinated and healthy before they are adopted.


Bonnie Meadows from The Pas Precious Pet Kennels said it felt good to help these animals and if you want to hear more about the amazing work that The Pas Precious Pet Kennels has done you can hear Meadows on the morning wake up this Thursday at 8:15 here on CJAR.

Public Hearing For Proposed Special Service Levy

The Town of The Pas has announced that there will be a public hearing regarding the proposed six hundred dollar per parcel of land special service levy with the goal of using the money to pay a portion of the costs of police services for The Town of The Pas.


This is not an additional levy it is simply a reworking of how the municipal taxes would be collected. The public hearing is scheduled for November 26th at 6PM at the Municipal Building. Letters regarding this proposed levy can be submitted to The Pas Municipal Building.


More information on the hearing can be found at Town of The Pas Community Updates Facebook page and the towns website

Monthly Crime Stats for the Month of August

The RCMP Monthly Crime Statistics for the month of August have been released. The town of The Pas had mostly disturbances of the peace cases 117 in total, along with 79 mischief cases, 61 index checks, 29 assaults, and various other offenses.


The RM of Kelsey had mostly provincial traffic violations a total of 70, as well as 20 provincial statues, 19 mischief cases, 7 disturbances of the peace, 4 assaults, and 3 break and enters.


The community of Cormorant had 3 disturbances of the peace cases, 2 mischief cases, 2 mental health act cases, 1 missing person and 1 case of theft.

Debbie Mathews Telling Her Story "It's Time - A Life Story"

Debbie Matthews will be telling her story called “its Time- A life Story of Forgiveness, calling, and healing at the Riverside Bible Church. The first presentation will be on September 28th at 7PM, September 29th at 10AM and 6PM, and September 30th at 11AM.


Her recently published book will also be available to purchase. Call Amanda Anderson at 204-623-2394 for more information.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Breast Cancer Awareness Walk

On October 13th there will be a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre. The registration will be open at 12 noon and the walk will begin at 12:30. 


Refreshments will be served and there will also be prizes for the pinkest walkers. Youth must be accompanied by an adult.


If you want more information call the health centre at 204-627-7410.

One person is dead and a second has sustained serious injuries following a train derailment

One person is dead and a second has sustained serious injuries following a train derailment near Ponton. 


Three locomotives and 27 rail cars, some carrying liquefied petroleum, went off the tracks Saturday evening when a rail bridge gave out.


The Arctic Gateway Group, who is working to repair the Hudson Bay Railway, says that they do not believe that any o the cars carrying petroleum were compromised, and that there does not appear to be any significant environmental damage. 


Murad Al-Katib, the president of one of the partner groups that make up Arctic Gateway, said that the group will not compromise speed for safety when traveling the line, and that the groups’ hearts go out to the families of those affected. 


Al-Katib will be meeting with municipal officials in both Thompson and The Pas to coordinate a response. 


Arctic Gateway has said that they will run an internal investigation into the derailment, which will run in parallel with the investigations of the RCMP and other relevant emergency services. 


The Transportation Safety Board says that they are aware of the situation, but have not yet decided if they will conduct their own investigation. 


Grief counselling for all employees and their families is being made available by Arctic Gateway. 


Manitoba Electoral Divisions Boundaries Commission Public Hearing

The Manitoba Electoral Divisions boundaries Commission held a public hearing at the Sam Waller Museums Rotary Room on Wednesday night on proposed electoral boundary changes in the province.  Electoral boundaries are required to be reviewed every ten years and the review will help to ensure that all Manitobans receive effective representation and voting equality.


A representative from Opaskwayak Cree Nation came forward to voice his concern about the downsizing of provincial boundaries in Northern Manitoba saying it would reduce Northern Representation and felt that the current electoral boundaries are fine and don’t need to be fixed.


One of the new proposed boundaries is called Flin Flon-The Pas and The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin stated at the hearing these proposed electoral boundaries would increase travel time for MLA’s and decrease time spent with families and people in their constituencies.  


The commission wants to ensure that this is done right and they want the public involved in this proposal. They will continue to have public hearings until September 20th and you can voice your concerns or support for these changes online at until October 1st.


The website also has a map of the proposed boundary changes.

