The Pas Local News Archives for 2018-02

RCMP Respond to a Shooting in The Pas

The Pas RCMP responded to a report of a man that suffered a gunshot wound to the lower body. The police responded to the report around 8:46 in the evening on Monday where they found an injured 50 year old man. The victim was outside of his apartment when he was shot and he was taken to the hospital for treatment.


The police have conducted searches of the crime scene and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is ask to call the The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6204 or crime stoppers at 1-800-222-8477

Conditional Use Application for 202 Edwards Avenue Denied By Town Council

The conditional use application to move the Oscar Place Homeless Shelter to 202 Edwards Avenue was denied at Monday nights council meeting. Councilor and acting chairperson for The Stand Up For Oscars Place Group Chad Zolinski says a lot of people that came to the public hearing two weeks ago were concerned about having a homeless shelter in the business section of the town, which is one of the reasons why the application was denied. Zolinski voted against denying the application.


Many residents came to the meeting to voice their opinions on the matter with many upset about their decision. Amanda Lathlin was in attendance at the meeting and she hopes that funding can be secured to keep the shelter at its current location.


The Stand Up For Oscars Place Group will be considering alternative locations for the shelter and they will be having a public meeting on March 15th at the shelter to give people updates on their operations and to discuss their situation.

Healthcare Town Hall Forum In The Pas

A town hall forum was held at the Métis Hall here in The Pas a few weeks ago where residents had the opportunity to bring up concerns that they had regarding health care in Northern Manitoba to The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin.


Lathlin says some of the concerns brought up were long wait times in the ER waiting room, the need to have access to health care services within our region rather than having to send patients to Winnipeg for treatment and jurisdictional issues in regards to access to provincial health care on reserves such as disability services.


Lathlin went on to say that holding these town hall hearings is important because she will be able to share these concerns with the minister of health in an effort to make positive changes to the health care system.


Lathlin was supposed to conduct the hearing alongside NDP Leader Wab Kinew but he did not arrive until much later due to a delay. Lathlin and Kinew will be bringing these concerns to The Manitoba Legislature on March 7th.

Health Care Check Up In The Pas

Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont and Liberal Health Critic Jon Gerrard visited The Pas and OCN recently to hear concerns that locals had with the health care system. They held a hearing at The Pas Library on Monday evening and in OCN yesterday morning.


According to Lamont one of the concerns that people brought forward included, the high cost of travelling to Winnipeg for medical treatment and there is inequity with funding for people with disabilities on reserve vs. off reserve and he would like to have fair funding and provisions of services whether they live on or off a reserve.


He added that a lot of people are very frustrated with the state of health care right now.


All of these concerns will be brought to the provincial legislature on March 7th.

Leanne Brown Community Economic Development Fund

There will be a special presentation this evening at The Anderson Inn meeting room that will give people information on self employment. The presentation is being run by The Communities Economic Development Fund and they will be answering questions that people have in terms of self employment.


Admission to the presentation is free and you can register by calling 204-778-4138 ext 221.

The presentation runs from 7-8 PM

Homicide Investigation in Chemawawin Cree Nation

RCMP in Chemawawin Cree Nation received a report on February 24th of an abandoned vehicle on the road leading to the Easterville Airport.


Officers found blood when they searched the vehicle and they started looking for the last known person that drove the vehicle.


A 30 year old man from Easterville was found dead the next day and the police are investigating the death as a homicide.

The Pas Huskies Win The Good Deeds Cup

The Pas Huskies minor hockey team is the winner of this years Chevy Good Deeds Cup. The announcement was made earlier this morning on TSN and in addition to the cup they have also won $15,000 that they plan to put towards. The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. The staff at CJAR would like to congratulate the Huskies for winning this award and for their hard work and dedication that they have done for the community.



The Pas Town Council and Committee of The Whole Meetings February 26th

This evening the Town of The Pas is having their council and committee of the whole meetings, According to the council meetings agenda a road closing bylaw amendment and the conditional use application for 202 Edwards Avenue are some of the items that will be brought up at the meeting.


