The Pas Local News Archives for 2018-06

Unifor Local 1403 Members Vote To Strike

Canadian Kraft Paper workers in The Pas may soon take action.


Unifor Local 1403 members voted over 90 percent in favour of striking if the company doesn’t take major concessions off the bargaining table.  


Union officials say that the company refuses to even consider improving the working conditions, or keeping wages in line with inflation.


Talks between the company who took over the mill a few years ago and the union have been ongoign for three months.


Niki Ashton Says Housing, Education Investment Will Help Reduce Poverty Rate

According to recently released statistics, 64% of children in northern Manitoba live in poverty.


Those rates are the highest in the country, and our Member of Parliament said that she doesn’t think it comes as a shock to the people who live here.


Niki Ashton was the guest at Wednesday’s Chamber of Commerce lunch in Thompson, and said that the release of the report was a moment for Ottawa to step up to the plate, but they didn’t.


She added that she was disappointed that they instead chose to highlight their investment in the child tax benefit. Ashton said that while that may help some, the underlying causes of poverty need to be addressed.


Ashton said that while going door-to-door here in the north, the underlying problems that she hears the most are housing, education and health.


She said that what poverty looks like is a mold infested home with 18-22 people struggling to live, with most of them being children.


The MP said that while the government has made some investment, it’s not enough in terms of the foundational barriers that people are facing.



The Pas Cats and Kittens Shelter Closing its Doors

The Pas Cats and Kittens animal shelter has announced that they will be closing their doors. Tomorrow will be the last day that they will accept cats or kittens and there are still cats at the shelter that are in need of adoption. 


Owner Lorraine McIntosh says she will continue to help the cats that the shelter has until they find new homes because all the other shelters that she has contacted are full.


If you interested in adopting a cat or if you want more information about The Pas Cats and Kittens you can find them on Facebook or online at the pas cats kitten’s dot com.  Or you can call 204-623-5364.

Canada Day Party in The Park

Canada Day Celebrations will begin on the evening of June 30th here in The Pas. The evening will feature music by Adrian Desilva starting at 9PM and the fireworks will start at midnight at Devon Park. A complete list of Canada Day Activities and events can be found at The Pas Roadrunners Facebook page.

University College of the North's New Training Centre Open for Business

The University College of The North’s New Training Centre Officially opened is doors Yesterday at the Otineka Mall. UCN’s Director of Communications Jim Scott says this Training Centre has been in the works for nearly a year and this Centre will give people the chance to take a variety of different programs including some in cooperation with other institutions and the centre will be a great use of the space at the mall.


The Training Centre will be open all day everyday and if you would like to find out more about UCN’s new training Centre go the community based services section of UCN’s Website

Kelsey School Board Holds Last Meeting of The School Year

The Kelsey School Board Held there last board meeting for the 2017-2018 school year on Monday evening. During the meeting they gave tentative approval for a school based field trip to the Maritimes that was proposal by a few teachers from Margret Barbour Collegiate, and they said goodbye to MBCI Student Representative Gianna Catalano and they bid farewell to Vice Chair Claudette Garrow who accepted a job in Winnipeg.


The board members were given a draft of the annual school division report to review and the draft is expected to be completed in the fall. The next board meetings are set to be held in September.

RM of Kelsey Send Proposed Service levy for Approval

Last week, a public hearing was held by The RM of Kelsey for a special service levy for road maintenance in the RM. The proposal would be to move some of the costs of road maintenance such as snow plowing from the Mill Rate into a special service levy.


RM of Kelsey Council discussed what was heard at the public hearing at the last council meeting and council approved to send the special service levy request to the municipal affairs department of the province for approval.


If the service levy is approved the levy will be based upon an equal amount per role number with the rate expected to be $285

Canadian Kraft Paper Workers Considering a Strike Update

An information session and a strike vote are expected to be held today and tomorrow for Canadian Kraft Paper workers. According to a letter from Unifor the Union Canadian Kraft Paper has refused to listen to the demands of the workers or give any wage increases.


