The Pas Local News Archives for 2023-10

Northern Manitoba Food Culture and Community Collaborative

The Northern Manitoba Food Culture and Community Collaborative is looking to support projects in the north.


Cheryl Antonio with the NMFCCC tells us about the collaboration.


"The Northern Manitoba Food Culture and Community Collaborative is an innovative collaborative of northern community people, northern advisors, funders and organizations working together to foster healthier and stronger communities in Northern Manitoba through improved access to healthy foods and the development of resilient local economies."


Antonio went on to say that the NMFCCC strives to work with partners while observing northern cultures, values, strengths, and challenges.


The collaborative was created for community members who needed relational and network allies, and because the north is underserved by the charitable community.


The NMFCCC believes that by sharing experiences, resources, and learning while focusing on northern Manitoba, they hope to bring better access to good food, improved local health, stronger local economies and food systems and the development of local capacity and community champions.


There is a call for proposals for anyone interested in hosting a community project that includes food, culture, and community economic development.


There are over 55 projects across northern Manitoba being worked on already and the deadline to submit a proposal is November 24th, go to to learn more.

Linkages Conference at UCN

The UCN will host their Linkages conference next week on November 7th, and 8th.


The goal is to help foster economic development in the north.


This year’s keynote speaker will be the honourable Jody Willson-Raybould.


Raybould is a former Vancouver MP, former Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, and a bestselling author.


She was also Canada’s first-ever Independent female MP.


Raybould will be hosting a presentation during the keynote dinner during the Linkages conference.


President and Vice-Chancellor Doug Lauvstead for UCN talks about the event:


"An opportunity for people around the north and the South from all over Manitoba to get together and talk about northern issues.  So we have people who come to us. 


"They are representing government from industry from many of the municipalities around the North, First Nations, Metis communities just basically to talk about northern issues and northern economic development."


Registration for this year’s event wraps up tomorrow; go to

Otineka Mall's 48th Anniversary

It’s the 48th anniversary at the Otineka Mall and they’re celebrating with Halloween activities and huge giveaways.


The grand prize is a 4000 dollar shopping spree at Shanes, the second prize is a 2000 dollar family food gift certificate, and the third prize is 1000 dollars in mall bucks.


To enter you can place receipts from any business at the mall with a purchase of more than 25 dollars in the center drum at the mall.


There will be daily draws starting on Monday of 200 dollars in mall bucks and running till November 4th when the main draws will happen.


Here Gloria Asmus talks about another event running at the mall:


"We're having a Halloween costume contest and you have to submit your pictures to my email  The deadline for submissions is October 30th at 3 p.m."


There will be prizes for all age groups just include your or your child's name, age, and contact number.


Then on Halloween day, a haunted house will be set up in the basement of the mall from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and everyone’s welcome to attend.

Halloween Safety

It’s almost Halloween and Arctic Radio wants to remind everyone to take extra safety precautions when out trick or treating.


Some things to remember are to accompany children, dress them in clothes that are easily visible and provide them with lights and glow sticks.


Children should stay within well-known areas and avoid entering unfamiliar neighbourhoods.


Avoid masks that interfere with vision and opt for makeup instead.


Watch for moving vehicles, dress appropriately for the weather and avoid long costumes that can cause tripping.


And be sure to check children’s candy to ensure that it hasn’t been tampered with.

Winter Donations

The Friendship Centre is gearing up for the winter and looking for donations for their food bank and clothing closet.


Brenda Dahr has details about items they are in need of.


"We're always looking for warm jackets, warm clothing, sweats, sweaters, socks, always socks.  And if you've got extra toques or mitts lying around, bring them down to the center.  You know, we will absolutely make use of them."


Dahr also mentioned their lunch program and the need for any donations help.


The Friendship Centre will be hosting a variety of programs in the coming months that include the annual toy drive, and turkey drive.


They will also be out in the community with their Fill-A-Sleigh event collecting donations.

Opasquia Trails Update

It`s been 5 years since the Opasquia Trails began rejuvenation projects in the community.


This year final work was done to place the board and open the Boreal Trail at Grace Lake.


The Opasquia Trails hosted a strategic planning session last week; Al McLauchlan had this to say about the meeting.


"We came out with some excellent ideas and we also just reaffirm that the Board of Pascal Trails was on the right track.  So we were very happy with that, of course.


We won't see the final document that is going to be developed from this until December.  But, you know, the early reports are that we're doing what we should be doing and keep doing it."


McLauchlan noted that the trail and boardwalk are open 24/7, year-round and feature a snowshoeing trail that will be available when the weather allows.

Flu Shot Clinics

Flu season is here and so are the flu shots.


On average twelve thousand Canadians are hospitalized with the flu and thirty-five hundred deaths occur each year from the flu and its symptoms.


The virus can seriously affect young children, the elderly, pregnant women, and those living with chronic health conditions.


Flu clinics are running today, at the Cormorant Health Centre from 1 to 6 p.m., and again on the 7th, and 14th.  