There will be a public hearing for a variation application from Delmer Rookes for an area on Constant Avenue prior to the council and Committee of the whole meetings.


The public is welcome to attend and the agendas for these meetings can be found online at

The Pas Golden Age Group Looking At Bidding For The 2019 Alcoa Manitoba 55 Plus Games

The Pas Golden Age Group is looking at putting in a bid to have The Pas host the 2019 Alcoa Manitoba 55 Plus Games. A bid for the games must be put in before the end of March and the host community is expected to be announced in April.


In preparation for the bid an organizational meeting will be held on February 28th at 324 Ross Avenue to select a Chair, A Vice Chair, A Treasurer, and a secretary. They will be checking out the communities support and what events the town can run and where they can be held.


Up to 15 hundred people could be participating in the games which would bring visitors to The Pas and help to strengthen the economy.

Manitoba Tourism Education Council Customer Service Training Project

Economic Development Coordinator Kim Ballantyne was asked to take on a project to offer customer service training to front line employees from businesses in The Pas and OCN.

Ballantyne stated in a news release that by training workers to provide effective customer service, The Pas and area would be able to brand the community as a good place for tourists to visit.


A few businesses in The Pas and OCN such as The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce and Paskwayak Business Development Corporation will be sending their employees to attend a two day workshop at the Kikiwak Inn on February 27th and 28th where they will cover customer service, team building and conflict resolution, and handling difficult situations.

The Pas Community Renewal Corporations Social Calendar for March

This Monday is the last day to submit events for The Pas Community Renewal Corporations Social Calendar for the month of March, to get your event on the calendar call 204-623-4269 or by stop by their office at 1559 Gordon Avenue. Events must be submitted before 4PM.

Manitoba Liberals Launch "Health Care Check Up"

Manitoba Liberal Health Critic John Gerrard is launching a number of public hearings across Manitoba to hear the opinions and needs of Manitobans in regards to the provinces health care system.


Gerrard stated in a press release that they launched this effort because they are seeing an unprecedented level of concern with the impacts of the Pallister Governments cuts to health care.


One of these public hearings will be held at The Pas Library Annex from 7-9PM on February 26th

Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival 2018 Fur Queen

The 2018 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival has come and gone and the 2018 Fur Queen is Miss Missinippi Airways Cherilyn Muilenburg. Miss OCN Blizzard Gabby Umpherville won first princess and Miss Northland Ford Andrea Moerike won second princess. For more results of trappers festival events go to the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival Facebook page.

World Championship Dog Sled Race Winners

One of the biggest events of the 2018 Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival was the World Championship Dog Sled Race. Erick LaForce from Lanoraie Quebec placed first, Anny Malo from St Zenon Quebec came in Second, and Lina Streeper from Fort Nelson BC won third place.


You can find the results of other trapper’s festival events on The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival Facebook page.

Manitoba Liberals Present Budget Recommendations to the Pallister Government

Yesterday, The Manitoba Liberals presented their recommendations for the provincial budget to finance Minister Cameron Friesen. Manitoba Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont stated in a news release that their first major recommendation is for the province to stop raiding hydro of more than $380 million dollars a year and the other recommendation was to have the government focus on growth and revenue and start investing instead of making cuts.


Lamont added that the Pallister Governments approach to making cuts has been shown to be quote outdated. The goal of the remaining recommendations is to make improvements and investments that will hopefully result in long term cost savings for the province.


For a complete list of recommendations made by the Manitoba Liberals visit

Our Member of Parliament is Raising Unemployment Issues in Question Period

Member of Parliament Niki Ashton visited several communities including Flin Flon over the last couple of weeks.  She says one of the major issues facing these communities is unemployment and inequality stating our region has been ignored.


Ashton reports when Parliament resumed sitting she rose in Question Period to call out the decades of policies that are failing our region including privatization, job killing trade deals and foreign takeovers and a tax system that is rigged against working people and killing jobs.


