The Pas Local News Archives for 2018-08

The Pas and Area FASD Committee Organizing An FASD Walk

The Pas and Area FASD Committee will be having an FASD Walk on September 9th in conjunction with the 15th Annual International FASD Awareness Day. The walk will begin at 1PM at the Gordon Latlin Memorial Centre and it will wrap up at The Pas Friendship Centre. Anyone can take part in the walk.


You can keep up to date with The Pas and Area FASD Committee on their Facebook page.


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People are Encouraged to Drive Safe This Labour Day Weekend

Manitoba Public Insurance is encouraging motorists to drive safely this Labour Day long weekend. MPI states that there are more than 800 collisions reported on public road ways during the long weekend.


MPI is reminding drivers not to drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to obey the speed limits, and to not to drive while texting or using a hand held device.


Ward Keith from Manitoba Public Insurance says that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and every road user must do their part to keep themselves and other people safe.

A Deal to Sell the Damaged Railway to Churchill is Imminent

The owner of the rail line connecting Churchill to the rest of the province says that a deal to sell the damaged line is imminent. 


The announcement was made earlier this week, when lawyers representing the Denver-based Corporation said that negotiations are at the point where “both sides’ present expectation is that the share purchase will be completed shortly”.  


OmniTrax did not say who the potential new owner is, and it is the next in an ever-growing list of deals for the property that have been announced.  


The potential deal would include all of Hudson Bay Railway’s assets in Manitoba, which includes a rail yard in The Pas in addition to the rail line, fuel tank farm and port in Churchill. 

Kelsey Learning Centre Registrations Open For Adult Students

Registration is open for adult students at the Kelsey Learning Centre. The Centre is located at Mary Duncan School and they offer a wide variety of learning opportunities. Anyone 19 and older can sign up and its fifty dollars to get a registration package.


The Kelsey Learning Centre is located at Mary Duncan School at 60 Third Street West and you can register in person at the centre until 3:30 PM each day.


To guarantee your courses for the upcoming semester it is recommended that you sign up by tomorrow and if you wish to attend this September you must have your registrations in before September the 6th.


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Opaskwayak Cree Nation Congratulates Arctic Beverages

Opaskwayak Cree Nation has congratulated their partners at Arctic Beverages on their recent distribution expansion.


Arctic Beverages is the only First Nations owned Pepsi bottler in North America and they will now be servicing all Northwest Company stores across the country and their products will be sold in Giant Tiger Stores in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Chief Christian Sinclair stated that OCN is extremely proud of the successes made to date and they look forward to continued success.


Arctic Beverages is also known for winning the 2017 Pepsi co Canada Bottler of the Year Award.

Beatrice Wilson Health Centre Traditional Medicines Workshop

A traditional medicines workshop was held at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre on August the 22nd. Learning Circle Facilitator Shawn Yaremko says the workshop was very well attended with 20 participants that were eager to learn about traditional medicines.


The two elders that taught the workshop were John George and Lillian Sinclair and after the workshop there was a lot of positive comments from the participants saying they hope to learn more about traditional medicines in the future.


The goal was to teach people about traditional indigenous medicines that may not be used in everyday lives.

LGBTQ Pride Crosswalk Could be Coming To The Pas

It has been announced that The Town of The Pas might be getting a LGBTQ pride cross walk. The town has given the project the green light and the plan is to have the crosswalk located between the Roy H Johnston Arena and Kin Court to be painted with pride colours with the goal of making the community more aware of LGBTQ pride. The idea arose from a similar project done in Flin Flon.


The painting is planned to begin on September 9th but it is not known if the painting will begin on the set date or not.

Accident at Fischer Avenue and Forth Street Involving a Pedestrian

Last Wednesday an 18 year old woman was struck by a vehicle while crossing 4th street here in The Pas. The accident happened around 4 o’clock in the afternoon and the pedestrian was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. 


The investigation is ongoing and it is not believed that alcohol is a factor in the collision. No charges have been laid at this time.

Chief Water Plant Operator Informs Town Council of Water Capacity Situation

The Town of The Pas chief water plant operator addressed town council at last week’s council meeting where he informed the town that improvements need to be made to the communities’ water capacity. 


The town currently doesn’t have an adequate water storage capacity and a very limited amount of potable water to distribute to the community in cases where the town loses its source of water to be treated.


Many other towns keep water stored in case there is an interruption with the community’s water source so that they can provide residents with potable water without having to issue a boil water advisory.


The Chief Water Plant operator said that it would be beneficial for the town to have a larger storage capacity in case another issue with the water treatment plant arises.


This issue will be talked about within the communities engineering department and they will discuss a possible solution.

