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The Town of The Pas held a special meeting of council this morning in order to vote on a resolution regarding the Tolko situation.


 Mayor and Council voted and passed 5-0, a resolution to provide financial aid in the form of 3 years of tax relief to a potential buyer of the mill.


Mayor Jim Scott says “we’ve designed a resolution that we’ve passed this morning that will allow us to go forward and do two things. Number one, let the potential purchaser know that we’re in. Number two, allows us to develop a bylaw and give it the three readings required.”


“They signed a letter of intent last Friday. Meetings with Government began on Saturday and continued through Sunday. They also met with the union on Monday, and Council on Tuesday, I just cannot believe how fast things are moving.” Scott said.


No word on who the potential buyer is but a letter of intent to purchase Tolko operations in The Pas was signed last Friday.


The 3 year Tax relief was the only request from the buyer to the town.


Councilors Andrew Forward and Margaret Commodore abstained from the vote due to conflict of interest.

Culture Days

Culture Days events are happening in The Pas, and are taking place across the country. The 3 day national program will be celebrated in The Pas, but over 4 days. Bonnie White a coordinator of the activities in The Pas has more information. "This is the sixth year that The Pas and area participated in Culture Days, which is a three day long national program. All of Canada is celebrating Culture Days right now and what it's for is to bring awareness of the arts and culture of Canada." Events are happening now through Sunday and for the full schedule you can visit or call Bonnie White at 204-620-2263


Good Deals Last Publication

A local publication has printed their last magazine after 13 years. Good Deals Magazine in The Pas printed their final edition on Thursday. Brian Campbell CEO of Good Deals is looking forward to future endeavors. "There's tremendous opportunity in the town of The Pas, there's jobs to no end, there won't be a problem finding something to do.I'm thinking a little break for Brian wouldn't be a bad thing." Over the 13 years Good Deals has been published every single week reaching close to 700 weekly editions. Campbell would like to thank everyone in the community for supporting good deals. 


Club Closing Golf Tournament

The Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Club’s Club Closing Tournament is this weekend. Ryan Marlow with the Halcrow lake golf and country club has more details. "And the Club Closing is this Sunday, at ten o'clock in the morning, that's 18 holes, $60 entry fee, and you get a meal with it." The club closing tournament is open to anyone and you can register by calling the pro shop at 204-627-2300.


Margaret’s Place Daycare Poker Derby Fundraiser

Margaret’s Place Daycare is hosting a fundraiser this weekend to fix a fence and purchase new playground equipment for the children.On Saturday they will be hosting an ATV poker derby. It will begin at the Ag Grounds with the first riders heading out at 11am. You can purchase your poker hands or ghost hands Saturday morning. To register call Margaret at 204-620-0345, Carmen at 204-620-3209 or visit their facebook page. 


Fall Clean Up Campaign

 Residents of The Pas will hit the town to help clean up the streets and prepare for winter once again this fall.  The 2016 Fall CleanUp Campaign starts in October and Town of The Pas Council and Staff encourage all residents to lend a hand. The Town of The Pas will be picking up refuse from Oct 11th to 14th and again from Oct 17th to 23rd. Residents should have all refuse protected from wind and animals, all refuse should be place in disposable containers if possible and no bag tags are required. Also where there is a back lane, pile refuse at edge of the lane bordering property line and stack to allow room for vehicles.




Learn to Skate with The Pas Skating Club

The Pas Skating club is hosting a learn to skate night for youth of The Pas and OCN next week. It’s a chance for youth ages 4 to 12 to try out skating before committing to the whole winter.  It’s open to all youth and is free to attend, they ask each child wears a helmet along with their skates. It’s from 4:30 to 5:15pm on October 5th 


Fur Queen Registration Deadline Coming

If you’re planning on running in the 2017 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festivals annual Fur Queen Competition it’s the final week to get your registration in. Every year females between the ages of 18 and 24 from our area run for the prestigious crown. The competition is for you if you’re any combination of shy, friendly, outgoing, funny, or witty. Deadline to apply is Friday. You can receive an application by contact Krista Tooley at 204-620-2373 or by email at


Interest in Purchase of Tolko Operations Brewing

Tolko operations continue to plug along in The Pas with the pending closure date set for December. According to Tolko Vice President Jim Baskerville, Tolko set productions records in August. He also mentioned Tolko continues to work towards a sales process and finding a potential buyer for the mill. Baskerville says they’ve had many interested parties come forward and have even received a signed letter of intent from one potential buyer. There’s no word on who the potential buyer could be at this point, but Tolko says they will continue to work towards finding solutions in key areas of the business that they have identified as being conditional to a sale. Baskerville says while most conditions to be met are outside of Tolko’s control they will support the process anyway they can and nothing is final at this time.  


