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Opaskwayak Indigenous Days 2023

Opaskwayak Indigenous Days are fast approaching.


The vice chair for this year’s event welcomes everyone to attend this year’s event.


"I would like to welcome everybody to Opaskwayak Indigenous Days.  It's the 57th annual year for us.  Indigenous days from August 13th to the 20th.  So that's eight days of various events.  Chairperson for this year is Chris Young. Vice chairs are myself: Sheryl Crain, and Cynthia Young."


There will be slow pitch tournaments, the princess pageant, square dancing, various games, races and activities running for the kids.


The gospel jam, youth triathlon, fiddling, and a brand new event called the grocery shuffle.


OID Raffle Tickets are on sale at the Otineka Mall and this year’s grand prize is a fridge and stove combo.


Learn all about OID events on their Facebook page Opaskwayak indigenous days OCN.

The Alzheimer Society Research Program

The Alzheimer Society Research Program recently invested nearly 6 million to fund 44 dementia researchers across Canada.


This includes 2 researchers in Manitoba.


Here Erin Crawford, Program director with the Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba shares words of inspiration.


"This is how we drive hope for the future.  So if somebody is diagnosed with dementia today or tomorrow or they already have been, the Alzheimer's Society is here with a whole bunch of really important supports for them and I'd encourage them to call us."


Crawford went on to say that this funding will help those that are diagnosed in the future as our understanding of Alzheimer’s continues to grow.


The Alzheimer’s Society is actively hosting outreach and support programs that are ongoing.


Learn more at

Boys Support Group

The Beatrice Wilson Health Center is running a boy’s support group during the summer.


The 8 week program is running every Tuesday from 6 to 7pm at their location in the Otineka mall.


The goal is to create a safe environment for youth to actively engage in discussions about mental health, personal, physical and emotional issues that they may be having in a supportive environment.


They will also be educating boys on the importance of the seven sacred teachings and how they can apply to everyday life.

To learn about the program being hosted by the OHA or to get involved call Jeremy Sinclair at 204-627-7434

Child Evangelism Fellowship Youth Clubs

Kids between the ages of 5 and 12 are being invited out to youth clubs happening next week in the community.


The five day club will be running from July 31st to August 4th being hosted by the Child Evangelism Fellowship and is free of charge.


The program involves lessons from the bible in combination with a variety of games, songs, and activities with snacks provided.


Here, Pat Tonn with the Pas Alliance Church shares details on when and where the programs will be taking place in the community.


"We're organizing the one at the Alliance Church, the Alliance Church ones in the afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30. So next week,

1:30 to 3:30 it is at the Alliance Church, but they're also doing it two other churches. So in the mornings it's going to be running at Riverside Bible chapel across um at 10 30 in the morning, there's going to be one there, then there's ours in the afternoon. And then if somebody would rather have one in the evening, there's also going to be this five day club running at Living Waters at 6. So from 6:00 to 7:30 at Living Waters.


To learn more about the program you can call 204 623 3742.

Cedar Path Program

The Cedar Path program is a land based cultural mental health program being funded mental health indicative of Canada with a goal to engage youth through local activities and education.

Some of the programs they offer include nature walks, fishing, berry picking, medicine picking, and tie it all into mental health learning.


Here, Sherri Parr, coordinator with the Cedar Path program, gives details on how to contact them about programming.


"We're on Facebook under the Pas Family Resource Center. You can check out all the different activities that we've been up to. The girls have been great about posting on there or you can give the Family Resource Center a call at 2046236349 or during the

day after 2 p.m. you can drop into the old Jane Craft building is where our project is being based out of."


The Cedar Path program is for youth age 13 to 19 and runs year round, during the school year they are located at the MBCI, currently they are located at the old Jane’s Crafts building on Edwards Avenue.

The Pas Town Council Meeting

At last week’s town council meeting, Councillor Ward shared details about the Canadian Municipal Crime Network which will be hosting a conference in Regina this October.


The Town of The Pas was chosen for a community safety and well being planning project.


The Manitoba Harm Reduction Network asked the Town of The Pas to sign an open letter calling on the provincial government to increase and invest in Naloxone distribution.


Here Mayor Andre Murphy talks about a MMIWG2S+ conference town officials took part in.


"One of the things we had an opportunity last week, myself and Councilor Atkinson to attend the murdered and missing indigenous women's round table down in Winnipeg. I can tell you it was very enlightening and a great learning experience. We really  thank for the opportunity to be able to learn more."


The town as moved to 1 a month meetings during the summer, the next one is coming up on August 16th, minutes from meeting can be found at

World Hepatitis Day

Every year World Hepatitis day takes place on July 28th.


This year the play it safer network will be hosting an event locally at the GLMC.


They will have support staff on hand providing information and resources for those in need of treatment.


Hepatitis is preventable with immunization and staff will be on hand to provide options for those in need.


It is recommended that you get immunized for hepatitis if you plan on travelling abroad.


