The Pas Local News Archives for 2019-03

Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Holding Economic Development Tours in The Pas and OCN

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is having economic development tours in The Pas and Opaskwayak Cree Nation on April 24th and the 25th.


Chuck Davidson, the president and CEO of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce told Arctic Radio News that this is an initiative that was undertaken by the chambers of commerce last summer and over the course of the next 18 months they will be doing economic development tours of various Northern Manitoba communities. 


Since The Pas and OCN are considered to be major communities in Northern Manitoba, the Chambers of Commerce wants to provide an opportunity for business people from Southern Manitoba to visit the area and look at potential business opportunities.


They will also be meeting with local leaders and they will be touring various businesses and places in the area such as UCN, The Sam Waller Museum and Canadian Kraft Paper.


If you are interested in participating in these economic development tours visit


The Pas Fire Department Reminding Residents to Exercise Caution on the Ice this Spring

The Pas Fire Department would like to remind everyone to exercise caution on the ice with warmer weather in the forecast. Fire prevention officer Cody Langlois spoke to Arctic Radio News to give some safety tips for people planning to go out on the ice.


He says It's recommended that you tell people where you are going and what time you will be back before you head out on the ice and to bring a two way radio or cell phone in case of an emergency. At this time of year driving a vehicle on the ice is not recommended.


It’s also a good idea to bring dry clothes and to wear a life jacket when going out on the ice in case you fall through and to avoid walking on the ice when it’s dark.  People that own ice huts are reminded that they must be taken off the ice by April 15th.

Are Our Roads the Worst in Manitoba?

CAA Manitoba is once again asking you to help identify roads in dire need of attention with its 8th annual Worst Roads Campaign.


 Their President Tim Scott says the most obvious ones that people vote on are pot holes or cracking of cement, heaving, sink holes but they also encourage the cyclists side of it or pedestrians walking on the sidewalks to also identify sidewalks as well so it’s commonly known as worst roads but it’s expanding basically into infrastructure that people are using walking, cycling or driving.


CAA has been working closely with municipalities and the province to ensure roads nominated each year are on government’s priority lists. Voting runs until midnight on April 16th and you can nominate your worst road online at or on the CAA app. 

UCN Enrollment Reaches Record Levels

With 2,699 registered students at the end of February of this year the enrollment at the University College of The North is the highest that it has ever been since its founding in 2004.


Enrollment changes at UCN have reflected growth across its different campuses and their program area. Enrollment grew on average by 46. Point 5 percent overall with enrollment increasing by 20 point 4 percent in The Pas.


Doug Lauvstad, UCN’s President and Vice Chancellor says UCN is committed to educating Northern Manitobans and preparing them for employment opportunities in the North and they are proud to serve Northerners.

12th Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow

The 12th Annual Traditional Graduation Pow Wow will be held on April 6th at the UCN Mamawechtotan Centre.  UCN Graduates that wish to attend must sign up by 4:30 tomorrow afternoon.  For more information or to sign up visit

2019 Northern Manitoba Tourism Awards

Nominations are now open for the 2019 Northern Manitoba Tourism Awards. The award categories are event of the year, indigenous tourism, innovation of the year, and partnership of the year.


The deadline to make a nomination is April 10th at midnight and the awards dinner is set to be held at the Kikiwak Inn on April 24th.


You can sign up by following this link

The Pas RCMP Seize Drugs

On Sunday morning The Pas and Opaskwayak Cree Nation RCMP executed a search warrant under the controlled drugs and substances act at a residence on 3rd Street East.


The Officers seized over 9 grams of methamphetamine, various weapons, cell phones, money, and drug paraphernalia.


34 year old Savannah Cowley of OCN has been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of property obtained by crime and 48 year old Roger Dram of Winnipeg was given similar charges.


The Investigation is continuing.

Manitoba Appoints New Board of Directors to the Communities Economic Development Fund

Growth Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen announced yesterday that the Manitoba Government is taking an important step to advance northern economic development and position the region for long term success.


Pedersen says that in order to build a sustainable future in the region northern economic development must be led by northerners since people in the north best understand their own needs.


To fulfill these goals the province is appointing new members to the board of directors of the Communities’ Economic Development Fund.


Jamie Wilson of OCN who is vice president of corporate development for the Arctic Gateway Group was appointed as chairperson of the board and Doug Lauvstad the president and chancellor of the University College of the North was also appointed as a board member.