Tim Horton's Smile Cookie Campaign Next Week

The Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Campaign will be running again this year from September 17th to the 23rd and all proceeds raised from Smile Cookie purchases at the OCN Tim Horton’s location will go towards the spray park for The Pas.


The Pas Families Building a Better Community Group is in need of volunteers to bake and decorate cookies, and to deliver orders. If you would like to volunteer email or message Jodie Madden on Facebook.

Public Hearing for a New Rezoning Application

The Town of The Pas mayor and Council discussed a rezoning application at Monday night’s Committee of The Whole Meeting. If the application is passed it would turn residential lots 1 to 5 on Seventh Street into commercial lots in order to build a convenience store.

The application will be brought forward for its first reading at the next regular council meeting.


A public hearing for this application will be held at The Pas Municipal Building on October 9th starting at 6PM to give people the chance to ask questions that they have on this application or to voice their support or concerns.

House Fire on Settee Ave

The Pas Fire Department responded to a small basement fire at the 400 block of Settee  Avenue early Monday Evening. The page came in just before 5PM and upon arrival it was discovered that there was a small basement fire that was put out quickly.


The exact cause of the fire has not been determined. The RCMP continues to investigate. 

Issues with Wadeluis Drive Discussed at Kelsey School Divisions First Regular Board Meeting of the School Year

The Kelsey School Division had their first regular board meeting of the 2018/2019 school year on Monday evening. One of the main items presented at the meeting was a report by Greg Sheppard the Director of maintenance and Transportation on the difficulties of maintaining Wadelius Drive.


The water from the roofs of Scott Bateman Middle School and Margret Barbour Collegiate as well as water from the north end of the sports complex grounds sometimes flows into the Wadelius Drive area and because there is no sewer line to draw out the water the flooding seriously affects the conditions of the road.


Wadelius says the School Division will have to do some major construction on Wadelius Drive so that a proper drainage system can be put in place which will cost a lot of money.


The School Board plans to approach the Department of Education’s Public School Finance Board and they hope that they will consider assisting the board in fixing the drainage problem otherwise the school board will have to pay for it out of their own funds.

The Pas Health Complex Auxiliary Make Donations to the Saint Anthony's General Hospital

The Pas Health Complex Auxiliary recently made some generous donations for St. Anthony’s Hospital.


They purchased a special medical device called an Ambu Ascope and two sleep chairs for people to use if they are visiting loved ones in the hospital and have to say overnight. The Hospital greatly appreciated these donations.


The money was raised for these donations through a tag day that was held back in May, a bake sale held back in February, and through the gift shop sales at the hospital.  The auxiliary is planning to have a fundraising bake sale later this year and they are also planning to volunteer with The Pas Chase the Ace.


If you are interested in joining the auxiliary you can find out how at their next meeting at the Hospital board room on October 3rd at 1:15 in the afternoon. The overall goal of the auxiliary is to add to the comfort of patients at St Anthony’s hospital, St Paul’s Personal Care Home, and Rosaire House Addiction Centre.


FASD Awareness Walk in The Pas and Opaskwayak Cree Nation

The Pas and Area FASD Committee held an FASD Walk in conjunction with international FASD Awareness Day this past Sunday. About 60 people took part in the run including Local MLA Amanda Lathlin and members of the OCN Blizzard.


The Walk began at The Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre and it finished at The Pas Friendship Centre. You can keep up to date with the Pas and Area FASD Committee on their Facebook page.

NDP Delay Pallister Government's "Made In Manitoba" Carbon Tax

The Manitoba NDP have delayed the Province from implementing their carbon tax.


The Pallister Government’s carbon tax was set to be in place as of September 1st. NDP leader Wab Kinew said that the 'Made In Manitoba' plan is a "bad deal", and that it will make life less affordable for Manitobans while not helping the environment. 


Kinew told Arctic Radio News that every single dollar collected from any carbon tax should go back out to help Manitobans reduce their carbon footprint, something he says the current plan doesn’t do.  


Kinew said that the Pallister plan does not do that, but what he and the rest of his party would put in place does. The Fort Rouge MLA added that in the city they would invest the money in transit, infrastructure and more efficient vehicles. 


