The Pas Local News Archives for 2019-07

Community Futures North Central Development Funding

Community Futures North Central Develop says the recent tourism funding announcement from the federal government is fantastic news for northern Manitoba.


On Monday, Ottawa says it would provide funding for tourism and francophone communities across the province, with Community Futures receiving 150,000 dollars to further develop the snowmobile industry in the north.


Laura Finley, a community development officer with the economic development agency, says the funding is a boon for northern communities, as the tourism sector contributes significantly to economic growth in the north.


The the funding will be used in areas that are serviced by SnoMan Trails, which includes communities like Thompson, The Pas, and Flin Flon.


Hepatitis C Community Barbeque and Outreach Testing

Last week, a special event was held at the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre to promote awareness of Hepatitis C and testing for the disease.


The event was in partnership with Opaskwayak Health Authority, The Play it Safe Network, and OCN Parks and recreation.


Shawn Yaremko one of the organizers from the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre says that it’s important that people get tested because sometimes people have the disease for many years and don’t have any symptoms while it’s doing damage to their liver.


Hepatitis C is passed from blood to blood by doing things like sharing needles, and sharing personal hygiene items.

Niki Ashton Manhunt Statement

Our MP says the two suspects from BC that are on the run have caused fear, immense stress, and worry for many people across northern Manitoba.


Niki Ashton explains that stress is particularly impacting for people living in communities like Split Lake, Gillam, and York Landing.


Ashton says that while our north has been painted as being in the middle of nowhere, it’s made up of communities where people are connected to the land, working at the hydro dams, and travelling on the roads to access the most basic services.


She adds that this is a real ordeal for people who are now holed up in their homes to stay safe.


Ashton also thanks the RCMP, the military, the Bear Clan Patrol, and everyone who is working around the clock to keep out communities safe.

You Can Develop Your Digital Skills at No Cost

The Information and Communications Technologies Association of Manitoba and University College of the North are teaming up to offer you an opportunity to improve your digital skills.  The free program will be offered through UCN.


The Pas courses will start back up in September at the UCN facility.
This program will provide digital training skills at no cost to hundreds of Manitobans who will gain confidence in using computers, mobile devices and the internet safely, securely and effectively.  To learn more visit their website

RCMP Surround Head Ave Home

The Pas RCMP surrounded a home on Head Avenue near Second Street  and they are informing the public to avoid the area until further notice.


It was reported that police drew their weapons and are negotiating with the suspect.


As of now its not clear what has happened or why the police surrounded the residence but we will keep you up to date as the information comes in.

Dates Set For the 54th Annual Opaskwayak Indian Days

The dates for the 54th Annual Opaskwayak Indian days have been set. The festivities will run from August 12th to the 18th and this year’s theme is “The Year of the Volunteer. 


Some of the festivities and activities include canoe races, a co-ed slo pitch tournament, the Anthony Frank Constant Memorial 3 on 3 basketball tournament, a parade, and more.


If you would like more information call 204-627-7051, You can also follow the Opaskwayak Indian Days Facebook page.

Lightning Safety Tips for the Summer Months

Environment and Climate Change Canada is urging people to take lightning safety more seriously.


Most of the lightning-related fatalities occur between June and August, and 94 per cent of deaths and 74 per cent of injuries have been reported to occur during that time frame.


Hasell added that on average about 10 people are killed by lighting every year and 100 to 150 others are injured.


Manitoba gets a lot of thunderstorms and lighting is the most significant threat we face as it injures and kills more people across Canada than any other summer weather event combined.

Climate Action Incentive Fund

Small and medium-sized businesses in Manitoba can now apply for funding for energy saving projects.


Last week, federal Environment and Climate Change Minister, Catherine McKenna, announced that small and medium-sized businesses in provinces where the federal government carbon pollution pricing applies, can apply for the Climate Action Incentive Fund.


Businesses will be eligible to receive funding of up to 25 per cent of the cost of projects that will make their businesses more productive and competitive.