In terms of the port of Churchill she has called for it to be re-nationalized and developed in partnership with First Nations and northern communities. She adds we can take action to protect and enhance resource based jobs including promoting value added jobs, we can make the tax system fairer and ensure the wealthy pay their fair share, we can ensure that more of the wealth generated in our region benefits northern and Indigenous people and this starts with them having a say over development in their communities.


Kelsey School Board Meeting February 12th

The Kelsey School Division had a board meeting last Monday. Chair Vaughn Wadelius said it was a relatively short meeting and the board set up a couple of meeting dates to begin a developing the budget for the 2018/2019 school year.


For more information on what was discussed at the meeting visit

Manitoba Liberal Party Gives Provincial Government A Failing Grade For Education

The provincial government has been giving a failing grade when it comes to education from Dougald Lamont and the Manitoba Liberal Party.


In a recent release, the party says that the Pallister government has done nothing to improve Manitoba’s education system, and that they have failed Manitobans with cuts to twenty-one school divisions.


They added that the government has shown zero leadership on Indigenous education issues, with the graduation rates for Indigenous students sitting at 47.6 percent.


The Liberals added that this is an issue about the future of the province, and that the Conservatives seem to think they can quote cut their way out of problems.

A Land Development Initiative for The Pas

The Pas Mayor and Council brought up a new land development initiative at the committee of the whole meeting on Monday night. According to Mayor Jim Scott the plan is for the town to sell off lots that the town owns for $1000 each to broaden the communities’ tax base and spur some construction.


People that buy lots will be required to have their construction projects on lock up phase within 24 months. This initiative will be brought up at a future town council meeting.

Public Hearing for a Special Service Levy

The Town of The Pas has announced that they will be having a public hearing for a special service levy for policing services in the community. Mayor Jim Scott says there is no control over the cost of policing and the plan is to take the cost of policing which is about 2.5 million dollars out of the budget and put the money into a special levy.


The purpose of this service levy is to allow everyone in the community to receive the same policing services and to pay the same amount of money for the services regardless of whether residents live on a small piece of property or a large one.


The public hearing for this levy is set to take place next month.

Dougald Lamont Talks About Northern Manitoba Issues

Manitoba Liberal Party Leader Dougald Lamont recently spoke to 102.9 CJAR to talk about current issues in Northern Manitoba. One of the big problems is the rail line to Churchill not being repaired. Lamont says it’s terrible that the rail line has been quote “left to rot” and he firmly believes that there is no reason why the province can’t take over the rail line and get it fixed. Lamont added that the best option is to get Omnitrax the owner of the railway out of the picture entirely and have the province take over the railway, rebuild it, and then allow someone else to run the railway.


Another issue Northern Manitoba faces is cuts to health care. According to Lamont there have been lots of cuts made by the Palliser Government to health care such as cuts to air ambulance services and he beleives the government should listen to the experts that are telling them to put a stop to the cuts. He added that there needs to be stability and the province can afford a better health care system.


Lamont plans to tell the Pallister government what he has heard from Manitoba residents that feel that they have been betrayed by the provincial government.

Northern Pharmacies Losing Contracts to Service Personal Care Homes

Manitoba’s Liberal party leader Dougald Lamont visited 102.9 CJAR recently to talk about issues in Northern Manitoba. According to Lamont some of the the issues are the 7.9 percent increase in Hydro rates, cuts to health care, housing and homelessness in The Pas and local pharmacies losing contracts to service personal care homes.


Personal care homes in the north have been getting service from local pharmacies and these pharmacies have lost their contracts to a company based in Ontario and owned by Shoppers Drug Mart.


Lamont believes that this will lead to pharmacies going out of business and these local pharmacies deliver services to people that the new company won’t be able to do.

Lamont will be taking these issues to the provincial government.

