The Pas Local News Archives for 2018-10

Province Makes Appointments to the boards of the Regional Health Authorities.

The Province has made appointments to the boards of the regional health authorities.


Cal Huntley of Flin Flon was re-appointed as chair of the Northern Health Region board, while Carrie Atkinson of The Pas was re-appointed as vice-chair.


Also re-appointed to the board were Anne Kenny Thompson of Lynn Lake and Elaine Kobelka of The Pas.


The health region boards are responsible for directing the management and affairs of the region to ensure the delivery and administration of health services. 

Niki Ashton Speaks out on Migrant Worker That Died from a Stroke

Local MP Niki Ashton addressed the House of Commons last week on migrant worker Mary Clair De Guzman, A Filipino woman that was flown from The Pas to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre for treatment after suffering a stroke. While she was on life support De Guzmans husband and teenage daughter were desperate to see her.


Niki added that one of the doctors was told that immigrations said that they couldn’t do anything until De Guzman was dead. Ashton asked if the government would act immediately and bring De Guzmans family together.


The minister of immigration, refuges and citizenship Ahmed Hussen responded by saying that while he appreciated the question from Ashton he claimed he wasn’t able to give the details of immigration cases due to privacy laws but that he would talk with her privately on the matter afterwards.


Sadly De Guzman passed away on October 23rd and it has been reported that a local group is planning to raise funds to help De Guzmans husband bring her body back to the Philippines. De Guzman was working at the Tim Horton’s on Opaskwayak Cree Nation prior to her medical emergency.

Operation Red Nose The Pas Beginning Next Month

The Pas Roadrunners Swim Club is running Operation Red Nose again this holiday season. Operation Red Nose is a program that provides free rides to community members in an effort to prevent impaired driving.


Operation Red Nose Will begin running on November 30th, and it will run throughout December on the 1st, 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st, 22nd, and the 31st.


If you wish to take part in the program email and volunteer forms can be picked up or the RCMP office.

Official Swearing in Ceremony At The Pas Municipal Building

Tonight is the official swearing in ceremony for Mayor and Council for the Town of The Pas and the Reeve and Council for The RM of Kelsey. The ceremony will be held at The Pas Municipal Building at 81 Edwards Avenue and it will begin at 6PM. everyone is invited to attend.


Herb Jacques was elected as The Pas next mayor having previously served as mayor from 2006-2010. 

Manitoba Hydro to Sell 215 MW of Renewable Hydroelectricity of Saskpower

A term sheet providing for a new long term power sale was signed between Manitoba Hydro and SaskPower which will see up to 215 megawatts of renewable hydroelectricity flow from Manitoba to Saskatchewan beginning in 2022.


The new sale is expected to last up to 18 years with a potential extension of up to 30 years and Manitoba Hydro’s President and CEO Kelvin Sheppard says they anticipate that a final legal contract for the sale will be concluded in mid 2019.


This is the largest of the three recent major power deals made by the two provinces and Manitoba hydro suspects that they will supply up to 315 megawatts of hydroelectricity to Saskatchewan by 2022.

Halloween Safety Tips from Manitoba Public Insurance

Tomorrow is Halloween and Manitoba Public Insurance has some Halloween safety tips for trick or treaters and motorists.


Trick or treaters are reminded not to run onto roadways, to look both ways before crossing, to cross at corners or intersections, wear reflective clothing to make yourself more visible to drivers, and walk facing traffic when there is no sidewalk.


Motorists are asked to drive the speed limit, slow down when they see children walking, and don’t assume that children can see your vehicle.


Fortunately not single pedestrian under the age of 18 has been killed in a motor vehicle collision on Halloween in the past 10 years according to data from MPI.

Pukatawagan RCMP Lay Charges in Homicide Investigation

The RCMP arrested 20 year old Nikosis Bighetty On October 25th and charged him with manslaughter in connection to a homicide in Pukatawagan back in June.


On June 8th at 11:40 at night Pukatawagan RCMP received a report that an 18 year old man was transported to the local nursing station  where was later pronounced dead and an autopsy determined that the man’s death was a homicide.


Bighetty and the victim knew one another and they are residents of Pukatagwagan.The RCMP continue to investigate


Bighetty is scheduled to appear in The Pas Provincial Court this morning.

Manitoba NDP Says They Will Keep Pushing Pallister Government On MCRF

The leader of the Manitoba NDP says that they are going to continue pressing the Province when it comes to Thompson getting money from the Mining Community Reserve Fund. 


Wab Kinew recently spoke to Arctic Radio News, and said that few communities have paid more into the MCRF than Thompson, and now that the city is facing tough times it ought to be able to access the funds. 


Kinew, who represents the Winnipeg riding of Fort Rouge, said that his party has been very clear about their interpretation of the Mining Tax Act, which governs the fund. He added that after speaking to City officials, he understands that Thompson now has some backing to their claim that the City does in fact qualify for money from the fund. 


The governing Progressive Conservative government has maintained that that Thompson does not qualify. They have given multiple answers, including that the money isn’t accessible if the fund is under $10M, and that the fund is only for communities affected by ore depletion.  


Kinew said that his party is going to continue focus on this issue, and will be asking the finance minister to help the City of Thompson out.  


He added that there is a real job loss that is being felt here, and that the money is there to help mining communities during periods of job loss.  


The broadcaster-turned-politician said that there is no more deserving community that fits the description of what this fund is supposed to do than Thompson.

Ashton: New Free Trade Agreement Is Problematic

Our Member of Parliament says that the new North American free trade agreement doesn’t help the average Canadian. 


Niki Ashton spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that while the deal does help some people, it does not help the average Canadian.  


