The Pas Local News Archives for 2018-03

Oscars Place Homeless Shelter In Need of Socks and Soup Ingredients

The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter is in need of donations for socks for people that use the shelter. Louise Dewar from The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter says that many people that use the shelter walk around all day and their socks are often badly worn and wet. With donations the shelter will be able to provide people with a clean and dry pair of socks.


The shelter is also in need of bread and ingredients to make soup. They are asking that people not donate macaroni or spaghetti to the shelter for the time being. If you would like to donate some socks or food to the shelter call 627-8834 or 620-5627 to make arrangements.

Sale of Residential Lots Purchase Agreements Signed Off By The Town

The Pas Town Council Carried the Sale of The Residential Lots Purchase Agreements at Monday night’s council meeting which authorized Mayor Jim Scott and the assistant Chief Administrative Officer Jennifer Early to sign off on the 31 residential lots that were purchased over the last month.


Mayor Scott says there is a serious lack of housing in The Pas and the sale of the residential lots means that 31 new houses will be built and create more houses for sale.


The people that purchased the lots bought them for $1,000 each and they have 24 months to build homes to lock up stage on the property.

The Town of The Pas Votes to Increase Water Rates

At Monday Night’s Council Meeting the Public Utility Board-Rate Increase Board Order number 34 dash 18 passed its second and third readings which means the town of The Pas’s water rates will be increased on April 1st.


In 2016, a bylaw to raise the water rates passed its first reading and the town received approval for a rate hike from the water services board. There has not been a rate increase since 2012 and if a price increase is not submitted then the public utilities board can impose its own rate.

Spay and Neuter Clinic for Low Income Pet Owners

Registrations for low cost spay and neuter clinics at The Pas Precious Pet Kennels are now open and they will be held in May on the 5th, 6th,9th, and the 10th and the clinics are open to pet owners that make less than $40,000 a year per house hold.


The cost is $125 for a male pet and $150 for a female pet and everyone from the tri area and the communities of Moose Lake, Sapotaweyak Cree Nation, Cormorant, and Pukatawagan are invited to register for the clinics. Bonnie Meadows from The Pas Precious Pet Kennels hopes to have 100 registered by the end of the week. To sign up for the clinics call 623-3608.

Teddy Bear Clinic at UCN Lobby

There will be a special teddy bear clinic at the UCN lobby next Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. The purpose of the teddy bear clinic is to reduce the fear that children have of getting checkups from doctors or nurses and to show that it can be fun.


Children will get to give their teddy bears X rays, bandage their injuries, and listen to their heartbeats. And they will also have a chance to colour and enjoy some treats.

11th Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow

The 11th Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow will take place at the UCN Mamawechtotan Centre on April 7th. All UCN graduates planning to attend are required to register by Friday March 30th at 4:30 PM. The Event itself will feature a pipe ceremony, a feast and a giveaway. The Graduation Presentation will take place at 3:30 PM. For more information visit or call Angie Cote at 204-627-8698.

Amanda Lathlin's Questions on Workplace Health and Safety

Last week The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin asked a few questions about Workplace Safety during question period at the Manitoba Legislature. She started by extending condolences to the family of Todd Maytwayashing who passed away at a Manitoba Hydro site in Gilliam last month and she asked if the increase to safety measures for all workers will be resolved.


Blaine Pederson, The Minister of Growth Enterprise and Trade responded by saying that the death of any worker at any worksite is one we never want to see, and that there is an investigation into this accident and SAFE Manitoba continues to train with all our employers across the country and across the province and all employees to make sure that all workplaces are safe and sound.


Lathlin then said that a bill was introduced to dissolve the advisory council on workplace health and safety and announced more cuts in their budget. She asked if funding would be restored so that workers would be safe and Pederson responded by saying that the five year review of the workplace safety and health continues and the report is in the department.

Al McLachlan Conducts Presentation at The Pas Chamber of Commerce Monthly Board Meeting

Last week Travel Manitoba Ambassador Al McLachlan conducted a presentation at The Pas Chamber of Commerce monthly board meeting where he talked about the Northern Tourism Strategy. According to McLachlan the Northern Tourism Strategy has been developed from discussions from different stake holders in the North on how to increase tourism in Northern Manitoba.


