The Pas Local News Archives for 2018-11

Local Postal Worker Makes a Statement on Back to Work Legislation

Mark Armitage the secretary treasurer of CUP-W local 838 The Pas spoke to Arctic Radio News and made a statement about Canadian Postal workers being forced back to work through federal legislation. Armitage says the law clearly violates our right to free and collective bargaining under the charter and rights and freedoms.


Going back to work under the old collective agreement means that between now and the holidays at least 315 disabling injuries will happen to postal workers, rural and suburban mail carriers will work roughly 250,000 hours without pay, urban postal workers will work thousands of hours of forced overtime, and the rural suburban mail carriers will be treated unequally.


Tomorrow postal workers and supporters will be having a rally here in The Pas to protest their right to strike. The rally will begin at 161 Fischer Avenue at 11AM and they will march to the provincial building on Third Street.

Manitoba Enters Into an Agreement for Suppression of Wildfires

The Government of manitoba entered into an agreement with Babcock Canada Inc. to provide services for the suppression of wildfires, including the use of water bombers.


Infrastructure minister Ron Schuler says the government is committed to protecting Manitobans from wildfires and the aircraft will always serve Manitoba first.


Local MP Niki Ashton stated on social media that the privatization of these wildfire suppression services will put Northern Manitobans affected by wildfire at risk.


But, Schular claims that this new agreement will ensure faster response times, enhanced safety, and superior aircraft maintenance.

Just Watch ME Contest Video Contest for Rural Small Business Owners with Disabilities

The Just Watch Me video contest will be open for submissions on December 3rd which is United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


The contest is open to Rural Manitoba or rural Saskatchewan residents that have their own businesses and live with a disability or health condition.


The contest involves having these business owners submit a short one to two minute video about their business and its success.


It’s an initiative aimed at celebrating the small business success of rural Canadians with disabilities and to encourage others to embrace entrepreneurship.


The contest closes on January 22nd of next year and the winner will be announced in February.


Visit to find out more


Photo Courtest of

Manitoba Public Insurance Warning Drivers to Adjust Driving Behavior with the Arrival of Winter Weather

Even though it is not officially winter there is a lot of snow in the region and Manitoba Public Insurance says that bad winter weather can result in more than 1000 collisions over a 24 hour period.


They would like to remind drivers to check the road and weather conditions before heading out on the highway and you can check the conditions of Manitoba highways by calling 511.


You are also encouraged to be careful when driving on overpasses or bridges as the surfaces on these structures can freeze easily,


Leave more space between you and other vehicles,  take your time driving and don’t rush, ensure that your windshields are clear and to have your washer fluid topped off so that you have perfect visibility while driving; allow yourself more time to stop since traction is often reduced on slippery roads, and to get your winter tires put on if you haven’t done so already.

There is No New Mine in Flin Flons Future

In a letter to employees Hudbay states after mining for 90 years in the Flin Flon area they now know that they don’t have an anchor mine to replace Triple Seven and sustain operations in Flin Flon the same way they are today.


They note despite a lot of work over the past few years the most likely scenario is that mining operations will cease in Flin Flon in 2021.  As a result the Flin Flon mill will also cease operations.  They add their efforts to find new sources of ore from Triple Seven did not turn out and in 2022 with only Lalor ore available the Zinc Plant will have only 50 percent of the feed that is has today so it is unlikely they will be able to technically or commercially operate the plant at this reduced throughput and the most likely outcome is the Zinc Plant will also close in 2021. 


Hudbay adds they are still working out the effect on jobs but there will be a need for more people at the Snow Lake area mines, they anticipate offering training to help people transition to future roles but they also expect that job loss will be part of the outcome.


Local MP Niki Ashton stated in her latest report that with the closure of Hudbay Mining Operations in Flin Flon and closure of the smelter and refinery in Thompson that these are not exciting times for Northern Communities and our region deserves better.

Town Council Passes Animal Shelter Zoning Amendment Application

The Pas mayor and council approved a zoning amendment application at Monday night’s council meeting that would allow the rezoning of The Kelsey Glass Building for The Pas and Area Animal Shelter.