She said that with the deal, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau put Canadians’ health at risk. 


Ashton added that the Federal Government has bent regularly to the Trump administration, and that Canadians need a government that will “defend Canadians to the end”.  

Manitoba NDP Calls For The Pas, Flin Flon Ridings To Remain Separate

The leader of the Manitoba NDP says that he’s against the proposed amalgamation of the ridings of The Pas and Flin Flon. 


Wab Kinew spoke to Arctic Radio News, and said that the north deserves proper representation. 


He said that if one MLA has to serve a large geographic area, that each community will not get proper representation in the Legislature.  


The Fort Rouge MLA said that amalgamation of the two ridings would not be respecting the diversity in different communities.  


Kinew added that the Electoral Division Boundaries Commission has until the end of the year to present their report, but that he expected them to release a report in the near future. 

The Pas Health Complex Foundations Annual Steak Dinner Postponed to December 7th

Due to low ticket sales The Pas Health Complex Foundation will be postponing their annual steak dinner to December 7th and it will be held at the Wescana Inn.


Tickets for the event can still be purchased at the Wescana inn’s front desk and from foundation members.


Funds raised will go towards new beds for St Paul’s Personal Care Home here in The Pas.

If you have any question please contact Sue Lambert at 204-623-3824 or 204-623-1420.

Jazz Will Be The Focus For Band Students This Weekend

The NorMan Jazz Festival will be hosted by the Flin Flon School Division this weekend.  Band Director Kim Jones says bands from The Pas and Thompson will join Flin Flon bands with a total of 80 students taking part. 


On Sunday the students will put on a concert at 1:30 at Hapnot Collegiate with all community members invited to attend.  You will not only hear the student bands perform but also very high level jazz musicians from across the province playing traditional jazz.

Official Results for The Town of The Pas Municipal Election and The Kelsey School Division Election

The Official results of The Town of The Pas’s 2018 Municipal election and the Kelsey School Board election are in. Citizens of The Pas have elected Herb Jaques as there next mayor with 603 votes. Jaques previously served as The Pas’s mayor from 2006 until 2010.


The town has also elected Trevor lane with 1142 votes, Carrie Atkinson with 992 votes, Andre D Murphy with 961 votes, Bill Ward with 899 votes, Chad Zolinski with 881 votes, and Larry Forster with 863 votes as the new town councillors.


The Elected Trustees for The Kelsey School Board are, Kerri Huculak with 1126 votes, Amy Hopper with 1020 votes, Vaughn Wadelius with 880 votes, Sharain Jones with 855 votes, and Trevor Yanke with 834 votes.


This year’s election turnout was good 46 percent of eligible voters voting.

Special Meeting and Referendum Vote for Opaskwayak Cree Nation Members

Members of Opaskwayak Cree Nation are being informed that there will be a special meeting on November the 2nd regarding proposed changes to the OCN election code.


The meeting will begin at 6pm at the Kikiwak Inn and the referendum vote for the proposed changes will be held on November 28th at the Otineka Mall from 9AM to 8PM. The proposed changes have not yet been released.


OCN members can also vote by mail but if you have not received your mail in ballot package you are asked to call 204-627-7016 or 204-620-6158.


There is also going to be an advanced poll and a mobile poll but the dates for these polls have not yet been confirmed.

Niki Ashton's MP Report on Education

Niki Ashton’s latest MP report says that more needs to be done to support education. According to her report our region is one of the youngest in the country and students, schools, and post secondary institutions continue to be underfunded by the federal government.


She added that the results of underfunding are clear with overcrowded schools and classrooms, schools in need of repair, and a lack of options and supports for students.

The auditor general made recommendations to end the educational funding gap for indigenous children and it was reported that the first nation’s educational attainment gap has widened despite an improvement in high school graduation.


Ashton believes that the Liberals can act now by ending the education funding gap, complying with the Canadian human rights tribunal rulings on discrimination against first nation’s children, and to implement the recommendations made by the auditor general.


The report concluded by saying that education is the key to our region’s future.

Unofficial Results of the The Town of The Pas's 2018 Municipal Election and The Kelsey School Board Election Update

These unofficial results of the 2018 Municipal Election for The Town of the The Pas and The election for the Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees .


Herb Jaques is the mayor elect with 600 votes, Johanna McLauchlan had 386 votes

Brian Roque had 284 votes. and Jim Scott had 230 votes


Herb Jaques Previously served as mayor for The Town of The Pas from 2006-2010. The Town Councillors that were elected were Chad Zolinski, Carrie Atkinson, Andre D Murphy

Bill Ward, and Larry Forster.


The Elected Trustees for The Kelsey School Division Board were, Kerri Huculak, Amy Hopper,

Vaughn Wadelius, Sharain Jones, Trevor Yahnke.






2018 RM of Kelsey Election Results

The results for The RM of Kelseys 2018 Municipal election are in.

Wayne Anderson won ward one

Bruce Mclean won ward three

Jim Berscheid won ward four

and Peter Bieker won ward five

Reeve Rod Berezowecki, Neil Scott of Ward Two, and the Cranberry Portage committee members won by acclamation.

Last Town Council Meeting Before the Municipal Election

The Town of The Pas held their last regular meeting of council before the 2018 election on Monday night. The council meeting went by quickly and there was no committee of the whole meeting.


Mayor Jim Scott took time at the end of the council meeting to thank all the councillors for the hard work that they did for this community for the past four years.


The municipal election is today and the polls close at 8PM. The polling locations are at the Town Office and the Roy H Johnston Arena.


More information can be found at Town of The Pas Community Updates Facebook page.