MLA Tom Lindsey to keep pressing the Pallister Government on Labour and the Region as a Whole.

The only NDP MLA here in northern Manitoba says that when the Legislature resumes sitting October third, he’s going to keep pressing the Pallister Government on labour and the region as a whole. 


Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey, who serves as the NDP Labour Critic, told Arctic Radio News that the current government has made it harder for a working person to get ahead in Manitoba following a freeze in the minimum wage and their work to make joining a union harder.  

Lindsey suggested that the government should look at how the Mining Community Reserve Fund could be used to create mining jobs, and that having the rail line to Churchill closed hasn’t helped at all.  

CFIB Says Northern Municipalities Spending Beyond Sustainable Levels

Accord to a small business advocate, municipal overspending in Manitoba is a $1B problem.


The fourth edition of the Manitoba Municipal Spending Watch report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says that overspending works out to $4,696 per family of four in the province. 


Jonathan Alward, the CFIB’s director of Manitoba affairs, spoke to Arctic Radio News to talk about what the report says about Thompson. He said that during the eight-year period that the report is based on (2008-2015), the City of Thompson increased operational spending by 15%, while the population increased by 2%. He added that during the same time, municipal labour costs increased 29%.  


Alward added that The Pas and Flin Flon are in the same boat when it comes to overspending, though he said that Flin Flon has started to trim their budget. Of the 10 cities and towns listed in the report, Thompson, The Pas and Flin Flon are ranked 7, 9 and 10 respectively.


The City of Winnipeg was listed in its own category due to the difference in size to other municipalities in the province. Alward said that if it had been included, it would be “somewhere near the middle” of the pack.  



The Town of The Pas Having Two Information Sessions on a Special Service Levy

The Town of The Pas will be having two information sessions on a proposed six hundred dollar per parcel of land special service levy. Mayor Jim Scott says they are looking at implementing this special service levy because they are trying to find ways to attract more people to the community and Scott feels that the proposed levy would do just that.


The idea is that each parcel of land owned by property owners and business owners in the community would be assessed by six hundred dollars. Jim added that the town of Flin Flon and the RM of Kelsey have also implemented a six hundred dollar per parcel of land special service levy as well and the two sessions will give people much needed information on this proposed levy and it was also give them the opportunity to ask questions and express their views on the levy.


The sessions will take place on September 4th at 6PM and on September 5th at 12PM at The Pas Municipal building.

Family Celebration to Promote and Celebrate Life

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre and The Pas and Area Suicide prevention and Awareness Committee are inviting the public to attend the family celebration to promote and celebrate life.


The event will be held on September 8th at the OCN Arbour site from 1PM to 5PM and it will give people the opportunity to take part in a fun day activities while supporting those that have been affected by suicide. If you have any questions call 204-623-9684 or 204-627-7410.

Swan River Radio Station Threatens Vigliante Justice on Social Meida

A radio station in Swan River announced on social media that they would be patrolling in station vehicles after receiving threats to the business and break in attempts from an unknown person.  


The social media post claimed that the local police detachment is not doing their job to protect the business and that one of the radio patrol members had a licence to carry a firearm.


The mayor of Swan River and RCMP have condemned these proposed actions and the police contacted the station to inform them that promoting vigilante justice on social media would not be tolerated.


Swan Rivers Mayor encouraged residents to allow RCMP officers to do their jobs since they are trained to deal with criminals properly.

Manitoba Hydro Accused of Past Sexual Abuse and Racism

The province has asked the RCMP to investigate Manitoba Hydro over allegations of sexual abuse and racism here in the north.


The allegations come from a report which studied the social impact of hydro development, both past and present, on communities.


The Clean Environment Commission, who published the report, met with members of Fox Lake Cree Nation earlier this year and heard testimony that described what it was like when hydro workers came to town starting in the sixties.


Those who testified spoke of racism, marginalization and sexual assaults with one person saying that they weren’t included as humans in their own community.


Sustainable Development Minister Rochelle Squires says that the Pallister Government takes the matter seriously, and will quote be referring the report to the RCMP for investigation.

Beatrice Wilson Health Centre Food Skills for Youth Course

The Beatrice Wilson Health centre is having a Food Skills cooking Class for youth tomorrow from 1:30 until 3:30 at the health centre classroom. The course will teach youth basic food skills with the intent to highlight healthy food choices and how to prepare easy meals.


The course is open to youth 12 and older and there is no entry fee. There are only 15 spots available so if you want more information or to register call Shawn at 204-627-7410.

Traditional Drum Making Workshop At The Pas Friendship Centre

A two day traditional drum making workshop was held at The Pas Friendship Centre on August the 22nd and the 23rd and it was taught by Traditional Carver Irvin Head. The workshop was attended by six people and they also made traditional rattles with the leftover hide.


