The Pas Local News Archives for 2017-12

Pre-New Years Social

There will be a pre- New Years social tonight in supportof Miss OCN Blizzard Gabby Umpherville. Gabby is a Fur Queen contestant in the Northern Manitoba Trappers festival. The social will be held in the Kikiwak Inn, Bignell Room with music by DJ Derek4Real. There will be OCN Blizzard's Chase the ace, door prizes, 50/50, silent auction and wild card. For tickets call MJ Jebb at 620-2106, Jaime Clemons at 623-5622 or Gabby at 978-1204. All proceeds go towards the Festival.

Snowshoe Rentals

Since Winter isn't going anywhere, let's go out and enjoy it.


Snowshoes are available for use at The Pas Wellness Centre. They can be borrowed or used for the completion of the rental agreement. A refundable deposit is required by non-members.


Snowshoeing can be enjoyable even during a cold snap as long as you bundle up and get active.


For further information contact The Pas Recreation and Wellness Centre at 627-1134 or email

Kelsey School Division Meeting

Parents of Kelsey School Division Students and the general public are invited to attend a public budget consultation meeting Monday January 22 at 6:30 PM in the board room of the Administrative Building on 322 Edwards Avenue. The meeting is to provide opportunity for input regarding suggested items for the 2018-2019 budget year. 


Information packages will be available at the meeting and board members will be available to discuss budget items with you. They can also be picked up at the office after January 2018. 

RCMP Respond to Weapons Complaint at Kikiwak Inn

The OCN RCMP responded to a weapons complaint at the Kikiwak Inn on Monday evening. According to RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Mattice, members arrived almost immediately where they evacuated the patrons from the hotel for their safety and they apprehended the male suspect shortly afterwards. The suspect was in possession of a weapon which was seized by the RCMP.


The name of the suspect has not yet been released and the investigation is ongoing.

Local Artist Makes Beadwork for Oscars Place Homeless Shelter

Local artist Veronica Thomas has been making beadwork to raise money for the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. Thomas has made key fobs and earrings that say, “I Support Oscars Place” written on them. Stand up for Oscars Place Group Chair Olivia McCorriston says that she hopes to use the money raised to purchase cots for the shelter. The cost is 15 dollars for key fobs and 25 dollars for a pair of earrings To find out how to purchase the beadwork visit the Stand Up for Oscars Place Facebook group.

Frontiers North Adventures Becomes Manitoba's First Tour Operator to Release a Sustainability Report

Tour Operator Frontiers North Adventures has released its first sustainability report. According to a news release the report uses the global reporting initiative which is the international standard in sustainable reporting to assess its environmental and social impact.


President and CEO of Frontiers North Adventures John Gunter says “We feel it is our responsibility to help maintain the integrity of the ecosystem in which we operate to ensure they remain healthy and intact for generations to come.”


The report was also able to determine the company’s overall energy use and GHG emissions. Since 2014 Frontiers North Adventures optimized their charter flight schedule, transition from propane to diesel powered heating systems on its road fleet, and they made an effort to operate systems only when they had to.

Chase The Chill in the Pas asked to Removed Clothes Left in Front of the Town Hall

The Chase the Chill in The Pas is a local initiative where people leave knitted scarves and toques around town to provide warm clothing for less fortunate people. According to The Pas Chief Administrative Officer Randi Salamanowicz the local group placed more than 100 scarves and toques on The Town Office and Friendship Centre property over the weekend and on Monday the group was asked to remove the clothing that they left from the entrance way leading to the town office/friendship centre.


Even though they were asked to remove the clothes from the entrance of the town hall The Pas Chief Administrative Officer Randi Salamonwicz wants to clarify that she has no problem with the program.


You can keep up to date with the Chase the Chill in The Pas by following them on facebook.

