The Pas Local News Archives for 2017-09

Stand up To Save Oscars Place Meeting Tomorrow in The UCN Lobby

The town of The Pas’s support to keep the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter open continues. There will be a Stand up To Save Oscars Place meeting tomorrow afternoon in the UCN lobby at 3pm.


This meeting will inform the community where The Stand up to Save Oscars Place Group is in regards to negotiations with The Pas Friendship Centre and Manitoba Housing.

Stand Up to Save Oscars Place Fundraising Event Tomorrow Night

The Town of The Pas’s support to keep the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter open continues with the Stand Up to Save Oscars Place fundraising event taking place at the UCN Cafeteria Tomorrow night. The event is completely community driven.


The event will take place from 7 PM until midnight and will feature live music, refreshments, and an art auction.

Tipping Fee Incentive Fee Program Could be Happening in The Pas

New ideas are always being brought before town council and at Monday nights Committee of the Whole meeting the town of The Pas discussed the possibility of having a Tipping Fee Incentive Program here in town.


A Tipping Fee Incentive Program works by having the town reimburse 50 percent of the cost of tipping fees after having a building demolished and rebuilt on the same property within two years of the date of the demolition.


Chief Administrative Officer Randi Salamanowicz says other communities have tipping incentive programs and that it would be advantageous for The Pas. The hope of having this program is to help with the demolition of old buildings in The Pas and initiate new construction. The program will be discussed again at a future meeting.





Food Safe Food Handling Course

Mark your Calendars, The Christ Anglican Church is having the “Foodsafe” food handling course on October 18th. From 8:30AM to 4:30 PM. The Registration Fee is $75 dollars and the course is being taught by James Dean.


If you would like to take part in the program contact James Dean at 204-623-3790 or email

New Grocery Store Coming to The Otineka Mall

Groceries will once again be available at OCN. “Family Foods” is expected to open sometime next month at OCN’s Otineka mall. The grocery store will be owned and operated Nelsen House First Nation.


Ginger Martin The CEO of Paskwayak Business Development Corporation says that there is a huge need for a grocery store in OCN. The store will help to benefit the community by providing jobs and traffic for the mall.


Martin said the target opening date was October 4th but that could be pushed back by a week.

Sisters in Spirit Candle Light Vigil and Walk of Hope

Honouring our missing and murdered aboriginal woman. The sisters in Spirit Candle Light Vigil and Walk of hope will take place on October 4th starting at UCN. The event is being run by the Mamawechetotan Centre in Partnership with a few organizations from OCN.


After the walk they will also be hearing from some of the families’ that have been affected by having their sister or mothers murdered or gone missing as well as releasing balloons in memory of aboriginal woman that lost their lives. For more information call Angie Cote at 204-627-8698.



CUPE Local 745 and The Town of The Pas Reach a Four Year Collective Agreement

A four year collective agreement was made between The Town of The Pas and Canadian Union of Public Employees local 745 at Monday nights council meeting. This agreement provides a salary and working conditions for employees of the town of The Pas.


Chief Administrative Officer Randi Salamanowicz says a collective agreement is a guideline for the town employees and the employer that helps insure that both parties are carrying out what was agreed upon under the union contract. The Contract also looks out for health, safety, and benefits of the employees.


Salamanowicz added that with this agreement the town will be able budget appropriately over the next four years and they will have a general idea as to what the wages are going to be and what will be required as part of their yearly budget. The agreement will also provide the next elected council with the opportunity to become familiar with the existing union contract.



UCN High Intensity Interval Training Exercise Course

UCN is running a High Intensity Interval Training Exercise Course every Tuesday from October 10th to November 28th. The Course is being taught by Darcy Hanchuk.


The cost to register is $50 and UCN Students can join with a $25 deposit that will be returned if 80 percent of classes are attended.


If you want to sign up or would like more information you can contact UCN recreation Director Denise Duncan at 204-627-8535 or email The deadline to register is this Friday.