Olivia McCorrston Responds to Recent Public Hearing

A public hearing was held on Monday at The Pas town hall regarding an application submitted by Manitoba housing to use the building at 202 Edwards Avenue as the new location for the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. Former Stand Up for Oscars Place member and The Pas resident Olivia McCorriston watched the hearing online and said she did not a have a problem with the people that were against the proposed location but she was not happy with what some people said at the hearing.


McCorriston says a letter was presented at the meeting that contained remarks that she felt were inappropriate and set a bad tone. She was also bothered by people that said quote “Let it just shut it down and see what happens.


Even though McCorriston is no longer a member of Stand Up for Oscars Place she still cares very much about the homeless population and believes that having a homeless shelter in the downtown area would help to keep the area clean by providing public bathrooms and other services to keep the homeless off the streets.


A resolution for the application will be voted on at the next council meeting.

Public Hearing Regarding the Use of 202 Edwards Avenue As a new Location for The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter

A public hearing was held at The Pas Town Hall on Monday Evening regarding an application made by Manitoba Housing to use the 202 Edwards Avenue building as the new location for the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. Harold Smith Executive Director for Northern Housing Operations was present at the meeting to discuss the plan and answer questions from the public.


A number of residents and business owners attended the hearing and at least a dozen of them did not support the idea of having a homeless shelter in the downtown area. The main reasons behind the opposition were concerns that an increased homeless population in the area could affect local businesses in the downtown region due to mischief, public intoxication and violence.


The town has also received letters of opposition from businesses saying that while they support having a homeless shelter in the community they do not approve of the proposed location. The current zoning by-law only allows for a Homeless Shelter to be in a commercial area and Manitoba Hosing cannot continue paying the lease for the shelters current location at The Pas Friendship Centre.


The Pas Mayor Jim Scott says that he does not support the application and says that a decision on what to do with the Homeless Shelter must be made before March 31st.

Scott is hoping to have the town meet with The Pas Friendship Centre, Manitoba Housing, OCN, and The RM of Kelsey to try to figure out a way to keep the homeless shelter at its current location.


Mayor and council are expected to vote on the application at the next council meeting on February 26th and Scott believes that the resolution will be defeated unanimously.

Rotary Club Of The Pas President Talks About Recent Club Activities

Kent Whaley, The President of The Rotary Club of The Pas Spoke to 102.9 CJAR to talk about what the club has done recently and what they have planned for this year. The club made a donation to The Pas Precious Pet Kennels to run a spay and neuter clinic this spring and they sponsored the Bill Macdonald Basketball Tournament.


Their next big project is the Bill Bannock Ice Fishing Derby which takes place on April 7th and the money raised from this derby will go towards community projects. Whaley reminds people to get their Polaris ranger tickets that are on sale this week during the trapper’s festival and they will be sold at Extra Foods and The Grub Box over the next few weeks. The draw will be made at the Bill Bannock derby on April 7th.


You can keep up to date with the Rotary Club of The Pas on Facebook.

A Special Meeting On Health Care In The North This Evening

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin and Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew will be conducting a special meeting at the Club Room of the Métis Hall here In the Pas this evening to talk about health care in Northern Manitoba and to listen to concerns that residents have regarding health care.


The meeting is part of Kinew’s Health Care Tour and the meeting will begin at 6 o’clock

Twin Motors Nominated for Manitoba Family Enterprise of the Year Award

Twin Motors in The Pas has been nominated for The Manitoba Family Enterprise of The Year award.


Twin Motors Sales Manager Luc Haukaas says the award is from Manitoba’s Family enterprise xchange that showcases multi generational family businesses that demonstrates dedication to their employees and the community.


Haukaas went on to say that everyone that works at Twin Motors really cares about the community and the level of customer service that they provide is a big part of why they were nominated.


The winner is expected to be announced on March 14th at a ceremony in Winnipeg.