This will amount to 9.3 million dollars in total funding in Manitoba, with funding allocated to eligible projects on a first come, first serve basis.


Projects that are eligible include building retrofits, improved industrial processes, fuel switching, and the production of renewable energy.

Town of The Pas Planning the Annual Release a Memory Event

The Town of The Pas announced on the community updates Facebook page that they are in the planning stages of the Annual Release a Memory Event. The annual ceremony is put on to bring remembrance to lost loved ones.


The Town is looking for ideas from residents for this year’s ceremony and if you have any ideas you are asked to submit them via email


The date for this year’s ceremony is not known as of news time.

Hazelwood Street Reopens after Water Main Repairs

After making repairs to the water main, Hazelwood Street is now open for the public but the town is warning drivers to proceed with caution if they drive down the centre of the street where the repairs were done.


According to the Towns CAO Randi Salamanowicz the water main had froze and cracked a large section of the water line that had to be replaced.

Water has since been restored to a majority of the users of that water line but some are still on temporary water service as their private lines need to be repaired.


Most of the block from 3rd Street West to Ross Ave was also dug up in the middle of road which means the road will have to be paved and packed.

The paving is expected to be done either this fall or sometime next year depending on how the road settles.

MP Niki Ashton's Says Health Care is a Major Concern for Our Region

MP Niki Ashton’s most recent MP report stated that health care in our region is a major issue.


She has also heard major concerns about Manitoba’s privatization of our ambulance services, and the lack of health care services in first nation’s communities.


According to the report the current system provides incomplete coverage and the NDP’s are proposing to expand health care coverage to include dental, eye, hearing, and mental health care, coverage that reflects the needs of Canadians in the 21st century.


The report stated that the NDP’s will not stand idly by while governments cut services.

Health Care is a Priority For People in the North

In Flin Flon Tuesday Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew said people see a need to bring more health care services to the north. 


He explained the basic idea is they want health care to be closer to home for people in the north especially for primary care like your doctor appointments things like that, that way when you do have to travel it’s more for the surgeries and the visits to specialists and things like that. 


He said that’s something they want to do first to improve health care in the north and then the second is to focus on programs like the Northern Patient Transportation Program, like Lifeflight air ambulances for when people do have to travel south.   


Kinew adds the NDP will cancel the privatization of Lifeflight to ensure service is available when and where needed.


Kinew met with city council and Hudbay in Flin Flon, teachers in Cranberry Portage and nurses in The Pas.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Working Towards a Goal of Working in the Manitoba Aerospace Industry

Opaskwayak Cree Nation has been working towards establishing an aerospace manufacturing operation for a long time.


In 2017, the Manitoba Aerospace Board of Directors decided to explore the feasibility of establishing an aerospace manufacturing operation in a Manitoba First Nations Community and OCN expressed interest.


In February of 2018, The Pas Community Development Corporations Board of Directors and Former Economic Director Kim Ballantyne saw an opportunity for the tri Community to assist with this initiative and the CDC hosted a meeting to create a working group of education and training partners in the region that would meet to share their resources and ideas for the initiative.


Manitoba Aerospace has thanked The Pas CDC for assisting with this initiative and the business plan and financial forecast has been sent to OCN Chief and Council for further discussion. It is not known when it will be brought up by chief and council again.


The possible business would be owned and operated by OCN and located in or near The Town of The Pas.

Wab Kinew Addresses Mining Situation in Flin Flon

While in Flin Flon recently Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew called for mining support in the community.  He and local MLA Tom Lindsey said the Pallister government has ignored the mining crisis in Flin Flon and other northern communities. 


He said there are fewer people working and he believes that the role of government is to take action when people are losing jobs or are concerned that they may lose jobs.


Kinew adds documents show there is less than 11 million dollars in the Mining Community Reserve Fund meaning even by the Premier’s interpretation of the legislation there is at least one million dollars available with Lindsey adding the Fund exists for this very situation to help communities facing a severe economic crisis yet Pallister refuses to use it.