Stand Up to Save Oscars Place Group Gets an Extension to Keep The Shelter Open

Olivia McCorristion, The Chair for Stand Up to Save Oscars Place Group told CJAR that the doors of the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter will now stay open until March 31st of 2018.


McCorriston added that even thought they have an extension to keep the shelter open there is no programming for Shelter operations right now. 


She went on to say that as of October first the Shelter will be run by the community and not by The Pas Friendship Centre and they still need people to come forward and volunteer in any way they can.


If you are interested in volunteering you can call McCorriston at 204-761-9244

Stand Up to save Oscars Place was formed as an effort to keep the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter in Operation.

UCN Food Pantry in Need of Donations

The UCN Food Pantry is in need of donations for the school year. The UCN food pantry was established to help students make ends meet though generous donations. Some of the items that can be donated include non-perishable food items, personal hygiene items, and fresh meats.


Donations can be dropped off at box at the Mamawechetotan Centre at UCN or you can call Angie Cote at 204-627-8698.

Aurora House Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Fundraising Results

The Aurora House Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event took place at the Otineka Mall on September 21st. The goal of the walk is to help bring an end to domestic violence and gender based violence.


The event involved men walking in high heeled shoes around the mall to show their support. Participants also submitted pledges for Aurora House to offset uncovered expenses and this year they raised approximately $3.819. The Kinsmen and Rotary Clubs made significant contributions.


Aurora House Executive Director Dawna Pritchard said in an email that this year’s event was a big success and would like to thank the community for their support.


Aurora House provides support for victims of domestic violence.

20th Annual Northland Ford Run For Breast Cancer

The 20th Annual Northland Ford Run for Breast Cancer will take place on October 1st here in The Pas. The registration is at 1PM and the run will begin at 1:30 PM at the Anglican Church. Participants can run either 5 kilometers or 1 kilometer.


If you would like to raise funds for The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation before the run date, Pledge forms can be picked up at Northland Ford, Cook and Cooke Insurance, and The Grub Box.


Pledge forms can be dropped off at the Anglican Church on the day of the run.


Smile Cookie Campaign Results

Last week, Tim Hortons held their Smile Cookie Campaign and every dollar from each cookie sold went to The Pas Families Building a Better Community group to build a spray park in The Pas. According to Co-Chair Fundraising Organizer Marcia George the total amount raised this year was $10,600.


The Smile Cookie Campaign helps to support local Charities across Canada and The Pas Families Building a Better Community group has been involved with this fundraiser for the past few years. The group is currently working on an updated construction plan for the spray park.

Stand Up to Save Oscars Place Meeting

The Stand Up to Save Oscar's Place Committee held a meeting at UCN on Tuesday night.

They talked about the possibility an alternative building to use as a homeless shelter incase they are unable to use the Oscar's Place Building.


As of now the committee does not have any financial resources to purchase the building. Committee Chair Olivia Mccorriston added that they may be able to rent the shelter but the cost to rent the shelter is not known.


The Committee was formed to help save the Oscar Place Homeless Shelter after it was announced by The Pas Friendship Centre that they would be shutting down the shelter due to financial issues.


Their will be another meeting at the UCN Lobby tomorrow at 3PM and the Committee will be meeting again next Tuesday.


Correction: An Eariler Version of the Story said that Saturdays meeting will take place at the OCN lobby when it is in fact taking place at the UCN lobby.

Last Day to Register for "What's Your Message"

There will be a special workshop at The Pas West Centre this coming Tuesday called “What’s Your Message"


Today is the last day to sign up for the program and you can register by calling 623-8474. The workshop is expected to run from 10AM to 3PM.

The Hudson Reykdall Mobile Clinic Turnout

The Hudson Reykdall Mobile Clinic came to The Precious Pet Kennels to provide spaying and neutering to low income pet owners from September 14th and the 15th. Bonnie Meadows from The Precious Pet Kennels said was very happy with the turnout and hopes that the Clinic will come next year.