The Communities economic development fund has been identified as Manitoba’s regional economic development partner for the north to coordinate the delivery of services for companies, entrepreneurs, and communities.

Maple Bus Lines No Longer Serving The Pas

Maple Bus Lines will no longer be providing service for The Town of The Pas due to low ridership. The Pas residents will still be able to travel to Winnipeg and Flin Flon using Mahihkan Bus Lines and Thompson Bus is expected to offer service to Thompson later this year.


Additional information on these bus companies can be found at:

Community Rallies Together to Support The Pas Fire Department and Volunteer Fire Fighters

Residents of The Town of The Pas braved the cold weather on Saturday to take part in a community march to show their support for The Pas Fire Department and the volunteer fire fighters in response to the lawsuit that was filed against the fire department.


The march ran from 1 until 3 in the afternoon and Fire Prevention Officer Cody Langlois says the turnout was better than expected.


The Fire Department has also been receiving support from other provinces and Langlois would like to thank everyone that has been supporting them.

Northern Urban Reserves Municipalities and Economic Development Forum being held in Thompson

The Northern Urban Reserves and Economic Development Forum is being held in Thompson on April 9th and the 10th. The forum is being hosted by Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak and Look North and it will be held at the Thompson Regional Community Centre.


Look North Steering Committee Member and Chief of Opaskwayak Cree Nation Christian Sinclair spoke to Arctic Radio News and said that MKO is taking the steps based on the economic impact study that was done in relation to first nations and their contribution to the GDP of Manitoba and it was found that 9.3 Billion dollars from the 2016 census is what first nations contributed to the provincial economy.


With this information available economic strategies can now be created that will allow first nations to create business plans and incorporate themselves into the economy and the forum will focus on building relationships and partnerships with indigenous communities, business communities and municipalities here in the north.


Sinclair added that because First Nations are 77 percent of the population of Northern Manitoba, first nation’s peoples should be 77 percent of the economy but they aren’t so it’s time to inform leaders and people in general that there are huge opportunities to participate in the economy on a grand scale.


If you would like to participate in the forum you are asked to RSVP by March 31st Call 204-677-1600 for more information or to sign up.


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Chief Christian Sinclair Responds to News of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Becoming a Statutory Holiday

NDP MP Georgina Jolibois’s Bill C-369 passed in the House of Commons last week legally making National Day for Truth and Reconciliation a statutory Holiday in Canada.


Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief Christian Sinclair spoke to Arctic Radio News and said he was very pleased with the fact that Canada is taking steps to truly implement reconciliation for indigenous peoples.


The National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is on September 30th and OCN is planning to have some community events to commemorate the day.

Legal Cannabis Store Coming Soon to Flin Flon

Recreational Cannabis Will Soon Be Sold in Flin Flon.


Flin Flon is on the list of communities where retailers can now apply for an operating license.  Last year the province released a request for pre-qualification seeking potential retailers interested in operating cannabis stores in Manitoba. Pre-qualified applicants will now participate in a randomized draw for each location and selected applicants will proceed through the agreement and licensing process to operate in seven communities including Flin Flon.


The Manitoba government says they have been working with local governments to ensure they have fair say and are onboard with the proposed retail locations.  Late last year Flin Flon City Council designated the uptown commercial area as a zone for the permitted sale and distribution of recreational cannabis.

Canadian Kraft Paper Wins Major Industrial Award

Last Week, Canadian Kraft Paper was awarded the prestigious 2019 Export Award from the Canadian Manufacturers and exporters association in recognition for demonstrating excellence in expanding into geographic markets through significant and sustained export sales.


Canadian Kraft Paper was recognized for achieving a certain degree of revenue growth and for exhibiting good corporate citizenship and contributing to the expansion of Manitoban and Canadian employment. 


Canadian Kraft Paper is considered to be a major employer for The Pas and area.

Niki Ashton Makes a Statement on World Tuberculosis Day

Local MP Niki Ashton spoke in the House of Commons last week where she made a statement for world Tuberculosis day.


She says Nunavut has the highest rate of Tuberculosis in Canada and Manitoba has the second highest rate. First Nations people living on reserve are more at risk of having tuberculosis then other Canadians. 


Tuberculosis is linked to poverty and is caused by crowding poor ventilation, and mould.