Wab Kinew Visits The Pas and Listens to Health Care Concerns

Manitoba’s NDP leader Wab Kinew visited The Pas Yesterday to listen to concerns about health care and other concerns that people had.


He listened to the concerns from local nurses that told him how budget cuts and short staffing are impacting them and their patients. Patients haven’t been getting adequate care and have suffered from long wait times.


Kinew spoke to Arctic Radio News and said another issue that needs to be addressed is the "province's" meth crisis and issues with addiction.


The NDP’S plan is to invest in more nurses and mental health and addictions services so that people can receive care closer to home.


They are also proposing to invest in transitional housing for addicts. Kinew says that addictions stem from things like un-diagnosed mental health issues. He believes that investing in health care will help to deal with the addictions crisis.

Ron Evans Receives Experimental Fishing License Against the Wishes of Norway House Fisherman's Co-Op

The Norway House Fisherman’s Co-Op has spoken out against the Progressive Conservative Government’s decision to give former Norway House Chief and PC Candidate Ron Evans an experimental fishing license.


It was reported that Evans used to have a membership with the fisherman’s Co-Op but it was later revoked when Evans tried to help the Northwest Company to build a gas station and store causing competition with the Co-Ops own fuel station.


It is not clear what the experimental fishing license will allow Evans to do and it is not clear if it will affect his campaign to run in the PC party for The Pas Keemasak Riding in the upcoming provincial election.


No one from the Fisherman’s Co-Op was available for comment.

Amanda Lathlin and Niki Ashton Visit Two Northern Manitoba Communities

Last week Local MLA Amanda Lathlin and local MP Niki Ashton visited the Communities of Peguis and Fisher River Cree Nation.


The main purpose of Lathlins visit was too inform residents of the two communities that they are now part of The Pas Kameesak provincial riding and that she would be representing them as their MLA for the upcoming provincial election.  The purpose of Ashton’s visit was in relation to this falls federal election.


Lathlin and Ashton were both given the opportunity to speak at the Peguis Pow Wows Grand Entry as well.

10th Annual Clearwater Lake Half Marathon Results

The 10th Annual Clearwater Lake Half Marathon was held on Sunday and the turnout was great.


As of news time the unofficial amount raised was 6 thousand dollars in pledges and 170 people participated in the run.


All proceeds raised will go towards the Rotary Clubs Local Kids with Cancer and Critically ill Fund.

The Pas Fire Department: Smoke Alarms for Everybody Campaign

The Pas Fire Department is running the smoke alarms for everybody campaign.


The campaign is a provincial initiative where the fire department will offer free smoke alarms for residents of The Pas that own their own homes.  


Cody Langlois, the fire prevention officer pointed out that having a working smoke alarm is important because fires often happen when people aren’t paying attention and it gives them an early warning so they can exit the building safely.


It’s also crucial that smoke alarms are properly maintained, cleaned, replaced when they expire, and to be diligent when it comes to changing the smoke alarms battery.


For more information call Langlois at 204-627-1121

Niki Ashton Visits Camp Morning Star

Local MP Niki Ashton recently visited Camp Morning Star as part of her Northern Manitoba summer tour.


The camp is located on traditional Hollow Water First Nation Territory in the Seymourville area and the purpose of the visit was to stand in solidarity with community members that are calling for proper consultation on a frack sand mine on their land.


Ashton believes that residents must be given the full picture about environmental and health risks and their concerns and opposition must be taken seriously.


Ashton is expected to visit The Pas sometime this summer but there is no set date.

Amanda Lathlin Calling for an Inquest into Life Flight Patient Death

The Pas’ MLA is calling for an inquest into the death of a man who waited over six hours for a Lifeflight plane to transport him to Winnipeg.


Gordon Jebb suffered a heart attack on July 2nd and was rushed to a local hospital, where he fell into a coma and remained on life support.