Rick Palmer Memorial Golf Tournament

The Rick Palmer Memorial Golf Tournament takes place on Saturday the September 30th at The Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Club.  The tournament is stroke play format with a cost of $70 a person. All proceeds go towards upgrades for the Pro-Shop and the Rick Palmer Memorial. You can sign up at the clubhouse or by calling 204-627-2300

How Attachment Shapes Our Lives Registration Extended

The “How Attachment Shapes our Lives” Workshop is set to take place on October 5th here in The Pas. The Workshop will feature Occupational Therapist Kim Barthel as a speaker. Barthel says attachment is all about early childhood relationships between parents and children and that these relationships can be tricky for children with developmental disorders.


The registration deadline for the workshop has been extended to September 22nd and there is still some space left. The Registration fee is $25 dollars and you can sign up by calling Joanne Wyman 204-623-9649. The workshop will be held at the Royal Canadian Legion here in The Pas from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Workplace Education Manitoba Workshop

There will be a special work shop The Pas West Centre at 60 Third Street West on September 26th called “What’s Your Message. The Workshop is being run by Workplace Education Manitoba and it will run from 10AM to 3PM. The workshop will help businesses communicate their messages to customers. To reserve your spot call 204-623-4874.

Canadian Red Cross Finishes Evacuation Response

The Canadian Red Cross evacuation response that supported the people of the first nations communities of Wasagamack, Garden Hill and St Teresa Point wrapped up yesterday with the final evacuees returning home. The Residents of these communities were evacuated due to wildfires. There was a full evacuation of Wasagamack and some people with health concerns were evacuated from Garden Hill and St Teresa Point.


Shawn Feely Vice President of Manitoba and Nunavut Canadian Red Cross stated in a news release that even though it was a stressful time for the evacuees it is good that they are able to return to their homes and resume their lives.


He added that he was proud of the Red Cross team and volunteers that did an incredible job providing support to more the 6,300 people.

RM of Kelsey Council Meeting Delegations

The RM of Kelsey held a council meeting last Thursday. There were a number of delegations at the meeting that had some concerns about drainage issues in the areas around the golf course and the Agricultural Grounds.


The Concerns were specific to some of the proposed changes to the pumping guidelines and rules for agricultural drainage in the Valley and how they would affect there area.

It was a decision by the farmers association and the province to look at changes to make pumping rules more sustainable and workable going into the future. These proposed changes were discussed at an open house at the RM office last month.


Reeve Rod Berezowecki wants to assure the delegations that their concerns are valued and they will be making decisions with the delegations concerns in mind.


Photo Courtesy of:

Aspen Street House Fire

The Pas Fire Department responded to a house fire on Aspen Street in The RM of Kelsey last weekend. According to Chief Fire Prevention officer Randy Manych, the call came in around 3:30 on Saturday afternoon. The house that caught fire was a building that had been set on fire a few years ago.


Chief Fire Prevention officer Randy Manych believes the fire have have been set on purpose.

The Pas Helping Hands 4 H Club Events

The Pas helping hands 4H club is having a canning and baking competition. Entries can be dropped off at the Kin Centre on September 29th from 6-7PM. Jams, Jellies, preserves, cakes and cookies are some of the items that can be entered.


They will also be having a Culture Days Event at the Kin Centre on September 30th. The event will feature Cultural Craft Tables, the Local 4H culture art gallery, and more. The event runs from 1-3PM and entry is free.

Stand Up To Save Oscars Place Fundraising Event

There will be a special fundraising event for The Oscar’s Place Homeless Shelter on September 30th. The event will be held at the UCN Cafeteria and will feature, live music, an art auction and refreshments.


The event is a way for the community to come out and show their support for the Homeless Shelter and help to raise the funds that are needed to keep the shelter in operation.


The Pas Friendship Centre announced that they would close the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter on the 30th of September.