The goal of the course was to help keep indigenous traditions alive and Irvin says there is a huge interest for people to learn about these traditions.


Irvin plans to have more Traditional Drum Making Courses in the future.

Canadian Transportation Agency Ordering Omnitrax to Start Railway Repairs

The Canadian Transportation Agency has told OmniTrax that it has until Monday to show that they are complying with a recent order, or else.


The CTA ordered the Hudson Bay Railway, which is owned by OmniTrax, to start the process of repairing the rail link to Churchill by July 3rd.


The agency says however that their preliminary view is that HBR has failed to comply with the order, and that the CTA should establish specific deadlines for compliance steps.


A report from OmniTrax says that they issued a request for proposal to six pre-screened contractors on June 28th, though they have not commented on whether or not they have received any bids.


The CTA has said that the Denver-based Corporation is ignoring the fact that their order made it clear that financial circumstances do not release the company from its service obligations.

Rezoning Application for the Guy Hall Approved by Town Council

The Pas Mayor and council voted to approve a rezoning application for the Guy Hall at Wednesday night’s council meeting. An individual in the community has rented the guy hall from the owners of the Catholic Church and the application made was to change the zoning to commercial central to accommodate a retail space in the building.


A public hearing was held for this application last month to let residents voice their concern or opposition but the concern from residents of the pas was minimal. The entrance and exit of the parking lot was said to be dangerous because it is a high traffic area.


The rezoning was amended so that if a traffic study needs to be conducted the applicant would be required to conduct a traffic study and they would be responsible for the studies costs.

Petition Started to Stop the Town from Using Balloons in the Release a Memory Ceremony

The Pas Resident Robin Marshall started a petition for The Town of The Pas to stop them from using balloons at the annual release a memory ceremony. Marshall spoke to Arctic Radio news and said she started the petition after she posted on social media that she did not approve of the town for quote allowing people to purposely litter. People on social media messaged her and suggested that she start a petition.


Marshall added that there are lots of other ways that we can honour and remember our loved ones. She suggested that they could instead paint rocks, plant trees, release fish, or something more environmentally friendly at the ceremony. 


The petition was posted to The Pas Community What’s Happening in the Tri Area Facebook group and Marshall hopes to get more signatures. Mayor Jim Scott says the balloons that are being used at the release a memory ceremony are biodegradable but he is still open to suggestions for alternatives.

Wescana Inn Staff Members Win Manitoba Hotel Association Awards

Three staff members from the Wescana Inn have won long serving employee awards from the Manitoba Hotel Association. The winning staff members are Cindy Iles for working at the hotel 23 years, Al Cote who has worked for 30 years, and Joe McLeod who has worked for 40 years.


Linda Northcott from the Wescana Inn says that she is very lucky to have these three employees at the hotel.

Council Candidacy Information Sessions

This evening at The Town of The Pas Council Chamber there will be a Council Candidacy Information Session. The session will begin at 5 o clock this evening and they will be going over the duties and responsibilities that members of council have. Another Council Candidacy information session will be held on September 4th at 12 PM.


If you are interested in running for town council call 204-627-1108 or 204-627-1109 interested candidates must register before September 18th and this year’s municipal election is October 24th.

Chuck Wagon and Chariot Races at the Opasquia Agricultural Grounds

Last weekend, The Opasquia Agricultural Society held Chuck Wagon and Chariot Races at the Opasquia Agricultural Grounds. Over 1000 people attended and the Agricultural society was able to put on this event with the help of many community volunteers including the staff of the LIDO theatre and they helped to prepare the track for the races.


The Agricultural Society is planning to hold more events at the grounds in future and you can keep up to date with them by joining The Opasquia Agricultural Society and Exhibition Grounds Facebook Group.


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The Pas's Annual Release a Memory Ceremony Set for September 13th

The Pas’s Annual Release a Memory Ceremony will be held this year on September 13th at Devon Park at 7PM. This year they will be releasing balloons and the cost is 5 dollars for each balloon. The Purpose of the ceremony is too bring remembrance to those who have lost loved ones.


If you wish to participate you must register before September 12th. For more information or to register call 204 627-1100

Boil Water Advisory Lifted

The Boil Water Advisory that was issued for The Town of the Pas has been lifted. According to a letter from the Northern Regional Health Authority the town’s water system meets the conditions needed to lift the advisory. Residents may continue to use water normally. If you have any questions call 204-795-6908

House Fire at Young's Point Thought to Be Accidental

A house fire broke out at Young’s Point south of The Pas late last week. According to acting Fire Chief Randy Manych the page came in around 1:30 in the afternoon with the report of a structure fire. All the occupants got out safely and the fire crews had the fire under control in about 20 minutes.