While doctors were able to secure Jebb an ICU bed in Winnipeg, they were unable to access a plane to transport him.


He remained on life support for twelve hours until a plane staffed with three health workers were able to fly him out, however he died three days later in Winnipeg.


NDP Amanda Lathlin says a full inquest is needed to examine the role privatization played in Jebb’s death, adding the government’s plan poses a risk for northern families, and the need for quality, public health care in all northern communities.


The Pas Pride Cross Walk Vandalism Repainted

Volunteers took time yesterday to repaint the burnt rubber left on the pride crosswalk near the Roy H Johnston Arena.


Ralph McLean the Green Party member for our riding said on social media that his party has respect for diversity and there is no place for bigotry in The Pas. Mclean was one of the volunteers that helped to paint the crosswalk on Sunday.


Trent Allen, one of the organizers of this project says they will fix the pride crosswalk if it is ever vandalized again.

NDP's Say First Nations Children Deserve Better

After a new study revealed that almost half of First Nation’s children in Canada live in poverty New Democrats are calling for the end of funding discrimination and they are calling for the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions 94 calls to action.


First Nations children living on reserve are four times more likely to live in poverty and experience some of the worst economic and social conditions.

Our local MP Niki Ashton says First Nation’s children have suffered from chronic underfunding.


The NDP’s will ensure that both indigenous and non indigenous children receive the support that they need to thrive.

First Nations Firefighters Competition

The 2019 Manitoba First Nations Firefighters competition will be held this weekend.


The Keewatin Tribal Council announced last month that its bid to host the competition was approved, making this the third time the organization has hosted the event.


Ivan Hart, the Fire Safety Officer at KTC and the coordinator for the event, says at least eleven First Nations firefighter teams from across the province will be participating in the competition, including two all-women teams from the Island Lake region.


The competition will be held at the Thompson Regional Community Centre this Saturday from 9 AM to 4 PM.


No Teams from Opaskwayk Cree Nation are signed up to compete this year but a team from Easterville and a team from Mathias Columb First Nation are expected to participate.


Pride Crosswalk Repainted in The Pas

Despite the recent vandalism the fresh paint on the new pride crosswalk near the Roy H Johnston Arena is holding strong so far and it's expected to last all summer.


The pride crosswalk received some vandalism last night but this is expected to be fixed later on.

Several volunteers including Green Party member Ralph Mclean braved the hot weather to repaint the pride crosswalk. An attempt was made last year but the paint didn't last and washed off within days.

The repainting began at 1PM on Sunday and it took volunteers about two and a half hours to finish. 

The Town of The Pas provided better paint that is expected to last longer. The pride crosswalk will act as a symbol to show that the community is very supportive of the LGBTQ community.

The Pas Spray Park Nearing Full Completion With a New Skate Park on The Horizon

Davide Novo, The President of The Pas Families Building a Better Community spoke to Arctic Radio News to give an update on the construction of the towns spray park.


Novo says the spray park is operational and they are just waiting to put sod in the park. If children used the park now they would be walking through mud. There is still no set date for the spray parks opening as of now.


Novo added that with the completion of the spray park The Pas Families BBC will now focus on the construction of the new skate park. They are currently looking at ways to get funding, grant agreements, and sponsorships for the park.

Fire Burns Cormorants South Side Water Treatment Plant

More details have emerged regarding a fire that destroyed the community of Cormorants South Side water treatment plant.


The fire broke out in a shed located behind the treatment plant around 2:30 on Tuesday morning and fire crews were unable to save either structure.


This fire will present a problem for residents living on the south side of the community as they no longer have a water treatment plant for their water. For the time being south side residents will be able to access water from the North side treatment plant until a long term solution is put in place.


The community is expected to deliver water to elders, people with disabilities, and those without a vehicle.


If you need assistance accessing water call 204-357-2145

Monthly Mayor Reports for June

The monthly mayor reports for the month of June have been released. The Town of The Pas had a total of 121 disturbances of the peace, 127 cases of mischief, 21 assaults and a handful of other offenses.