Enemy Aliens Internment In Canada Exhibit at The Sam Waller Museum

The Sam Waller Museum has a traveling exhibit on display called Enemy Aliens--Internment in Canada from 1914 to 1920. Enemy Aliens was a term used during world war one to describe citizens of states that were at war with the British Empire and resided in Canada during the First World War.


Museum Director Sharain Jones says a lot of people are familiar with the Japanese internment in Canada during World War Two but there are many people that are unaware that people were interned during the First World War as well.


The exhibit is produced by The Canadian War Museum and The Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties foundation and it has about 25 panels that teach the history of these internment camps through text and images, and the museum was able to get this traveling exhibit through a grant from the Endowment Council of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund.


The exhibit will be on display until November 30th.

The North Should Continue to Have Five Members of the Legislature

When Manitoba NDP leader Wab Kinew was in Flin Flon Friday he was asked about changes to the electoral map.  The Electoral Division Boundaries Commission has proposed combining Flin Flon and The Pas ridings, both NDP seats, into one.  Kinew says the north deserves proper representation and if one MLA has to serve a huge geographic region in the north is every community in that region going to get the proper representation at the Legislature?


He adds on the party side if they have their MLA in The Pas and an MLA in Flin Flon one of them is going to lose out on this so it’s obviously a situation he doesn’t want to see because they’ve got two great MLAs and they’d like to have them continue to represent their communities and then also there’s differences regionally in the north so why not respect the diversity in different communities.


Kinew says the commission has until the end of the year to present their report but he understands they’re almost finished their work and will release their report in the near future.

Kinew: Training Doctors Locally Could Help With Doctor Retention In The North

The leader of the Manitoba NDP says that the best way to ensure that northern communities have doctors is to train them locally. 


Wab Kinew spoke to Arctic Radio News during a recent visit to Thompson and said that in the long term, having locally trained doctors is one of the best ways for communities like Thompson and Flin Flon to retain health care professionals. 


Kinew said that in the short term, there are options to attract doctors from other parts of the province (and country) such as offering a stronger financial incentive.  


He also took time to address the decision by the Pallister Government to scrap the planned “Made in Manitoba” carbon tax, something that Kinew says is a mistake. 


The former journalist said that his party had recently delayed the introduction of the tax because they wanted a plan that helps Manitobans be more environmentally friendly, as “what Pallister was proposing was basically just to take the money and run”. 


Kinew added that now the Province is doing nothing for the environment. 

Amanda Lathlin Urging Manitoba Government To Reverse Cuts to Northern Airports

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed the Manitoba Legislature during question period recently regarding cuts made to Northern Manitoba Airports. Lathlin said the provincial government is making cuts to northern airports and as a result 20 airports in the North will not be able to clear snow from their runways on weekends unless there is a medical emergency.


She added that medical emergencies don’t take weekends off and there is no have time to wait for runways to be cleared. According to MKO Grand Chief Garrison Settee over 2 million dollars in funding has been cut from northern airports and marine operations and many first nations’ leaders find these cuts appalling and unacceptable.


Lathlin asked if the government would reserve the cuts immediately and she also asked if the government would restore funding for weekend snow clearing at Northern airports and The Minister of Infrastructure Ron Schuler responded by saying that they will continue to clear the runways to the federally mandated standard.  Lathlin believes this will mean no snow clearing on weekends. 

Amanda Lathlin Addresses The Manitoba Legislature On The Death of Abraham Donkey

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed the Manitoba Legislature earlier this week regarding the death of Northern Manitoba patient Abraham Donkey who died from not having timely access to health care.


She added that the government’s failure to invest in northern infrastructures, their refusal to help people get health care in their communities, and making cuts to the Northern Patient Transfer Program and northern airports decrease the possibility that low income Northern Manitobans will survive when they need medical treatment. She asked if the government will recognize the danger of their approach and reserve what she calls reckless decisions.


Ron Schuler the Minster of Infrastructure responded by saying that they are focused on what is going on in Northern Manitoba and they will continue to stand up for the North.

Wab Kinew Comments on Mining Community Reserve Fund

While visiting Flin Flon Friday Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew commented on the Mining Communities Reserve Fund.  Although the government says it is not available as it was allowed to fall below a set level Kinew says it should be.  He says basically the Mining Reserve Fund was created to help communities in times of need and you paid into this fund during the good times and it should be there to help communities that are facing job losses now.


 He notes the bigger picture is we need to have job creation in the north to be a big priority and they are going to keep pushing the government on that front.  He says so far what they’ve been talking about is just a committee, it’s just a brochure but there hasn’t been real investment, they haven’t been putting resources to help create jobs.


Kinew adds a job is about having a pay cheque so people can provide for their families but it’s also about ensuring people have the pride, the dignity and the discipline that comes with work and that hits a community hard so his priority for the next election will be jobs and health care.

Construction Begins on The Pas Spray Park

Construction of the town of The Pas spray park officially started last week and they are making great progress. Davide Novo from The Pas Families Building a Better Community told Arctic Radio News that they hope to have the concrete pad in place by the end of the week and ten days of construction work should get the park operational in time for summer.

You can keep up to date with the construction progress on The Pas Families Building a Better Community Facebook group.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief Christian Sinclair Conducts Cannabis Presentation at Red River College

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief Christian Sinclair recently conducted a presentation at Red River College.


The Presentation was based on the college’s new program called Cannabis 101, a program for students that want to pursue a career in the cannabis industry.


Sinclair was asked to make the presentation so that he could share the story of how OCN invested in the new industry.


According to Sinclair, OCN is one of the largest private share holders of National Access Cannabis.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Financial Status

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Vice Chief Jennifer Flett and Chief Financial Officer Nicole Mead recently spoke to Arctic Radio about how OCN is doing financially.


