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Fire Prevention Week 2022

Fire Prevention Week 2022


Seeing an out-of-control fire from afar is a horrible sight to see, being caught inside of a fire is to some, their worst nightmare.

The Pas Fire Department in partnership with The OCNFD is joining the other fire departments across Canada for the 100th annual Fire Prevention Week

Starting the week of October 9th-15 The Theme for this year is Fire won’t wait. Plan your escape.


Today’s homes burn faster than ever. You may have as little as two minutes (or even less time) to safely escape a home fire from the time the smoke alarm sounds. Your ability to get out of a home during a fire depends on early warning from smoke alarms and advance planning. (Message from NFPA.Org)


TPFD and OCNFD are planning an Open House on October 15th at The Pas Fire Station from 11-2 PM.

Kids and adults can show up and win prizes and enjoy a free BBQ with the Fire departments along with Sparky.

A contest has started for all the schools to create a poster for Fire Prevention Week, a pizza lunch will be delivered to the winner by Fire Chief Cody Langlois with Sparky.


Also starting this Saturday, October 1 TPFD and The Pas Animal Shelter is hosting a touch-a-truck event, they invite anyone to bring cat/dog food and litter for a chance to win prizes.


The Links below are to The Pas FD Facebook page and The Pas Online



 Fire won’t wait. Plan you’re escape.

IKEA Canada Honor Indigenous Women And Children With Books.

The furniture chain IKEA in partnership with the Canadian Library will honor thousands of murdered and missing indigenous women and children with books.


Starting September 30th and ending on New Year's Eve The Stores will feature bookcases filled with covered indigenous-inspired fabric, the book spines will have the names of missing women and children and IKEA Canada co-workers and customers can learn more about the individuals by scanning a QR Code inside the book that directs to an online catalog of stories compiled by volunteers.


The Canadian Library is a grassroots art installation project that serves as a memorial to all First Nations, Metis and Inuit women and children who have suffered abuse, lost their lives due to brutality or have been forgotten.



"The impact of this partnership is profound – to be able to share with and educate thousands of Canadians is going to have a massive impact in helping to bring about true reconciliation," said Shanta Sundarason, Team Lead, The Canadian Library. "We thank IKEA for being the first national organization to join us on this journey and look forward to seeing the installations in stores this fall before they are gifted to a final home as a permanent art installation and educational platform."  (Interview from Cision Canada)


The 15 IKEA Canada stores will feature 2,250 books and contribute to The Canadian Library's ambition to have 8,000 books across the country.


Learn more about The Canadian Library installation at IKEA Canada by visiting 

Culture Days 2022 (Week 2)

The Culture Days 2022 event started off strong! Friday, September 23rd Gloria Ballantyne started the event with her pop-up shop KB Coffee House with the culture day’s committee to start this amazing event.


 September 26th 6:30 and ending at 8:30, the Christ Church Anglican Hall on Saskatchewan Crescent invites everyone to an intro class to knitting.


On September 27th, The Pas Arts Council is showcasing an Unusual Instrument Display, and The Pas Regional Library is having an open house, you can visit the art council directors and check out some artwork.


On September 28th, in the morning and afternoon, The Pas Regional Library is offering storytime for preschoolers, and an hour of playtime with other children.  Later in the evening, The Kin Center is offering a gift card-making workshop.


The Events are wheelchair accessible, and gender-neutral washrooms will be available.

For any more information, contact Cheryl Antonio


Culture Days 2022-Day 1

Culture days are a nationwide celebration of arts and culture. Showcasing three weeks of color, creativity, and community. Beginning September 23rd and ending October 12th, the event aims to:

Foster support and appreciation for the work of the artist and the culture that they lived; ranging from urban, suburban, and rural areas across Canada.

Promote direct interaction between the artist and the public, so locals to the area can show tourists and citizens new to the area the understanding of local art and culture.

Affirm that every citizen is a guardian of the culture in his/her life, and the community they live in.


Starting Today, There will be events kicking off Culture Days in The Pas with the following:

Seek and Ye Shall Find 2022 The Pas Arts Council Culture Days Hub/ Movie Night

The Pas Regional Library will host The Culture Days Hub, this is where you can pick up a calenderer detailing the events and get information, and inside the library, you can also enjoy the local artwork on display, adopt a plant, and even check out a book or 2!

At 7:30 The Library is hosting a movie night; the film hasn’t been announced yet but check out their website for any details.