Unifors letter also said the company is insisting that they take a 10 percent wage reduction over the next three years; However a press release from Canadian Kraft Paper said that this isn't true and they are not looking for a 10 percent wage rollback.


The release from Canadian Kraft Paper also stated that they are committed to the collective bargaining process with Unifor local 1403 and that the negotiated agreement is achievable.


It is not known where the session and strike vote will be taking place and we will keep you up to date on whether or not the workers chose to strike or not.

The Pas Families Building A Better Community Group Requests A Donation From The RM Of Kelsey For The Spray Park

Davide Novo from The Pas Families Building a better community group conducted a presentation on The Spray Park for The Pas at the RM of Kelsey Council meeting last week.


During the presentation he talked about how The Town of The Pas agreed to take ownership of the spray park once it’s been built and they are still in need of more funding in order to build the park.


Novo requested a donation from the RM to help fund the spray park and council is expected to discuss this request at a future meeting.


As of now the group has $155,000 for the spray park and they are still in need of at least $45,000.


The construction of the park is planned to begin this fall.

RCMP Investigating Drowning in Pukatawagan

The Pukatawagan RCMP received a report of a drowning on June 21st at 3:45 in the afternoon. They found the body of the drowning victim in Pukatawagan Lake. The victim was identified as a 64 year old female resident of the community who was last seen swimming on the evening of June 20th. The investigation is ongoing.

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin Pushing For a Health Facility in Cross Lake

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin has been a big supporter of the Cross Lake Community Health Complex Project. The Federal Government has put in 55 million dollars towards the Cross Lake Community Health Complex Project but the legislation for health care on reserve for health care in Manitoba divides responsibility between the Federal Government and the Provincial Government for certain programs and services and as of now the facilities to accommodate a birthing centre, renal dialysis, and a small wing of beds are on hold until the provincial government comes to the table.


Residents of Cross Lake sent 100 birthday cards to the Minister of Health Kelvin Goertzen that contained messages saying that they would like to see the birth of their children with their families by their side rather than leaving the community each time a baby is born.

Pregnant woman in Cross Lake must go to Winnipeg or Thompson to give birth to their babies since appropriate faculties to support woman going through labour do not exist in Cross Lake.


During question period at the Manitoba legislature recently Minister Goertzen said that he did have the chance to look at the birthday cards and he understands the stress associated with child birth.


He added that the Federal Government did make a commitment for the people of Cross Lake for a Health Care Facility and the Federal Government has not always fulfilled their commitments but he is hopeful that they will fulfill this commitment for the people of Cross Lake.

RCMP Looking For Missing Flin Flon Man

The Flin Flon RCMP received a report of a missing 31 year old man from Flin Flon. Skyler Bighetty was seen on June 16th heading towards Creighton Saskatchewan and it is though that he may have hitchhiked or gotten on a bus making his whereabouts unknown.


Bighetty is described as indigenous with brown eyes and black hair standing 5 foot 8 and weighs 190 pounds. The police are concerned for his well being and anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact the Flin Flon RCMP at 204-687-1423 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

The RM of Kelsey Holds Public Hearing for Special Service Levy Proposal

The RM of Kelsey held a public hearing at the Royal Canadian Legion to allow RM residents to voice their concerns or their opposition towards a special service proposal for road maintenance.


These services are currently provided by the RM with the rural mill rate and the proposal was to move some of the costs of these services from the mill rate into a special service levy. If the proposed levy becomes a reality it will be based on an equal amount per role number and the rate will be $285 dollars.


One concern that some rate payers had was that there are some lower assessed properties that pay a lot less than $285 dollars for these services.


Reeve Rod Berezowecki says the municipality is trying to bring some fairness back to the tax system; and the goal is to have RM residents pay a tax rate that better indentifies the level of service that they receive.


This matter will be talked about at this evening’s council meeting and they will discuss what they heard from residents at the hearing and whether or not they will go forward with the proposed service levy.

Kelsey Rec and Wellness Centres Camp Callitwatchawanna

The Kelsey Recreation Centre is now accepting applications for Camp Callitwatchawanna,  A summer camp that will run from July 3rd to August 24th and its open children ages 5-12.  Only five year olds that have attended kindergarten are eligible.