"We have actually some folks from Action Hepatitis Canada,

which is really cool kind of doing a Manitoba tour. So that's cool that people are coming. The not so cool thing is that they're coming because Hepatitis is on the rise. So we know that that's a thing and we want to make sure that people have the education on how to stay safe and also have availability of testing and immunizations and resources. And there are always,

always snacks and fun and games and all that kind of stuff.

So we'll be out at the GLMC on Tuesday, July 25th from noon to 3."


Here Krista Tooley with the Play it safer Network shares information about specialists that will be attending the event.

The Mobile Mammogram will be in Our Community

The mobile mammogram breast check unit will be in town next month, setting up at the Beatrice Wilson Health center from August 9th to the 11th.


It’s noted that 1 in 8 woman in North America will receive a positive breast cancer diagnosis within their life time.


Signs of breast cancer can often include lumps or thickening, often without pain, changes in appearance and size, dimpling redness or pitting of the skin.


Those who are experiencing abnormal changes should seek medical care.


Most breast lumps are not cancerous, but when they are treatment is most successful when caught early.


To learn more about times and availability call Shawn Yaremko with the Opaskwayak Health Authority at 204-627-7410

The Pas Regional Library has Summer Program for Kids

The Manitoba Underground Opera will be back in The Pas performing at the regional library on July 22nd.


The free to attend show is called Bremen Town Musicians is about a rooster with operatic aspirations that gets chased away from his barn.


The Manitoba Underground Opera has been performing for children since 2017 and has performed at libraries across the province including Flin Flon, Thompson, and the Pas.


The Pas regional library is also hosting there summer reading program for kids. Events running at the library during the summer include weekly crafts, dungeons and dragon’s night, Play groups, story time, and much more.


To learn more about events and activities at the library stop by during the summer months

The Pas Scouts want You to Join

The Scouts program in the pas began over 100 years ago back in 1917.


Jana Harms also knows as Scout Master Icky shares details about the program.


"Scouts Canada has been around for over 100 years.
Lord Baden Powell developed the scouting philosophy with this concept that young people should be prepared to become responsible citizens. So Scouts is a sort of informal education program and it's really rooted with outdoor activity and nature and it's just a great nature based learning. So there's value placed on becoming community minded and doing good turnsor good deeds for others."

Some of the activities that Scouts do weekly include compass work, map work, knot tying, fire building, first aid safety and much more supporting an active lifestyle.


The Scouts do have opening and encourage youth to join in at weekly meetings taking place at the united church Wednesday nights.


Learn more about scout programs at

Clearwater Park Day is this Weekend

Clearwater park day is happening this weekend.

Tomorrow at Campers Cove on Clearwater Lake, festivities will be happening.

There will be a BBQ, games, prizes, and more.

The event will begin at 2pm with a bike parade that will start at the Camper’s Cove offices.

The Manitoba government is offering free access to parks this weekend as parking permits will not be required until next week.

For information on this weekend’s activities at the lake call 204-624-5525.

Sandy Bay Man found guilty of baby's murder in Flin Flon, sentencing process underway.

A 28-year-old man charged with the death of his ex-girlfriend’s 10-month-old baby girl has been found guilty of second-degree murder and now awaits sentencing.

Robert Alexander Bear’s case was discussed last Friday at the Court of King’s Bench in The Pas, MB

On Aug. 11, 2020, Flin Flon RCMP received a report of an infant in medical distress in Flin Flon. Officers attended along with EMS and located an unresponsive 10-month-old girl who was pronounced dead.

Following the completion of a full medical report, the RCMP received further information and the matter was deemed to be a homicide.

Bear was arrested at his home in Sandy Bay and transported to Manitoba.

The trial verdict was subsequently reserved to last Friday.

The case has now been adjourned to Aug. 8. It’s unclear, however, if the sentencing will be completed on that day

A pre-sentence report has been ordered and the judge to take into account Bear’s history, and the systemic and background factors that contributed to those circumstances.

Those findings will then be used by the judge to make a more informed decision for sentencing.

Fraud Prevention

The RCMP’s Fraud prevention division reported over 500 million dollars was lost to fraud across the country in 2022, a trend that is continuing this year.

The Canadian Anti Fraud Center is working to alleviate the stress this has on the system.

A new government portal website has been set up to report suspected fraud.

The RCMP say the goal is to gain trust with the public by providing transparency and information to citizens knowing that community input is the best means of preventing fraud.

To report fraud call toll free at 1 888 495 8501 or find the new website at open dot Canada dot ca.

Song Writers Workshop at the Aseneskak Casino

The Manitoba Arts Network will be hosting a workshop for song writers in the community.

The workshop is designed to give new and emerging artists knowledge on the music industry, song writing, production, playing and more.

Local musician Greg Personious with Jesse Bandura will be performing a live concert during the event that will run at 7pm on July 24th during the workshop.