Ashton concluded her statement by calling on the federal government to not just acknowledge World Tuberculosis Day but to make the investments necessary to commit to eradicating TB once and for all.


World Tuberculosis Day is held on March 24th each year.

Should the one percent P-S-T cut have been a priority for the Province?

Should the one percent P-S-T cut have been a priority for the Province?

That’s a question raised by Flin Flon M-L-A Tom Lindsey in the Legislature last week.


Lindsey said that most decision from the Pallister Government have negatively affected Manitobans, and that voters will remember that when the next election is called.


The N-D-P M-L-A said that the government will be remembered for living up to one promise at the expense of another.


Lindsey went on to say that people will know that in order to cut the P-S-T they abandoned people.


He said that they quote don’t care about people, and that when he’s knocking on doors before the next provincial election he will be reminding northerners that the Pallister Government doesn’t care about them.


Lindsey added that the government needs to start focusing on people instead of money. 

Amanda Lathlin Speaks out on the Lawsuit Involving The Town of the Pas and Volunteer Fire Fighters

Amanda Lathlin spoke out in the House of Commons during question period recently to speak out against the lawsuit being filed against The Town of The Pas and volunteer firefighters.


The lawsuit was filed by an insurance company for the way that the volunteer fire fighters fought the fire that destroyed the hotel two years ago to compensate for their loses and Lathlin says the lawsuit was filed under the guidance of Premier Brian Pallister.


Colleen Mayer the Minister of Crown Services accused Lathlin of putting false information on the record and clarified that the Manitoba Government is not suing the town or individual fire fighters, and that the claim was filed by the insurance company that insures Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries for their Loses.


However,Lathlin pointed out that the statement of claim explicitly Identifies Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries as the plaintiff asking for compensation for the value of their video lottery terminals that were destroyed in the fire and related equipment damages.


Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries stated on social media that they already received compensation payment and they have no reason to take part in the statement of claim.


Lathlin went on to say that the volunteer fire fighters worked hard to put out the fire at the Town Centre Hotel but the fire rekindled and the building was destroyed despite their efforts and it saddens her to see the actions of this current government.



The Pas Kinsmen's 10th Anniversary Ladies Night

The Pas Kinsmen held the 10th anniversary ladies night on March 16th at the UCN cafeteria.


Kinsmen Co Chair Dan Kecskes spoke to Arctic radio news and said this year’s event was a big success. They sold 99 of their 120 tickets and everyone enjoyed the meal that was served and the prizes that were up for grabs.


The money raised will go towards community projects and at this event they made over four thousand dollars.


The original purpose of the ladies night was to give back to the wives of the Kinsmen members.

NDP Bill to make National Day for Truth and Reconciliation a Statutory Holiday Passes

NDP MP Georgina Jolibois’ Bill C-369 to make the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation a statutory holiday has passed in the House of Commons.


Jolibois says it’s an important step towards reconciliation and after 151 years of pain and suffering inflicted on indigenous Canadians, there will now be a time to reflect and build relationships to strengthen Canadian society. 


She added that they heard from many First Nations, Métis and Inuit people that wanted this done.


National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is September 30th.

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Makes a Statement Regarding The Lawsuit for The Town of The Pas

Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries made a statement on social media In Response to the report of a lawsuit being filed against The Town of The Pas and six volunteer firefighters for negligence in the way they fought the fire that destroyed the Town Centre Hotel two summers ago.


MLL’s statement said quote they were not advised of the filing of the statement of claim and they have already received payment for their Video Lottery Terminals that were lost in the fire and have no reason to take part in the statement of claim.



Thoughts on the 2019 Budget Survey

Local NDP MP Niki Ashton is asking people to fill out a survey to give feedback on how they feel about the 2019 Federal Budget. 


Ashton stated on social media that the budget itself does not cover, on reserve housing, policies to solve the housing crisis, or the cleaning of mould from Northern homes. The budget also fails to meet the priorities of Northern Manitobans such as housing, health, and jobs.


In Her newest MP report she said the budget of 2019 was the last chance for this government to put Canadians first but instead Canadians received a budget that maintains business as usual and continues massive giveaways to big corporations while people struggle to make ends meet.


A report from the Canadian press says the Liberals have committed 4.5 billion dollars to improving living conditions for indigenous peoples.


