The Pas Local News Archives for 2014-08

The RCMP Are Asking What's The Rush

As we head into the last long weekend of the summer the RCMP are reminding motorists you’re not alone on the highways, there are also plenty of RCMP officers on the roadways helping to ensure the safety of all who travel in our province.

              They report last year just under 22,000 people were charged for speed related infractions.  A ticket for traveling 20 kilometers per hour over the posted speed is $312 and in a construction zone that fine increases to $573.  However they note a fine is not the biggest consequence you could face.  In rural Manitoba 48 percent of traffic fatalities involve either excessive speed or driving too fast for conditions which is approximately 44 people who die each year because of speed.

              The RCMP say as police officers they do their best to ensure people are safe but they cannot slow your vehicle down so make the right choice, enjoy the summer and drive safely.

Drive One For Air Cadets

Northland Ford held another drive one for your community this passed weekend. This time they rose money for the cadets and Keith Jaeger Sales Manager at Northland Ford said it was a huge success. Jaeger said with money raised from test drives, car washes and the BBQ it’s estimated they rose almost $2,000 for the cadets. The money from the test drives comes straight from Ford Canada so it’s an opportunity to raise money for local groups from outside sources.

Anxiety Support Group Meeting

An Anxiety support group will be meeting in The Pas tonight. The meeting will be held for anyone and everyone living with some kind of anxiety. The group will meet to help you, and will start at 7 o’clock tonight. It will be held at 130 3rd street.

UCN Pancake Breakfast

It’s almost time for students to get back to school. UCN will be holding a pancake breakfast next Wednesday. They would like to invite everyone to join in the welcoming of new and returning students to UCN. The breakfast will be held from 7:30am to 9am at the UCN Cafeteria in The Pas for just $3. Everyone is welcome, students, staff, sponsors and community members. 


Fire at Tolko Keeps Fire Fighters Busy

A fire at Tolko yesterday kept Fire Fighters busy from 3 communities. Members of the The Pas Fire Department, OCN Fire Department, Flin Flon Fire Department and Manitoba Conservation all helped the fighting of the blaze. The Pas Fire Department Chief Greg Zimmerman said the fire was fuelled from high winds cause the fire to stretch and grow. There were no injuries reported and no damage estimates at this time. The fire began at about 7AM, the fire department were able to start shutting things down by 4PM last night.

Province Makes Two Northern Announcements

The Province of Manitoba will be spending some more money in the North. Friday, Premier Greg Selinger was in The Pas to make two announcements. The first announcement was that $870,000 will be spend on new infrastructure, including the Town of the Pas receiving over $150,000 and the RM of Kelsey receiving $50,000. Selinger said it will also lead to some jobs. The province also announced a new program helping aboriginal people overcome barriers to employment and the challenges in finding and keeping good jobs in The Pas and area. The program is offered in partnership with FireSpirit and Manitoba Works.

HBR Rail Line Open North of The Pas

The rail line is back up and running after the Hudson Bay Railway derailment 35 miles north of The Pas on August 14th. HBR crews worked all through the weekend to get the line back open. The line was up and running as of Monday night at 7pm. Their railing efforts were successful and are pleased to announce the opening.

Music is Medicine Suicide Prevention Camp

Music is Medicine Suicide Prevention camp gets under way tomorrow. The two day camp will be held at the Kikiwak Inn. Rhonda Head a Facilitator with the camp can’t wait to get it started. To register for the camps you can call Rhonda Head at 204-620-5640 or Janet Head at 204-620-5787. Some of the musicians they have to teach and perform include Juno Nominated Wayne Lavalee, Gabriel Ayala, and a thriller dance tutorial.

Street Festival Big Success

The 6th Annual Street Festival was a big success this Sunday. Events and Street Vendors filled Edwards Avenue and Crystal Morrish the Executive Director of the TPCRC was glad to see it so busy. They had Events, Games and Vendors including, a Bouncy House, Sidewalk Chalk, Popcorn, Scentsy, Mary K, and a Street Hockey Tournament.

Nelson House Election

Three days from today the Nelson House election will be taking place. There are 3 people running for Chief; Marcel Moody, Jim Moore and William Elvis Thomas. Along with the election of chief NCN residents will be naming 6 new Councillors. This year they have 30 candidates to choose from. 
To vote you must be 18 years or older and a registered NCN Citizen. Voting takes place at the Mystery Lake Hotel in Thompson, Gilbert McDonald Arena in Nelson House, Leaf Rapids Town Centre and The Marlborough Hotel in Winnipeg.
Voting starts at 9am on August 21st.

Jim Scott to run for Mayor

Jim Scott has officially signed the papers to run for Mayor of The Town of The Pas in the upcoming municipal election. Scott signed the papers this morning as the 2nd candidate to enter for head of office. Alongside Scott is Current Mayor Alan McLaughlin who will be seeking re-election. Scott is currently sitting as a councillor with the town of The Pas. Two candidates have also confirmed running for town council. Those two are Crystal Morrish and Alan Gibb. 