The fire was said to have started on the outside of the house and the occupants were able to save most of their possessions. The fire crews spent a few hours at the scene to ensure the fire was completely out and to eliminate hot spots. The cause of the fire is thought to be accidental.

Opaskwayak Indian Days Activities Results

The Annual Opaskwayak Indian Days were held last week from August 13th to the 19th. Overall the turnout was good and they had lots of fun activities for people to take part in.


The winning teams in the scavenger hunt were Busko Monkey winning first place, Taylors Team won second place, Team Staggats won third Place, and Team Gedderdone finished forth.


The Jesse Niquanicappo Youth Singing Competition was also part of the festivities. The first place winner of the singing competition was Kaydi Robertson. The other winners of the completion are Mikayal Lowe who won second place, Keara Barrett won third place, Adam Kepessiwit finished fourth, Ferdnandaz Monias placed fifth, and Oryan Harrington won sixth place.


The Indian Days Princess award winners this year are Cathrine Munro winning Senior Princess, Hannah Lathlin Smith Won Junior Princess, Gladys Munro Won Tiny Tots Princess, and the Angel Princess Award went to Dylan Sinclair.


The Traditional Events winners this year were Sienna Burns Danielson, Adam Kahpeayswat, Clarissa burns, Melvin Contois, Marcel Fontaine, and Kristen burns.


Other activities included a canoe race, a community barbecue, a parade and many others. The theme for this year’s festivities was "We Are Indigenous and Strong in 2018."

Northern Issue Makes Its Way Into The Manitoba Legislature

A northern issue has made it’s way to the Manitoba Legislature.


Chuck Davidson, the president of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, recently met with the Minister of Sustainable Development to discuss the possibility of extending the camping season.


Davidson said that the meeting with Rochelle Squires, which also included Deputy Minister Rob Olsen, also included a discussion on creating more flexibility when it comes to obtaining a fishing licence.


Davidson said that the two-hour meeting included some exciting possibilities, as well as an agreement on the importance of creating flexibility.


Extending the camping season and flexibility when it comes to fishing licenses are both issues that were raised by the Flin Flon and District Chamber of Commerce.

Boil Water Advisory for The Town of The Pas Still in Effect

The boil water advisory for The Pas is still in effect. Sam Mirza Agha spoke to arctic radio news and said the town has been having issues with their raw pumps at the deep well that supplies the water treatment plant.


They set up a temporary pump on the bank of the Saskatchewan River to pump the water into the plant for treatment but an accident occurred where one of the lines servicing the water plant was severed and they were unable to get the pumps started again.


The Town of The Pas sent in some water samples to Winnipeg and if the samples are good then the boil water advisory could be lifted later this week. Crews were out over the weekend to ensure that there are chlorine residuals all over town. Be sure to follow Town of The Pas Community Updates Facebook page for updates on the boil water advisory.

Five New Faces on the Governing Council for the University College of the North

There are five new faces on the governing council for the University College of the North.

Gabrielle Lytle of Thompson, as well as Ryan Shewchuk of The Pas, have been appointed as student members, while Becky Cianflone of Flin Flon and Alfred McDonald of The Pas join as board members.


Cameron Mateika, from Minitonas, will serve as the chair of the board. Manitoba Education and Training says that Tracey Como of Cranberry Portage and Albert Tait of Norway House are the only returning members.


The governing council is responsible for appointing a president and determining the administrative and academic organization of the school.

Manitoba's NDP Leader Says Jobs and Health Care Are Priorities in the North by Joe McCormick

NDP Leader Wab Kinew spoke to Arctic Radio News last week about budget issues affecting Flin Flon and The Pas. He replied by saying that the government itself expects that the north is going to lose 15 hundred jobs or more so the issue of jobs is hugely important as well as health, changes to northern patient transfers, and communities losing doctors.


He added that health care is a big issue for a lot of people so those are the issues they’ve been pushing on as people have been raising them with their party and the provincial government as well.


Kinew adds people in the north deserve to be able to earn a good income and also deserve to be able to get the health care they need close to home.

Ducks Unlimited Canada to Rebuild Water Control Structure at South Reader Lake

Ducks Unlimited Canada has announced that they are in the middle of rebuilding a water control structure on Reader Lake near The Pas.


This project will help to maintain 260,000 acres of habitat for waterfowl and other wildlife and the project lies within the Saskatchewan River Delta a place that is recognized as an important waterfowl habitat, and an important ecosystem for moose, and spawning sturgeon.