A link to the survey can be found on Niki Ashton’s Facebook page or at

Pallister Announces New Dialysis Beds While In Thompson

The Pallister Government is set to invest almost $5.2M for dialysis services in the Province.


Premier Brian Pallister was in Thompson earlier this week to make the announcement, alongside the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living Cameron Friesen.


The announced investment includes $2.4M this year, and will see in-centre dialysis expanded to accommodate an additional six patients in Thompson.

Friesen said that receiving services closer to home is integral to the government’s approach to improving Manitoba’s health system, and that expanding dialysis services in communities will make it easier for Manitobans living with kidney disease and kidney failure to access the health care that they need.


NDP leader Wab Kinew spoke to Arctic Radio News afterwards, and said that the missing piece to the announcement is prevention.

Kinew said there is a lot that could be done to help prevent and manage diseases like diabetes at home, such as diet and exercise, which would help prevent dialysis from happening later on.  


Other facilities that will see expanded dialysis services include Portage la Prairie, Pine Falls, Hodgson, the Boundary Trails Health Centre and Winnipeg.

Kelsey School Divisions Last Board Meeting

Kelsey School Board Chair Vaughn Wadeluis spoke to Arctic Radio News about some of the items brought up at the last school board meeting. He said that the 2019-2020 budget passed and it was the same as the draft budget that had been brought up at the previous board meeting.


During the meeting they also passed the 2019-2020 school year calendar. More Information on the 2019-2020 budget and the calendar for the upcoming school year can be found at

Public Hearing Next Month For Town of The Pas By Law 4592

The Town of The Pas is having a public hearing for the proposed amendment of by law number 4592 next month.


Jenn Early the assistant CAO says the public hearing is about lake front lots at the airport subdivision. Originally when the subdivision was done there was a requirement to have a 100 foot setback from the high water mark as outlined by respective government regulations.


If the amendment is approved residents will have a 75 foot set back from the high water mark allowing people to build closer to the water.


The public hearing will be held on April 23rd at 6PM at Council Chambers at the Municipal Office.



An Information Session on Your Role in Care giving Being Held Tonight

The Primary Health Care Center is hosting a telehealth session tonight presented by the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba.  The session will deal with the stress and guilt of care giving for someone with a chronic illness.


Presenter Ruth Thomson will talk about how to assess ones situation to look at ways you can reduce your stress by being practical and having realistic expectations of yourself and by using community supports. 


The session will be held at the Primary Health Care Centre here in The Pas from 6:30 to 8PM.  To register online go to, or call 1-800-378-6699.

Amanda Lathlin Addresses Funding Issues Child Care Services in Budget 2019

Last Week, The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed the funding issues for child care services in budget 2019.


Lathlin stated that Manitoba parents need access to affordable, high quality child care but budget 2019 appears to be putting child care further out of reach for parents in Manitoba.


Page fifty in the budget indicates an over one point four million dollar cut from child care, which will mean less support for kids in daycare and early childhood educators.


The wait list for child care is still growing and there are nearly eighteen thousand children currently on the wait list.


Lathlin added that child care continues to be put out of reach of parents because of inadequate funding spaces and costs forcing them to delay their return to work or not return at all.


She chided the Pallister government for not committing their own funding for new child care spaces and believes that federal funds should enhance investments in child care and not backfill the lack of provincial funding.

2019 On the Right Road to Reducing Fatalities with below Average Crash Count in a Decade

In the first two months of this year, five people were killed on public roadways here in Manitoba which is significantly lower than the same time frame in 2018 where thirteen people were killed.


That’s according to a new report released by Manitoba Public Insurance last week. Last year, during the first two months there were three fatalities involving off road vehicles in the province but so far this year there have been no fatal off road vehicle accidents in Manitoba.


Manitoba Public Insurance states that every Manitoban has the power to bring the fatality count down to zero by changing how we think of road safety, the way we drive, and the decisions we make behind the wheel.

Student Writes A Threat on the Washroom Wall at Scott Bateman Middle School

According to a notice sent out by Scott Bateman Middle School a student wrote a threat on the wall of the boys washroom saying that there would be a shooting on March 18th.


The RCMP has been informed of this incident and they are trying to find the person that wrote the threat and they have spoken to students during assembly recently. The school and the police will do everything they can to ensure the safety of the students.