KB Coffee House and Culture Days Opening Ceremony

KB Coffee owner Gloria Ballantyne is hosting a pop-up shop at the Norlite Hall 74 1st Street East; you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee and meet the culture days committee and hear what they’ll say while they open the celebration

As of now, I am starting small with pop-up shops every now and then and will work towards upgrading to a mobile shop and, one day, a physical Café! I have so many hopes for the future of KB Coffee and I’m thankful to everyone that is starting this journey with me… this is just the beginning! (Interview from culture

Keep listening to C.J.A.R, and check out the blog, we're going to keep everyone posted!

The Pas Election Day 2022

Mark your calendars. October 26, 2022. The people of The Pas can vote to elect one (1) Mayor and six (6) Councilors from the following candidates:


  • Jennifer Cook
  • Andre Murphy


  • Trent Allen
  • Carrie Atkinson
  • Larry Forster
  • Gary Hopper
  • Trevor Lane
  • Randy Manych
  • Jim Scott
  • Sandra Shapiro
  • Bill Ward

How to/where to vote

Voting will take place between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM at the following locations

  • Poll No.1 Town Office – 81 Edwards Avenue
  • Poll No.2 Roy H. Johnston Arena – 523 Smith Street

If you can’t vote on the 26th for any reason, an advance voting opportunity will be held at 81 Edwards Avenue (Town Office) on October 19, 2022, from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

A resident of The Pas must bring at least one piece of Government Issue photo identification (driver’s license, passport, or at least 2 other documents that show proof if identity)

If you reside in a healthcare facility, a mobile voting station will be set up at the following healthcare facilities on Election Day

  • St. Anthony’s Hospital-8:00 am to 9:00 am
  • St. Paul’s Residence-9:30 am to 10:30 am
  • Northern View Lodge-11:00 am to 1:00 pm
  • Kin Kourt-2:00 pm to 3:30 pm
  • Pine View Manor-4:00 pm to 5:30 pm.


A voter who is unable to go in person to the voting place or vote in advance may apply in person at 81 Edwards Avenue, in writing to Town of The Pas Box 870, The Pas, MB R9A 1K8, or by e-mail to the senior election official at

If applying in person*, a voter may apply between September 28, 2022, and October 23, 2022. A voter applying in person may pick up a sealed envelope ballot package at the time of application.

If applying by mail or e-mail**, a voter may apply between September 26, 2022, and October 23, 2022. A voter applying by mail or e-mail will receive a sealed envelope ballot package by regular post, or by making alternative arrangements with the senior election official.

Jenn Early, Senior Election Official, Town of The Pas



Spot The Stripes, Stop The Spread!


Zebra Mussels were once a native species in Europe, but due to international cargo shipping and great lake cargo ships, the mussels have found their way into every lake, river, pond, and canal across North America, and have been a pest ever since.

In 2013 the mussels were found in Lake Winnipeg and by the end of the decade, they’ve reached the Red River connecting to the Nelson River and been spotted in the connecting lakes across the province.

Despite their size (around the size of a nickel, but can grow up to one inch), Zebra Mussels cause a lot of damage to the aquatic wildlife even starting at the microscopic size, destroying the water beds, mass reproduction,  clogging water treatment pipes, and many other harmful things.

The Citizens for Protecting Our Northern Waterways Inc. is a group of local citizens and business owners who volunteer to protect the waterways of northern Manitoba.

Representing The Pas, Clearwater Lake, Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN), Rocky Lake, Cranberry Portage, Sherridon, Snow Lake, Thompson, and Chemawawin First Nation.

The main focus of this group has been stopping the spread of the invasive species before it starts. Zebra Mussels can be transported very easily by unchecked/dirty Aquatic equipment.


“We work closely with the provincial government’s Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Unit,” said CPONW President Chris Smith. “Our group determined very early on that it was important to collaborate with them to work together, rather than doing something counter-productive. The AIS Unit monitors quite a number of lakes in Manitoba and in that, they have a group of lakes in an area that we’re interested in." (Interview by Opasquia times)


Zebra Mussels can be eradicated from this province for good, the link below is to the CPONW website, detailing everything that will stop this Aquatic Invasive Species.


Spot The stripes and Stop the spread!



A Weekend of Wellness and Sacredness


The Pas Community Renewal Corporation is inviting women in the community for a three 3 weekend event.

The Women’s Wellness Gathering is taking place on September 23, and ending on the 25th.  They invite women in the community for a time of wellness and to honor their sacredness; with events like laughter yoga, footbath toxin release, beading, medicine pouch making, and others.