The clinic at the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 19 will run this Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Clinics will also be set up at the Roy H. Johnston Arena on October 26th and November 6th from 10 to 6 p.m., and then at the Primary Health Center on November 4th from 10 to 4 p.m.


The Northern Health Region is hosting their AGM on Wednesday at 12 p.m., the event will take place online for details on the event and flu clinics running go to

Halloween Events at The Pas Regional Library

It’s been a busy month at The Pas Regional Library with events gearing up for Halloween.


Tomorrow night the library will host a Halloween movie night featuring “Insidious, Inside the Red Door”.  The movie starts at 7 pm with free drinks and popcorn provided.  It's rated PG-13 and it's noted that children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


A Halloween-themed story time will be running on Monday starting at 4:30 and children are encouraged to wear costumes.


On Saturday, October 28th the library will host Spooky Stories and Tea.  This event is geared towards adults and young adults and tickets are 5 dollars available at the Library.


Then on Halloween day, there will be a costume contest and party running from 4:30 to 6 p.m., and there will be prizes for all age groups.

Bring Home Arthur Ducharme

Arthur Lawrence Ducharme went missing in July.


The trauma this can cause to loved ones runs deep.  Support for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women has grown over the years, but there is still a lack of support for missing men.


Arthur's Mother, Tara Ducharme, says she last spoke with him on June 28th.


"When he didn't arrive home and he didn't call and not message not anything.  I became concerned.  I went to file a missing person report with the police.  My family has been desperately trying to pull resources together to have search parties to travel to Swan River area to search for Arthur.  


One of the many reasons I'm reaching out to you is to shed light on the lack of support indigenous men receive when they go missing.  It is disheartening to see how little attention and resources are dedicated to finding them."


Arthur’s mother went on to say that very little information has been released from the RCMP because it relates to an ongoing investigation.


The search for Arthur will happen this Saturday and the family is looking for volunteers and those who have quads, drones, and boats and can assist with ground searches.


The search will start with a gathering at the GLCM to plan and map areas that have already been searched.


Find more information on the Facebook support page ”Bring Home Arthur Ducharme” for updates on searches and how you can support missing indigenous men.

Westoba Credit Union's 60th anniversary

The Westoba Credit Union is celebrating 60 years in business.


Since opening their doors in 1963 they have developed into one of Manitoba’s most successful financial institutes.


Westoba president and CEO Jim Rediger talks about what this means to the company:


"Well, we're really proud as an organization to be around for 60 years.  We feel quite an accomplishment.  We started way back on October 3rd of 1963.  We were the Brandon Consumers Credit Union Society Limited.  


And since then, we've grown to be an organization of over 200 employees, over $1.5 billion in assets and 13 locations.  So we're really proud of what we've accomplished over the last 60 years."


Westoba is committed to providing support for community growth.


Since 2017 over 200,000 dollars have been given away to support 35 multi-functional projects to celebrate their 60th anniversary Westoba will be giving away 60,000 dollars this year for community projects.


Locally, Westoba will be celebrating tomorrow with refreshments being served and everyone is encouraged to stop by and share stories about financial successes.

RCMP Report

On October 10th at 12:30 pm RCMP officers responded to a fight in a field near Smith Street.


It was reported that several males were assaulting a youth, one in possession of a bladed weapon.


Of the four suspects involved, RCMP has identified three of them.


Three male youths, two ages 13 and one age 12, were arrested and are facing charges of assault.  They were released on the condition that they appear in court at a later date.


RCMP said they believe a number of people may have witnessed this event and parents are encouraged to talk with children to see if they may have any withstanding information.


Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to contact The Pas RCMP at 204-627-6204.

Driving While Indigenous

On November 20th Driving While Indigenous will take place at the convention center in Winnipeg.


This year’s speakers include Tantoo Cardinal, an award-winning indigenous actress.  Also, internationally acclaimed actor and musician, Wes Studi, as well as many others.


Here event organizer Jill Feather Stone shares details on how to get tickets.


"There's a website:, you can get tickets so you can purchase them online.  And then you do have a discount going right now.  So there's an early bird rate which ends this Friday.  And um you can also purchase tables and then the tickets actually drop down in price if you purchase by the table."


Local performer Greg Personious will be the event emcee, he will also be performing some stand-up comedy


The event starts at 9 am and runs till 4 pm, there will be a 2-hour break and then a gala in the evening from 6 pm to midnight.

Northland Ford Scares Hunger

Northland Ford Scares Hunger is happening again this month.


The program runs in support of food banks and school breakfast programs in the community.


Rick Legacy Sales Manager with Northland Ford talks about the program.


"We park a long box truck right in the middle of our showroom.  It's there all month long.  We encourage anyone and everyone to come down to the dealership and place your items right in the right in the truck.  


And then all the all donations basically go to school breakfast programs and local organizations that have a direct impact on hunger right here in our community.  One of those organizations being The Pas Friendship Center."


Non-perishable food items, toiletries, water, school supplies and other essential goods can be dropped off.


Community groups, local businesses and individuals can call Northland Ford to have larger donations picked up.