RCMP Arrest 6 Youth in Shamattawa Fire

R.C.M.P. say six children were involved in setting a fire that burned down the only grocery store in Shamattawa. But police say only one 12-year-old youth has been arrested because the rest are all under the age of 12 and cannot be charged. A state of emergency has been declared at the Shamattawa First Nation following the fire, which also destroyed the band office, radio station and post office. No one was hurt but the grocery store was the most important building in the community of 15-hundred people, which can only be reached by plane.




Culture Days

Celebrating Arts and Culture this week is something you can do a part of the annual Culture Days festivities.

It’s held across Canada and here in The Pas, The Pas Arts Council will be hosting different events throughout the weekend. 

An organizer of Culture Days and a member of The Pas Arts Council Bonnie White, talks more about the goal of Culture Days. “Culture Days is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to building a national network of cultural connections, devoted to providing Canadians with opportunities to participate in and appreciate all forms of arts and culture”. 

The 3 day national event will be celebrated over 4 days in The Pas, September 29th to October 2nd


2016 Northern and First Nations Community Clean Up Winner

A award for being a clean community has landed The Pas a free BBQ today. The Pas has won the 2016 Northern and First Nations Community Clean Up. With the prize comes a celebration lunch today at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch. The Pas Community Renewal Corporation will be holding the BBQ Everyone is invited at noon.


Tolko Closure Update

The Town of The Pas released an update yesterday in regards to their work in keeping Tolko operations running in The Pas. The Pas Community Development Corporation and stakeholders from The Pas met with provincial reps to discuss the new Regional Economic Analysis Process Report. The report is designed to provide current deomgraphic, labor and business data to identify strengths and identify priorities and strategies.

The Town of The Pas says the response team will continue to work closely with stakeholders to develop a sustainable strategy that moves forward with the paper making industry rather than the decommissioning of the mill.

The town will continue to periodically provide updates on progress regarding Tolko Operations as they become available.


Get Better Together Program

An annual 6 week program is coming back to The Pas. The free 6 week “Get better together” program will begin Oct 5th this year. “Get better together” is a fun interactive course that will help you, manage pain and fatigue, start an exercise program, eat well, live well and much more. It runs once a week in the evening from 6pm to 830pm. To register you can contact Russell Thorne at 204-627-6419.


Drive One Wrap Up

Northland Ford teamed up with the Kinsmen Club of The Pas and The Rotary Club of The Pas to hold a drive one for your community event this weekend. Kevin Carlson the president of the Kinsmen Club has more. "We had approximately 160 drivers who came out and took part in the Drive One For Your Community, which of course, proceeds are going to the Kinsmen Club of The Pas and the Rotary Club of The Pas." In total over 32-hundred dollars was raised which will be split. Carlson said it was one of the most successful drive one events they’ve hosted.


Chief and Council Sworn In

The Opaskwayak Cree nation will be swearing in its new Chief and Council tomorrow afternoon. Chief Christian Sinclair, Vice Chief Jennifer Flett and Councilors Omar Constant, Edwin Jebb, Jeremy Sinclair, John Paul Martin, Lori Lathlin, William J Lathlin and John Nasecapow will be sworn in. It’s taking place at Arbour Site at 2pm. Weather pending it will be moved to the Oscar Lathlin Collegiate gym.


Beaver Scout Registration

Tonight you can register your child for Beaver Scouts. Beaver Scouts opens the door for children to discover the world. It is filled with a little bit of everything, outdoor activities, games, music and sports. Beaver Scouts registration is happening at the Anglican Church across from Library. It’s taking place from 6:30pm-7:30pm and is open to all Youth, boys & girls between ages of 5-7 years. Annual registration fee will be due and it includes all camps, activities, crafts and more.