We will keep you up to date on this developing story as the information comes in.

Niki Ashton Calling For a Universal Pharmacare Program

Local NDP MP Niki Ashton is calling for a universal phramacare program.


In her newest MP report, she pointed out that nearly two million Canadians can’t to afford to fill their prescriptions and for many people this means more trips to the doctor or the hospital hurting their health and costing more in the long run.


As a result hundreds of premature deaths occur each year among working age Canadians that are unable to afford their prescriptions.


Ashton stated that the best solution is to build a universal single payer pharmacare system instead of protecting the profits of big pharmaceutical and insurance companies.


She ended her report by saying in Canada all it should take is a health card not a credit card to stay healthy.

Wab Kinew Announces New Critics for Health and Families in Preparation for More Provincial Cuts UPDATED

Wab Kinew the leader of the Manitoba NDP’s announced a revamped shadow cabinet to continue to hold the Pallister government accountable for deep cuts to health care, education, and jobs.


The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin was named deputy whip of the official opposition, and critic for Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Critic for families, and critic for persons with disabilities.


Wab Kinew says they have heard from families and workers who are losing their services due to Brain Pallister and the NDP’s are fighting hard against his quote reckless plan to cut from hospitals and schools and they are ready to take that fight back to the legislature and stand up for Manitoba families.


Kinew will take on the role as critic for Manitoba Hydro. 

Community Wellness Challenge 2019

The Community Wellness Challenge will be held from April 29th until May 26th. The challenge is a free event that is open to anyone in the tri area that’s four years of age or older and it’s a challenge that will allow participants to improve their lifestyle.


Participants also have a chance to win some prizes and you can register on your own, with your family, a team of four, partners of two, or as a group.


Registration will be open in April and if you want more information call Russell Thorne at 204-627-6419

The 43rd Northern Juried Art Show May 6th until the 12th.

If you want to showcase your artistic skills while trying to win a little cash, now is your chance.


The 43rd Northern Juried Art Show is taking place in Thompson from May 6th until the 12th.


The show is open to all artists ages 18 and over who live north of 53 here in Manitoba, as well as those living in Creighton and Denare Beach.


There are seven categories for this years’ show; painting, watercolour, drawing and printmaking, crafts, fibre art, photography and sculpture.


There is also a youth category for youth aged 5 to 17.


There is a 15 dollar per piece entry fee, which is due by April 7th.


For more information or if you would like an entry form call 204-670-4515 or email

Your Children Can Help Name Future Police Dogs

The RCMP are inviting young people across the country to help name thirteen German Shepherd puppies born at the Police Dog Service Training Center.  Inspector Bill Long says the rules are simple.  Names must begin with the letter M with no more than nine letters,


The name must have one or two syllables, contestants must live in Canada and be 14 years old or younger, and only one entry per child will be eligible and entries must be received by March 26th.


The thirteen children whose puppy names are selected will each receive a laminated 8 by 10 inch photo of the puppy they named, a plush dog called Justice and an official RCMP baseball cap.  For information on how to enter by mail or online go to your favorite search engine and type in Name the Puppy Contest 2019.

Canada Post Community Foundation for Children Now Accepting Applications for 2019 Grants

Help could be within reach if your youth program needs financial assistance.

The Canada Post Community Foundation for Children is now accepting applications for 2019 grants.


Over one million dollars is available for charities, school programs and groups that serve the needs of young people.


Despite the broad range of youth programs in Canada, Canada Post says that it will not give a grant to sports teams, trade shows, conventions, events or debt reduction campaigns.


Applications are due by April fifth, and the recipients will be notified by August.


More information and a link to the grants can be found here:



Community Meeting Held for Northern Manitoba Snowmobile Tourism Strategic Plan

A presentation and discussion on the Northern Manitoba Snowmobile Tourism Strategic Plan was held on Monday at the Sam Waller Museum.


Al McLaughlin a consultant for Travel Manitoba who was hired to develop the Northern Tourism Strategy spoke to Arctic Radio News, and explained that these meetings are being held to report back to communities about a report that was generated at the snowmobile summit held in Snow Lake last November. 


The turnout of the presentation in The Pas was good with lots of people giving positive feedback and more meetings will be held in other Northern Manitoba communities this week.