Alzheimer's Society of Manitoba's Care for You Conference

The Alzheimer’s Society of Manitoba is hosting its Care for You conference on October 28th in Winnipeg.


Jennifer Licardo, Education Manager with the Society shares details about the event.


"Registration is uh open now, it's $50 for the full day attendance and that includes access to all uh breakout sessions.  There's two of them as well as two keynote presentations.  


And that also includes lunch and two snacks and breaks uh as well as access to over 20 exhibitor booths.  These are organizations and businesses."


Booths will include information on health care, financial aid, legal aid, home care and more.


Licardo said it’s a day packed with information and resources and it gives care partners a chance to connect with other care partners.


The support session is designed to help everyone and let them know that they are not alone in this journey.


Information about this session and other support for Alzheimer patients and caregivers go to

Mayor Speaks About Recent Violence

Recent videos circulating have shown how violence has been troubling the town.


The Mayor and Council have been in contact with the RCMP in regards to this, and a resolution was made.


Mayor Murphy gives details on how the town hopes to help prevent violent encounters in the future.


"We're going out to see what it will take to put up some high-resolution cameras in certain areas in our towns, such as the skate parks and maybe the outdoor rink.


"And we're also reviewing what powers we have under the Municipal Act to maybe not allow certain individuals if you're not doing the right things of entering or being on our town properties and such as parks and skate parks and wellness centres and all those sorts of things."


There are talks about meetings with the Kelsey School Division and a joint comity with the RCMP to figure out how to resolve violence in the community, specifically on school grounds.

Moose Lake Home Searched, Weapons Seized

On October 4th as part of an ongoing investigation, RCMP in Moose Lake along with emergency response teams executed a search of a residence in the Mosakahiken Cree Nation.


Officers seized two loaded firearms, ammunition, weapons and drug paraphernalia.


Four adults, three male and one female, were arrested at the scene.


The adult female was later released with no charges.


Michael Campbell, 25, has been charged with various offences and has been released on a release order.


Dion Campbell, 22, and Samuel Nasekapow, 24, have both been charged with various offences and remain in police custody.


Moose Lake RCMP continue to investigate.

Volunteers Needed for The Community Fall Prevention Exercise

Volunteers are needed to help support seniors in the community.


The Community Fall Prevention Exercise class running weekly at The Recreation and Wellness Centre gives seniors information on how to prevent falls.


Volunteer Jim Lamontaine shares words of encouragement for other volunteers.


"The best thing I can say is it strengthens your muscle and I would think one of the most important muscles you can check with the doctor or nurse is your heart.


The joy it gives you for doing the volunteer work no matter where you volunteer.


But especially in the exercise class, you're there with seniors and you probably haven't noticed, but I am a senior now, so I'm glad that I'm helping out other seniors and they're able to get out and do things."


There is a goal to have one volunteer available for every senior in the program and at this point, they’re still behind on hitting it.


Volunteers must be in good physical condition and willing to go through a criminal record check which will be provided for free for incoming supporters.


The program runs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 to 3pm.


Contact Thorne at the NRHA in The Pas for more information on the program or to volunteer.

Halloween Pyromusical at the Ag Grounds

Tomorrow night Halloween will come early as the pyro-musical called Pennywise Where Dreams are Made, set to the theme of the Stephen King classic “It” Will take place at the Ag grounds.


Here Ed Demchynski talks about the time and effort it takes to put together this event:


"The haunted house, there was about 200 hours put into it.  I've been working on different props since May, and the pyro-musical, about 100 and 50 hours to do the pyro-musical."


A few things have changed this year, firstly most of the event and pyrotechnics will only be visible from the main stage at the Ag Grounds so you are asked to arrive early in order to find seating.


Refreshments are also being provided as part of a fundraiser being done in support of the spay and neuter fund hosted by Bonnie Medows.


The Pyro-musical starts at 8:15 with the haunted house running from 5 till 8 and from 8:30 till 11 pm.


It is recommended that you pick up tickets ahead of time; they are available at Opasquia Times and Sound Innovations.

Beaver Traps Behind Snakland

Beavers can help manage water-related issues such as drought, flooding, and even water pollution.


But when these animals set up their homes too close to people they can become a problem.


They can cause property damage, and if cornered by humans they may even bite, which can lead to rabies and other diseases.


These animals have been setting up their home in the pond behind Snackland.


Manitoba Conservation has placed traps in the pond to safely remove the animals and have them relocated.


Animal owners are asked to keep their pets away from the water until the traps can be removed.

MMIWG Event at Ralls Island Park

Tomorrow a celebration in support of those affected by Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women is taking place at The Ralls Island Park.


The Tristin Raven Jobb “Rainbow Child” memorial and gathering will take place starting at 10 am.


There will be elders, speakers, and presentations being made throughout the day that will also include cedar baths medicine making, giveaways and a feast.


Everyone is asked to bring blankets or chairs to sit on and feasting items to take part in the lunch being served at noon, and the dinner being served at 5 pm.


The government of Canada does offer support for those affected by missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two-spirited individuals.  For health services, you can call toll-free at 1-866-818-3505.


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