Mead says they have had a very exciting year with a lot of success with their business ventures and the community is now on their comprehensive community plan where they listen to the members of OCN and make strategic initiatives around what they have to say.


Mead added that she hopes to see an expansion of infrastructure on OCN in the future and as of now they are continuing to work on their lagoon to increase its capacity so that more houses and commercial buildings can be built. 

Maple Bus Lines Thompson to Winnipeg Route Via The Pas To Begin Service on November 1st

Maple Bus Lines will begin their Thompson to Winnipeg via The Pas route on November 1st. The line runs Monday to Friday and the bus from Thompson to Winnipeg will leave at 8:15 in the morning, arrive in The Pas at 12:25 in the afternoon and, arrive in Winnipeg at 9:50 in the evening.


The Bus from Winnipeg to Thompson would leave Winnipeg at 7:15 in the morning arrive in The Pas at 4:10 in the Afternoon and finish in Thompson at 8:25 at night.

As of press time it has not been confirmed where the bus will stop in The Pas but they are expected to announce a location soon.


For more information follow Maple Bus Lines on Facebook or visit their website


photo courtesy of Facebook



NDP MP Says Stat Holiday To Remember Residential Schools Is Needed

Northern Quebec NDP MP Romeo Saganash says that he is hopeful that the Trudeau Government will follow through on creating a new statutory holiday to remember residential schools. 



Saganash spoke to Arctic Radio News during a recent visit to Thompson, and said that while he is hopeful that it will happen, the Liberals have a track record of not delivering on very important promises to Indigenous people. 


He said that as a former residential school attendee/ survivor, Canadians need the holiday to learn and educate themselves about residential schools. 


Reports came from Ottawa two months ago that a new stat holiday was in the works and would be announced shortly, but nothing has followed as of yet.

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey Questions the Pallister Government on Safety in the Workplace

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey recently questioned the Pallister Government on safety in the workplace. 


He asked the Minister of Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Blaine Pedersen, if he would reverse course and make investments to keep workers safe, adding that the Province has cut the advisory council on workplace health and safety and that workplace health and safety inspections have fallen by sixty percent. 

Minister Pederson responded to the question, saying that the government is targeting inspections against those who are most likely to have accidents. 


He added that their system is quote far better than trying to have as many inspections as possible with no real purpose.

MP Niki Ashton Calls for an Inquiry into a Death on a Bus

In Question Period Wednesday and in a letter to Minister Jane Philpott MP Niki Ashton called for an inquiry into the death of Abraham Donkey.  She explained Abraham, a 58 year old northern Manitoba heart patient died during a ten hour Greyhound bus trip to see a doctor in Winnipeg ten days after getting heart surgery noting Indigenous Services refused to send him by plane or with an escort. 


Ashton stated systemic racism kills, systemic underfunding kills adding Abraham’s family is seeking justice and to ensure this never happens again.  She asked will the Minister meet with Abraham’s family and will this government commission an inquiry into this inexcusable tragedy?


Prime Minister Trudeau stated the Department of Indigenous Services is looking into the details of this matter.  He added this confirms the need for improved health services designed, managed and delivered by and for Indigenous communities something they will continue to work towards.

Linkages in Northern Economic Development Conference

The Linkages in Northern Economic Development Conference will be held at the Kikiwak Inn on November 7th and the 8th.


Linkages is a partnership with The University College of The North and the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and the conference will cover economic development strategies for the north.


There are no more spots available for the conference but applications for a waiting list will be accepted until November 2nd. For more information visit ucn linkages dot ca or call 204-391-4419

2018 Citizen and Business of the Year a Long Service Volunteer Awards

The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Opasquia times and 102.9 CJAR are accepting nominations for the 2018 Citizen and Business of the year awards and the Long Service Volunteer Award.


The nominations are open to citizens and businesses in The Pas, Opaskwayak Cree Nation, and The RM of Kelsey.


Nomination forms can be picked up at 102.9 CJAR, Opasquia Times, Shane’s Music, Paperworks Plus, and the Wescana Inn. The forms can be dropped off at any of these locations and the deadline to submit them is November 2nd at 4PM.


The winners will be guests of honor at a luncheon on November 24th. Additional Information and eligibility requirements can be found on the nomination forms.

Kevin Carlson The New Executive Director for The Pas Friendship Centre

Kevin Carlson is The Pas Friendship Centres new executive director. Carlson brings a lot of experience to the role as he has been involved with many community organizations like The Pas Kinsmen Club.


Carlson has also done some volunteer work within the communities and he accepted the opportunity to take the role of executive director when the opportunity arose.


Carlson looks forward to working with the friendship centres X Roads Teen Centre a safe place for teenagers to get together to learn some cultural activities and to have fun and he looks forward to working with the upcoming Christmas Hamper Toy Drive.


He concluded by saying he is really excited to work with the communities that the Friendship Centre services and he would like to invite residents to visit the friendship centre at 81 Edwards Avenue to meet the team.

Bell MTS Phone Plans Being Phased Out

Bell has started to phase out MTS when it comes to mobile devices. Bell MTS spokesperson Andrew Parkinson says that customers will be switched over to a Bell Mobility plan once they upgrade, and that Bell MTS plans will not be available to them.


Parkinson says that the changes will only affect cell phone users, and that there are no changes currently for Bell MTS home phone, internet or TV services.  


Bell bought MTS back in March 2017 for almost four billion dollars, and said at the time that they would maintain the then-offered wireless price plans for at least a year. 


Niki Ashton Celebrates 10 Years in Office

It’s been just over ten years now since Niki Ashton was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Churchill - Keewatinook Aski.  