The rebuilding of the old water control structure is an important step in maintaining historic water levels in the reader root wetland complex.


If you have any questions or concerns about this project call 204-729-3528 or 204-573-6156.

Boil Water Advisory in Effect for The Pas

The Town of The Pas is now under a boil water advisory for The Pas Public Water System. Until further notice tap water used for consumption should be brought to a rolling boil for at least one minute.


It is not necessary to boil tap water if you are planning to use it for household purposes such as bathing or washing dishes. If you have any questions or concerns call 204-627-1124 or 204-677-6704.


The following is the public notice issued:



Roland LaSann Running for The Pas Town Council

The municipal election is two months away and Roland LaSann is now a registered candidate for a seat in town council.


It is not known as of now what is on his political agenda and applications are still being accepted for those that would like to run in the election for mayor or for a seat in council.


Candidates must be a resident of The Pas for at least 6 months and they must be at least 18 years of age. Non residents of The Pas are only eligible to run if they own property within the town limits.


Interested Candidates are asked to phone 204-627-1108 or 204-627-1109. Candidates must register before September 18th.


The set election date is October 24th.

House fire in Young Point

It has been reported that a house fire broke out in Young Point south of The Pas yesterday and fire crews responded to the incident. No further details are available but we will keep you informed on this story as the information comes in.

Another Obstacle Getting in The Way of Repairing The Churchill Railway

The opportunity to repair the washed-out line to Churchill before winter appears to have passed for a second straight year.


OmniTrax has started the process to find a contractor to make the repairs, but maintain that they cannot afford the cost.


Despite an order from the Canadian Transportation Agency and a push from different groups including the Manitoba NDP, the Denver-based company says they will only order the work to start if someone else is willing to foot the bill.


The Manitoba Government, along with Superior propane, has ordered a supply of fuel for the winter to arrive by sea, though the PC administration continues to say that finding a solution is the responsibility of Ottawa.

Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings Course At The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre will be having a course that will teach the seven sacred grandfather teachings.  The seven classes will be held on Tuesdays with the first one being taught on September the 25th at the centres traditional room from 2-4PM.


The seven sacred grandfather teachings are, love, respect, courage, honesty, wisdom, humility, and truth. These teachings can also be used to make a better life for those that learn them. If you wish to sign up call 204-627-7410.


The course is open to all OCN members and students that attend all the classes will get to take home seven stones that represent the sacred teachings.




Woman's Sharing Circle at The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre will be having woman’s sharing circles every Wednesday beginning on September 5th. The sharing circles give woman a chance to get together and share their stories and feelings in a safe environment. The sessions will be held at the health centres traditional room from 2-4PM and it’s open to all female OCN members.


Transportation will also be provided and if you would like more information call. 204-627-7410.

Burgers to Beat MS Day at A&W.

Today is the annual Burgers to Beat MS day at A&W.

The fast food company will be donating two dollars from every Teen Burger sold to multiple sclerosis research and support programs.

A&W says that in addition to money from burgers purchased, they will donate two dollars every time a video of Canada soccer legend Christine Sinclair talking about the disease is shared, up to a total of 40 thousand dollars.

This year marks the 10th year they have partnered with the MS Society, and have raised over 11 million dollars since 2009.

Sixth National Statutory Holiday May Be Coming to Canada

Canada may soon get a sixth national statutory holiday.

Sources close to the Trudeau Government expect the to be known as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, and that it will be announced soon.

The day is intended to mark the ruinous residential school legacy, and a statutory holiday is one of the 94 calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

It is expected that the day will fall on either National Indigenous People’s Day on June 21st or Orange Shirt Day on September 30th.

Ottawa says that they are working closely with the First Nations, Inuit and Metis people to ensure that the day is both meaningful and truthful.

Mosakahiken Cree Nation Protesting To have the Road to Their Community Fixed

Residents of Mosakahiken Cree Nation are marching to Winnipeg to raise awareness for the poor conditions of the road to their community and to pressure the Pallister Government to make much needed repairs to the road.


The road is said to have a lot of pot holes. Mosakahiken Chief Jim Tobacco says he is very proud of what these members of the first nation are doing to urge the Pallister government to make the repairs.


The protestors went through The Pas on Monday and they are expected to reach Winnipeg sometime tomorrow.

UCN Cree Language Summer Camp Turn Out

Last Week, a five day Cree Language Summer Camp was held at Egg Lake by UCN. Around 10 people participated in the program and they learned all about the Cree Language and culture.


Alongside speaking the Cree language the participants also went on a traditional medicine walk, made some traditional crafts and foods, and made videos that will be posted to You Tube.