McLachlan says tourism in the north sits about 115 million dollars and the goal is to bring the number up by the 2022. Travel Manitoba is now going to be doing some of the marketing for Northern Manitoba and through this strategy there will be more focus on the north. 


During the meeting they also talked about different things that people could do to increase tourism. When it comes to tourism It’s important for people to promote tourism by telling others what they can get out of certain tourist attractions and its everyone’s responsibly to promote communities in a positive way to attract tourists.

MP Niki Ashton Calls The Federal Budget Disappointing

When it comes to the recently announced federal budget, our MP says it is disappointing.

Niki Ashton said that the budget is full of half measures on childcare and clean drinking water for First Nations, while not addressing issues that the north is facing like the housing crisis, health care and education.


She added that the budget does not close stock option loopholes that benefit friends of politicians, and that the government has done nothing to go after tax havens that quote rob social services of well needed funds.


Ashton said that the budget is the same old policies with progressive language being used as a disguise.


Hudson Bay Route Association Working Hard To Solve Ongoing Issues with the Hudson Bay Railway and the Port of Churchill

The Town of The Pas has lost a fair amount of revenue with the ongoing situation with the Hudson Bay Railway not being repaired. This is mainly due to the fact that The Pas once had the ability to ship goods by train to places in Northern Canada over the years.


Jim Berscheid from The Hudson Bay Route Association says they are devoting a lot of effort to resolve this issue and they want to get the bay line open again and the port up and running because there are a lot of businesses that want to utilize the port. Berscheid is very optimistic that they will see some movement in the near future due to a large amount of interest in using the port.


He went on to say that The Hudson Bay Route Association will be having a social evening on April 4th followed by their annual general meeting on April 5th here in The Pas at the Kikiwak Inn and the AGM will give people and municipal representatives the chance to hear presentations and talk about the ongoing issues with the railway and the Port of Churchill.

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation Free Proposal and Grant Writing Workshop

Next Wednesday, The Pas Community Renewal Corporation is going to be running a free proposal and grant writing workshop at the Kin Centre at 324 Ross Avenue from 9:30 AM to 4:30PM. Seating is limited and the deadline to sign up is this Monday at noon. If you wish to sign up or if you would like more information call 204-623-4269

Oscars Place Homeless Shelter Update

The Stand Up for Oscars Place Group Chair Chad Zolinski spoke to 102.9 CJAR recently to give an update on the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. Zolinski says the number one issue is that the group does not have an alternative location for the Shelter once their lease expires on July 1st of this year and they are still looking for a new location.


Zolinski added that some of the Good Deeds Cup Prize Money that The Pas Huskies Minor hockey team won will be used to purchase military style cots so that Oscars Place Patrons won’t have to sleep on the floor.


The group is looking at expanding services and hours at the shelter and they will be meeting with community partners to see what plans they can put in place for the future.


Kelsey School Division Board Meeting Highlights

At last Mondays board meeting, The Kelsey School Division Board of Trustees approved the budget for the 2018-2019 school year. The main focus of the meeting was to establish the budget for the upcoming school year and the budget is slightly over 21 million dollars. The school board plans to buy a new school bus and make repairs to the gymnasium ceiling at Opasquia School with some of the budgets money.


When approving the budget the board did not increase the special levy but the Manitoba Government divided the existing special levy between The Pas and The RM of Kelsey  

If you have any questions or concerns about anything discussed at the meeting you can call the school division 204-623-6421.

Wanless Winter Festival 2018

This Saturday is the Wanless Winter Festival. The event will be held at the Wanless Community Centre starting at 1PM. The day features all kinds of children’s events including log throwing, arm wrestling, and snowman building as well as a “hunt for the ice fleas” activity for the family. The event is sponsored by The Wanless Community Club and Healthy Together Now.

Water Rates Could be Going up in the Town of the Pas

The water rates in the Town of The Pas could be going up, if approved by town council. According to town councilor Chad Zolinski the town is required to conduct a water rate study every few years which is made based on expenses and income for the water and sewage rates.