Each week at camp will have its own special theme like, Mad Science, Career Week, and around the world in four days.


If you would like more information or if you would like to sign up call 204-627-1134 or stop by the Kelsey Rec Centre.

Heat Advisory Issued For Northern Manitoba

The Medical Officer of Health For Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness issued an extended heat warning yesterday for The Town of The Pas and the surrounding areas. Environment Canada and Climate Change Canada is forecasting high temperatures over the next several days.


The warning may be extending into other areas of Northern Manitoba as well. Heat related illnesses are preventable and the health effects associated with heat can be reduced by, drinking plenty of water before you feel thirsty, limiting alcohol consumption, planning outdoor activities when the weather is cooler, wear loose fitting and light coloured clothes and a wide brimmed hat, and never leave a child or a pet in a parked vehicle in direct sunlight.


Symptoms of heat illnesses can include dizziness, fainting, nausea or vomiting, headache, and fast breathing. We will bring you up to date on the heat advisory as the information comes in.

The Town of the Pas Not Expected To Prohibit Cannabis Retail Stores

With the recent announcement that the Manitoba Government would allow municipalities to conduct plebiscites to prohibit cannabis retail stores. The Pas mayor Jim Scott spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that the chances of legal cannabis stores being banned from The Town of The Pas is quote “Impossible”.


He said that having cannabis stores is something that the town supports 110 percent and having cannabis stores will be a revenue maker and it will give people the chance to be entrepreneurs in the community.


Recreational Cannabis is expected to be legalized across the country later this year.

Man Faces Sexual Exploitation and Drug Related Charges

A man is facing several charges, including sexual exploitation of minors, following what started as an investigation into meth trafficking.


A joint investigation by RCMP in OCN and The Pas found methamphetamine during a traffic stop of the suspect, and further investigation uncovered the sexual exploitation of multiple youth.


64-year-old Eric Richards faces seven charges, including three counts of sexual exploitation of a young person and possession for the purpose of trafficking.


Richards remains in custody and is awaiting a court date.

2018 Tim Horton's Camp Day Results

Tim Horton’s Annual Camp Day took place on June 6th and a total of four thousand five hundred and sixty dollars was raised at the Tim Horton’s Location on OCN and the total amount raised across the country was 13 million dollars.


Camp day is held every year to send less fortunate children to summer camp and this year’s donations will send 20,000 children to camp. Donations can still be made year round online at or through donation boxes at some Tim Horton’s locations.

Paskwayak Business Development Corporation Information Session on Cannabis

The Paskwayak Business Development Corporation will be having an information session tonight about cannabis at the Kikiwak Inns Bignell Room.


At 5PM the session will begin with a presentation by Evan Lobster from National Access Cannabis on The Benefits and Risks of Cannabis, followed by a presentation by Bonita Lane from Scotiabank about self directed investing in the cannabis industry at 5:30, and a presentation by Jaimin Patel from Super Thrifty on medical cannabis at 6:15.


Everyone is welcome to attend and refreshments will be served for more information call Elsie 1-204-627-7200.

The Pas Family Resource Centre Screening The Film "Indian Horse" Update

Next Tuesday, The Pas Family Resource Centre will be screening the film Indian Horse the story of a Young Canadian First Nations Boy that survived residential school. The first screening will be at 2PM and the other screening will be at 7PM at the Metis Hall at 1505 Gordon Ave.


The film will be introduced by an elder that survived residential school. There will also be refreshments served and a silver collection will be accepted at the door with proceeds going towards youth and cultural education and activities. Tickets are free and you can get tickets by calling 204-623-6349.  The limit is 2 tickets a person.

Our Member of Parliament is urging the Prime Minister to Listen to Our Grads

In the House of Commons Wednesday MP Niki Ashton noted a few weeks ago the Prime Minister spoke to the New York University grad in the United States.  She said while he philosophized in the United States here at home our grads are facing a challenging time and she wants to invite him to attend any one of our grads in the north here in Canada to hear their stories. 