Ashton recently spoke to Arctic Radio News to reflect on a decade in office and said that it’s been a tremendous honour, and that she’s very proud to represent both her hometown of Thompson and all of northern Manitoba.  


She added that it’s been a privilege to work with inspiring northern and indigenous leaders, as well as community members and activists to address key challenges and bring to light opportunities in the region. 


Ashton said that there is still a lot of work left to do, and that she in many ways has become more idealistic over the years. 


If you’d like to hear from her on her time as an MP, as well as thoughts from both Ashton and northern Quebec NDP MP Romeo Saganash, tune in to Thompson Today on 102.9 CHTM tomorrow 12:40pm and 5:10pm for part one of a two-part interview

Otineka Mall Cannabis Shop to Open in Early November

Recreational Marijuana is now officially legal across Canada and residents of the tri area will  soon able to purchase marijuana at a store at the Otineka Mall on Opaskwayak Cree Nation.


The store which is a partnership with National Access Cannabis and Opaskwayak Cree Nation was set to open today but regulatory approval is still needed in order to open.


The store is set to open sometime in early November and National Access Cannabis will announce an official opening date soon.

MP Niki Ashton To Carry NDP Banner in the 2019 Federal Next Election

MP Niki Ashton was officially nominated last weekend as the NDP candidate for the Churchill Keewatinook Aski riding for the 2019 Federal Election. Ashton has promised to stand up for key issues facing northerners including housing, health care, and good jobs.


She says the government has always left regions like ours behind and we provide a lot of wealth for this country and deserve better.


Ashton will continue visiting across the riding to speak out on the issues that matter.

Information Seminars on the Effects of Marijuana at UCN The Pas Campus

The Northern Manitoba Sector Council has made arrangements with Chartered Professionals in Human Resources to provide seminars on the legalization of cannabis and the workplace.


The Council’s Executive Director Jamie Grant says there are several questions about the anticipated impact on the culture and safety in the workplace and this workshop is designed to cover topics such as developing an effective drug use policy and how to identify someone under the influence.


There will be seminars held in Flin Flon, The Pas and Thompson.


The Seminar in The Pas will be held on November 1st from 9 am to 12 pm at the UCN Cafeteria. To register call the UCN Receptionist at 204-627-8500 extension 3

CFIB Report Says Colleges Better Than Universities In Preparing Grads For Work In Manitoba

A new report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says that high schools are not properly preparing graduates for work here in Manitoba. 


Emily Hayes, a policy analyst with the CFIB who co-authored the report, spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that 61% of Manitoba employers polled said high school grads are not properly prepared for today’s jobs. Of those polled, only 30% said that they were satisfied.


The numbers for those dissatisfied in Manitoba is higher than the Canada-wide figure, which sits at 51%. 


According to the report, 50% of employers in Manitoba were either very or somewhat satisfied with how colleges prepare youth for employment (national figure is 51%), while only 31% were satisfied with how universities prepared students (national figure is 51%).  


Hayes said that there were two main recommendations from the report, one for high schools and another for government. 


When it comes to the schools, she said that they need to do a better job at removing any stigma attached to the trades and traditional “blue collar” jobs, as “the workforce both today and in the future will need tradespeople as much as it needs tech workers and white collar professionals”.  


On the government front, Hayes told Arctic Radio News that all levels of government need to address the higher hiring and training costs that small businesses experience when hiring inexperienced workers. 

Niki Ashton "Deeply Disappointed" By Pallister Government's Move To Scrap Carbon Tax

Our Member of Parliament says that she isn’t happy with the way the Pallister Government is dealing with climate change. 


Niki Ashton spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that she is “deeply disappointed” by the recent decision to scrap the carbon tax and “ultimately their failure to contribute to a collective agenda on fighting climate change”.  


She said that while a carbon tax isn’t the be all and end all as “a wide range of actions and tactic are needed to begin to fight climate change”, she is “very concerned” that “we have a provincial government that isn’t taking climate change seriously”.  


When it comes to the Trudeau Government, Ashton says that there is still a lot left to be desired.  


Ashton, who has been in office for ten years now, said that one side of their mouth (the Liberals) say their climate leaders, while on the other side they’re spending (our) money on a leaky pipeline. She added that the $4.5B purchase is not contributing to a solution, but rather is contributing to the problem.  


Ashton said that northerners know first-hand what climate change looks like, and that as we’re living in increasingly uncertain times now is the time for leaders to step up.

The Precious Pet Kennels Weekend Rescue

The Precious Pet Kennels helped to prepare around 100 stray dogs over the weekend for their journey to dog rescues in Barrie, Ontario and Calgary.


Dog rescues are organizations that look after stray dogs and prepare them for adoption.

Two volunteers from Winnipeg came to The Pas to transport around 70 dogs back to Winnipeg where they will be looked after before they are sent to the Ontario rescue in Barrie but unfortunately, the Calgary Rescue didn’t show up to pick up the remaining animals.


The dogs need to be removed from the Precious Pet Kennels to make room so they will be kept in portable kennels at a Building owned by the Keewatin Railway until they can find rescues that will take them.


Bonnie Meadows from The Precious Pet Kennels is in need of volunteers to look after these animals. 


If you want to volunteer call Meadows at 204-623-3608

The Pas Alliance Church Running Operation Christmas Child

The Pas Alliance Church will be participating in Operation Christmas Child again this year. Operation Christmas Child is a project that provides gift filled shoe boxes to children in desperate situations around the world and to remind children in less fortunate and war torn countries that they are loved and not forgotten.


Last year The Pas Alliance Church shipped 322 shoeboxes and this year’s worldwide collection goal is 11 million boxes. Shoe boxes collected in Canada will be sent to countries like Costa Rica,  El Salvador, Senegal, and Ukraine to name a few.