There is no cost to this event but you must commit to the full weekend and be a minimum of 18 years of age.


Email for more info and/or to register


Registration is limited to 50 participants.


Supporting Clearwater Park, With A Smile!

You Can Support Clearwater Lake with a cookie.


The 26th annual Tim Horton’s Smile Cookie Drive is underway across the 4300 Restaurant in Canada and The Pas/OCN Branch has been helping out.


Starting September 19th and ending on the 25th Customers can buy a smile cookie for one dollar plus tax; the full dollar will be donated by The Tim Horton’s Restaurant owner(s) to the charity or community group they’ve partnered with.


665 charities and community groups have partnered with the 4300 Tim Horton’s across Canada to raise over 77 million dollars with last year raising a record-setting 12 million since the first smile cookie drive was created in 1996 to help the Hamilton Ontario Children’s Hospital.


The Dunnville Ontario Tim’s sold the most cookies across Canada in 2021. 48,000 cookies were sold in the town of 6,000 people, roughly 8 cookies for every resident.


For the second year in a row, Clearwater Lake Outdoors Club based in Clearwater Lake Provincial Park has been the main sponsor, with the goal of the proceeds from the cookies to renovate and improve the restrooms for better accessibility.

COVID-19 Case Numbers are Down in Manitoba While Increasing in Saskatchewan.

Manitoba public health reports 342 laboratory confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the week of September 4th to 10th a decrease from 474 the previous week.  The Winnipeg region reported 185 new cases followed by the Northern health region with 60 down from 106 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests decreased to on average 327 people tested per day compared to 344 the previous week with a test positivity rate of 19.9 percent a decrease from 22.5 percent the previous week.  There were 65 hospital admissions down from 70 and 10 ICU admissions down from 16 the previous week.


              In their monthly report for Augusts 14th to September 10th Saskatchewan health reported 1932 new cases or on average 483 per week compared to 1524 new cases or 381 per week for the previous month with a test positivity rate of 8.9 percent up from 7.4 percent. Both hospital admissions and ICU admissions have increased. Hospitalizations for the period were 594 or 149 per week up from 556 or 139 per week and ICU admissions were 38 or 10 per week up from 30 or 8 per week in the previous period.

New Power Poles, a Library and Mining Were Part of the Creighton Town Council Meeting

This past Wednesday at their meeting Council reported that Saskpower has informed them of planned construction in between Denare Beach and Creighton along highway 167.  They received a construction map and a brief description of work that will see replacement of 22 existing rock set poles.  Council also received an information package from the Pahkisimon Nuye-Ah library system in La Ronge which serves the information needs of northern Saskatchewan.  The letter contains plenty of information about the services they offer.  The info package has been forwarded to Creighton Community School.

            Council also received an invitation from Jason Linklater with Foran Mining to meet along with Flin Flon and Denare Beach for a community information session scheduled for early October.  Jason is the Community and Government Lead and has been working with the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation communities for 15 years

A Fire That Trapped Miners in Snow Lake Was Put Out Last Night.

A piece of equipment caught fire underground at the Lalor Mine in Snow Lake yesterday afternoon.  Hudbay reported the fire was extinguished and all workers were accounted for and returned to surface.  They noted in a statement last night all mine safety protocols were quickly activated and the mine rescue teams responded in a timely manner to remedy the situation adding normal operations were expected to resume within 24 hours.

Crafters Can Book a Place to Help People with Their Christmas Shopping.

The Women’s Resource Centre Christmas Craft and Home Show is coming up in November.  Executive Director Laurie Sealey invites you to book a table now….


“We’re having our annual Christmas Craft and Home Show Saturday, November 5th at the Creighton Community Hall from 10 to 4.  We are looking for home crafters, home businesses to participate and if they would like to have a table they can call the office at 204-681-3105. We have registration forms that can be picked up and dropped back off at the office.”


              The show will also include door raffles and a tooney parade with proceeds going to the Women’s Safe Haven.

This is Suicide Awareness Month.

Shelly Virville from the Hope North Suicide Prevention Committee spoke about mental health and life promotion….            

“We all can take small steps to mental wellness and can all benefit just like we benefit from looking after our physical health and we can also benefit from looking after our social, our emotional, our spiritual wellbeing.”            

Virville went on to say social connections can help manage stress.  Some of the things you can do to promote wellbeing include finding ways to stay positive, being active and connecting with others.