Growing Indigenous Families Together Family Literacy Night

Joe A Ross School will be having a Growing Indigenous Families Together Literacy night from 5:30 until 7PM for children under 6 and their families on February 22nd. The evening will involve meeting with families and talking to them about how they can encourage literacy in their own family environment so that their children can be prepared to learn how to read by the time they go to school.


The event will also give children and their parents a chance to hear some stories and nursery rhymes and do crafts. Parents must sign up with their child’s teacher in order to attend. For more information you can call Moore at 204-623-4286

Upcoming Jordan's Principle Information Series Presentations

As part of the Jordan’s Principle Information Series, There will be a special presentation on physiotherapy by Tara Lester, Staff Physiotherapist from the Northern Health Region at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre on February 20th from 2 until 3PM. Snacks will be provided.


There will also be a presentation on occupational therapy on February 26th. Marni Streit and Lindsay Fingland will be conducting the presentation from 2 until 3PM. For more information on these presentations call the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre at 204-627-7410.



The Pas Town Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings This Monday

This Monday, The Town of The Pas is having their first council and committee of the whole meetings for the month of February. There will be a public hearing regarding an application made by Manitoba Housing to use a building at 202 Edwards Avenue for the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter that will take place prior to the meetings.


Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend. You can find agendas for these meetings online at

Street Dance in Support of The Pas Huskies

The Pas Huskies Minor Hockey Team is in need of your support to win the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup and $15,000 for The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. You can support them by attending a street dance on February 16th in front of the Lido Theatre at 1PM. The event is part of the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival and there will also be music by DJ Derek and a chance to win some prizes.


Please wear red or Huskie Gear to show your support for the team. You can also help the team by posting on social media why you think they should win the good deeds cup and the prize money, be sure to include #IamWithTheHuskies and #GoodDeedsCup in each posting, the winner of the good deeds cup will be announced on February 26th.

Norway House RCMP Seize Drugs And Cash During Bar Walkthrough

Last Friday evening, the Norway House RCMP arrived at the local bar to conduct a foot patrol. As the officers exited their vehicle, they observed an individual exit the bar who they knew to be wanted by the police.


Officers approached the individual and placed him under arrest. Once arrested, the accused was searched and officers located 21 grams of crack-cocaine, 4 grams of cocaine, 28 grams of marihuana, and a small quantity of cash.


22-year-old Malcolm William McLeod of Norway House was arrested and remanded into custody on numerous drug and Criminal Code related charges.


The investigation continues.

MP Niki Ashton Addresses Issues Faced in Nothern Manitoba

Local MP Niki Ashton says that the issues faced by the people of Northern Manitoba continue to be her top concern.


She says that she addressed the ongoing uncertainty of the region, specifically the loss of jobs, in the first day that Parliament was in session in 2018.


Ashton said that while the Prime Minister was lecturing in Switzerland about inequality, trade deals, privatization and foreign takeovers are seeing jobs being taken away, the Port of Churchill shut down, and up to 90 percent unemployment in Indigenous communities.

She concluded by saying that she will continue to be a voice for the issues in our region.

Chief Christian Sinclair Talks about the Look North Strategy

Opaskwayak Chief Christian Sinclair recently spoke to 102.9 CJAR about the work that he has done with the Look North Strategy. Sinclair says they have engaged with an Indigenous person from New Zealand to bring an indigenous perspective into the planning process.


This has helped engage the first nation’s people of The Pas, Flin Flon, Churchill and Thompson in the process of the strategy. The Purpose of the Look North Strategy is to improve economic development, housing, employment and infrastructure in Northern Manitoba.


The next step is too facture all of these elements into a plan that will help to reinvigorate Northern economies.


The Plan is expected to be finalized at the end of June.

"Weaving Our Stories" with David and Don Roberson at UCN

Next Thursday, there will be a special event at UCN called “Weaving Our Stories.” Don Robertson, a Cree elder from Norway House and his son David will be sharing stories about family and growing up in the North. The event runs from 6-9PM and admission is free. Tea and Bannock will be served.