Town council passed a bylaw back in 2017 to raise the water rates and they have received approval for a rate hike from the water services board and the public utilities board.

Town council is expected to vote on the second and third reading of the rate hike at the next town council meeting on March 26th. If it is passed the rates would go up on April 1st

Living with Diabetes Presentation

This Friday there will be a special event at the Margret Henderson Parish Hall called “Living with Diabetes”. The event will be hosted by Eileen Personius and there will be presentations by elders, a traditional healer, and a nutritionist.  The event begins at 9AM.


For more information call the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre at 204-627-7410

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation Social Calendar for April

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation is calling all organizations to get their events in for Aprils Social Calendar. You can get your event in the calendar by calling 204-623-4269 or by stopping by their office at 1559 Gordon Ave. The deadline to submit events is March 28th at 4PM.

The Pas Handi Van Radio Pledge Show Raises $11,498

The Pas Handi Van Radio Pledge show was held last week and it was a big success. $11,498 in donations was raised and Val Miron the General Manager of The Pas Handi Van would like to thank the members of the public for their contribution to ensure that Handi Van operations can continue.


If you need the handi van you can call 620-2584 and if you have pledges that you would like to give you can call the Handi Van Office at 623-2036 or mail them to The Pas Handi Van, P.O Box 3028, The Pas. R9A 1R7

Town of The Pas Approves A Resolution for A Subdivision Plan

The Pas Town Council approved a resolution to move forward with a subdivision plan for a piece of land near the airport at Monday night’s council meeting.


According to Councilor Crystal Krost there is a lot of land surrounding the airport that belongs to the town and this resolution will focus on one area of land called the Orok  siding.


Once the town sees’ more economic development they may look at developing other parts of the land at the airport.

A Special Service Levy for The Pas

The Pas Town Council discussed a new special service levy for the town of The Pas at Monday night’s Committee of the Whole meeting.


The proposed special service levy would pull policing costs out of the general mill rate and distribute them equally across the community. The town has been working on this levy for the past three years and they are still working on perfecting the levy. However, some members of the public have not shown approval for this proposed levy.


Town council has asked for more information on this proposed service levy and they will be meeting again to review the information and discuss the levy further. According to Councilor Crystal Krost it is expected that some changes will be made to the levy before it is passed such as pulling the commercial aspect out of the levy and possibly having different tiers of levies.


There will also be a public hearing on March 28th that will give the public the chance to voice their concerns or ask any questions that they have in regards to the proposed service levy.


Corrections: An Earlier version of this story said that the public hear would be held on March 26th when it is actually set to take place on March 28th

Carrot Valley Community Centre's Indoor Yard Sale and Flea Market

Mark your calendars, The Carrot Valley Community Centre’s indoor flea market and sale is set to take place on April 21st at the Carrot Valley Hall. The cost is 10 dollars for a table and tables are free for nonprofit groups. To book tables call Edith at 204-623-1954 or send a message to the Carrot Valley Community Centre on their Facebook page. All proceeds will go towards maintenance expenses for the Carrot Valley Hall.


Photo Courtesy Of Facebook

Registration Open for the 2018 Trade Show and Sale

Registration is now open for The 2018 Trade Show and Sale run by The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce. The early bird deadline is April 13th at 4PM and early birds save $100 off their booth cost. After the early bird period registration will remain open until May 1st.


The trade show and sale is a great opportunity to showcase your business. You can register online at the pas chamber dot com or by calling Leah Yelland at 204-623-7256. The trade show and sale will run from May 10th to the 12th.

Liberal MLA Calling for an End to Indigenous Injustices

Liberal Indigenous and Northern Affairs Critic Judy Klassen says that even though the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry was released 30 years ago her people are still being haunted by systems that were imposed upon them and they have not received justice.


According to a news release from The Manitoba Liberal Party, Klassen is calling on the Minister of Justice to set up consultations with First Nations to change the indigenous injustice system to ensure that indigenous voices are heard.