She explained Thompson is faced with the loss of the smelter and refinery, First Nations are facing continuing high unemployment and under funding of education and Churchill is still faced with the shutdown of the port and rail line.  She noted he could attend any grad in virtually any community across Canada to hear what young people are facing in terms of sky high tuition fees and precarious employment but she doubts if he will.


Ashton added she believes he doesn’t want to listen to young people who are concerned about the environment, growing inequality and their economic future leaving them to believe his government is not only not part of the solution but is increasingly part of the problem.

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin Addresses Provincial Legislature on the Northern Economy

Earlier this week The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed the Manitoba Legislature about Northern Manitobans Economy and the community economic development fund. She stated that over one thousand three hundred and fifty people have jobs in Northern Manitoba as a result of the Communities economic development fund but the Pallister government cut the contribution to the fund by over thirty percent and the fund is now providing less loans then it did two years ago and that loan activity to fishers has dropped last year by eight percent the same fishers that were promised by the Pallister government.


Lathlin also pointed out that the Pallsiter government has estimated that at least fifteen hundred jobs will be lost in Northern Manitoba in the next two years.  She asked why the Minister is damaging the Northern economy and why the government is turning its back on Northern Manitoba and Minister of Growth Enterprise and Trade Blaine Pederson responded to these questions by saying quote “Speaking of Damage, that would be the previous government’s economic development plan and we’ll have a much better plan coming forward with the good work of Dave Angus and Barb Gamey."


He added that they will continue to work with the north as well as all of Manitoba.

Public Hearing For a Proposed Residential Building Near UCN

The Town of The Pas is holding a public hearing at The Pas Municipal Building on June 25th to give residents a chance to ask questions or voice their concerns about Manitoba Housings Plan to build a multifamily residential building near the UCN campus.


Since The Town of The Pas is in desperate need of housing and because the proposed area has always been an anticipated spot to build a residential building, Town council is not expected to receive a lot of concern from the public.


If you are unable to attend the public hearing you can inform town council of your concerns about the project by writing them a letter.

Variation Application for 416 Bignell Avenue Passes in Town Council

The Town of The Pas Voted in Favour of a variation application for 416 Bignell Avenue at Monday night’s council meeting.


With the resolution passed the individual that submitted the variation application will now be able to build a two family dwelling on a site that was originally zoned for only one home.

A public hearing was held before the council meeting to give residents a chance to voice their concerns but there were none.


This project will be beneficial for The Pas as the community is in desperate need of housing.

Mary Duncan Schools Principal Receives UCN Lorimer Award

Tara Manych the principal of Mary Duncan School is the winner of the 2018 UCN Lorimer  Award. The award is given to those that make contributions in the educational field that have made a constructive impact north of the 53rd parallel.


Manych says she was very humbled to receive the award as her own mentors were also recipients.


She would like to thank all of those that nominated her for the award.

The Town of The Pas Planning a Public Hearing Regarding The Rezoning of the Guy Hall

The Town of The Pas will be holding public hearing regarding the Guy Halls Proposal to rezone their property. The Town received an application from the guy hall to turn their building from an open space recreational zone to a commercial central zone to accommodate a potential retail space in the building.


The Pas’s Chief administrative officer Randi Salamanowicz added that one of the concerns raised by council is that the entrance and exit of the building is located on a curve which means that the flow of traffic on the road could be affected.


The public hearing is set to be held at The Pas Town Hall on July 18th

The Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life Event in The Pas

The Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life took place over the weekend across the country and The Pas’s relay for life was held at The Roy H Johnston Arena on June 9th.


This year The Pas’s Relay for Life did not have lot of participants with only about 22 people signed up but they did manage to raise approximately twenty three hundred dollars to go towards fighting cancer. 


The hope is to have more local participants at the next relay and the Canadian Cancer Society would like to know from the general public where they think the next relay for life should be held and what date it should take place.


If you have any suggestions for the next relay for life call Kelly Graveline at 204-623-3687 

Monthly Mayor Reports for The Month of May

The Monthly Mayor Reports for May 2018 have been released. The Town of The Pas had mostly disturbance of the peace cases a total of 163, along with 105 prisoners held, 83 index checks, and 53 provincial traffic violations.