OCN Marijuana Investment

Opaskwayak Cree Nation has put in a bid and a financial investment to distribute marijuana once it becomes legal this summer. OCN invested 3 million dollars with a Cannabis company through the Toronto Stock Market.


With this investment in the stock market their stock has climbed as high as a dollar 17 and they have quadrupled their investment in four and a half months turning their 3 million dollar investment into 12 million.


Sinclair added that the Manitoba Government issued a request for proposal that would allow four master licensees’s to operate marijuana retail operations. OCN submitted their proposal along with 100 other companies and if they are chosen they have a plan in place to roll out and build Marijuana outlets across the province in first nations and urban environments.

Stand Up For Oscars Place Group Looking For Donations for Soup Ingredients

The Stand Up for Oscars Place Group is in need of donations of ingredients for soup to feed people at The Oscars Place Homeless Shelter. Foods such as meats, vegetables and baked goods will be accepted. If would like to make a donation call Louise Dewar at 204-620-5627 or Andrea at 204-620-6773 to make arrangements.

OCN Feasibility Study with the Aerospace Industry

OCN Chief Christian Sinclair recently spoke to 102.9 CJAR to talk about a feasibility study that was initiated with the aerospace industry. Sinclair says they wanted to look at ways to diversify the economy of OCN and the region and to look at what products they could manufacture. The Paskwayak Business development has considered two products that OCN could manufacture.


The two products that could be manufactured in OCN will be analyzed through a business analysis to see what the feasibility would be to develop these products in the community. It is not known what products have been considered by the Paskwayak Business Development. The overall goal is to try to make profit and create new jobs for OCN and the region.

Autism Webinar at Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

There will be a special autism presentation at The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre this Thursday February the 8th. The presentation will be conducted by Adriana Karka from the Geneva Centre for Autism Training.


The presentation will begin at noon and it is expected to wrap up at 1:30PM. Lunch will be provided.

A Complaint Will Be Heard on the Churchill Rail Line

The Manitoba NDP has filed a complaint against Omnitrax Canada over their failure to repair damage from flooding to its northern railway. The railway connects Churchill to the rest of Manitoba and has been cut off since last May.


In Winnipeg NDP leader Wab Kinew said the Canadian Transportation Agency will hear the complaint against Omnitrax with a hearing planned for February 15th.  If the Agency sides with the NDP Omnitrax could be forced to repair the rail line so service can resume.


The Canadian Transportation Agency is an independent government regulator that makes rulings on licences and complaints relating to fares and services of transportation providers in Canada.

Charages Laid In The Pukatawagan Murder Case

Charges have been laid in relation to an alleged murder that occurred in Pukatawagan last week.


Early Last Friday morning police in Pukatawagan received a report of an unresponsive male in the community. The 32 year old man was transportted to a nursing station where he was pronounced dead.


Donovan Castel aged 32 was charged with manslaughter and he is expected to appear in The Pas Provincial Court today.

Public Hearing For A Proposed Service Levy For The RM Of Kelsey

Last Thursday evening there was a public hearing at the RM of Kelsey office regarding a proposal for a new service levy that would see all municipal rolls paying $249 dollars per parcel of land for road maintenance such as snow plowing, and grading. The overall goal of this proposed levy is to charge all community roles equally.


During the hearing some residents voiced their concerns about how it would affect farm land, as well as concerns about how the tax implications would affect lower assessed property owners. While some residents did not approve of the proposed service levy, others showed their support.


The first reading of the proposed levy took place at the hearing and the next step is to send the proposal to the municipal board for their approval. The board will then spend one month collecting opposition or support letters from residents and make a decision on whether or not the RM followed the right protocols and practices to implement the levy.


They will then tell the RM whether or not they approve the levy. If they get approval The RM of Kelsey will proceed with the levy on the 2018 budget. RM of Kelsey residents have until March first to put in opposition or support letters that they have regarding the proposed levy that must be sent to the Municipal Board. Contact the RM of Kelsey office at 204-623-7474 for the Municipal Boards address.

Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge

The Northern Manitoba Skills Challenge is set to take place on February 28th here in The Pas. The event will consist of 10 different challenges for secondary school students such as cooking, carpentry, welding, and many others. The challenges will be held at UCN, Mary Duncan School and MBCI.


Suzie Nemeth from UCN says they look forward to showcasing the campus and its programs to high school students in The Pas and the North and she hopes that the high school student’s presence at The Pas campus will encourage them to enroll at UCN.

An opening ceremony will be held at the UCN gym on the day of the challenge from 9 to 9:30 AM.


You can call Nemeth at 204-620-2028 if you have any questions.

Pukatawagan Police Investigating A Homicide

Early last Friday morning police in Pukatawagan received a report of an unresponsive male in the community. The 32 year old man was transported to a nursing station where he was pronounced dead.


The RCMP are investigating the death as a homicide and The RCMP major crime unit, the North District Crime Reduction Support Team, and Thompson Forensic identification services are assisting with the ongoing investigation.


A Pukatawagan man is in custody and so far no charges have been laid.

The Pas Huskies in the Finals For The Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup

The Pas Huskies minor hockey team is now one of the top three finalists for the Chevrolet Good Deeds Cup. This means that they have won $5,000 dollars to put towards the Oscars Place Homeless Shelter and if they win the cup they will win $15,000.


You can help the Huskies win the cup by posting your thoughts about why they should win the cup on Facebook, Instragram, or Twitter. Be sure to include hash tags #ImWithTheHuskies and #GoodDeedsCup. Make sure that your posts are public so that Chevy and Hockey Canada judges can see them.


The winner will be announced on February 26th

"Pet Save" Rescues Stray Dogs in Northern Manitoba

An organization called "Pet Save" rescued 100 stray dogs in Northern Manitoba last week. This is the first time that the organization conducted a rescue operation in Manitoba. The rescued dogs including 13 in The Pas and area and some in Swan River were sent to Thunder Bay and Sudbury, Ontario on “Bark Buses” last Saturday. The dogs were vaccinated, cleaned, and will be looked after until they are ready for adoption.


Bonnie Meadows from The Pas Precious Pet Kennels hopes that more rescues will take place in the future to help save stray dogs and give them happy homes. People are welcome to make donations to these rescues and if you would like to make a donation call Meadows at 204-623-3608.

Trappers Themed Kids Dance In Support Of Miss Missinippi Airways

There will be a Trappers Themed Kids Dance Tomorrow Night at the UCN Cafeteria in support of Miss Missinippi Airways Cherilyn Muilenburg. The event runs from 6-9 PM and there will also be a canteen and a jigging contest.


Admission is 5 dollars at the door and children 2 and under are free. Children 5 and under require parent supervision.


All proceeds will be donated to the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival.

Snow Machine Mini Poker Derby

This Saturday, There will be a Snow Machine Poker Derby in support of Miss OCN Blizzard Gabby Umpherville. The cost for the derby is 5 dollars a hand or 5 hands for 20 dollars. The prize money is 50 percent of the payout as well as prizes for the most ghost hands, the youngest rider and the eldest rider. For more information call Gabby Umpherville at 204-978-1204 Marlene Head at 204-620-1602 or Margret Ross at 204-620-0345.

Phase Two Of Shoal Lake 40 Road Construction Awarded

It was announced on January 30th that construction for the second phase of the Shoal Lake Band 40 all weather roads is set to begin.


Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler stated in a press release that residents of Shoal Lake Band 40 have been without an all weather road for more than a century and this project is overdue and will be transformational for the community and the people who call it home. Shoal Lake 40 is a First Nations community straddling the Ontario-Manitoba border and has a population of about 290 people.


Indigenous services minister Jane Philpot says the road will improve the well being of community members and is a long overdue step toward unlocking economic opportunities for the community and advanced reconciliation.


The road is expected to be completed later this year.


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