Klassen says that the patronizing paternal polices handed down by consecutive governments to control indigenous peoples don’t work and they destroy indigenous communities and they perpetuate discrimination.


She added that this problem needs to be fixed before it fails someone else.

The Pas Fire Department Responds To A House Fire

The Pas Fire Department responded to a house fire at Taylor Avenue on Monday. The page came in around 12:45 in the afternoon and they had the fire under control relatively quickly. The crews remained on scene for about two hours searching for hotspots.


The exact cause of this house fire is not yet known.

A Big Jackpot for This Saturdays Chase the Ace At The Pas Legion

This Saturdays Chase the Ace at The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 19 in The Pas is a big one. If you have the ace of hearts you could go home with $893,860 Tickets can be purchased at the Legion from 5 to 10 PM on Saturday. It is advised that you line up early to get tickets and you must be in attendance to win.

Manitoba M├ętis Federation Feels Left Out of Manitoba's 2018 Budget

A news release from the Manitoba Métis Federation says the Manitoba Budget disregards the Métis Nation. Manitoba Métis Federation President David Chartrand stated that there is no reference to the Métis Nation and no accountability for the hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes that they have paid each year.


Chartrand added that the Pallister Government has chosen to select one indigenous group to focus on and will  prioritize First Nations over Métis and Inuit peoples. Chartrand feels that the Pallister Government does not consider the Métis Nation important. He added that it’s been 148 years since Manitoba was brought into confederation by the Métis people and they continue to be disrespected time and time again.


Some Métis Representatives are in the legislative assembly and they will be asking very important questions come election time.


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Manitoba Liberals Accuse The 2018 Provincial Budget of Taking From The Poor and Giving to The Rich

The Manitoba Liberal Party believes that the 2018 Provincial Budget is taking from the poor and giving to the rich. Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont said in a press release that the Pallister Government is using federal funds to finance a tax cut for himself and the richest of Manitobans instead of investing in healthcare, social services, and education.


The Liberals have also said that the PCs are cutting funding to the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba in the middle of a crystal meth crisis. They have made cuts to fire prevention and emergency preparedness on First Nations and they have made cuts to people on income assistance.

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation Human Rights Education Session

This Wednesday, There will be a Free Human Rights Education Session at The Pas Library Annex from 1-3PM. The presentation is being run by The Pas Community Renewal Corporation and the purpose is to deliver information on reasonable accommodation in the workplace. Local Businesses, organizations and service groups are welcome to attend. Seating is limited so if you would like to register call 204-623-4269.


The presentation is facilitated by the Manitoba Human Rights commission.

Immigrant Woman's Counseling Services Information Session and Potluck

There will be an information session and potluck with the Immigrant Woman’s Counseling Services of The Winnipeg Co-Op Community Health Services on March 22nd. Aurora House Executive Director Donna Pritchard says the Immigrant Woman’s Counseling Services is a program that specializes in domestic violence and other comprehensive health care and legal advice for the community.


Pritchard added two staff members that work for the Immigrant Woman’s Counseling services will be conducting their service at the Aurora House Shelter in the afternoon on 22nd and the potluck will take place around 5:30 in the evening at Mary Duncan Schools Kitchen Facilities. During the potluck they will discuss the concerns and the needs of the newcomer community. For more information call 204-623-7427.


Jimmy Jackfish Ice Fishing Derby Results

The Annual Jimmy Jackfish Ice Fishing Derby was held this past Saturday and a total of 656 people attended. The following are prize winners of this year’s derby.


Felix Spence from Thompson won the first place prize of $20,000 for catching a 30 inch fish, Colby Duliak from The Pas won the second place prize of $7,000 for a 29 inch fish, Jerry Kowlowski from The Pas won the $3,000 third place prize for catching a 27 inch fish, and Earl Easter from Easterville won 4th place and a pop up fishing tent worth $600.  Ivan Hart from The Pas took home the 50/50 draw prize of $3,013.


The organizers of the derby would like to thank their sponsors, committee members and those that came out to make this year’s fishing derby a success.

