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Girl Guides in need of leaders

The Pas Girl Guides are getting set for another year. They will be hosting a meeting this week and Leah Yelland with the Girl Guides says they’re in need of adult leaders. If you would like to join girl guides as an adult leader, you must be 18 years of age and have completed a criminal record check. The meeting will be held on Thursday at The Pas Christian Fellowship Church at 5:30pm. They are always in need of more leaders and without them in The Pas, Girl Guides will have to turn children away. 

Back to School

It’s back to school this week for Joe A Ross and Oscar Lathlin Collegiate school students. Wednesday is a full day of classes for Oscar Lathlin Students and a half day for those at Joe A Ross. Nursery and Kindergarten starts on September 8th. In the Kelsey School Division it’s back to school next Wednesday Sept 9th for a half day for those at MBCI. For those at Kelsey Community School, Ecole Opasquia School, Scott Bateman Middle School and Mary Duncan they start on September 9th with parent, student and teacher meetings by appointment. Classes for those schools begin on the 10th. 

Opaskwayak Indian Days

There's events for both kids and adults scheduled for today's Opaskwayak Indian Days.


It's day 4 and the The Children’s events continue to lead off the activities starting with nail pounding, sand bag pull race and other traditional events for kids aged 3 – 8 years.  For the older kids aged 13 thru 17 there are senior traditional events like knife throwing, archery, Moose & Goose calling and log sawing. Thunderbird traditional events are for ages 40 to 54. All of traditional events take place at OID park.


Today at 1 p.m. is also the deadline for the scavenger hunt at the GLMC and all  items must be in on time. At 2pm  is the Gladys Munro Memorial jigging Competition Qualifying #3 at Otineka Mall. There's some large cash prizes for this event which brings out some talented jiggers so those not participating are encouraged to attend to watch.

3pm is the fish filleting competition and in the evening it’s Billy Cook Memorial fishing derby at OID park.

Events continue throughout the evening with the much anticipated youth talent shoe at the GLMC  and Family Fun Night at Veteran’s Hall, both scheduled for 7 p.m.  and the day wraps up with the Princess pageant Cash Draw at 8.



Flin Flon General Hospital Compaint

Three women pepper sprayed at Denare Beach last week have complained about the treatment they received at Flin Flon General Hospital.


The women stated that when they arrived at the hospital they were denied entry.  When an RCMP officer arrived he entered the hospital and then came out to help the women wash out their eyes.  The women then had to change out of their clothes into gowns on the ramp with one later allowed to enter the hospital for treatment while the other two went home.


The Northern Health Regions Communications Coordinator Twyla Storey says their protocol when someone is sprayed with a substance like pepper spray is to prevent the substance from spreading through the hospital so they are treated outside the hospital. She says the affected area is flushed with water for 15 minutes, affected clothing is removed and the affected area is washed with soap and water. She adds when a complaint is received it is dealt with through an internal process adding they have already met with the families involved.

Public Safety Meeting Results

Tuesday night a public meeting was held at the legion hall to discuss what we as a community could do in regards to public safety.   
The meeting was chaired by Mayor Jim Scott, and presents were a number of the members of town council, MLA Amanda Lathlin and members of the local RCMP detachment.
There has been an increasing number of acts of vandalism in The Pas and OCN, and one of the ideas discussed was in regards to enforcement of the curfew by law.
Mayor Jim Scott said one thing that won't work is the enforcement of the curfew by law. That a curfew by law had been already challenged in the courts by the City of Thompson and was thrown out because it is against the charter of rights to tell someone where they can go, what they can do and what time they can do it so is not enforceable.
Mayor Scott added that writing a new by law is being worked on by the communities.
Another topic of discussion was about what could be done to initiate much needed changes to Oscar's Place, the local homeless shelter.
MLA Amanda Lathlin responded by saying that the a committee needed to be formed,  and work with the regional health authority to address the concerns.  She also said she would l ensure that the communities concerns and issues are heard, not ignored and addressed and that she is working with the director to restore Oscar's Place to a 24 hour center.

Public Meeting On Safety Being Held Tomorrow

The Town of The Pas will be hosting a Public Community Meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to hear concerns and recommended solutions as it relates to community safety. It will be held tomorrow at 7:00pm at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall. The more people that attend the community meetings the bigger the difference can be made.

Kelsey School Division By-Election

The Kelsey School Division will be holding a By-Election here in The Pas. The by-election will be held to fill one Trustee seat as Bruce Woods will be relocating out of the school division. Woods has served on the board of trustees for 5 years and has chaired the Finance Committee. He also served on the buildings and maintenances, and community liaison committees. The by-election will be held on Oct 28 and the term of office will be for 3 years. Advance poll will be held on Oct 24th. Both the Advance poll and by-election will be held at the Kelsey School Division Administration Office at 322 Edwards Avenue. 

Family Teaching, Cultural Camp Gathering Started Today

A 3 day camp for families starts today. Everyone is welcome to attend the family teaching, cultural camp gathering. The goal of the camp is to provide opportunities for every family to learn and grown in a safe and happy environment. At the camp you will receive teachings from individuals within the community as well as participate in traditional activities and workshops such as drumming, singing, beading and talking circles. There will be a motivational speaker, evening activities and meals provided. It runs from today until Thursday at Moose Park. 

The Pas Preschool Activity Centre

The Pas Preschool Activity Centre is taking registration for the upcoming year. The preschool is geared for kids ages 3-5. For more information or to pre-register your child you can call 204-623-2726 or email 

Defeat depression walk

You can help defeat depression.


The Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba will be hosting the Defeat Depression Run and Walk Sunday September 26, and everyone is welcome to join in this family friendly event.


The Defeat Depression Run and Walk is held as a way to create more awareness about depression and mental health as well for as support MDAM programs and services.  

For further information call Shellie at 204 – 623 – 9638 ext.30094 or Sherri at 204 – 271 – 3758. Or visit


Avoiding Black Bear Conflict

Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship reminds Manitobans that black bears are currently increasing their food intake to prepare for hibernation later this fall.


This means that black bears may travel through populated areas in search of ripening fruit and acorns. Some steps people can take to reduce bear conflicts are remove all ripened fruit in the morning and before dusk, remove all bird feeders until November when bears have entered their dens and store all garbage in sealed bear resistant containers or indoors just prior to pick up.

When in bear country always assume bears are in the vicinity, never approach or feed them, carry bear spray and keep dogs on a leash.

For further information visit

Summer Kid Camp

Kelsy Rec Centre is hosting a summer kid camp known as Camp Call it Watcha Wanna.

The day camp is located inside the Roy H. Johnston Arena and runs weekdays from 8:30 to 4:30 , with a different theme each week.


This week's them is Outdoor Adventure Week. Jennifer Marche – Terre (Teer ) from KRC explained that it will include both outdoor activities like a nature hike and scavengar as well as indoor crafts.  Then coming up next week will be Mad Science week which again include indoor and outdoor activities based around the theme.


Summer Kid Camp runs until August 28. For further information call 627 – 1134.


Local support for Fire Evacuees

With your help a full 30 foot trailer of items was delivered to Saskatchewan fire evacuees.


For the past few weeks Residents of the Pas, OCN and surrounding areas have been volunteering and collecting furniture, clothing and household items for forest fire evacuees in Northern Saskatchewan.


Pastor Remi Rheault  of Christ Church in The Pas said the support was unbelievable, with a little over 480 bags of clothing as well as furniture, music instruments and other items.  


Support was so great that it took a number of volunteers over 12 hours to load the transport truck to take it from The Pas to Prince Albert grand council.


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