Stand Up To Save Oscars Place Committee Meeting

The newly formed Stand Up to Save Oscars Place Committee had a meeting at the UCN board room last Wednesday night. The main purpose of this meeting was for the Committee to organize themselves. Olivia McCorristion, The new chair for the committee says they will now be able to start making decisions on how to save The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter from closing.


Chad Zolinski is the vice chair of the Committee and they are still looking for more volunteers to join the committee.


The group also discussed applying for grants to help pay for the shelters expenses but the Committee needs to be incorporated before any money flow.


The Committees next meeting will be held on Tuesday at 7PM.

The Pas Regional Library Book Cover Contest

The Pas Regional Library is having a, create your own book cover contest. The contest is open to all ages and it is a great opportunity to get creative. You are asked to submit your entries the week of September 25th and all submissions will be put into a draw on September 29th.  For more information call 204-620-2023.

Wiebe Says Pallister's Proposed Health Tax Would Cost Families Thousands Annually

NDP Health Critic Matt Wiebe recently stated that Manitoba Premier Brian Palliser’s proposed health tax would cost thousands of dollars a year for most Manitoba families.


According to a news release Wiebe said “The Premier has broken his word to Manitobans once again and that he is demanding Manitobans either pay thousands more each year or accept more massive cuts to our health care system. He added that it is an admission of failure on the part of the premier.


Wiebe says Palliser’s deep cuts, user fees, plans for privatization and now a new tax are turning the health care system into a two tier American Style System where money Trumps medical need.

Kelsey School Division First Regular Board Meeting of the School Year

The Kelsey School Division held their first Regular Board Meeting of the 2017-2018 school years on Monday.Superintendent Julia Mckay says they had swearing in ceremony for Gianna Catalano the new board youth representative, and they did nominations and elections for chair and vice chair person of the board. Vaughn Wadeluis is still the chair person and Claudette Garrow is still the vice chair.


The next meeting is scheduled to take place on September 25th.

Fire at Rotary Park

The Pas Fire Department responded to a call for a fire at The Rotary Park on Cathedral Avenue on Wednesday night. The page came in around 10:18 in the evening and upon arrival they found a play structure on fire. The fire was apparently started when someone wrapped clothes around the structure and lit them on fire.


Chief Fire prevention Officer Randy Manych says the police informed him that there was a group of around 20 youth at the park earlier in the evening and they believe that they may be the same group that started the fire.

Town Council Looking at Running the Ambassador Program Again

The Pas Town Council discussed the possibility of running The Pas Community Ambassador Program once again at the committee of the whole meeting on Monday. The program was last held from September 8th to December 31st of 2015.


The program involved having a couple of ambassadors on the streets which built a relationship with people living on the streets. According a report the ambassadors also helped to bring attention to the ongoing needs of the homeless population.


Mayor Jim Scott put forward a request form for Manitoba Liquor and lotteries to provide $15,000 to run the program. Council will discuss the Ambassador Program again on a later date.

OCNs Investment in National Access Cannabis

Opaskwayak Cree Nation has made a large investment in National Access Cannabis a medical cannabis company. OCN Chief Christian Sinclair told CJAR that after an announcement was made by the federal government that they were going to be legalizing Cannabis in Canada by July 2018 they looked into how legalization could benefit OCN.


If National Access Cannabis has a decent stock price OCN will be able to make profits from the shares that they purchased and the plan is to use the profits to combat poverty in the community and for other things that the community needs.


Sinclair added that cannabis is now being recognized as a medicine rather than a drug as it has many medicinal purposes. He also said that with OCN being one of the most economically advanced first nations in Canada they always want to look at where they can capitalize on opportunities for the benefit of their people.

Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Club 9th Annual Par Three Fundraising Tournament

The 9th Annual Halcrow Lake Golf and Country Clubs 9th annual Par Three Fundraising Tourney is this Saturday. The entry fee is $100 a player or $400 a team. The Tee off is 11AM to sign up call 204-627-2300.  All Proceeds will go towards improvements for the golf course.