University College of the North's Science Lab Renovation

The University College of The North in The Pas unveiled the completion of a 2 million dollar renovation of their science labs last Friday. This project has expanded UCN science lab spaces to respond to northern and indigenous research and educational priorities and to bring the labs to industry standards. Improvements to the lab include upgrades to chemical storage, fume hoods, and safety devices.


This project was made possible by investments made by UCN and the Governments of Canada and Manitoba. UCN invested $1.1 Million, The Provincial Government provided $450,000, and the Federal Government provided $550,000.


Manitoba Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart stated in a news release that modern science and technology infrastructure is essential for Manitobans to contribute to cutting edge research.

New Primary Care Program at the University College of The North

Education and Training Minister Ian Wishart unveiled the new primary care paramedic certificate program at The Pas campus of The University College of The North last Friday. The new program will give students the knowledge and skills needed to prepare them for a career as primary care paramedics.


Some of the skills they will learn include safely securing and transporting patients and administering appropriate emergency care. Wishart stated in a news release that they are committed to improving emergency services to ensure Manitobans are able to access the vital and often lifesaving services of paramedics which starts with better access to training.


The new program is expected to start accepting application in September of this year.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Indian Residential School Survivors TRC Committee Is Hosting a Conference

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation Indian Residential School Survivors TRC committee is hosting two conferences at the Kikiwak Inn’s Bignell Room.  Some of the items that will be presented at these conferences include information on Indian Residential Schools, The 60’s Scoop, missing and murdered indigenous women, colonialism, and day school.


The conferences will be held on March 15th and the 16th and will run from 9AM to 4PM. If you would like more information you can call Muriel Young at 204-627-1540. The conferences are open to the public.

Moose Lake RCMP Issue Arrest Warrant

The Moose Lake RCMP has issued an arrest warrant for Edna McNabb. On February 23rd around 10AM Moose Lake RCMP became aware that McNabb was seen the community and as part of her court ordered 24 hour curfew she is not allowed to be within 20 kilometres of Moose Lake.


According to a press release The Pas RCMP conducted checks at McNabbs residence in The Pas but she was not there. McNabb is being charged with failing to comply with recognizance and she was on court ordered sanctions for charges of man slaughter and aggravated assault.


Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the Moose Lake RCMP at 204-678-2399 or crime stoppers at 800-222-8477.


She is described as indigenous 5 foot 5 inches tall with black hair and brown eyes.

Monthly Mayor Reports For February

The monthly mayor reports for the month of February have been released. Most of the crimes committed in The Town of The Pas were disturbances of peace a total of 185, along with 60 index checks, 42 breaches of the peace, 42 mischief cases and 20 assaults. The RM of Kelsey had mostly provincial traffic violations and the community of cormorant had two assaults one case of mischief and one disturbance of the peace case.

Simonhouse Bible Camp Registration is Open

Registration is open for Simonhouse Bible Camps Summer programs. The summer programs include, Senior High for children 14-17, Junior High for ages 11-13, Junior for age’s 8-10 and mini mee for ages 6-8. You can sign up online at or by calling 204-687-3340.

MP Niki Ashton Responds To Federal Budget

Local MP Niki Ashton spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that Morneau talked about the north being majestic and that he wants to tour it, but the budget doesn’t have any solutions or commitments when it comes to issues like job loss.


She added that our region is going through a difficult time, and the budget doesn’t reflect it. Ashton said that it speaks to how the government is “out of touch” with what the region is going through. The MP said that the government needs to be on board to help find a solution to protect and create northern jobs.

Ashton added that there were some important commitments made in terms of child welfare for First Nations.


Manitoba Government Launches A New Survey

The Manitoba government has launched an online survey as part of ongoing consultations to support the development of a new poverty reduction strategy. Consultations began last November with a call for written submissions, workshops and lived experience conversations. 


More than 230 people have shared their experiences and ideas at in person sessions in seven communities including Flin Flon, The Pas and Thompson. The survey is now available and all Manitobans are invited to respond. 


The survey has been created with information collected from the recent in person consultations and will remain open until March 23rd.


For more information on how to participate in the survey or provide a written submission visit their website at: or by calling 204-945-3469.