When it comes to the north, Kinew said that programs to buy more efficient vehicles, furnaces or to help people reduce their environmental impact in other ways. He added that infrastructure will also help reduce the carbon footprint of Manitoba, as cars are more effect when they are driving on a smooth road.  


Opaskwayak Cree Nation Announces An Investment With Trichome Financial

Opaskwayak Cree Nation has announced that that have made a new investment with Trichome  Financial and its been reported that Chief Christian Sinclair is now on the board of directors of the company.


Trichome is a company that was formed to offer credit based capital solutions to companies operating in the legal cannabis market.


Sinclair stated in a news release that this is truly a historic deal and the first of its kind where a first nation is joining the hands with a specialty finance company.


He added that the investment will build on the first nations existing diverse portfolio and that he looks forward to the many possibilities and opportunities across Canada and the world that this relationship will bring to first nations investors.


A statement from Trichome said that Chief Sinclair is a well regarded member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation and he was acknowledged by the company for being Co Chair of Manitoba’s Northern Economic Development Strategy and for serving on the board of National Access Cannabis.  

OCN"s Family Celebration to Promote and Celebrate Life Turnout

A Family Celebration to promote and celebrate life was held at the OCN Arbor site on Saturday. Sarah Linklater from the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre says the turnout overall was good with around 100 people attending and everyone had a good time.

Attendees had the opportunity to take part in some fun activities and to listen to other peoples stories on how their lives were affected by suicide.


The goal of the event was to bring people together and convey the message that they are not alone, to send messages of hope, and to remember those affected by suicide.

Manitoba Public Insurance School Zone Safety

The school year is underway and Manitoba Public Insurance is reminding drivers to watch for children and to drive carefully in school zones. Over the past five years police agencies have issued more than 5,000 provincial offence notices have been issued to motorists for various infractions such as speeding and using hand held devices.


These offences are concerning as they put the lives of children at risk.  Drivers are reminded to reduce speed in school zones, wait for children to cross the road completely before proceeding, look under parked cars for the feet of children approaching traffic, and to stop at least five metres behind a school bus and do not proceed until the stop sign on the bus is closed and the lights stop flashing.


Parents are reminded to drop their children off in a safe area away from traffic and children are reminded to cross only at intersections whenever possible. Parents are also urged to talk to their children about traffic safety and the importance of staying alert of the traffic around them, this means staying off cell phones and other electronic devices and to remind them to make eye contact with drivers to be sure that they are seen while crossing the street.

Over 650 Sign Petition to Not Have Balloons to Release a Memory Event

The annual release a memory ceremony for The Pas has been postponed to September 18th and there is still a petition online that was started to stop the town from using balloons at the ceremony.


The petition was started by local Robin Marshall who feels that balloons are bad for the environment and did not approve of the town allowing people to quote litter.


Even though the town announced that they would be using biodegradable balloons at the ceremony Marshall said that it can take six months to four years for biodegradable balloons to decompose and animals can still eat the material.


So far around 651 people signed the petition and Marshall hopes that the town will reconsider their decision and do something more environmentally friendly at the ceremony.


Mayor Jim Scott says that they are still going to use the biodegradable balloons this year because it’s too late to make changes but there are plans to plant trees at next years ceremony.

Get Better Together Course in The Pas

A Get better together course will be held in The Pas beginning on September 27th

The Course is designed for anyone with any ongoing health issues and it will teach them to have the confidence needed to manage their conditions through support and discussion.

For More Information call Russell Thorne at 204-627-6419.

Nominations for Mayor and Councillors For The Town of The Pas

The municipal election is coming soon and residents of The Pas are reminded that nominations for mayor and Councillors will be accepted from September the 12th to September the 18th between 8:30 AM and 4:30PM at The Pas Municipal building at 81 Edwards Avenue.


Nominations are required to be made in writing and signed by at least 25 registered voters of The Town of The Pas.


Nominations can be made in person at the municipal building or they can be faxed to 204-623-5506.


If you need more information or to obtain an nomination paper call Jenn Early at 204-627-1108

The Pas Kinsmen True North Tough Mud Run This Saturday

The Pas Kinsmen’s Second Annual True North Tough Mud Run will take place tomorrow at The Roy H Johnston Arena. The registrations will be at 9AM and the elite division run will kick off at 10 AM followed by the regular and youth division runs. The youth division is open to youth aged 10-14 and the regular and elite divisions are open to people 15 and older and there will also be a mini mud run obstacle course for toddlers.