Water Shut Off Notice

A notice to all East side, Umperville residents that water will be shut off today. Water will be shut off on the East side from 10am to 6pm today. They ask that all Hot Water takes are also shut off at this time. If you have any questions in regards to the water shutoff you can call 204-627-7083 


Smile Cookie Wrap Up

Smile cookie week has come and gone and thousands of dollars were raised in The Pas. Over the week Tim Hortons with help from Grub Box, the TPCRC and The Pas Families building a better community were selling cookies to support the spray park fund. Jerome Conaty from the Pas Families building a better community explains more on where the project sits, along with the skate park fund. "Before the cookie money that we get from this week; there's $93,000 in the bank alltogether.So the skatepark had $49,000 and the spraypark had $44,000. So now the spraypark fund will be bumped up to almost $53,000, so we're well on our way to getting what we need for a start for these projects." If you ate a Smile Cookie from Tim Hortons last week you were supporting a local group. Once a year Tim Hortons sells Smile Cookies in the Pas with 100 percent of the proceeds going to a local group. Diane Sanderson from Tim Hortons has the updated numbers from this year.


Koats for Kids

The Pas Family Resource Centre and the annual Koats for Kids Campaign is back this year. Donations of quality kids winter wear in good condition are needed to help keep The Pas and area children warm this winter. Needed this year are donations of coats, snow suits, mitts, hats and scarves. Collection boxes are out and set up across the community including 102.9 CJAR. For more information you can call 204-623-6349.  


Northern Health Summit

The Northern Health Region will be holding their 3rd annual Northern Health Summit in The Pas. This year’s theme is Patient Experience where key leaders from our communities will come together to discuss and explore health issues and identify priority concerns. The NHR wants to hear from stakeholders to inform the direction of health care in the North. You can contact the NHR at204-687-1300 to attend. It will be held October 25th.


OCN Election Update

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation is in the process of voting for a new Chief and Council. The First Nations community held elections  yesterday and the count went until after midnight. Christian Sinclair was declared Chief with a landslide win. Sinclair had 1239 votes while runner-up William McGillvray had 240. The exact numbers were not in for Vice Chief however at 1 a.m. it was announced that Jennifer Flett was the winner. The count for band council winners resumes at 9 this morning.


Legion Ladies Night

The Royal Canadian Legion is hosting one of their biggest fundraisers of the year tomorrow night. The legions annual Ladies night takes place Saturday starting at 7pm. The Ladies only event will feature numerous events and games for women. This year’s theme is the ultimate great Gatsby 1920’s. Tables go fast and tickets are just 20 dollars each. You can contact Emma for more information at 620-2279, Jodie at 620-0418 or Jenn at 627-9208.


Fur Queen Registration Deadline Coming

If you’re planning on running in the 2017 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festivals annual Fur Queen Competition time is running out to register. Every year females between the ages of 18 and 24 from our area run for the prestigious crown. The competition is for you if you’re any combination of shy, friendly, outgoing, funny, or witty. Deadline to apply is September 30th. You can receive an application by contact Krista Tooley at 204-620-2373 or by email at  


Drive One 4 Your Community

Northland Ford will be hosting another Drive One for Your Community Event this weekend. A couple of times each year Northland Ford hold’s a drive one events as a fundraiser for local groups. This weekend you can help raise money for the Rotary Club and Kinsmen Clubs of The Pas. Dave Roberts from the Kinsmen Club has more. "Last year between our two clubs we split between 3,500 dollars, we each got over $1,700. Talking to the fellows at Northland Ford, they say as far as actual people turning up to go for rides, they do many of these events, this was the number one event, we had the most people, two years in a row, show up and take these trucks and cars for a ride." 20 dollars of each test drive is donated from Ford of Canada to our local groups. It will be held from 10am to 2pm on Saturday at Northland Ford.


OCN Election

Today is Election Day for the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. Residents go to the polls for the Chief and Council election. Electors can vote for their new Chief and Council at the Kikiwak inn. Running for Chief are two men, Christian Sinclair and William J McGillivray. Running for Vice Chief are Jennifer Flett, Dale Knutson, Ken young and Ron Fidler. There are also 31 candidates who are running for 7 councilor positions.