UCN Hosts Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge In The Pas

The University College of The North in partnership with The Kelsey School Division and Skills Canada held the 2018 Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge in The Pas on February 28th. The event had 32 competitors from many Northern Manitoba communities where they took part in a series of challenges.


This year’s challenge had many local winners including Sage Ducharme from Margret Barbour Collegiate and Cody Johannes from The University College of The North won gold and silver medal respectively in cooking, Angel Head from Mary Duncan School won silver in Hairstyling, Justin Marlow from MBCI won gold in Heavy Equipment Service, Joshua Bignell from Margret Barbour Collegiate won the bronze medal in Information Technology Software for Business Solutions. Mackenzie Linklater from MBCI won gold in public speaking, Meghan McMillan from MBCI won Silver in Welding, and MBCIs Caileigh  Muilenberg and Redthunderchild Sinclair won gold and silver respectively in Job Search.


Technical Vocational Education Consultant Kim Poirier says students who participated worked hard for their achievement and she wishes them the best of luck as they continue their learning and skill development.

The Pas & Area Animal Shelter Inaugural General Meeting

The inaugural general meeting for The Pas and Area Animal Shelter will be held at the back room of A&W on March 20th at 7PM. The meeting will give people the chance to hear what the shelter has been working on and elections are expected to be held for board members.

If you would like to vote, a membership is required. The membership fee is 10 dollars a year for adults 18-59 and 5 dollars a year for seniors. These fees are payable at the AGM.

UCN Walk For Justice Today

There will be a Walk for Justice today to honour Colton Boushie, Tina Fontaine and their families.


Walkers will meet at The Town of Pas Building this afternoon at 4:30 proceed through the Opasquia Mall and then gather at the Kikiwak Inn. Refreshments words of encouragement and a round dance will follow. Participants are encouraged to bring signs and drums.

2018/2019 School Year Budget Presentation at The Kelsey School Board Meeting

The Kelsey School Division had a board meeting last week where a public presentation was held regarding the proposed budget for the 2018/2019 school year. Chairperson Vaughn Wadelius says the board has worked through a number of steps over the last couple of months and they have a list of capital projects that the school administrators presented and the next step is to review these projects along with what Manitoba Education had announced for support for education.


While considering the proposed budget the board had to look into some of things that The Manitoba Government announced including the withdrawal of the provincial tax incentive grant that will cost the school division $50,000 a year. Wadelius stated that the School divisions revenues based on September enrollment are unpredictable as of now and once they get the final revenue figures finished they will be able to lock in a budget. The plan presented was based on no requirement for a special levy increase this coming school year.


The overall budget is approximately 20 million dollars and the budget is expected to be approved at a meeting later this month.

Introduction to Traditional Handicrafts Course at UCN

The University College of The North is offering a course that specializes in traditional handicrafts. The program is called Introduction to Traditional Handicrafts. Students will learn how to make traditional crafts from Aboriginal Artisans.


The program will be held from April 9th until May 11th and the cost of the program is $1,498. For more information call Community Education Coordinator Dianne R Pelly at 204-620-1705. The deadline to apply for the course is March 23rd.

Canadian Olympic Medalist Visiting The Pas

Canadian Olympic Medalist Brigette Lacquette will be speaking at The Roy H Johnston Arena tomorrow night at 7:15. Lacquette won silver medal at the 2018 winter games playing for the Canadian Woman’s Hockey Team. Admission is free and if you plan to attend you are asked to RSVP The Pas Huskies on Facebook.

2018 MBCI Graduates Raffle

MBCI Graduates are selling raffle tickets for a Winnipeg Jets Weekend Getaway. The grand prize features 2 Winnipeg Jets Tickets, a Calm Air Flight for 2, a one night stay in the Best Western Plus Pembina, and a $50 dollar Boston Pizza Gift Card.


The second prize is an interior and exterior vehicle cleaning courtesy of Great North GM. The raffle tickets are 10 dollars each and the draw will take place on March 9th.


All proceeds will go towards MBCI 2018 Graduates. For more information call Kelly Armstrong at 204-623-3485


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