Fire at Crossley Avenue Residence

The Pas Fire department responded to a report of a fire around 9:18 on Monday night when children were reported to have set fire to a plant at a residence on Crossley Avenue.


The fire was put out relatively quickly. There is an Identification on the children responsible but it is not known if they have been caught or not.



A Busy Day for The Pas Fire Department

Monday was a busy day for The Pas Fire Department. The first call of the day came in around 12:05 for a minor car accident at the corner of third and Crossley.


The next emergency call came in around 4:35 from an apartment block on Second Street when an unintended pot burnt some baby bottles and set off the fire alarms, and another call was received around 9:18 in the evening when children were reported to have set fire to a plant at a residence on Crossley Avenue.

Monthly Mayor Reports For August

The monthly mayor reports for The Pas, The RM of Kelsey, and Cormorant for the month of August have been released. Most of the offenses committed in The Pas were disturbances of the peace a total of 171, The RM of Kelsey saw mostly provincial traffic violations totaling 34, and Cormorant had mostly breach of peace offenses.

Auditions For Theatre 53's Spring Production of Cinderella

Theatre 53 will be having auditions for their spring production of Cinderella on October 16th. The auditions will be held at the Kelsey Community School music room. Auditions are open to youth 12 years and older and adults. People auditioning must come prepared to sing.

Stand Up to Save Oscars Place Second Meeting

The second stand up to save Oscars Place Meeting was held on September 9th at the UCN lobby. The meeting was attended by concerned citizens to determine how to save the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter after The Pas Friendship Centre Announced that
they were going to close the shelter at the end of the month.


Several people came forward with ideas on how they could raise money to keep the shelter running including a Go Fund Me Page and donation boxes. The goal is to try to raise at least $4,000 a month to go towards operating costs. Three budgets from The Pas Friendship Centre were presented at the meeting with one budget stating that it would cost around $200.000 a year to operate the Shelter based on 10 hours of operation a day.


A few meeting participant’s volunteered to become committee members
for the stand up to save Oscars place group and they will be having a meeting at UCN this Wednesday to decide on a plan.

Local Musician Nominated for Two Native American Music Awards

Rhonda Head, a musician from Opaskwayak Cree Nation has received two nominations for The 2017 Native American Awards. One nomination is for best female artist and the other is for best gospel and inspirational recording. The awards take place on October 14th at the Nigara Falls Casino. You can vote for Rhonda Head online at


Photo Courtesy of Facebook



OCN Looks To Marijuana To Help With Poverty

According to a report, Opaskwayak Cree Nation has spent $3M on shares of a medical marijuana company.


OCN Chief Christian Sinclair said that the 10% ownership of National Access Cannabis is in preparation for the legalization of cannabis next year. Chief Sinclair added that in the past marijuana has been a part of the war on drugs, but now could be a part of the solution in the effort to end poverty in the community.


Sinclair added that the decision was one that has been unanimously accepted by OCN leadership and the Council of Elders.


Prime Minister Trudeau announced in the spring that marijuana will be legal across the country by July 1st, 2018.


Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to National Access Cannabis as National Access Canada


Smile Cookie Fundraiser Week at Tim Hortons

The Pas Families Building Better Communities is fundraising money to build a spray park in The Pas and one of the fundraisers they have been doing for the last couple of years is the smile cookie campaign through Tim Hortons.


Smile cookies can be purchased at Tim Hortons this week until sunday the 17th for one dollar each and 100 percent of donations will go towards the spray park If you would like some cookies delivered to your business or organization to help support the cause you can request an order sheet by emailing and you are asked to send the order forms 24 hours in advance and they can be or faxed to 623-2589 or you can send them back via email.