The shoe box collection week in The Pas is from November 4th until the 11th and they can be dropped off at The Pas Alliance Church, The Grub Box or, The Pas Regional Library.

For more information Call Pat Tonn at 204-620-6811.

Moose Lake RCMP Respond to Report of Missing Boaters

Moose Lake RCMP responded to a report of two overdue boaters on the afternoon of October 14th.  At around 2 o clock on Saturday afternoon five fishermen in two boats left Moose Lake and headed towards the Big Island Camp about 10 kilometres southwest of the community but only one boat arrived at the camp.


Several locals went out to look for the two missing fisherman and the RCMP was notified at 4:10 on Sunday afternoon that the missing boat was located and the two males aged 39 and 49 were found dead.


Autopsies are scheduled and the investigation is ongoing.

Kelsey Bus Lines Providing Public Transportation for Manitoba Effective November 1st

Opaskwayak Cree Nations Aseneskak Casino has announced that Kelsey Bus Lines
2014 has received approval from The Manitoba Motor Transport Board to conduct
public bus transportation throughout Manitoba effective November 1st.

Passenger routes will include routes previously operated by Greyhound along with
additional routes and the rates will also be similar to the ones offered by
Greyhound. They are also expected to offer freight service once all required
training and equipment is acquired.

The companies buses have been used by schools, sports teams, and various other
agencies and they have also been used to assist in evacuations.

The Town of The Pas Councillor Candidate Forum UPDATED

A Councillor candidate forum was held at The UCN campus cafeteria last Thursday evening. Many residents of The Pas attended and they had the opportunity to meet the candidates running for town council and ask them questions. Some of the questions asked by the public included things like:


What can be done to address policing costs, How should the town maintain Wadeluis Drive, and if they supported the rezoning of the Kelsey Glass Building to become an animal shelter.

The rezoning of the Kelsey Glass Building is something that many of the candidates said they are in favour of doing.


Another questions asked was whether or not they support the proposed special service levy, and many of the candidates said that they did not support the current proposed levy.


The election date is October the 24th

Province Announces Appointment of a Provincial Court Judge in The Pas

Justice Minister Cliff Cullen recently announced that the Manitoba Government has appointed Teresa McDonald as a provincial court Judge to serve in The Pas.


Cullen says it’s an honour to appoint a new provincial court judge that has demonstrated a commitment to Manitoba’s North throughout her career and she has initiated innovations that have improved access to justice in Northern Manitoba.


The official swearing in ceremony is set to take place in the near future.

Kelsey School Board Candidates Forum

The election for the Kelsey School Division Board is coming up and there will be a special candidate’s forum tonight at the Kelsey School Division Office Board Room from 6:30 until 7:30.


This will give residents an opportunity to meet the candidates in person and ask them questions. 


The forum will be followed by the Kelsey School Divisions Regular board meeting.


The election is on October 24th from 8AM until 8PM and the polling locations are at The Town of The Pas Municipal Office and The Roy H Johnston Arena.

The Pas Kinettes Hockey Night in Kinada

The Pas Kinettes are organizing a special mens night event on November 3rd at the Guy Hall. Teresa Roberts from the Kinettes said that because The Pas Kinsmen organized the ladies night out back in March, the Kinettes decided to organize a night for men


There will be a burger bar, a cash bar, and two hockey games on a big screen. The cost is 50 dollars a ticket and if you want more information or to buy tickets call 204-627-9725 or 204-620-8300.


They will be selling a maximum of 100 tickets.

The Pas RCMP Respond to a Report of "Shots Fired"

The Pas RCMP responded to a call of shots fired at a residence on Tremaudan Avenue the morning of October 9th.


Officers arrived on scene and located a 41 year old male victim who had been shot multiple times. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious but non life threatening injuries.


Officers conducted a search of the residence where they located the firearm. There initial investigation determined that two males entered the home and had an altercation when the shots were fired and the suspects fled the scene in a vehicle.


Two suspects were later identified and a warrant for their arrests was issued. Clayton Joshua McKay aged 26, and 33 year old Opaskwayak Cree Nation Resident Ryan Todd Campbell are charged with two counts of uttering threats, along with aggravated assault, robbery with a firearm, discharge of a firearm with intent, and many other criminal code offences.


Anyone with information on the two suspect’s whereabouts is asked to call The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6204 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477


These are the photos of the two suspects.



Town Council Votes in Favour of Wuskiwi Sipihk Cree Nation Rezone Application

At the last regular meeting of council The Town of The Pas voted in favour of a variation application for Wuskiwi Sipihk Cree Nation.


This means that the cree nation will be able to rezone their property on Gordon Avenue to a Commercial Central Zone to build a structure that would provide office space along with a corner store.


It is not known when the construction will begin.

RCMP Search and Rescue Team Reminds Manitobans to Stay Safe This Fall

The Manitoba RCMP Search and Rescue Team is reminding people to enjoy the outdoors safely this fall and to take necessary precautions when engaging in outdoor activities. 


The search and rescue team has already been deployed 24 times as of Tuesday and they have been involved in searches where the missing person was found deceased.


Since the weather changes quickly this time of year you are encouraged to dress for the weather and to bring a survival pack containing food, water, fire starting equipment, and other items to keep you warm.


You are also reminded to tell people where you are going and when you expect to return and bring a GPS and make sure that you know how to use it.

Pukatawagan Woman Sentenced to Life For Second Degree Murder

Leah Castel, a young woman from Pukatawagan that murdered her brother Willard Castel two years ago was found guilty of second degree murder in The Pas court Yesterday and was sentenced to life in prison.