Town of The Pas Council Votes in Favour of Handicap Loading Zone Signage

The Town of The Pas Mayor and Council voted in favour of a resolution to put up signage at the Handicap loading zone at Ecole Opasquia School during Monday night’s council meeting.


Two months ago, Ecole Opasquia School submitted a letter to town council to request new signage at their handicap pick up and drop off zone in front of the school on 8th street to allow for accessible parking.


The school currently doesn’t have enough space to pick up and drop off handicap students requiring parents and care givers to park further away or wait for a spot to open up.


The town is expected to put the signage up sometime this spring.

MLA Amanda Lathlin Addresses Child Care Funding Levels

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin spoke in the Manitoba legislature recently on child care funding levels in Manitoba.


According to Lathlin the provincial government has shortchanged child and family services authorities even though the number of children in care exceeds eleven thousand and this year’s budget does not come close to what the government spent this past year on children in care and in the past year the government budgeted nearly 513 million dollars for children in care which Lathlin says is not enough.


Lathlin accused one of the ministers of failing to adequately consult with indigenous child welfare agencies before a system wide implementation of block funding and as a result indigenous children in care could be at risk due to inadequate funding. Lathlin asked the Government many times during question period if they would do the right thing and restore the funding for children in care.


Heather Stefanson, the Minister of Families responded to Lathlin by saying that budget 19-20 offers fifteen million dollars more then what will be available through block funding for authorities in CFS which will be good for children in the province and it will allow them the opportunity to use funds towards preventive measures towards reunification with families.


Stefanson added that they have worked very closely with the indigenous leadership council, indigenous authorities, the Indigenous Grandmother Leadership Council, and agencies involved in the system.


She concluded her response by saying that they have heard that Manitobans felt that the agency should be able to keep that children’s special allowance for those children and they ensure that that will happen.


A Pedestrian Injured on Highway Near Flin Flon Last Night

Around 9:45 last night RCMP were called to an accident just outside Flin Flon on number ten highway. 


A vehicle had hit a pedestrian.  The pedestrian was transferred to the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg and is reported to be in stable condition.


No further details are available as the investigation continues.

Februarys Monthly Mayor Reports

February’s monthly mayor reports for The Town of The Pas, The RM of Kelsey and Cormorant have been released. The Pas had a total of one hundred and fifty two disturbances of the peace, eighty two mischief cases, seventy two index checks, twenty six assaults and various other offences.


The RM of Kelsey once again say mostly provincial traffic violations a total of forty two and Cormorant had two cases of mischief, two assaults, one case of impaired driving, one case of theft, and one mental health act case.

Review Ordered For Safety and Security at Manitoba Health Care Facilities

Health, Seniors, and Active Living Minister Cameron Friesen announced yesterday that The Manitoba Government issued a request for proposal to review security programs, services, and systems at key heath care facilities across the province.


Friesen says it’s our responsibility to ensure that health care facilities throughout the province are safe for everyone and the review will report back on varying levels of staffing and training standards that are in place at these facilities and a plan will be created to ensure the continued safety for all Manitobans that work at or visit these facilities.


Facilities in Thompson, Flin Flon, and The Pas may be part of the review.

The Manitoba Budget Does Not Benefit the North According to Tom Lindsey

The Manitoba Budget Does Not Benefit the North. That’s according to Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey who says he sees nothing in the budget for the north.


He says health care funding has been cut not just in the north but when they cut 120 million dollars out of the budget it’s going to have a negative effect on the north.


He noted we haven’t seen anything for a jobs strategy, we haven’t seen them talking anything about stimulating the mining economy and the northern economy so he doesn’t see where there’s really any good news in this budget for us in the north.


Lindsey adds the one percent drop in the PST is nice but what are we giving up.  He says it will result in a loss in services such as spending on roads and health care with problems attracting doctors to the north and reduced services at Winnipeg emergency rooms where northerners are sent for treatment as well as a change in the education tax credit on our property taxes.


Another Successful Jimmy Jackfish Fishing Derby

The annual Jimmy Jackfish Fishing derby was held at Rocky Lake on Saturday and it was a big success. There were over 600 hundred fishers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta in attendance and the first fish was caught just moments after shotgun.


There were lots of prizes up for grabs this year including fishing poles, a snowblower, ice augers, and a pop-up ice shelter.