The RM of Kelsey once again had mostly provincial traffic violations a total of 108 as well as a few assaults, disturbances of the peace, provincial statutes, and mischief cases.


The community of cormorant’s offences included 6 assaults, 3 disturbances of the peace, 2 provincial traffic violations and one break and enter.

Yard Sale in Support of The Pas and Area Animal Shelter

There will be a yard sale on Saturday June 16th at The Anderson Inn parking lot in support of The Pas and Area Animal Shelter.


The sale is set to take place from 9AM to 12 PM and tables are available for rent for 10 dollars each. If you would like a table you can send a message to Lynda Cain Geswin on Facebook.


The sale will be cancelled if it rains.

Manitoba Public Insurance Reminds Motorists to Leave One Metre Distance When Passing a Cyclist

With summer on the way Manitoba Public Insurance is reminding all motorists that there is an increase in recreational and commuter cyclists on the roads and on average 4 cyclists are killed in motor vehicle accidents a year in Manitoba and about 100 are injured.


Drivers are reminded to leave a distance of at least one metre when passing a cyclist even if it requires you to change lanes to make a safe pass, be cautious at intersections and watch for cyclists when making a left or right turn, and to watch for cyclists when opening the door of your vehicle.


Cyclists are reminded to always follow the rules of the road including stop signs and stop lights and to never pass stopped vehicles in the same lane or when stopped at an intersection as the driver may not see you.


MPI’s ultimate goal is to have zero fatalities and injuries on Manitoba’s Roads.

Tim Horton's Camp Day Local Results

The Tim Horton’s at Opaskwayak Cree Nation participated in the annual Tim Horton’s Camp Day on Wednesday.


On Tim Horton’s Camp Day money from coffee sales go towards the Tim Horton’s Children’s Foundation to send less fortunate children to summer camp and OCN”s Tim Horton’s raised additional funding by having a barbeque.


A total of four thousand five hundred and sixty dollars was raised locally from the coffee sales and from the barbeque to send kids to summer camp.


If you would like to make a donation or to learn more about Tim Hortons Camp Day Visit

Out of the North Exhibit at Sam Waller Museum

There is a new art exhibit at the Sam Waller Museum called “Out of The North”. The artwork at the exhibit was done by Flin Flon artist Lois Pederson and they are paintings of scenery inspired by Northern Manitoba.  This is the second time that Lois Pederson has exhibited her work at the Sam Waller Museums Gallery. 


The paintings are for sale and the exhibit will be on display until September 27th and you can call the museum at 204-623-3802 for more information.

Ecole Opasquia Receives the 2018 Indigo Love of Reading Fund Grant

Ecole Opasquia School is this year’s recipient of the Indigo Love of Reading Fund Grant. The school has applied for this grant for many years and they now have $70,000 that they plan to use to purchase thirty five hundred new books for the schools library. 


There are also plans to create family literacy kits and take home mini libraries with some of the funding to help students develop of love of reading.


For the past 14 years the love of reading foundation committed 28 million dollars to more than 3,000 schools.


Ecole Opasquia School is dedicated to fostering literacy with the students.


Photo from:

RM of Kelsey Calling a Public Hearing for a Special Service Proposal

The RM of Kelsey council has scheduled a public hearing at The Royal Canadian Legion Hall in The Pas regarding a special service proposal for road maintenance, grading, and snow removal services.


According to the public notice The RM provides these services with the costs included in the RM’s rural mill rate and the proposal is to move some of the costs of providing these services from the mill rate to a special service levy. The hearing will be held on June 19th starting at 6PM and it will give RM of Kelsey residents a chance to ask questions or voice their concerns or oppositions that they have regarding this proposal.


You can find a copy of the special service proposal at the municipal office at 264 Fischer Avenue in The Pas. You can also fill a written objection with The RM’s Chief Administrative Officer at the municipal office.