The registration fee is 25 dollars for the youth division, 65 dollars for the regular division, and 85 dollars for the elite division and participants will go home with a souvenir t-shirt. There will also be a beer garden, and a barbeque. The event will help the Kinsmen Club fulfil their mandate in the community which is to serve the communities greatness need.


You can register at 9AM on Saturday before the runs begin or you can sign up online at The Pas Kinsmen Facebook page.


Public hearing on Proposed Electoral Division Boundary Changes Coming to The Pas

Manitoba’s Electoral Divisions Board is encouraging people to attend special hearings that will cover proposed electoral division boundaries and names.


The commission has proposed changes to the 57 electoral divisions and sixteen new names have been proposed with six inside Winnipeg and 10 outside Winnipeg.


One of these public hearings will be held in The Pas at the Sam Waller Museum in the Rotary Room on September 12th at 5PM.


If you wish to attend please visit to register.

Information Sessions Held for Proposed Special Service Levy for The Pas

Two information sessions were held this week at The Pas Municipal Building Regarding a proposed special service levy where each parcel of land owned by property owners would be assessed by six hundred dollars. Mayor Jim Scott believes that this will attract more people to live in the Town of the Pas. This is not an additional levy but a reworking of how the municipal taxes are collected.


The proposed levy was met with some opposition with one person saying that it will hurt too many people that already live in the community including people on lower income and people on fixed pension as well as those that have starter homes.   


Another person stated that a special service levy will not bring people into the community because some people may see it as a financial burden. Other communities have implemented similar levies and Mayor Scott says that they will look at investigating how they work in other communities.


He added that the community needs to continue to grow and move forward and he is open to ideas from residents of The Pas on how that can done.


This matter will be discussed by mayor and council in the near future.

Fatal Pedestrian-Vehicle Collision in Oxford House

RCMP officers from the Oxford House detachment received a report of a vehicle pedestrian collision on the main road of the community on the evening of September 4th.


A vehicle being driven by a sixteen year old female from Oxford House struck a 17 year old male. It was believed that the male had been lying on the road at the time of the incident and the victim was transported to a nursing station where he was later pronounced dead.


Alcohol and speed are not believed to be factors in the collision and the investigation is ongoing.

Your Kids Can Attend a Fun Retreat This Weekend

Simon House Bible Camp is holding a fall retreat Friday to Sunday. Executive Director Darrell Janzen says it will be a fun weekend for ages 11 to 17. He explains their retreats are a lot of fun and they’re kind of a quick version of summer camp but what’s special about this weekend is they have a guest, he’s a Christian hiphop artist coming in to do some speaking as well as a concert for them on the Saturday night.  He says his name is Ezekiel McMurtry and they’re really looking forward to having him come up.


You can register or find more information by calling 204-687-3340 or visit their website at  The cost is 84 dollars.

The Pas Families Building a Better Community Group Receives Another Donation for the Towns Spray Park

The Pas Families Building a Better Community Group was awarded with another cash donation of $20,000 from Westoba Credit Union on August 27th. The group received this award through Westoba Credit Unions new community investment program called “inspire” which the group applied for a few months ago.


The group has over one hundred thousand dollars to put towards the project. Construction on the park is planned to begin later this fall but the start date is not confirmed.

The Pas Precious Pet Kennels Dancin Fur Dogs Fundraising Dance

The Pas Precious Pet Kennels are having a fundraising dance at the Guy Hall on October 12th from 9PM to 1AM. The dance is called Fur-Ever 50’s to 80’s Dancin Fur Dogs and all proceeds will be going towards The Pas Precious Pet Kennels Spay Neuter Fund. Tickets are 15 dollars each and they can be purchased at The Pas Precious Pet Kennels.

Manitoba Public Insurance Warning Motorists to Watch for Large Machinery on Roadways

Manitoba Public Insurance is warning motorists to watch out for heavy machinery on roadways. During harvest season motorists are likely to encounter agricultural machinery as producers are working to take crops off their fields.