The RM of Kelsey had mostly provincial traffic violations a total of 89 along with 8 prisoners held, 8 cases of mischief and 15 provincial statutes.

I am Inninew, Our Identity Our Story

A special event called I am Inninew Our Identity, Our Story will be held at Opaskwayak Cree Nations Moose Park from July 31st until August 1st.


The event will allow Indigenous Peoples to learn more about their history and hear stories from various speakers including Grand Chief Lynda Prince and Mark Charles.


Everyone is welcome to attend the event and if you would like more information or if you would like to volunteer call 204-620-5514 or 204-620-9236.

Youth Robotics Workshop at Oscar Lathlin Collegiate

An introduction to robotics course will be offered at Oscar Lathlin Colligate from July 15th to the 26th.


The program is open for youth aged 13 to 19 and it will talk about all the basics of robotics including how to build and design a robot and how people use them.


If you are interested or if you want more information call 204-627-7024 or 204-620- 6769, you can also sign up at the employment and training office located on the upper floor of the OCN Youth Centre

Hilda Young Child Care Centre Dinner and Comedy Fundraiser

Opaskwayak Cree Nations Hilda Young Child Care Centre is having a dinner and comedy fundraiser on August 30th at the OCN Veterans Hall.


The show will feature two comedians that preformed at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Howie Miller and Big Daddy Tazz.


Right now the child care centre is underfunded and money is needed to cover the costs of the centre and to purchase toys, crafts supplies, and presents for Christmas and birthdays.


If you would like to purchase tickets or if you would like to make a personal donation, visit the Hilda Young Child Care Centre at 90 Waller Road or call 204-627-7090


Tickets are 50 dollars each.

Liberal Candidate Has Been Confirmed in Our Riding for the Upcoming Federal Election

Judy Klassen the MLA for Keewatinook was acclaimed last week as the official candidate for the federal Liberal party in our riding of Churchill Keewatinook Aski. 


Klassen told the crowd at the nomination meeting she is honored and humbled by their support and will give her service to improving the lives of people in the north.


Klassen will be facing long time NDP incumbent Niki Ashton in the election as well at candidates from the Conservative Party, Green Party and the Peoples Party of Canada. 


She says the people of the North are at a critical time of much needed investments adding we have already seen the damage of Conservative austerity in the north by Brian Pallister, further austerity under Andrew Sheer and the federal Conservatives would be devastating to northern Manitoba.


She adds Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal party are the only choice to deliver the much needed investment the north needs.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Community Meeting Held Last Week

Opaskwayak Cree Nation held a community meeting last Thursday evening.

OCN Chief Christian Sinclair addressed the issues concerning illegal drugs in the community stating that they will now be proactively shutting down all drug selling operations and those that sell or produce illegal drugs in the community’s houses will face legal consequences.


They received millions of dollars worth of funding from Public Safety Canada to create a plan to address cyber bullying, violence, and gangs in the community and the funding will be received over the course of 5 years.


It was also announced that major road work is expected to be done later this year, the fire department is recruiting new fire fighters and is in the process of hiring a deputy fire chief, and a new animal control officer is expected to start work soon.


In terms of infrastructure for OCN the community could have around 21 new houses built later this year and the lagoon is expected to be operational by August.


Videos of the community meeting can be found on the Opaskwayak Ininew Facebook Page.

Ashley Trampe Recognized By Shinerama Canada with Best Online Presence Award

The Pas native Ashley Trampe and two other Students at the University of Saskatchewan were recently recognized by Shinerama Canada a fundraiser that supports Cystic Fibrosis Canada with the Best Online Presence Award.


Cystic fibrosis is a disease that affects the lungs and digestive system and there is no known cure.


The award is in recognition of the group’s social media campaign to raise awareness about the disease.


Trampes father Bruce is a member of the local Kinsmen Club and they have done a lot of fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Canada inspiring her to raise awareness for the disease as well.