The main goal of the program was for the students to learn how to create relationships and how to have a good life.


Esther Sanderson, The Director of UCN’s Centre for Aboriginal Languages and Culture hopes to have the program again next year.

OCN Summer Traditional Pow Wow

The OCN Summer Traditional Pow Wow took place over the weekend.  They had approximately 130 dancers and six drummers along with visitors from outside the tri area including Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Japan. They also had different age categories and cash prizes for the dancers. The winners have not yet been announced.


Organizer Brian Ballantyne says he was honored to have the winner and the runner up of the Trappers Festival Fur Queen Competition at the Pow Wow saying that it showed respect for their way of life and he would like to thank them for taking part in the ceremony.

The Pas Terry Fox Run

38 years ago, Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope where he attempted to run across Canada to raise a dollar from every Canadian for Cancer Research and on September 16th you can keep Terry’s legacy alive. A Terry Fox Run is set to take place that day at The Pas Recreation and Wellness Centre.


The registration will begin at 1PM and the run begins at 1:30. Pledge forms are available at the Wellness Centre and you can make a pledge online at

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day The Pas

Thursday August the 9th was Dairy Queen Miracle treat day. The DQ here in The Pas took part in the annual fundraiser and money from each blizzard sold went towards the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba. Alongside the DQ staff they also had some local volunteers to make and serve the Blizzards including some OCN Blizzard members that lived up to their name.


The total amount of money hasn’t been determined yet but The Pas Dairy Queen managed to make a total of 691 Blizzards. Sanked Verma the supervisor at Dairy Queen would like to thank the people of The Pas for participating and buying Blizzards


For more information on miracle treat day or to make a donation to the Children's Miracle network visit

Premier Pallister Hopes for a Resoultion for Churchill Railline

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallisiter spoke to Arctic Radio News and says his government has been working with the Federal Government with the ongoing issues with the railway to Churchill and the other communities on the line.


He stated the restoration of the rail line is important as well as reaffirmation that the Federal Government will continue to support Churchill’s port.


Pallister hopes a resolution will be made soon for the people of Manitoba and the rest of the country.

Omnitrax To Begin Repairs on the Railway This Month

According to a report, OmniTrax has said that they will start repairs on the washed-out rail line to Churchill this month.


The Denver-based corporation was ordered to repair the line by the Canadian Transportation Agency in June, and the company has said they have quote made progress in soliciting four reputable and experienced contractors to do the repair work.


The order from the CTA says that the US company, who bought the rail line 1997, must provide monthly progress reports on the repairs, and that if OmniTrax can't come up with the money for the repairs they have to put the line up for sale at a price set by Ottawa.


The recent report comes as talks regarding the sale of the rail line, and the Port of Churchill, seem to have stalled.

Brian Pallister Addresses Healthcare In Manitoba

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister spoke to Arctic Radio News during his visit to The Pas to talk about healthcare reform in Manitoba, which is something that has been needed in the province for a long time.


The Pallister government has already implemented a number a changes to the system. In Winnipeg they consolidated emergency rooms which have shortened wait times by almost 20 percent and they are finding that by having fewer emergency rooms and ones that are better equip provides a better level of service since the rooms have all the resources needed for treatment.


In the past people in Manitoba went to hospitals for treatment but had to be shipped else ware to receive the treatment they needed, something that Pallister says was quote dangerous and not good.


They have also heard from people that provide healthcare that are dissatisfied with the way the healthcare system has been structured. Pallister says that people that work in the healthcare system have a lot of great ideas and they are looking at improving the provinces healthcare system by listening to those that work in health care.


Pallister concluded by saying that the myth about his government making cuts to healthcare is not true and they have budgeted more towards healthcare then the NDP ever did.

Traditional Medicines Workshop at Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

There will be a traditional medicines workshop for youth at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre on August 22nd. The overall goal is to have indigenous youth learn about medicines that are a part of their culture as many of them may not use these medicines in their everyday life.


The class will be taught by Elders John George and Lillian Sinclair and the class runs from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. Students will learn about traditional medicines like cedar, sweet grass, and red willow and the will get to take a bag of medicine home with a smudge kit. The workshop is open to youth 12 and over and it’s free to attend with 15 spots available. To sign up or for more information call 204-627-7410.

Premier Brian Pallister Visits Northern Manitoba Communities UPDATED

Premier Brian Pallister was in Thompson, Flin Flon, and The Pas Yesterday. During his visit he announced that first responders here in Manitoba will be getting an upgrade when it comes to their communication system.


The new system will include radios with built-in GPS and advanced radio encryption, ensuring the safety of those using it.