Dawn Chartrand an indigenous performer from Rolling Rivers First Nation will be travelling across rural Manitoba with a goal of providing song writing experience to those that might not otherwise be able to take part.

The Workshop will be happening at 5pm on Monday the 24th at the Aseneskak Casino with the concert to follow.

The workshop is free courtesies of the Manitoba Arts Network. Learn more at Manitoba Arts Network dot ca.

OID a Month Away

Preparations are underway for the 57th annual Opaskwayak Indigenous Days.

With this year’s princess candidates fundraising, bake sales, raffles, and more are underway.

One of the biggest Draws to the yearly event is the Sunny McGillvary memorial Adult talent show and the Jessie Niquanicappo memorial youth talent show.

The youth show will run on August 17th at the GLMC and is open to the ages 13 to 17, and is a co-ed event.

Registration for the youth talent show costs 200 dollars and can be done by contacting Vanessa Lathlin at 204-978-3332.

The adult talent show will have both a male and female category and costs 200 dollars to enter.

The top prize for all talents show categories is 3,000 dollars.

To register for the adult talent show you can call Beatoes at 204-771-7737.

The Sunny McGillvary Memorial talent show will run on Friday August 18th during this year’s Opaskwayak Indigenous Days.

Registration is open for, strong man competitions, arm wrestling, races, fiddle contests, and a Sasquatch Contest, and much more.

A family fun night will be running on Wednesday August 16th at the GLMC.

 Monster Bingo will happen on Saturday August 19th in the afternoon, and then in the evening the annual square dance event will take place at the OCN veteran’s hall.

Registration is limited for events so act fast.

The Manitoba government is offering free entry to provincial parks this week

Vehicle permits won’t be required at provincial parks now through Sunday.

Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister Greg Nesbitt announced that the province is providing the free provincial park access to coincide with Canada’s Parks Day, which is this Saturday.

Overnight camping fees and entrance fees to national parks will still be in place.

Campers at provincial parks are reminded to check for advisories before traveling.

They are also advised to check in at the campground office to get camping permits, maintain a clean campsite,  keep pets on a leash,  and keep campfires in approved pits.

Dog Bite Prevention

As you’re out and about this summer, you’ll likely see more dogs and their owners out as well.  


In order to minimize the chance of being on the receiving end of a dog bite, you should be aware of why a dog might bite in the first place. 

If a threatening dog is approaching you and you’re afraid of being bitten, you should “Be a Tree.”  

The “Be a Tree” method was developed to be easy to teach to children, but is useful for everyone.  

Research shows that over half-a-million dog bites occur in Canada every year.  

Winton Pool Shutdown

The Winton pool is closed for regular summer maintenance but will be opening again on July 17th.

During this time the pool will be drained and cleaned, repairs will be made, and staff and volunteers will be given a break.

Once the pool reopens next week there will be summer swim lessons stating.

Twice a day Sessions will be running from July 17th to the 21st,  the 24th to the 28th, and from the 31st to august 4.

One a day sessions will happen from August 8th to the 18th, and from August 21st to September 1st.

Programs are open to all age groups and skill levels but do fill fast.

Other daily activates running at the pool include aqua size, aqua arthritis, baby waves, family swims, lap swims, and public swims.

The Norman masters and road runners are on their summer break but will be returning in the fall.


On June 30th RCMP in coordination with the Manitoba first nation’s police service was conducting traffic enforcement in the OCN when a vehicle was noticed with stolen licence plates.


Police conducted a traffic stop and arrested both the driver and passenger for possession of property obtained by crime.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, police seized 10 grams of suspected cocaine, various drug paraphernalia, 23 debit and credit cards believed to have been stolen, various forms of ID believed to be stolen or fake, cell phones, forged checks, and an undisclosed amount of currency.


Sherry Lambert 32 has been charged with various offences and has been remanded.


The 24-year-old passenger whose name is not mentioned was released pending a court appearance.

RCMP continues to investigate.

FAN Event

Being a caregiver to someone else can mean providing for one's medical, mental, and physical needs.

The Family advocacy group of Manitoba is hosting a workshop for caregivers this coming Monday at the Best Western Thompson Hotel & Suits that will be running from 2 to 4 pm, and 6:30 to 8:30.


The workshop will provide information, resources, and supports available for those looking after someone else’s well-being and also insight into the Family Advocacy Network.


The program is designed for family members or unpaid caregivers for those with intellectual or developmental disabilities.


Learn more and RSVP to the event by calling 431-489-2542

Sam Waller Museum Summer Plans

The Sam Waller Museum plans to engage kids during the summer with educational activities.


have a display running all summer open to the public daily from 1 to 5 pm.


There is also a display on exhibit at the Sam Waller Museum featuring works from local artist Susan Harper that will be running till September 22.


There are also plans for summer kids programming to run over the next 2 months and details are currently being finalized.

Follow Sam Waller on Facebook for details that will be available soon.


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