Kiche Music Now Festival

The Kiche Music Now Festival will be held tonight and tomorrow night on Opaskwayak Cree Nation.


Organizer and local musician Rhonda Head says the event will showcase some great award winning musical talent for people to enjoy.


The festival will kick off with an open mic tonight at the Aseneskak Casino at 9, and tomorrow there will be a free outdoor concert at the casino at 8PM.


The artists performing include Rhonda Head, Wayne Lavallee, Desiree Dorion, and Lisa Muswagan and Hellnback.


There will also be music workshops at the OCN Youth Centre tonight and tomorrow night at 5:30.


For more information you can call 204-627-7125

FASD Awareness Walk to be Held in September

This September there will be a Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder awareness walk here in The Pas.


The walk will take place on September 9th and it will begin at 10:30 in the morning at The Pas Friendship Centre.


FASD is caused by woman drinking alcohol during pregnancy and according to the Public Health Agency of Canada it is estimated that 9 in every 1000 babies are born with the disorder every year.


The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health advises woman that drank alcohol before they found out they were pregnant to contact a mental health provider.


For more information about the FASD awareness walk visit The Pas and Area FASD Committees Facebook page.

Ralph McLean Running in Manitoba and Federal Election for the Green Party

The Pas native Ralph McLean who is running in the federal election for the Green Party also intends to run in The Pas Kameesak riding for the greens in this year’s provincial election.


Mclean spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that some of the issues that need to be addressed in the north include access to clean water and affordable housing.


He firmly believes that our region and Northern Manitoba have great potential.

University College of the North Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

The University College of the North is now 15 years old. The school began operations on July 1st of 2004 delivering both college and university programs.


UCN has exceeded all expectations in terms of its commitment to serving indigenous and Northern Manitobans and they finished the 2018/2019 school year with their highest enrollment since the school was founded with more than 3,100 students.


UCN’s president and vice chancellor Doug Lauvstad says UCN’S commitment to education close to home is stronger than ever and he commends the dedication from the recruiters, faculty, and staff that have worked hard to ensure northerners benefit from high quality education.

Therapist Coming to Indian Residential School Office Next Week

Health Canada therapist Cybil Williams will be at the Indian Residential School Office from July 8th until the 12th to provide support for survivors and their family members.


Appointments will run from 9AM until 4:30 PM and if you would like to arrange an appointment please call 204-627-1540.


The Indian Residential School Office is located at 302 Ross Avenue.

The Pas Keemesak MLA Amanda Lathlin Preparing For Early Provincial Election

Our local MLA Amanda Lathin spoke to Arctic Radio News to talk about the upcoming early provincial election and what she hopes to accomplish if she is re-elected.


Lathlin is the first indigenous woman to be elected in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly and she has been on her feet during question period to address and demand answers on issues such as the cancelation of the building of The Pas Clinic, the possible paper mill closer, the Grace Lake Airport eviction notice, cuts to the northern patient transfer program, the suing of The Pas Fire Fighters, and cuts to the northern health care system and the Northern regional health authority.


She wants work together to end provincial cuts to health care, to invest in Northern Classrooms to ensure that students have an opportunity to succeed, to keep Manitoba Hydro Public, and address climate change and its impact on Northern Communities while protecting mining workers in the North.


Lathlin plans to visit Easterville and Grand Rapids to introduce herself to the community and to inform locals of the boundary changes and that she will be running for their riding in the provincial election.

Ralph Mclean Running for The Green Party in Our Federal Riding

The Pas native Ralph McLean has announced that he will be running in our riding for this year’s federal election for the Green Party.


Being an indigenous person Mclean wants to make sure that indigenous issues are addressed especially in our riding.


He added that providing affordable housing, providing clean drinking water and making improvements to the Winnipeg Churchill rail line are also needed for our region. 


Mclean believes that there is a lot of growth and opportunity for our region and would be honored to represent our riding if elected.


Photo from Facebook


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