The top three winners this year are Stephen Yellowega taking home the grand prize of twenty thousand dollars, Jaret Ouilette won second place and seven thousand dollars, and the third place winner was Bernard Dyrkaz winning three thousand dollars.


All proceeds from the derby go towards various community programs in The Pas and area.


A complete list of winners can be found at the Jimmy Jackfish Fishing Derby Facebook page

Town Council Meeting Tonight

The Town of The Pas is having their first council and committee of the meetings for the month of March this evening.


Town council is expected to vote on a resolution that would put up signage for accessible parking at the handi cap loading zone at Ecole Opasquia School.


The meetings begin at 6PM at The Pas Municipal Building and agendas can be found at

The Pas Precious Pet Kennels

The Pas Precious Pet Kennels is having a, spay and neuter clinics for low income dog owners from April 27th until the 28th


The cost is one hundred and fifty dollars and this includes vaccination, de-worming, and pain meds after surgery.


You are asked to register ahead of time at The Pas Precious Pet Kennels at four meadows road or by calling 204-623-3608. You are asked not to send text messages.


The Pas Precious Pet Kennels is also in need of donations of garbage bags and bedding.

Niki Ashton May Face Tough Competition Come Election Time

Niki Ashton may have some tough competition in the next election.


Judy Klassen, who currently serves as the MLA for the Keewatinook riding, says that she’s considering making the jump to the federal level to run for the seat that’s been held by Ashton for over a decade.


Klassen, who is one of four Manitoba Liberal MLA’s currently in the Legislature, was elected to her current position in the 2016 election when she defeated NDP incumbent Eric Robinson who served as Deputy Premier from 2009 until 2016.


If the northern MLA does step up to run for the Federal Liberals before the next provincial election, the Manitoba Liberal party would lose official party status which provides access to funding, research staff and a guaranteed presence during question period and on committees.


The next federal election is slated for the fall.

Ryder Armstrong Continues To Receive Support

Cash donations continue to come in for local boy Ryder Armstrong while he receives medical treatment in Winnipeg.


Donations have been provided by generous people and from organizations.


The Selkirk Fisherman Junior B Hockey team has donated $175.


$416 was donated through Snow Lake Minor Hockey’s Novice Puck Toss, and $680 was raised from The Pas Huskies Squirts Cowbell Fundraiser.


The Go Fund Me page “Help for Ryder” had a Fundraising goal of five thousand dollars and over thirty five thousand dollars has been raised.


Niki Ashton's MP Report Addresses Jane Philpot's Resignation

In her most recent MP report local NDP MP Niki Ashton responded to cabinet minister Jane Philpott’s resignation from the Trudeau Cabinet.


Ashton said Philpott was a well respected minister especially for her work with indigenous peoples across Canada.


Philpott resigned a few days after Jody Wilson Raybould’s testimony about the SNC Lavalin affair.


Ashton said the resignations highlight just how deep rooted the scandal is.


The report stated that the NDP has been putting people first choosing investments for people over corporations.


Bear Clan Patrol The Pas Looking For Volunteers

Linda Michelle and Aaron Stevens from Bear Clan Patrol The Pas spoke to Arctic Radio recently to provide information about the program.


Bear Clan Patrol The Pas is an organization that’s dedicated to keeping the community safe and preventing crime and they are in need of new volunteers.


If you would like to sign up to become a volunteer call 204-978-0567 or 204-952-2076. A patrol schedule can be found on Bear Clan Patrol The Pas’s Facebook page.

The Pas Citizens on Patrol Update

Paulette Aamot the coordinator for The Pas and Area Citizens on Patrol Program spoke to Arctic Radio news to give an update on the program. The COPP are doing a 50/50 raffle for a chance to win one thousand dollars and the draw will be on May 11th.


They will also be doing graffiti removal in neighbourhoods this spring and they have two new members that have recently signed up which will bring their membership to 24.


She added that they have been out doing patrols almost every day of the week in the downtown core and around the elementary schools and they hope to do more patrols when the weather gets nicer.


If you are interested in joining COPP call Aamot at 204-620-1369. You must be 18 years or older to join and you are required to go through a criminal record check. 

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Signs a 10 year Grant Moving toward Progress and Independence

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief Christian Sinclair and OCN’s Onuschkewuk signed a 10 year grant yesterday that establishes a new fiscal relationship with the Crown to support capacity building that will allow investing in their own priorities such as economic development, education, and health.