Pallister said that the 380-million dollar project was awarded based on tender, saying quote Manitobans are smart shoppers who expect the government to do the same.


During his visit to The Pas, Pallister Conducted a speech on how his government would be reforming health care in the province, How they plan to create jobs, how they would be regulating recreational marijuana, and he answered questions that local politicians and business owners had. He also praised The Pas Huskies for winning the good deeds cup and for giving back to the community.

New MKO Grand Chief Elected

MKO now has a new Grand Chief. According to a report from the Canadian Press, Garrison Settee was elected as Grand Chief Yesterday replacing the outgoing Chief Sheila North. The votes were held on Opaskwayak Cree Nation at the Kikiwak Inn.


Photo Courtesy of

Wally's Place Annual Boat Parade

The Wally’s Place Clearwater Lake Annual Boat Parade was held on Sunday. There were 30 confirmed entries but only 13 boaters took part in the parade due to water conditions. Each boat was decorated and had its own unique theme.


One boat was decorated as an Ice Cream Truck, Another one was decorated like a Hawaiian tikki bar, and the winner of this year’s parade was the Quiring family with their boat called “Under the Sea”


The turnout this year was good and Organizer Mary Ann Greenwood would like to thank all of the volunteers that helped out at the event and to their sponsors.

Mike Ranta Paddles from Fort McMurray to The Pas

Paddler Mike Ranta recently finished a long paddle from Fort McMurrary to The Pas Earlier this week, a journey that took a total of 37 days. He was joined by his dog Spitzii and his good friend Steven O’Neill. 


Ranta spoke to Arctic Radio News and said they had to overcome harsh weather at times but the people they met along the way were incredible and it was beautiful trip.

Ranta says the goal of this journey was to raise awareness for Canada’s first Nations People and Canadian veterans and he hopes to be able speak in the house of commons on their behalf someday.


Next year Ranta plans to paddle from Fort McMurrary to the McKenzie River

And then paddle the McKenzie river to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories the following year. He also plans to paddle across Canada in 2021.


You can follow Mike Ranta on his Facebook page called Mike Rantas Paddle.

The Pas Water Plant Issues

Last week The Town of The Pas’s Raw Pump One went down and a notice was sent out on social media informing residents to conserve water as the towns reservoir was running low.


According to a letter from Assistant Municipal Superintendent Chris McTaggart raw pump one was sent to Winnipeg to be repaired and a back up diesel pump was set up in case pump two stopped working.


The towns water plant is currently being supplied water with a blue pump at the towns boat launch and another pump has been ordered.


As of now the water plant will still be capable of supplying the town with clean and potable water.

The Pas and Area Animal Shelter Beer and Bacon Run Fundraiser Results

The results of The Pas and Area Animal Shelters Beer and Bacon Run for Under Achievers are in. The event was held at the Roy H Johnston Arena on July 28th and a total of sixteen hundred dollars was raised and there were 56 participants.


The participants took part in a 3K run while enjoying some beer and bacon and other fun activities. They would like to thank all those that volunteered, those that participated, and those that sponsored the event.


The proceeds raised at the run will be going towards the construction of an animal shelter for the community.

Person Rescued From The Saskatchewan River

It has been reported that local emergency personal have rescued someone from the Saskatchewan River inThe Pas earlier today just off Devon Park. No further information has been released at this time and no comments have been made. CJAR will keep you up to date on this story once the information is available.

Kasper Transportation Confirms a Bus Route from Winnipeg to The Pas

Kasper Transportation CEO Kasper Wabinski spoke to Arctic Radio News and confirmed that there will be a bus route from Winnipeg to The Pas. The route is expected to be in operation by October 31st the same day that Greyhound Canada announced that they would end their services in Western Canada.


The plan is to have the bus stop at the current Greyhound stop, Bluenose Bus Depot and Laundromat.  Last month Kasper Transportation announced that there will be a route from Winnipeg to Thompson as well but it is not yet known how they will be transporting passengers from The Pas to Thompson.


Kasper Transportation is currently waiting approval to add Flin Flon to their route. More information on the new routes will be released by the end of the month. You can keep up to date with Kasper Transportation on Facebook.

Springhill Dentals Day of Giving Back

The Springhill Dental Clinic recently held their first “Day of Giving Back” here in The Pas. Laura Atkins the office manager for Springhill Dental told Arctic Radio that the day was influenced by the good deeds that residents in Atlantic Canada did for stranded air passengers on 9/11 and this inspired Springhill Dental owner David Wolle to create the Day of Giving back.


Springhill Dental workers were given 100 dollars to buy people lunch, groceries, and other purchases which pleasantly surprised a lot of people. Atkins added that David Wolle is a very giving person that always wants to give back to the community. He has helped to provide dental care for people, has purchased clothes for the woman’s shelter, and provided food for school food programs.