Sprit of One Community Sculpture Unveiling Today at The Pas Regional Library

The Pas Regional Library is inviting residents to the “Spirit of One Community Sculpture Unveiling” today from 10 AM to 6PM. Over the last couple of months a team of people from The Pas, OCN, and The RM of Kelsey Called “Culture Casters” went out in the community casting people’s fingers as a metaphorical way of asking residents what they could do to make the community better and they would write their ideas on cards. The Sculpture being unveiled is made out of the casted fingers from community members.


The project was orchestrated by local artist Karen Driedger and the sculpture will be on display at many different places in the Pas throughout the New Year.

Let's Get Lit Glow Theme Boxing Day Social

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 19 is having a “Let’s Get Lit-Glow Theme Boxing Day social in support of Miss Missinippi Airways Cherlyn Muilenburg.


The event will run from 9PM to 2AM on Boxing Day and there will be prizes, a raffle, and entertainment. Tickets are 20 dollars each and all proceeds will go to the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival.


Tickets can be purcahsed from Missinippi Airways or by calling 204-620-6566

National Access Cannabis Establishes Limited Partnership with Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Two Other First Nations

Last Week, National Access Cannabis entered a limited partnership agreement with Opaskwayak Cree Nation and two other Manitoba First Nations to establish a retail recreational cannabis distribution network in Manitoba once the drug becomes legal. A partnership has also been established in Long Plain First Nation and Peguis First Nation.


National Access Cannabis CEO Mark Goliger stated in a news release that This partnership will not only support Manitoba’s indigenous first nations but also the province, in meeting obligations to provide Manitobans access to safe and legal cannabis.


NAC in partnership with the First Nations intends to build and operate a network of recreational cannabis stores on the First Nations owned land when they are legally permitted to do so.

The Pas Kinsmen Annual Ice Shack Raffle

The Pas Kinsmen’s annual ice shack raffle has started. The first prize is an Ice Shack Valued at $2500, and the second prize is ice fishing gear worth approximately $500 dollars. Tickets are ten dollars each and they can be purchased from any Kin member. The draw date is December 26th at 7PM

Boxing Day Rendezvous Social

There will be a special Boxing Day social at the Guy Hall called Boxing Day Rendezvous in Support of Miss Carley Bearing and Auto Breanna Stoltz. Tickets are $15 dollars each and you are asked to wear Plaid. The event runs from 9PM to 2AM and there will be prizes, a 50/50 draw, and entertainment by DJ Derek 4 Real. You must be 18 or older to attend.

RM of Kelsey Regular Meeting of Council

Reeve Rod Berzoweki says there was a variation order for a trailer placement in The Ralls Island Area of the RM of Kelsey and council sent it back for further information. This matter is expected to be brought back at a later date.


They also talked about road conditions and ongoing drainage works going on in the Valley and Ralls Island. There next meeting is expected to take place sometime in January.

Monthly Mayor Reports for November

The monthly mayor reports for the month of November have been released. The Pas saw a total of 142 disturbances of the peace, 109 index checks, 82 prisoners held, and 57 provincial traffic violations.


The RM of Kelsey had a total of 59 provincial traffic violations. 12 provincial statutes, 12 cases of Mischief, and 10 assaults.

Niki Ashton Introduces Her Twin Sons at the Seasonal Meet and Greet

Last weekend, MP Niki Ashton and her partner Bruce Moncur came to The Pas for Ashton's  seasonal meet and greet. This year they had the pleasure of introducing their twin boys, Stephanos and Leonidas. Residents had the chance to meet Ashton and Moncurs children, socialize, and ask any questions that had.


Ashton said she was very proud of the leadership campaign saying that she managed to push the NDP to be a principled party and to reconnect with key values that the party has.

She added that she looks forward to pushing the key issues in the North including the ongoing situation with the railway to Churchill and to have Omnitrax out of the North.

The Pas Operation Red Nose In Need of Volunteers

The Pas Operation Rednose has given 197 rides to 464 passengers as of December 10th.