A news release from MPI stated that farm equipment is large and may take up more than one lane while moving slowly so motorists must use extra caution when approaching and overtaking these vehicles, and producers need to ensure that their equipment has lights and reflectors in use.


Motorists are also warned that agricultural vehicles have a maximum speed of 40 kilometres an hour and it’s easy for motorists to misjudge their speed of approach. Motorists should be patient when they come up to farm equipment and they should only pass when it is safe to do so.


On average there are about 20 collisions a year in Manitoba involving agricultural equipment and Bill Campbell The President of Keystone Agricultural producers states that motorists need to do their part when approaching farm equipment to ensure that we all stay safe.

Painting of an An LGBTQ Pride Crosswalk For The Pas Will Begin on Spetember 9th Weather Permitting

It has been confirmed that The Town of The Pas will be getting a LGBTQ pride crosswalk. The Projects coordinator Terry McKellep got this idea from a pride walk that took place in Flin Flon where they painted a crosswalk with pride colours and many other residents of The Pas expressed interest for the project on social media.


Mckellep added that a pride cross walk will help to make the community more aware of what LGBTQ pride means. According to an announcement posted to The Pas Community What’s

Happened the Tri Area Facebook group the painting is expected begin on September 9th at 3PM weather permitting at a crosswalk on Cathedral Avenue.



The Town of The Pas Having Two Information Sessions on a Special Service Levy

Residents of the The Pas are reminded that there will be two information sessions on a proposed six hundred dollar per parcel of land special service levy. The first session will take place tonight at 6PM at The Pas Municipal Building and the next session will be held at noon tomorrow.


The idea is that each parcel of land owned by property owners and business owners in the community would be assessed by six hundred dollars. The two sessions will give people much needed information on this levy and it was also give them the opportunity to ask questions and express their views.


Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that the RM of Kelsey has implemented a six hundred dollar per parcel special service levy this information was not correct. It was also reported that the town of Flin Flon implemented a similar levy but this has not been confiremed.

Hudson Bay Rail Line, Port of Churchill and Churchill Marine Tank Farm No Longer Owned by OmniTrax.

It’s finally over. 


Following over a year and a half of back and forth, the Town of Churchill has announced that the Hudson Bay Rail Line, Port of Churchill and Churchill Marine Tank Farm are no longer owned by OmniTrax. 


Michael Spence, the Mayor of Churchill, confirmed that the assets are now owned by a consortium of northern communities, along with Fairfax and AGT.


The Federal Government, who Spence lauded as crucial in a deal being reached, have said that repairs will begin immediately with a goal to have them completed by winter. 


Ottawa also said that they are extremely happy that the deal includes local First Nations ownership.  

Opposition Says Government Line Of Tourism Isn't Enough

The Manitoba NDP says that the Pallister Government is not doing enough for the north. 


NDP leader Wab Kinew spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that action should be taken to help with the current situation, rather than focusing on the Look North initiative and the Manitoba-First Nations Mineral Development Protocol. 


Kinew said that even though there is a need for improving the relationship between First Nations communities and the mining industry, things like development protocols will lead to jobs years from now, and don’t do anything for the present.  


The Fort Rouge MLA said that the Province wants those who lose jobs in the mining industry to transition into the tourism industry, and that those jobs won’t provide the same standard of living the workers are used to. 


Kinew said that the NDP is proposing to work with community leaders and labor to keep job sites in the north open, while working to provide training with those who have taken voluntary buy-outs or those who have had suffice to notice of job loss. He added that by giving people an opportunity to keep their skills up to date, they will be more likely to get a good job in a different sector.  


The Manitoba NDP say that they will continue to push for more investment in bringing new industries to the north. 

Man Charged With Homicide In Thompson

A man has been charged following Thompson’s second homicide of 2018. 


24-year-old Bryan Roulette, from Split Lake, was arrested over the weekend in relation to the death of a 22-year-old, also from Split Lake. 


Roulette was originally charged with assault causing bodily harm, though the RCMP later said that that charge has been upgraded to manslaughter. 


Police say that the victim and Roulette were known to each other, and that Roulette is scheduled to appear in Thompson Provincial Court today. 


The victim was found not breathing and with visible signs of trauma Thursday morning near the downtown area. 


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