She was also charged with aggravated assaulted after stabbing another man. She will be able to apply for parole in 10 years.

Maple Bus Line Making The Pas a Regular Stop Sooner than Expected

Selkirk based Maple Bus Lines has announced one of their routes will include The Pas as a destination.


Originally The Pas would not have been included in their routes until spring of 2019 but the bus is expected to make regular stops in The Pas as early as October 21st.


The stop is part of one of their Thompson to Winnipeg routes. The bus will leave Thompson at 7:55 in the Morning and arrive in Winnipeg at 8:20 in the evening. 


The complete timetable for this route has not yet been released and it is not known what time the bus would arrive in The Pas or where the bus will stop.


Maple Bus Lines is one of many transportation companies filling the gap for Greyhound and you can keep up to date with them on Facebook.


Correction: An Earlier Version of This Story Said that Maple Bus Lines was Thompson based when in fact it is based in Selkirk

Monthly Mayor Reports for September

Septembers monthly mayor reports for The Pas, The RM of Kelsey and Cormorant have been released. The Pas had a total of 135 disturbances of the peace cases, 98 index checks, 85 mischief cases, and 19 assaults.


The RM of Kelsey had 13 Provincial Statutes, 11 Breaches of The Peace, 7 assaults, and 7 mischief cases.


The community of Cormorant had 8 offenses in total.

Niki Ashton Election Anniversary Dinner

There will be a special supper at the Riverview in Thompson on October the 13th to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Niki Astons election as MP for The Churchill Keewatinook Aski riding.


The supper will be served at 6 in the evening and MP Romeo Saganash will be the keynote speaker.


Tickets can be purchased by calling 204-620-0404.

University College of The North Holding Industry Engagement Night At The Pas Campus

University College of The North is holding an Industry Engagement Night at their campus in The Pas November 6th


Their Cooperative Education Coordinator Krystle Paskaruk says it offers UCN students the opportunity to meet one on one with as many employers as possible.  She explains when she speaks about the Industry Engagement Nights she encourages them to go out and meet people, get some names, get some telephone numbers and get themselves connected to the future. 


She adds there’s an opportunity for them to have meaningful conversations with employers and industry partners about career pathways, how to get their foot in the door, what kind of training they need, what a day in the life of this career looks like and really start some meaningful dialogue to advance them in their career path.


The event takes place November 6th from 5 to 7 at The Pas UCN campus as well as in Thompson on the 8th.  Registration for interested employers is required by October 19th by contacting Krystle at 204-627-8557 or email

Fire Prevention Week Tips

This week is fire prevention week and The Pas’ acting Fire Chief Randy Manych spoke to Arctic Radio to give some important fire prevention tips.


People are also reminded to practice evacuation drills in case there is a fire in your home and to have enough working smoke alarms.


This year’s fire prevention week theme is “Look, Listen and Learn. Be Aware Fire Can Happen Anywhere.”


You can learn more about fire safety at The Pas Fire Departments open house tonight from 5 until 7.


Another important fire safety tip is to close the door to your bedroom when you go to sleep to slow the spread of fire and to stop harmful gases from getting into the room.


You are also reminded to keep items away from heat sources and to never leave cooking unattended.


This year’s fire prevention week theme is “Look, Listen and Learn. Be Aware Fire Can Happen Anywhere.”


You can learn more about fire safety at The Pas Fire Departments open house tonight from 5 until 7.

Missing Thompson Teen May Have Traveled to The Pas

The Thompson RCMP are looking for a missing teen who may have traveled to The Pas.  The RCMP received a report on October 2nd that 16 year old Kelly John Castel was missing. He was last seen at his residence on McGill Place in Thompson on September 27th.


Castel is 5 foot 9, 135 pounds, and he was last seen wearing a black hoodie with stripes and carrying a grey backpack.


Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Thompson RCMP at 204-677-6911 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Opaskwayak Cree Nations Flag Raising Ceremony

Earlier this week Opaskwayak Cree Nation had a flag raising ceremony at their Indian Days Park. OCN Chief Christian Sinclair says it was a historic day and a day of pride for the community as the flag identified Opaskwayak Cree Nations sovereignty.


Around 400 people attended the ceremony where they had drumming, prayers, and the singing of the honor song by the little Mihikanak Drum group and the Canadian anthem sung in Cree by the Joe A Ross School Choir.


The flag has OCN’s logo on it that features many symbols that represent different elements of Cree Culture.

Before The Snow Flies Dog Rescue at The Pas Precious Pet Kennels

On October 12th The Pas Precious Pet Kennels will be having a “before the snow files rescue” to help prepare two to three hundred stray dogs from The Pas and area for adoption.


Bonnie Meadows from The Pas Precious Pet Kennels says she needs all the help she can get and she also needs donations of cleaning supplies, food for the dogs, and money donations.


If you would like to volunteer to assist these rescued animals or to provide The Pas Precious Pet Kennels with the much need donations please call 204-623-3608.

Flin Flon RCMP Seize Drugs, Firearms and Cash

On September 26th The Flin Flon RCMP executed a search warrant under the criminal code of Canada and the controlled drugs and substances act at a residence on Princess Boulevard.


The police seized 12 long barrelled firearms, a large sum of Canadian money, 3 kilograms of cannabis, 3 kilograms of cannabis edibles, and 3 kilograms of cannabis jam.


The Police arrested 36 year old Andrew Lyle Wotton at the scene and he was remanded into custody.


He was charged with two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking, two counts of unsafe storage of a firearm, trafficking a controlled substance, possession of proceeds of crime, possession of property obtained by crime, production of a controlled substance, and possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose.