Operation Rednose provides free rides for people during the holiday season to prevent impaired driving and they are currently in need of volunteers for December 22nd and 23nd and New Years Eve. If you would like to help out call Tara at 204-620-5646

The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce Looking for Ideas for Resolutions

Each year the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce asks all the local chambers to submit resolutions to improve commerce and economic development throughout Manitoba

The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce is looking for local input on what resolutions could be brought to the MCC.


Some of the ideas the board has so far include, ending day light savings day, and rest stops and garbage cans at intervals along the highways. If you have a resolution that you would like to suggest you are asked let the The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce know in detail by January 4th. They can be contacted at or by calling 204-623-7256. Resolutions will be discussed at The Pas and District chamber of commerce annual general meeting on January 17th at the Sam Waller royal room. 


Visit to learn more about the resolution process.

Town Council Discusses Upcoming Cannabis Legalization

The Pas Town Council discussed the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada at Monday night’s committee of the whole meeting. According to The Pas Mayor Jim Scott communities across the province were notified that if they want to sell recreational cannabis in their community they need to make their indication clear to the Province of Manitoba by December 22nd otherwise they would be looked at as not interested in selling the drug.


The Town of The Pas wants to let the province to know that they support the sale of the drug in the community and they hope to collect revenue from the sales. Most of the council members are in favour of having a cannabis shop in The Pas and there has been some interest in the community to sell recreational cannabis.


Recreational cannabis is set to be legal nationwide in July of 2018.

Stand Up For Oscars Place Christmas Dinner

The Stand Up For Oscars Place Group has announced that there will be a Christmas Dinner on Christmas day from 1-4PM at Oscars Place. For more information you can contact group chair Olivia McCorriston at 204-761-9244. You can keep up to date with Stand Up for Oscars Place on their Facebook group.

Al McLauchlan Made Tourism Consultant for Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy

Last Week, The Pas Area Resident Al Mclauchlan was made the Tourism Consultant to roll out the Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy for Travel Manitoba.  Mclauchlan says he has been a big proponent for development and tourism in the North for many years and he sees the potential for tourism growth. He looks forward to traveling and meeting people and he will officially start work on December 19th.


Some of the attractions listed in The Tourism Strategy include, Clearwater Lake Provincial Park, Great White Bear Tours, and the Heritage North Museum.  You can find a PDF copy of The Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy at

Manitoba Housing Open House at UCN for Proposed Units

WSP was hired by Manitoba Housing to conduct a secondary and subdivision plan for a piece of land located east of UCN. Manitoba Housing has received interest from a local developer to build a 24 room housing unit and workers at WSP conducted an open house at UCN last Wednesday to give residents information about the secondary and subdivision plan and to allow them to bring up any concerns that they have.


Some of the concerns brought up at the presentation were the ongoing issues with the town’s sewage lagoon as well as issues with walkways between streets. Scott Rosin a Landscape Architect from WSP said that that another concern brought up at the presentation was that there are safety issues with walkways between streets, this is an issue that WSP will identify in their secondary plan and figure out how to overcome this issue.


The next step for WSP is to take the feedback they received and finalize their secondary plan which is expected to be submitted in early 2018. If you have any concerns about this project here is a link to a survey.



Spirit of One Community Sculpture Unveiling

The Pas Regional Library is inviting residents to the “Spirit of One Community Sculpture Unveiling” on December 20th from 10 AM to 6PM. Over the last couple of months a team of people from The Pas, OCN, and The RM of Kelsey Called “Culture Casters” went out in the community casting peoples fingers as a metaphorical way of asking residents what they could to make the community better and they would write their ideas on cards. The sculpture being unveiled is made out of the casted fingers from community members.


The project was orchestrated by local artist Karen Driedger and the sculpture will be on display at many different places in the Pas throughout 2018.

NDP MP Niki Ashton Addresses Ongoing Issues With The Railway to Churchill

With the rail line to Churchill still not repaired local NDP MP Niki Ashton stated that this has been a frustrating issue for so many people in Northern Manitoba and The Town of Churchill. Ashton found out that the federal government has directed Omnitrax the owner of the railway to begin reparations of the railway or else they will be sued.