The Pas and Area JDRF WALK 2018

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation is having a diabetes walk at The Roy H Johnston Arena on June 24th. The check in for the walk begins at 1PM and the walk starts at 2PM.


The purpose of the walk is for the community to come together to support research for type one diabetes and raise funds. Around 300,000 Canadians live with the disease. 


Type one diabetes is an auto immune disease and once you’re diagnosed you are insulin dependent for life. It’s mostly children that are diagnosed with the disease but adults can be diagnosed as well.


This year NHL player Maxi Domi is the spokesperson for JDRF and he lives with type one diabetes.


If you would like to volunteer for the walk or if you would like a pledge form call 204-953-4477 or visit

The Pas and Surrounding Area is Now a Finalist in the Smart Cities Challenge

The Town of The Pas, Opaskwayak Cree Nation and The RM of Kelsey have become finalists in The Smart Cities Challenge along with 20 other communities across Canada. The Smart Cities Challenge was put on by Infrastructure Canada and communities that apply for the challenge are eligible to win cash money to go towards projects that would benefit community residents.


If they win the Tri Area will put the prize money towards developing the LED smart farm for OCN which would allow the growth of local produce and promote food security for the entire area.


The winners of the smart cities challenge will be announced in the spring of 2019 and the Tri Area could be awarded with a 10 Million dollar grant.


As a finalist the tri area has already been awarded with a $250,000 grant to develop a proposal and business plan for the LED Smart Farm.

Amanda Lathlin Wants Commitment from the Province for The Cross Lake Health Facility.

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed the provincial legislature last week regarding the community of Cross Lake being in dire need of a medical facility. Lathlin Stated that Cross Lake is Manitobas 10th largest community but it does not have 24 hour in-patient health care. Woman in child birth and patients with acute care have to be flown out of the community to get the care that they need.


She added that the 1964 agreement states that the province has a role in the delivery of health care for Cross Lake and she asked if the province will partner with the Federal Government to bring forward this important community investment.


Minister of Health Kelvin Goertzen responded to this question by saying that officials from his department have had discussions with representatives from Cross Lake and the Federal Government and they have been challenged with getting long term funding from the federal government. Lathlin Then asked why Minister Goertzen was ignoring access to health care services and for the people of Cross Lake.


Goertzen said quote We’ve recognized that there are many challenges when it comes to providing health care in the north and that The Pallister government made specific efforts when it came to getting additional funding. That effort was made on behalf of those living in the north and they have had some success.


He added that suicide of young people is one of the most tragic things happening in Canada and that people are making efforts to prevent suicide but more needs to be done and he doesn’t believe that there is a health minister in Canada that doesn’t recognize that.



Cree Language Summer Camp Being Offered by UCN

With the Help of Fifty Three Thousand Six Hundred and Seventy Dollars worth of funding from The Federal Aboriginal Languages Initiative The University College of the North will be offering a 5 day Cree Language Camp at Egg Lake.


The camp will be held on the week of August 5th. UCN’s Senior Administrator Doris Young stated in a news release that the camp will offer a fun Cree learning experience where they will produce 5 Cree language videos for YouTube and they will put on a puppet play at the end of the program.


The camp itself is organized by Young and Esther Sanderson the Director of UCN’s Centre for Language and Culture.


For more information you can call Young or Sanderson at 204-623-0973 or 204-620-2355.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Community Meeting

Opaskwayak Cree Nations Community meeting will be held at the Kikiwak Inn’s Bignell Room on June 13th. The meeting runs from 6:30 to 9:30 and there will be door prizes for people to win.

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre's Walking Wednesday Results

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre ran a walking Wednesday program that was started to encourage people to get some physical activity. The program wrapped up on May 23rd and they had an average of 65 people walking each Wednesday.


The programs grand prize winner of a fit bit was April Harris. Harris took part in the program with her classes from Oscar Lathlin Collegiate.


Shawn Yaremko from The Beatrice Wilson Health centre would like to thank those that took part in the program and she would like to thank Yvonne Fenner a gym teacher from Oscar Lathlin Collegiate and Resource Teacher Jamie Moore from Joe A Ross School for their participation and for helping to get the students active.


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