Auditions for Theatre 53's Production of The Odd Couple

Theatre 53 is having auditions for their production on Neil Simons The Odd Couples female version on October 16th at the Westminster United Churches CE wing.


The auditions will begin at 7PM and the cast consists of 6 females and 2 males.

For more information call Barbara Shaw-Ings at 204-623-0717


The plays performance dates are April 11th until the 13th of 2019.

Sam Waller Museum Paint Workshop For Tweens

The Sam Waller Museum is having a paint workshop for tweens on October the 19th from 2 until 4 in the afternoon.


The workshop is being taught by Megan Trowell and students will learn how to create a beautiful painting.


The workshop is open to youth aged 8-12 and the registration fee is 20 dollars each.


For more information call the Sam Waller Museum at 204-623-3802. The maximum number of participants is 12.

The Pas Mayor Electoral Forum Turnout

The Town of The Pas’s Mayor Electoral Forum was held on Monday evening at the UCN Cafeteria. The forum gave residents the opportunity to meet the four candidates running for mayor and to ask questions. 


A fair amount of residents were present at the forum and many of them had some good questions for the candidates like what they would do with the paper mills tax dollars or how they would clean up the downtown area if they got elected.


The four candidates running for mayor are Johanna McLaughlin, Herb Jaques, Brain Roque, and Mayor Jim Scott is seeking re-election. 


The election date is October the 24th.

2018 Smile Cookie Campaign Final Results

The final results of the 2018 smile cookie campaign are in. Tim Horton’s restaurants across Canada raised a record of almost 7.8 Million dollars this year in smile cookie sales that will go towards local charities and other community programs.


This year The Pas and area raised a total of $13,440 for The Pas Families Building a Better Community Group to build a spray park for The Pas.


Since the smile cookie campaign started in 1996 to raise funds for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital it has expanded to support over 500 charities and community programs nationwide.


Tim Horton’s president stated in a news release that the smile cookie campaign highlights not just the power of a smile but the amazing generosity of Canadians.

Union Demands a Coroner's Inquest Following A Train Derailment

A union is saying that they want a coroner’s inquest done following a train derailment that killed one of its members. 


Teamsters says that they have written to Manitoba’s Chief medical examiner asking for the inquest as the 38-year-old conductor who lost his life after paramedics weren’t allowed near the site for nine and a half hours. 


Teamsters Canada Rail Conference vice-president Roland Hackl says that their hope is that an inquest will shed light on how this incident could have been prevented, and at the very least how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.  


The derailment took place on September 15th near Ponton. 

Niki Ashton Calls For Ottawa To Act In Response To Housing Crisis

Niki Ashton is once again pushing Ottawa for action on housing in First Nations communities. 


Our local Member of Parliament, who will shortly be celebrating a decade as our elected representative, recently spoke in the House of Commons about a visit she made to Red Sucker Lake over the summer. She said that she met a mother who told her she was happy that it was summer, as it meant that she could stay in her partially tarp-covered, bathroom-less house. 


Ashton then asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau why his government is failing First Nations people across the country and failing to act on the housing crisis that Canada is facing.  


The Prime Minister responded by saying that his Liberal government is pushing forward with their $40B national housing strategy to ensure that “more Canadians have affordable and safe places to live”. 



Opaskwayak Cree Nation Child and Family Services Nature Calls a Walk in the Bush

Opsakwayak Cree Nations Child and Family Services is running “Nature calls a Walk in the Bush” on October 9th and the 10th. The two main purposes of the walk are nature therapy and relationship building. 


The event will be at the OCN arbor site rain or shine from 6 until 8:30 in the evening. If you have any more questions or if you would like to sign up please call 204-627-7157.

Sign Language Course to be taught at The Pas Friendship Centre

A sign language course will be taught at The Pas Friendship Centre beginning on Thursday October 18th from 7-9PM and the course will continue to run Thursdays at the same time.


If enough people sign up it will also be held on Saturdays from 1 until 3 in the afternoon.

The course is being taught by Janice Morrish, a hearing impaired person who has a lot of experience using sign language.


If you are interested you can sign up at The Pas Friendship Centre or by calling 204-627-7506.

Maple Bus Lines Filling Greyhounds Void in Thompson With Plans to Expand Service to The Pas

Another bus company has stepped forward to help fill the void when Greyhound packs up shop.


Maple Bus Lines, whose main office is located in Selkirk, will be offering trips between Thompson and Winnipeg daily Sunday through Thursday.


There will also be a route in service between Thompson and Cross Lake come November, with plans to expand service to include The Pas in 2019.


Maple Bus Lines says that their buses are equipped with washrooms, and their Thompson to Winnipeg route will leave at nine p-m, with arrival in Winnipeg scheduled for before six a-m.


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Beatrice Wilson Health Centre Breastfeeding Contest

This week is Canada’s national Breastfeeding week and the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre is having a breastfeeding contest.


The contest is open to all breastfeeding moms and the contest works by having mothers share their breast feeding stories and to give two reasons why they feel that breastfeeding is important for a growing baby on the Beatrice Wilson Health Centres Facebook page.


You can post a video or write a post to tell your story. The contest will run until this Friday. Call Kristen Burns at 204-627-7410 for more information.

The Pas Pride Crosswalk Getting Fixed Up Next Spring

Community members recently took time out of there day to paint a pride crosswalk on Cathedral Avenue near the Roy H Johnston Arena only for the paint to be washed out shortly afterwards.


It has been reported that there are plans to find some paint that won’t wash away and repaint the crosswalk sometime next spring.


The project was first coordinated by Terry McKellep and she was inspired to give The Town of The Pas a pride crosswalk after the town of Flin Flon painted one.


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