Ashtons sees the federal governments approach to be positive but she is concerned that they may not be ready to repair the rail line in the New Year. She firmly believes that continued pressure to get Omnitrax out of Northern Manitoba is critical feeling that they are the reason behind the rail line not getting fixed.

Progressive Conservatives Do Not Approve NDP Parental Leave Bill

The Manitoba NDPs Bill 211 has not received the support of the Progressive Conservatives. Bill 211 would have amended maternity and paternity leave legislation in Manitoba allowing parents to take advantage of new employment insurance provisions amended by the Federal Government which allow parents to extend leave benefits over 18 months as opposed to the previous 12 months.


As of now provincial legislation limits employees to 12 months of leave and without legislative changes. In Manitoba employees will not be guaranteed the right to return to their job if they choose to take advantage of the 18 month option.


According to a news release from the NDP, The Refusal of The Pallister Government to give parents the option to stretch maternity and paternity leaves is going to hurt families and they feel that the Pallister Government is not on the side of Manitoba Families.

NDP MP Niki Aston Address Issues With Upcoming Marijuana Legalization in Canada

With legalization of recreational marijuana on the horizon in Canada the NDP has expressed concern about the lack of supports for municipalities and communities regarding the legalization timeline.


Local NDP MP Niki Ashton says quote “legalization was a commitment made by the Liberals in the election and it took them a long time to get things moving.”  There has been some concern that some jurisdictions will feel jammed with the July First 2018 timeline and that there needs to be resources to support communities in the face of this time line.


Ashton went on to say that most Canadians are in support of the legalization of recreational marijuana, but there needs to be implementation of the law so that everyone including the police can do the work that they need to do.

The Pas Kinsmen Christmas Tree Sale

The Pas Kinsmen began their first day of christmas tree sales Yesterday. You can still purchase a christmas tree and help to support the club.


Tree Sales will run today and tomorrow from 4-8PM, this Saturday from 11AM to 6PM, and this Sunday from 11AM to 5PM at G&L Storage next to Northland Ford. You can also pick up ice shack tickets while you’re at it.


All the trees are Fraser Fir. For a list of tree prices go to The Pas Kinsmen’s Facebook Page.

The Pas Regional Library Story Hour

The Pas Regional Library will be running their next session of story hour every Thursday from January 11th until June 21st. Every week will be a different theme and children will have the opportunity to play games, do crafts, and have stories read to them.


The program is open to children aged 3-5 and registration is open. Cost is $20 for the session and you can sign up by calling 204-623-2023.

MP Niki Ashton's Seasonal Meet and Greet This Saturday

MP Niki Ashton will be here in The Pas for her Seasonal meet and greet this Saturday at 1416 Gordon Avenue from 2-4 PM.


The meet and greet will give residents of The Pas the opportunity to bring up any concerns that they have and Ashton will also be introducing her twin boys.


The event is open to everyone.

Santa Claus Parade Registration Forms Now Available

Registration forms for The Pas Community Renewal Corporations Santa Claus Parade are now available. If you would like to sign up for the parade now is the time to do so. Forms can be found online at the TPCRC Facebook page or they can be picked up at the TPCRC office at 1559 Gordon Avenue. 


This year the parade will take place on December 15th and it will begin at the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre at 6PM and finish at the RHJ Arena. The parade will be followed by a free skate at the RHJ Arena from 7:15 to 9:15 sponsored by The Pas In Motion.


The deadline to submit registration forms is December 14th at 4:30 PM. For More information call Desarae Lambert at 204-623-4269.

The Pas Regional Library Children's Christmas Party

The Pas Regional Library will be having a children’s Christmas party on December 11th.

The party will feature Christmas themed stories, crafts, snacks, and dancing.


The preschool party will take place from 10:30 to 11:30 AM and the kindergarten to grade five party will run from 1-3PM. Space is limited so sign up by calling 204-623-2023.