Fur Queen Candidates For Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival

Fur Queen Candidates for the 2018 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival are now being accepted. If you are 18-24 years of ages you can apply. Applications are available by calling Krista Tooley at 204-620-2373 or email The Application Deadline is September 30th

School Safety Zone Project

Manitoba Public Insurance will be providing funding to police agencies to conduct enhanced speed enforcement in school zones during the month of September.


Minister of Crown Services Cliff Cullen stated in a news release that combining enhanced public awareness about school zone safety with the high visibility of police enforcement serves as a reminder to all motorists to slow down and drive with caution in school zones.


Drivers are reminded to look well ahead to spot school buses and school zone signs, and to wait for children to complete cross the road before proceeding. They are also reminded to stop at least five metres behind a school bus and not to pass them when their stop sign is out and their upper red lights are flashing.

The Pas Friendship Centre's Statement on The Closure of The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter

The Pas Friendship Centre recently released a statement regarding the closure of The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. According to their statement the TPFC has had to pay for the accumulated deficits incurred over the years by the shelter and they have not received any additional municipal, provincial, or federal dollars for the shelter.


Because of these difficulties TPFC is in a large amount of debt and they will continue to have the debt payments down the road. Applications for grants and funding have been submitted for financial support but the applications were not successful as many other communities have similar demands.


The shelter often receives donations of personal items and financial contributions from members of the community and the statement concluded by saying that it will take a community effort to overcome the challenges that the homeless shelter continues to face.


The shelter is expected to close on September 30th at 7AM.

Local Student Making a Difference To Help Conquer Cystic Fibrosis

Ashley Trampe, a local physiotherapy student is taking part in Shinerama A Fundraiser where University Students raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. She is the daughter of Bruce Trampe a well known member of The Pas Kinsmen.


If you would like to make a donation you can find a link to Trampes page on The Pas Kinsmens Facebook page.

Stand Up for Oscars Place Second Meeting

UCN instructor Olivia McCorriston announced on the community Facebook group that the next Stand Up for Oscar’s Place meeting will take place this Saturday at the UCN Lobby at 3PM.


It was announced that the Oscar’s Place Homeless Shelter would be closing its doors at the end of the month and one of the items on the meetings agenda is to create a plan to help keep the shelter running.


Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.

True North Mud Run Turn Out

The Pas Kinsmen held the True North Mud Run last weekend and they had a great turnout. There were 161 runners and they raised around ten thousand dollars.


The Pas Kinsmen made a commitment last year to put twenty thousand dollars towards an outdoor rink for The Pas and the money raised at the mud run will go towards that commitment.


David Harmon from the Kinsmen Club says they appreciate everyone’s support and they hope to do the event again next year.

Harvest Season Driving Safety Tips

Manitoba Public Insurance is warning residents that because we are in the midst of harvest season, Large Agricultural Equipment will be traveling on public roads. Keith Ward from Manitoba Public Insurance says it’s important that both producers and motorists do their part to stay safe on the road.


Farm equipment is large and slow moving and producers need to ensure their equipment is properly lit when travelling and motorists need to be fully aware of their surroundings especially in rural areas where harvesting is taking place.


On average there are about 20 collisions yearly in Manitoba involving agricultural equipment and passenger vehicles.

Issues With the Oscar's Place Homeless Shelter Closing

With the announcement that Oscar’s Place Homeless Shelter will be closed on September 30th Mayor Jim Scott says it will have a large effect on the homeless population in The Pas saying that they will have to sleep outside during the cold winter months.


Chief administrative officer Randi Salamanowicz is also concerned about the homeless having to sleep outside in the winter. Scott has requested an operational annual budget from the friendship centre to find out how much it costs to operate Oscar’s Place.  Scott added that they need to find a solution to help keeping the Shelter open instead of having it closed.

World Suicide Prevention Day Walk

There will be a suicide prevention day walk here in The Pas on September 10th.

The walk begins at the Royal Canadian Legion at 4PM and will finish at the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre. People are asked to meet at the legion at 3:30 PM


There will also be a free Barbeque and cake, and live entertainment. Participants will also be eligible for prizes at the end of the barbeque. For more information call 204-978-0608.