OCN Advance Polls

Opaskwayak Cree Nation residents will go to the polls on Thursday for the Chief and Council election, but today is the advanced poll. Electors who cannot attend the polls on Election Day may attend the advanced poll at the Otienka Mall from 9am to 4pm today. Running for Chief are two men, Christian Sinclair and William J McGillivray. Running for Vice Chief are Jennifer Flett, Dale Knutson, Ken young and Ron Fidler. There are also 31 candidates are running for the 7 councilor positions.


Smile Cookie Week

Smile Cookies are being sold once again in The Pas this week. The annual Smile cookie week is used each year as a partnership between Tim Hortons, The Pas Community Renewal Corporation and The Pas Families Building a Better Community to raise money for a local group. Diane Sanderson from Tim Hortons has more details, as well as how many cookies were sold last year. "It's going to go again to The Pas Families Building a Better Community and we're raising money for the spray park Just over 11,000, 11,193 to be exact, it was awesome." To order cookies you can call the TPCRC at 204-623-4269. You can also get a registration form from The TPCRC facebook page and it can also be faxed to 623-2589.  


Koats for Kids

The Pas Family Resource Centre and the annual Koats for Kids Campaign is coming back this year. Donations of quality kids winter wear in good condition are needed to help keep The Pas and area children warm this winter. Needed this year are donations of coats, snow suits, mitts, hats and scarves. Collection boxes will be set up at the end of this week around the community. For more information you can call 204-623-6349 


MLA Amanda Lathlin Report on Tolko Update

Friday afternoon The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin gave an report in regards to Tolko Operations shutting down in December. Lathlin said she’s spoken with different levels of government and is now calling on the Premier Brian Pallister. "I would now like to see the Pallister's government show the same concern and start working with the company to help it become more financial viable for our community. This is too important to sit back and do nothing." Lathlin said she has spoken with Town of The Pas Mayor and Council and is glad to see them working so hard on finding a solution. Lathlin is calling on the premier to visit The Pas to meet with local representatives and work to find a solution.


Girl Guide Registration This Week

It’s time to get signed up for Girl Guides and Brownies this year. Leah Yelland with The Pas Girl Guides has more on registration dates."Registration is getting underway, we're going to be at the Parade of Programs on Saturday, which is at 11-2 at the Roy H, and then we're going to be having a registration night as well on Monday, September the 12th, from 6-8 at Christ Church Anglican at #1 Saskachewan Crescent, off Fisher, down by the river". Yelland says they’re looking for volunteers and if interested can also attend registration. For more information you can visit the website or phone Gail at 204-624-5580  

Bill Henderson to take Lead Consultant Role

The Town of The Pas, The Pas Community Development Corporation and the Response Team have announced who has been appointed as lead consultant. Bill Henderson will take on the role as Lead Consultant as the TPCDC and Response Team works towards a stable local economy which may, or may not include the closure of Tolko Operations in The Pas. Henderson has held senior positions in government and resource industries in Manitoba, including manager of planning for Manfor, and strategic planning manager for Manitoba Hydro more recently.  The Response Team had been tasked with hiring an external consultant to provide a constant presence in dealing with the situation.  


Terry Fox Run Is Back Next Week

Next weekend the annual terry Fox run will return to The Pas as well as across Canada. The 36th annual event will take place Sept 18th and Debbie Dunlop from the Terry Fox Foundation has more on where funds raised will go."The Terry Fox Foundation is an entity within itself, and we have the Terry Fox Research Institute which is also in BC, and they are the ones that take the funding that we provide and they put it into different research projects all around the country." The run will take place in 33 Manitoba communities and for more information on the run you can visit Everyone is invited to take part whether you’re running, walking, biking or using roller blades.


AV Terrace Bay Inc. Recruitment Fair in The Pas

It’s the last day today to take part in a recruitment fair in the Pas. Another sawmill company is reaching out to Tolko employees with the announcement of the closure of Tolko operations in Manitoba. AV Terrace Bay incorporated’s recruitment fair continues with day 2 today at the kikiwak Inn. It runs from 9am to 6pm and they’re inviting resumes for all salaried and hourly positions. The company owns mills in Ontario, New Brunswick and across the world in Sweden, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey. AV Terrace Bay incorporated in Terrace Bay Ontario is hiring for 12 positions.