The Pas Family Resource Centre and The Pas Friendship Centre teen Christmas Dance

There will be a teen Christmas Dance at The Pas Friendship Centre on December 15th. The event will run from 7 to 10 PM and will feature music by DJ Derek. The Event is open to youth aged 13 to 17 and admission is by donation of non perishable food items for Oscars Place.


The event is being run by The Pas Family Resource Centre and The Pas Friendship Centre for more information call 623-6349.

Sensory Friendly Visit from Santa Turnout

The Opasquia School Gym held a sensory friendly visit from Santa Claus on November 25th. The event was run by The Autism Society of Manitoba and it gave children on the autism spectrum a chance to visit Santa in a sensory friendly environment.


Some of the ways they made Santa’s visit more sensory friendly was by having sensory friendly lighting and by having Santa speak in a quiet voice. The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin was present at the event to hand out Candy Canes and Flags.


The event also had a visit from Mrs Claus, Melanie Young a local Autism of Society of Manitoba volunteer would like to thank the volunteers that helped out at the event and The Autism Society for putting the event together.

Sam Waller Museum Paint Workshop

The Sam Waller Museum held a paint workshop at the Wescana Inn on November 30th. The workshop involved participants painting an image of a lighthouse on a cliff under the direction of artist Fran Copper an artist that does a wide variety of artwork.

The museum is looking at running another art workshop within the first two months of the New Year but nothing has been planned as of now.

Amanda Lathlin Acknowledges the Town of Pas with a Private Member Statement

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin acknowledged The Town of The Pas with a private member statement on Wednesday. The private member statement gives any MLA the opportunity to acknowledge a constituent or a community in recognition of commitment or leadership within their communities. 


Lathlin went on to say that it was one year ago that The Pas almost lost the paper mill and she felt that it was beneficial to recognize and commemorate the community, paper mill employees, first nations leadership, local leadership, local business leaders, and union representatives for coming together and putting in hard work to find a solution during the potential crisis.  The Private member Statement was accepted by The Pas mayor Jim Scott  on behalf of The Community during question period

MLA Amanda Lathlin Address Norway House Flood Compensation At The Provincial Legislature

Earlier this week, The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin Addressed the Manitoba Legislature with a few questions regarding the Norway House compensation package for damage caused by flooding in the community.


According to Lathlin, part of the adverse effects agreement between Manitoba Hydro, Norway House Community Council, and the Manitoba Government where they signed an advanced agreement last year as part of the compensation package.  Since the agreement was signed the community has not heard anything from the Provincial Government.


When Lathlin asked why the government has not responded to the communities concerns, Minister of Crown Services Cliff Cullen responded by saying Manitoba hydro is at the crossroads and they will be going through a rate review process. Lathlin added that the compensation of Norway House includes much needed land for housing, and economic development and there is no reason to delay the completion of this nearly finished process and she asked if the Government will implement this agreement to help Norway House grow their economy.


Cullen responded by saying the government is very proud of the consultations that they have had with the first nations communities which is very important as they develop all of Manitoba. He added that there has been a lot of discussion with individual communities of The North and would like to ensure that these discussions and consultations will continue. The Norway House community council mayor and the chief administrative officer were present in the gallery where they had hoped to meet with Premier Pallister to ask what he is going to resolve these ongoing issues.  It is not known if they met with Pallister or not.


OCN Christmas Hamper Drive Results

The Results of The Annual OCN Christmas Hamper Drive are in. With all the donations from community members a total of $28,211 was raised. All money raised will go towards providing food for less fortunate families this holiday season your donations are greatly appreciated and you can still donate. Go to OCN finance in the Otineka mall

Local Operation Christmas Child Turnout

The Town of The Pas Recently had an Operation Christmas Child shoebox drive. Operation Christmas Child involves packing shoe boxes full of Toys and other gifts for children in third world countries.


According to Local Area Coordinator Pat Tonn, A total of 322 shoeboxes were shipped from the collection centre here in The Pas. She added that Children in Africa, Central American and Ukraine will experience the joy that these gifts will bring them.


Shoeboxes can still be packed online at


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