Stand Up to Save Oscars Place Meeting

After an announcement was made last week by The Pas Friendship Centre that they were ceasing operations of The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter due to poor funding and support, UCN Instructor Oliva McCorriston called a special meeting that took place at the UCN lobby on September 2nd.

The meeting gave residents the opportunity to voice their concerns about not having a homeless shelter in The Pas and their ideas of how they could raise funds to keep the shelter running. Some people in attendance had a personal connection to homelessness.
The next step is to determine the operating costs of running the shelter by gaining information from The Pas Friendship Centre and to start fundraising as soon as possible.


MLA Amanda Lathlin was present at the meeting and she said she was proud of the
community for coming together to help their less fortunate community members.

There will be another meeting on a later date to discuss the fundraising plan and what else can be done to save the shelter. The plan is to have this meeting with the friendship centre

Town of The Pas and CUPE Reach a Tentative Agreement

The Town of The Pas Recently announced that they have reached a tentative agreement between CUPE Local 745. Mayor Jim Scott says Town Council and CUPE have been negotiating a contract for their collective bargaining agreement.


The group representing CUPE are going to take the contract back to their membership. The Contract will be discussed at the next Committee of the Whole Meeting on September 11th before being brought to town council for a ratification vote at the council meeting on September 25th.

Oscar's Place Homeless Shelter Closing

According a public notice from the Pas Friendship Centre, They will no longer be operating the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter and the shelter is set to close on September 30th


The shelter did not receive the support and funding needed to continue operations but The Pas Friendship Centre on Edwards Avenue is expected to stay open.


According to a post on The Pas Community Whats happening in the Tri Area Facebook group there will be a special meeting at the UCN Lobby this Saturday called "Stand Up To Save Oscar's Place" in an effort to try to save the shelter.



Kelsey Recreation Red Cross Babysitting Course

If you are interested in becoming a babysitter there will be a Red Cross Babysitting course at the Roy H Johnston Arena on October 7th from 9AM to 5PM. The course is open to people 11 and older and it will teach you the skills needed to become a good babysitter.


Participants are asked to bring a lunch, and a doll if they have one and they are required to attend the course for the complete 8 hours.


The Cost to participate is $35.00 which includes a babysitting manual. For more information call The Pas Recreation and Wellness centre at 204-627-1134.

Comedian Lara Rae Emceeing Manitoba NDP Leadership Convention Dinner.

Manitoba NDP President David Woodbury announced that Winnipeg Based Comedian Lara Rae will be an emcee for The Manitoba NDP leadership convention Dinner.


Woodbury stated in a press release that Lara Rae is one of Winnipeg’s Finest Comedic talents. Woodbury added that as a strong voice for the arts and LGBTTQ communities they are excited to have her host the leadership convention dinner.


Lara Rae is also the co-founding artistic director of the Winnipeg comedy festival.

The Manitoba NDP leadership convention dinner takes place on Friday September 15th at the RBC convention centre in Winnipeg.

Provincial and Federal NDP Calling on The Federal Government to Refer North Dakota Water Projects

NDP MLA Rob Altemeyer and NDP MP Daniel Blaikie joined forces recently after learning two potentially dangerous water diversion projects in North Dakota have not been referred to the international Joint Commission.


The IJC is guided by the boundary waters treaty and resolves disputes whenever the actions of one country affects waterways in the other. Blaikie announced that he is the sponsoring MP of an official House of Commons petition calling on the Trudeau Government to refer both projects to the IJC for immediate review.


Blaikie stated in a news release that The Trudeau Government must step in to ensure these projects receive the full scrutiny of the Canadian and US Governments.


He added that Lake Winnipeg is already in distress and there is real concern that the North Dakota projects will increase the risk of contaminates and foreign species entering Lake Winnipeg via the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.


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