Infrastructure Upgrades for Norway House and Cormorant

The Manitoba Government has announced funding for infrastructure projects in Norway House and Cormorant. Yesterday Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Eric Robinson was in The Pas to make the announcement. He said they are funding $1,450,000 for infrastructure between the two communities. Norway house will receive $510,000 for a heat trace replacement, $224,000 for a snowplow and $247,000 to expand a maintenance garage to provide two extra bays to house public works vehicles. Cormorant will see $475,000 for new Turner Drive Subdivision water and sewer lines.

Housing Talks Continue

Manitoba Housing held an information session in The Pas on Monday. Marcella Burt with Manitoba Housing says although there was a low turnout they still had some important information to share. Programs discussed at the sessions include the Rental Housing Improvement Program, the Residential Adaptations for Disabilities Program, the Homeowner Renovation Assistance Program and the Manitoba Emergency Repair Program for Homeowners. You can contact Marcella at 204-679-6099 or Sandra Fitzpatrick at 204-679-6306 for more information. 

Two New Cancer Hubs to Open in Northern Manitoba

Cancer affects everyone in some way or another and two new cancer hubs in Northern Manitoba will improve cancer treatment and care for patients. Health Minister Erin Selby announced yesterday the new hubs to open later this fall, one in The Pas and one in Thompson. The new hubs will be made up of care providers working together to help people across the north get the care they need, when they need it closer to home. It will cost up to $770,000 annually for the front line staff to support cancer patients in the region the minister noted.

Walk In Clinic Open More Hours

The Pas Walk in Clinic is now Regularly Staffed and the new hours will benefit you! The Clinic will now consistently be open from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. Helga Bryant CEO of the Northern Health Region is glad to see the clinic open more hours. Bryant says the walk in clinic provides people the access to have their health care needs met without having using the emergency room. She says that since they weren’t constantly able to staff the clinic with physicians, people might have come accustomed to it not always being open.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness Bike Ride is Today

Just a reminder that today’s the day for the annual Suicide Prevention and Awareness Bike ride. Peter Constant an Organizer of the ride is looking forward to spreading the word with the community.They are expecting a lot of riders today and just to be cautions when driving near the bikers. The ride is taking place from the Saskatchewan border through The Pas to OCN.

Norway House Man Arrested

A man from Norway House has made his first appearance in court after being arrested last Friday. RCMP charged Allan Apetagon Jr who’s 25 with Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference and Forcible Confinement in relation to an ongoing investigation from 2012. In August of 2012, an eight-year-old girl from Winnipeg was assaulted in Norway House. Apetegon made his first court appearance in Thompson on Tuesday and Police are continuing to investigate.

Flin Flon ATV, Car Accident

Shortly before 11:30 Sunday night Flin Flon RCMP along with emergency services were called to the scene of a motor vehicle quad collision.  Initial investigation indicates that two males operating the quad were traveling northbound on Main Street when they struck a Ford Fusion eastbound on Third Avenue.
Both the 17 year old from Flin Flon and the 19 year old from Thompson were transported to hospital with serious undetermined injures.  One has since died as a result of his injuries. His name is not being released at this time.  The RCMP report they were not wearing helmets.
The female driver of the vehicle was treated in hospital for non-life threatening injuries while the passenger was not injured.
An RCMP Traffic Analyst is assisting with the investigation.

Par 3 Golf Tourney

How’s your golf game? The 6th annual Par Three fundraising tournament is back this year and there is still time to register. The tournament will take place on August 17th and there are some big prizes available. It’s a 4 person Texas scramble and $100 entry fee per person. Tee off is 11 am and huge prizes are available for hole in ones on each and every hole from $10,000 to $20,000, to a brand new quad. It’s open to the first 72 golfers and to register you can call the pro shop at 204-627-2300. All funds raised will go to the Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Clubs course improvements.

Family Friendly Picnic On The Way

The Pas Family Resource Center is teaming up with The Play it Safer Network for a family friendly picnic. The picnic will be held to talk about some hot topics to keep you safe and make healthy life choices. It’s a great opportunity to get out have lunch and learn a little bit about healthy lifestyle choices. The picnic is August 15th from noon until 2 pm and all ages are welcome. There will be door prizes, goodie bags, kids activities, free lunch and refreshments. They ask to register just drop by The Pas Family Resource Center.

25th annual Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge

The 25th annual Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge is taking place Saturday and Sunday on Big Athapap.  The Committee’s Mike Wesner says they have a great prize lineup for their 25th year.  He says they are guaranteeing prizes from first place right to 25th place so it’ll equal a guaranteed payout of roughly $21,600 with first place $5,000, second $2,500, third $2,000, fourth is $1,500 and fifth $1,000 then it’s roughly 50 dollars or so minus all the way down to 25th place.
You can still register by calling 204-472-3044 or go to Cranberry Portage Trout Challenge on face book.  You can register right up to the start of fishing on Saturday morning at a cost of $150 for a team of two.

Suicide Prevention Bike Ride

The suicide prevention and awareness bike ride is right around the corner. The bike ride will take place on Thursday and Peter Constant an Organizer of the ride is looking forward to spreading the word with the community. The ride will start at the Saskatchewan border and continue through The Pas to OCN. If you are interested in supporting or assisting in the bike ride you can contact Georgina Constant at 204-620-2205.


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