Before the vote there were residents in attendance that showed their support for the idea including a couple of young students that shared a school project on how an animal shelter can help homeless animals but the approval was also met with concern.


One resident spoke about the possibility of increased noise in the neighborhood from barking dogs.


The zoning amendment was required because the building is not currently zoned to accommodate an animal shelter.

Passenger Train Service Returning to Churchill

It is confirmed that Via Rail will be running passenger service from Winnipeg to Churchill once more with the first train to leave Winnipeg on December 2nd and will arrive in Churchill on December 4th.


Churchill’s mayor Mike Spence said in a news release that this is huge news for the community and that everyone is excited to have their region back to normal especially with the approaching holiday season as it will connect families in the northern communities.


Spence added that with the support of the federal government they are now focused on ensuring the investments made will result in visitors and new opportunities for economic development.

Sensory Friendly Visit from Santa Claus

Santa Claus came to Northland Ford here in The Pas for a special sensory friendly visit for children on the autism spectrum last weekend. Visiting Santa can sometimes be overwhelming for children with autism with all the noise, line ups, and lights.


In this case Santa wasn’t as loud, there were no flashing lights, and no lines ups in an effort to make the experience more comfortable for children on the spectrum.


Organizer and autism mom Melanie Young says that the turnout was good with about 17 kids in attendance and they had lots of fun. Young would like to thank all the volunteers that helped out during Santa’s visit, along with Northland Ford for donating their space for the event and, The Autism Society of Manitoba for their sponsorship.

RCMP Snowmobiler Safety Tips

Snowmobilers are hitting the trails once again and the RCMP has some important safety tips to keep people safe.  Always check the weather conditions before you leave, know your abilities and ride within your limits to stay in control of your snowmobile, and to always ride in groups and tell people where you are going.


You are also reminded not to ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to always wear protective clothing, and to avoid crossing bodies of water whenever possible.


If you do cross bodies of water be cautious of the ice thickness, never ride single file, and wear a life preserver over your outer clothing.


RCMP Officers are called to snowmobile accidents every year and this year they want everyone to ride safe while enjoying the outdoors.


Six Manitobans died in snowmobile collisions last year.

Two Residents of The Pas become Finalists of CBC Manitoba's Future 40 Under 40

Davide Novo and Derrick Sanderson from The Pas are finalists in CBC Manitoba’s Future 40 awards. People nominated are those that have made a difference in their communities and make them a better place to live.


Novo was acknowledged for spearheading The Pas Spray Park Project and the hurdles that had to be overcome in order to make the project a reality.


Sanderson was acknowledged for his work as the regional pharmacy director for the northern health region and as a Councillor of the college of pharmacists of Manitoba were he contributed to making codeine a prescription only product.


Both Novo and Sanderson said they are honoured to be finalists of future 40.

Amanda Lathlin Addresses The Pas Clinic and the Flin Flon Hospital Issues During Question Period

Amanda Lathlin addressed the cancellation of a clinic for The Pas and the closing of the obstetrics department of the hospital in Flin Flon last week during question period in the Manitoba legislature.


Lathlin stated that the current clinic has been closed for half of the month due to under staffing, forcing patients to go to St Anthony’s emergency room for treatment.


She added that the current government is also forcing expectant mothers that were expected to give birth in Flin Flon to travel to The Pas due to the closure of the obstetrics department in the Flin Flon hospital.


She asked if the minister would stop undermining the public access to health care in Northern Manitoba and restore birth delivery services in Flin Flon and give the Town of The Pas a clinic.


Minister of Health Cameron Friesen did not directly answer Lathlins question stated quote “these decisions are made by physicians and administrators for the preservation of clinical safely.

Charges Laid in an Ongoing Investigation by Norway House RCMP

Charges have been laid against more than a dozen people as part of an ongoing investigation by Norway House RCMP.