It is not yet known if Springhill Dentals Day of Giving Back will be an annual event or not.

Manitoba Public Insurance Urging Drivers to Driver Safe on The Long Weekend

Manitoba Public Insurance is reminding motorists to drive safely and exercise caution on the provinces roadways this long weekend. Drivers are reminded to always obey the speed limit, drive slowly in construction zones, wear seat belts, and to never drive while intoxicated or while using a hand held device.


In the past five years an average of two Manitobans were killed and another 86 were injured in motor vehicle accidents during the August Long Weekend.


Ward Keith from Manitoba Public Insurance says that even one fatality is too many and road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Flin Flon RCMP Make Arrests For Racist Social Media Remarks

Flin Flon RCMP have made arrests after threats were uttered on social media


On Sunday Flin Flon RCMP received numerous reports of mischief to vehicles and property throughout Flin Flon. Several individuals took to a local Flin Flon Facebook page to vent about the mischief to property. That venting quickly escalated into hateful and threatening language against residents of First Nations communities.


The RCMP report they take these matters very seriously and immediately launched an investigation.


Two of the three female suspects, a 32-year-old female from Flin Flon and a 25-year-old female from Denare Beach have been arrested by RCMP for Uttering Threats and Public Incitement of Hatred.  A third arrest is pending for the same charges. All three suspects are cooperating with police.


The RCMP cannot release the names of the two females arrested as the charges have not been sworn before a court of law.


Many politicians and members of the First Nations community have openly condemned these social media postings. 


The investigation continues.

RCMP Arrest Man For Kidnapping

At approximately 4:20 Tuesday afternoon, Creighton RCMP received reports that a vehicle had been stolen from outside a business on Main Street in Creighton. There was a 3 year-old girl in the backseat of the truck. Reports indicated the vehicle was headed toward Flin Flon and members from the Creighton and Flin Flon RCMP Detachments responded immediately and pursued the vehicle.


The pursuit ended just outside of Cranberry Portage when the stolen vehicle struck a spike belt and rear-ended a vehicle, rendering the suspect vehicle inoperable. The driver got out and fled into the nearby bush. At this time, officers located the 3 year-old unharmed in the backseat of the truck.


RCMP from Creighton, Flin Flon, Cranberry Portage and The Pas set up a perimeter in efforts to contain the man. A police dog from The Pas RCMP Police Dog Service Unit attended the scene and located the driver hiding under a vehicle in an outbuilding. The man is not cooperating with investigators and his indentity has not been confirmed.

As a result of this incident, an adult male has been charged with:


·        Kidnapping without a firearm,

        Theft of truck,

·        Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle,

·        Resist peace officer,

·        Abduction of a person under 16,

·        Operation of a motor vehicle while being pursued by police.


Rhonda Head Performing At The 10th Annual No Stone Unturned Concert

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Musician Rhonda Head will be performing at the 10th Annual No Stone Unturned Concert in Winnipeg on August 25th. The concert is in support of missing and murdered woman in Manitoba.


Head has been performing at the concert off and on since it started and she wants to create awareness for missing and murdered indigenous woman because it is still a major problem across the country and the murder of Helen Betty Osborne had a profound effect on her.


The concert will be held at St James Park in Winnipeg from 2PM to 10PM.

The Pas Community Choir September Session

The Pas Community Choir will be begin their next session on September 6th at the Westminster United Church at 7PM. This is a great opportunity for those that enjoy singing and new and past members are welcome. The cost of the session is 30 dollars and it’s free to try.


Call 204-623-2242 for more information.

A New Book By Rhonda Head Chronicles Musicians Life and Career

Opaskwayak Cree Nation musician Rhonda Head will be at the Professional Woman’s Network Conference in Louisville Kentucky this weekend where she will be signing copies of her new book “Mezzo Soprano Memoirs of a Rez Girl”.


The book covers the life of Rhonda Head, her career as a musician, and the challenges that she had to overcome. Head said that it was hard to relive painful memories while writing the book but she looks forward sharing the story of her journey.


The book is expected to be available for purchase at

Opaskwayak Indian Days Sonny McGillivray Memorial Talent Show

The Opaskwayak Indian Days Sonny McGillivary Memorial Talent Show will take place at the Gordon Lathlin Memorial Centre on August 17th.  Sonny McGillivary was a well known OCN member that had a talent for singing. The talent show is a singing competition that is open to people 18 and older and the entry fee is three hundred dollars a person.


There is a Grand Prize of three thousand dollars for the male and female categories and if you need more information call 204-620-2650.


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