              The Manitoba Suicide Prevention and Support Line can be reached at 1-877-435-7170 if you or someone you know may need resources.

The Government Will Conduct Further Consultations on A New Seniors Strategy

 Seniors and Long-Term Care Minister Scott Johnston has announced the Manitoba government is tailoring the initial phase of its new senior’s strategy to meet the specific needs of Manitoba seniors and those who support them.  He says they have been informed by the quality input received from thousands of Manitobans through EngageMB’s Building a Plan with Older Manitobans public consultation survey,

Based on survey responses the department will explore key findings identified by Manitobans including access to physical and social activities; challenges with the health-care system; supports for caregivers; physical accessibility of public spaces; communication and navigating public services; support for seniors with specific needs; and affordable and accessible housing options.

As the next phase of the senior’s strategy is developed Manitobans are invited to participate in further consultations including additional surveys and public engagement sessions.

A new series of public surveys will launched over the next three months to seek more detailed input from seniors and their caregivers.

COVID-19 Number Are Down Again in Manitoba

Manitoba public health reported 475 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 for the week of August 28th to September 3rd a decrease from 622 the previous week.  The Winnipeg region reported 235 new cases followed by the Northern health region with 106 down from 270 the previous week. The volume of lab tests decreased to on average 344 people tested per day compared to 358 the previous week with a test positivity rate of 22.5 percent an increase from 22.1 percent in the previous week.  There were 70 hospital admissions up from 67 and 16 ICU admissions up from 9 the previous week.

It's Your Last Chance to go to The Market in Cranberry Portage This Summer

The Fall Artisan and Home Business Market is coming up Saturday in Cranberry Portage.  Brenda from the Cranberry Portage Artisan Committee says this is the biggest Artisan Market yet…..


“We have combined artisans as well as home businesses so we have quilting, pottery, garlic, plants, gluten-free food, local and northern Manitoba honey, hot mustard, jewelry, candles, showcasing Indigenous art and jewelry as well, natural skin products, dream catchers.  I believe at this market you name it we have it and we also have a variety of home businesses that will be selling their products as well so it looks like the weather will be great so we hope everyone can come out and enjoy the last market of the season.”


            The Artisan and Home Business Market is open from 11 to 3 Saturday at the Cranberry Portage Museum Grounds.

As a new school year gets underway Saskatchewan RCMP remind parents and caretakers to keep safety in mind when posting back-to-school pictures on social media

The RCMP release explains those trendy photos of children holding chalkboard-style back-to-school signs may be perfect for the family photo book, but there are some things you may want to think carefully about before you share them publicly. Ask yourself – are you comfortable with strangers knowing your child’s name and age, where they go to school and what their favourite things are?

Also consider the photo’s setting. A photo on your front step could potentially identify where you live. A snapshot in front of the school’s sign shows where your child is enrolled – and likely to be every day.

If you can’t resist sharing, they suggest limiting the personal information included on props and being mindful of the background of the photo. It might also be a good time to review and update your privacy settings on your social media accounts.

The RCMP wish all students a safe and enjoyable school year.

COVID-19 Numbers Have Increased Again in Manitoba

Manitoba public health reported 622 laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases for the week of August 21st to 27th an increase from 473 the previous week.  The Northern health region reported the highest number of new cases with 270 an increase from 93 the previous week.  The volume of lab tests increased to on average 358 people tested per day compared to 324 in the previous week with a test positivity rate of 22.1 percent a decrease from 23.9 percent the previous week.  There were 67 hospital admissions up from 60 and 9 ICU admissions up from 8 the previous week.

Charities Across Canada are in Dire Need of Computers

The Electronic Recycling Association is calling out to all businesses and individuals to donate their unwanted computers and laptops to help them fill requests from charitable organizations and individuals in need. The Association’s Chantelle Coddington and Julia Armstrong explain with a focus on recovery, refurbishment and reuse ERA continuously supplies charitable groups with IT equipment while securely managing the retiring assets of organizations and individuals across Canada…..


“After we receive those items from you we work really hard to refurbish them and then donate them out for charities, schools, care facilities, and individuals who are in need.”

“Anything that is end of life that literally cannot be used we use that we could from it and we then have it sent to the provincial recyclers.”


              Currently ERA has a growing list of over one thousand pending organizations that are in urgent need of IT related devices.  ERA offers shipping labels for free pickup from anywhere in Canada.  Visit their website


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