Officers in the community stopped and searched a vehicle early last week, which resulted in the seizure of crack cocaine and cash, as well as the arrest of two people from Winnipeg.

RCMP members later searched a house, which resulted in the seizure of over 100 grams of cocaine, as well as crack cocaine and more money.


A subsequent search warrant lead to the discovery of hidden stash of Canadian currency, which officers have concluded is proceeds of crime.


Norway House RCMP have obtained four search warrants and taken a substantial amount of drugs and cash off of the streets within the last few weeks.

Swearing in Ceremony for Judge Theresa McDonald Postponed

Due to a flight delay the swearing in ceremony for The Honourable Judge Theresa McDonald to the provincial court of Manitoba has been postponed.


The ceremony was set to be held in courtroom B of The Pas Courthouse at 1PM today


An alternative date for the ceremony hasn't been confirmed yet.

Amanda Lathlin Addresses Decline in Healthcare to the Provincial Legislature

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin Addressed the Manitoba legislature recently on the decline of health care services in Northern Manitoba. Lathlin stated that since the current provincial government took office they slashed 10 million dollars from The Northern Regional Health Authority, canceled plans for a primary care clinic in The Pas, and the obstetrics department in Flin Flon has closed, leaving pregnant woman unsure of how and where they will deliver their babies.


She added that these cuts are depriving northern Manitobans of the same level of services as their southern counterparts and also brought up the provincial governments plan to privatize life flight an emergency air ambulance service for northern patients which could mean that profits could come before the needs of patients.


Lathlin believes the provincial government needs to listen to Northern Manitobans and doctors working on the front lines and stop the privatization of life flight.

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation Annual Santa Claus Parade

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation has announced the date for their annual Santa Parade. The Parade will be held on December 14th this year and the theme is Dr Seuss Christmas. A signup sheet is now available on The Pas Community Renewal Corporations Facebook page or you can sign up by calling 623-4269. The parade is set to start at 6

The North is Missing from the Throne Speech

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey is critical of what was missing from the Manitoba Government throne speech.  He says as a northern MLA there’s really not a whole lot in there that would excite somebody from the north.  There’s no mention of stimulating the mining economy, health care is always a big issue certainly in the north, there’s really no mention of anything.  He says they talked a little about their Look North which is a plan to have a plan to have a plan but it’s not doing anything.


Lindsey adds we need some positive steps now not just a plan to have a plan.

Niki Ashton Addresses Forced Sterilization of Indigenous Woman

Yesterday local MP Niki Ashton Addressed the forced sterilization of indigenous woman during question period. She stated that the international community criticized Canada for human rights violations and the UN Committee against torture made it clear that the forced sterilization of indigenous woman constitutes torture.


She then asked if the Prime Minister would take immediate action to put a stop to this horrific act and bring justice to indigenous woman and their families that were violated.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by acknowledging that the forced sterilization of indigenous woman is a serious violation of human rights and that he is aware that indigenous patients can face systemic barriers in accessing services including discrimination.


He added that we all have a role to play to ensure that indigenous patients have quality health care that is free of prejudice and they will continue to work with partners to ensure that indigenous peoples have access to culturally safe health services no matter where they live in Canada.

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation Planning a Community Wellness Challenge for 2019

The Pas Community Renewal Corporation is planning to have a community wellness challenge next spring as a way of bringing the community together to promote healthy lifestyle choices in a fun way in an effort to prevent chronic health conditions.


70 to 80 percent of all chronic health conditions are preventable according to researchers and they are affected by certain lifestyle choices.


The corporation will be having meeting on December the 6th in their main office board room at 1559 Gordon Avenue from 1:30 until 2:30 to give residents a chance to voice their support and their input on the planned Wellness Challenge.


If you would like to attend the meeting you are asked to RSVP by November 26th. Call Russell Thorne at 204-627-6419 for more information.

Niki Ashton to Attend the Sanders Institute Gathering

Local MP Niki Ashton will be attending the Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington Vermont to develop bold and progressive solutions on issues such as the climate crisis, health care, housing, and criminal justice.