Library Fall Hours

With the fall season now in full swing The Pas Regional Library will changing their hours of operation. As of yesterday the Library will now be open 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday1pm to 5pm on Saturdays, and will be closed on both Sundays and Holidays. For more information or to renew your items online you can visit their website at the pas regional


Town of The Pas Offers 3 Year Tax Holiday to Tolko

Trying to keep Tolko Operations running in The Pas is the primary focus of town council right now. Mayor Jim Scott says they’ve presented an option to Tolko. "As a community, we have offered up, effective January 1, 2017, three years of a property tax policy, that's over two and a half million dollars. Our point behind that of course, is that it is better to invest in two and a half million dollars into our future, than it is to say goodbye to a 37 million dollar annual payroll." Scott says they’ve also reached out to Tolko and have invited Allan Thorenstein the Executive Chairman of Tolko Industries to the Pas to visit and talk with council. The tax holiday would mean Tolko would not pay taxes from January 1 2017 until December 31 2019.


Friendship Centre 50th Anniversary

The Pas Friendship Centre is celebrating their 50th anniversary in The Pas this weekend. Everyone is invited for an evening of events such as singing, dancing and music followed by a barbeque. The celebration will be held at the friendship centre at 5pm on Saturday. They ask you RSVP by calling 204-627-7500


Fur Queen Registration Deadline Coming

If you’re planning on running in the 2017 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festivals annual Fur Queen Competition the time to register is now. Every year females between the ages of 18 and 24 from our area run for the prestigious crown. The competition is for you if you’re shy, friendly, outgoing, funny, and witty or any combination. Deadline to apply is September 30th. You can receive an application by contact Krista Tooley at 204-620-2373 or by email at 


Workers In Churchill Need Support

The union representing Port of Churchill Workers says they are frustrated by inaction from the Federal and Provincial governments. The Regional Executive Vice-President for the Public Service Alliance of Canada Marianne Hladun says their priority is their workers and the community.  She says the big concern is some of the workers that returned don’t have enough hours for EI benefits for the rest of the year and all of the workers that didn’t get called back have no access to hours to qualify for EI and that has a significant impact on the community.

Hladun adds they are calling on the government to take some action such as setting up an Employment Insurance Zone for Churchill to benefit the workers.  She says so far they have only had a chance to meet with Member of Parliament Niki Ashton and the Provincial NDP Labor Critic Tom Lindsey.


Response Team Created Following Tolko Closure

The Town of The Pas released an update yesterday in regards to where they stand on the closure of Tolko Industries in The Pas. In the new release The Pas stated a response team has been established through the TPCDC with the intent to facilitate and create discussions with Tolko and the Provincial and Federal Government. The responses teams’ intent is to find a way to delay the announcement for a period of time so that an alternative to a closure can be found. An asset management plan along with a long term plan for growth and sustainability and economic diversification will be presented at the September 6th council meeting.  


Chase the Ace

Chase the Ace this weekend will be the biggest pot ever given out by the local Royal Canadian Legion Branch. The weekly chase the ace draw has reached a total pot of 207-thousand dollars and it will go this Saturday guaranteed. The weekly chase the ace draw is a weekly cumulative pot week over week until the Ace is pulled but this weeks draw is a little different. Rather than extending it for future weeks they will draw this Saturday until the ace has been pulled. The weekly draw is in week 42 of the current deck of cards and there’s only 10 cards left in deck. If the ace doesn’t get pulled on the first draw they will redraw tickets until someone wins the 207-thousand dollar pot.


Niki Ashton to Raise Concerns When Parliament Sits in September

With the recent announcements of businesses closing in The Pas, Churchill Keewatinook Aski NDP MP Niki Ashton will be looking for solutions. Ashton says she will be calling on the federal government for help. "I'll be back in parliament September 19th and this is going to be top of mind. Sitting in parliament, we're all in the same room, so you can head straight over, there's nowhere for anybody to go. I'll be heading directly to Key Ministers in person to say, hey look it, you know, we reached out to you, but this is now the time to act."  Ashton also said we have an invaluable resource in this part of the country, some of the best harvesting territory in the country. Ashton says she’s spoken with employees of Tolko, Town of The Pas Council and the Opaskwayak Cree Nation about continuing to find solutions for our area. 



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