This new relationship will help OCN work towards self determination and close the socio economic gaps between First Nations and the rest of Canada.

A press release stated that OCN is really excited for this opportunity given the fact that the current leadership inherited a lot of debt and was on the verge of third party management, but according to Sinclair they were able to turn their finances around and secure this opportunity within their three year term.


He added that this type of funding is critical to the success of a first nation and will allow them to allocate, manage and use funding that will accommodate their needs in a way that represents Cree values and traditions.


The agreement will be in effect from April 1st of this year until March 31st of 2029.

Announcement Made By Missinippi Rail Limited Partnership

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief Christian Sinclair and Churchill’s Mayor Mike Spence the co-chairs and co-presidents of Missinippi Rails General Partner announced that the inaugural meeting of the board of Missinippi Rail GP took place recently.


Missinippi Rail Limited Partnership represents first nations and communities in Northern Manitoba and shares ownership of Arctic Gateway Group Limited partnership with Fairfax Financial Holdings and AGT Food and Ingredients.  Arctic Gateway Group owns the Hudson Bay Railway and The Port of Churchill having acquired the businesses from Omnitrax last summer.


Chief Sinclair stated in a news release that they have shown that an entire region can unite to accept an economic opportunity and challenge to turn the Hudson Bay Rail Line and the port of Churchill into a corridor of prosperity for Northern Canada.


Mayor Spence says the Arctic Gateway Group defied the odds and were able to reopen the rail line last fall starting a new era and a commitment to realizing the full potential of these strategic nation building assets and they have been able to transfer these assets to their ownership group and are ideally positioned for a bright future.

The Pas Community Renewal Corporations Board of Governance Workshops

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation will be having board of governance workshops from March 11th until the 15th at The Pas Regional Library.


The workshops are, board roles and responsibilities, strategic planning, managing meetings and taking minutes, and board financial oversight.


The goal of these workshops is to provide professional development for board members from any group in The Pas and it will teach people what being on a board is all about and the skills that are required to operate a board in and efficient manner.


The maximum number of participants is 14 and the sessions are free.


If you would like more information on these sessions or if you would like to register call Bonnie White at 204-620-2263.


The deadline to sign up is this Thursday at four PM.

Theatre 53's The Odd Couple

Theatre 53’s latest production is Neil Simons “The Odd Couple” female version.


The performance dates are April 11th, 12th and the 13th at 7:30 PM and the show will be at the Westminster United Church Basement.


This is a licensed event and light snacks will be available to purchase

Tickets are twenty dollars and they can be purchased at Shane’s music or at The Pas Regional Library.

Ottawa Refuses to Work With First Nations According To MP Niki Ashton

Ottawa refuses to work with First Nations.


That’s according to Niki Ashton, who recently asked the Prime Minister why First Nations leaders from Manitoba were unable to meet with the Minister of Indigenous Services to talk about treaty land entitlement early this week while they were in the Nation’s Capital.


Ashton says that the Minister quote couldn’t be bothered to walk two blocks to meet with the leaders.


Prime Minister Trudeau responded by saying that he’s proud of the work done by the minister every day, and then said that it was his government that helped restore rail service to Churchill.


Ashton says that Trudeau quote doesn’t get it when it comes to reconciliation, and won’t do the work when it comes to First Nations housing.

Otinkea Malls Family Foods Open for Business Today

The Family Foods Grocery Store at Opaskwayak Cree Nations Otineka Mall will be open for business once again starting today.


According to a statement from OCN, tenant Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation said they would close Family Foods but they had every intention to open as soon as possible. NCN’s Economic Development Manger previously told Arctic Radio News that they weren’t in a financial position to continue running the store.


OCN Chief Christian Sinclair says that when there are outside interests that attack the economy of OCN it is also an attack on the quality of life for our people and that will not be tolerated.

OCN Having Informational Meetings on Indian Act Amendments

Opaskwayak Cree Nation is having two informational meetings this month on recent amendments to the Indian act.


One of the items they will be talking about is the removal of the 1951 cut off of the Indian act and the effect that it could have.


The two meetings are open to everyone and they will be held at the OCN Veterans Hall on March 5th from one until three in the afternoon, and one March 12th from six thirty until eight thirty PM.


If you need more information call the OCN BDA office at 204-627-7130.


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