She will be joining Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis and American politician Bernie Sanders at the gathering which will be held from November 29th to December 1st.


Jane Sanders Co-Founder and fellow at the Sanders Institute looks forward to having Ashton as a speaker and many other speakers from the United States and Canada are expected to attend.

First Freight Train Over a Year Could be Headed to Churchill

The first freight train in well over a year could be headed to Churchill as early as this week.


The Arctic Gateway Group, who bought the rail line from OmniTrax and have been working hard to repair the washed out sections, says that they are taking orders to be delivered by rail to Canada’s only deep-water Arctic sea port.


The first train on the freshly repaired rail link to Churchill arrived in the northern town on October 31st, which was met with a street party attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The rail line had been out of service since 2017, when spring flooding had washed out sections of the line.

National Day of Remembrance

63 people have lost their lives in motor vehicle collisions here in Manitoba as of the end of October.


That number is very concerning according to MPI vice president Satvir Jatana, especially today on National Day of Remembrance.


Jatana says that the day is to raise awareness of the importance of road safety, a message that is important every single day of the year.


Around 30 people are killed annually due to distracted driving, and a person is 35 times more likely to be killed and five times more likely to be seriously injured when not wearing a seatbelt.


MPI recently launched a campaign aimed at eliminating fatal collisions by humanizing the annual fatality statistics called “save the 100”.

Paint Nite For Miss Twin Motors Gianna Catalano

There will be a paint nite for Miss Twin Motors Gianna Catalano at The Pas Regional Library Annex on November 27th from 6:30 until 9:30 in the evening. Participants will be doing a painting on a 16x20 canvas.


The entry fee is 50 dollars a person with 25 spots available and all proceeds will go to The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival.


For more information call Gianna at 204-620-4000 or Tania at 204-620-5775.

Mary Claire De Guzman Memorial Fund Almost at its $8000 Goal

The Mary Claire De Guzman fund that was set up a few weeks ago is doing well. As of press time over $7,500 of the $8000 goal has been raised.


Mary Claire De Guzman was a Filipino woman that worked at the Tim Horton’s on Opaskwayak Cree Nation and had hoped to start a new life with her family in Canada.


She suffered a stroke last month and was flown to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre for treatment but she later passed away. The fund was set up to have her body sent back to the Philippines and to have a funeral.


You can still make donations online at



Six People Believed to Be Involved in a Street Gang Drug Trafficking Network Charged

A five-month investigation by the Manitoba RCMP has resulted in charges against six people believed to be involved in a street gang drug trafficking network.


The investigation, dubbed Project Derelict, began in July when officers discovered a drug trafficking network operated by the Manitoba Warrior Street Gang, which was believed to be supplying northern communities with cocaine.


Officers conducted a traffic stop on highway six just over a month ago, where they arrested a full patch member of the gang and three others, while seizing 84 grams of cocaine which was en route to Easterville.


A subsequent search of a home in Headingley uncovered a cocaine station and press, along what packing materials and a firearm.


The investigation is still ongoing, and two of the suspects remain in RCMP custody.


Among those released were two residents of The Pas, who face charges of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Garage Fire on Settee Avenue

On Saturday afternoon The Pas Fire Department received a report of a garage fire on Settee Avenue. Upon arrival they learned from the home owner that a vehicle in the garage had caught fire.


The fire crews were able to put the fire out quickly and they were able to save the garage with only minimal damage but the vehicle involved burnt to a total loss.


The fire had apparently started under the hood of the vehicle but the exact cause has not been determined.


Fire Chief Randy Manych says the fire has been ruled as accidental.

Local Postal Workers Picket in the Midst of Rotating Strikes

Local Members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers took to the streets of The Pas last weekend with picket signs to fight for their right to negotiate and have a fair contract in the midst of the rotating Canada Post strikes.


Mark Armitage the Secretary Treasurer of CUP-W Local 838 The Pas told Arctic Radio News that postal workers were forced into a bad contract back in 2011 where they were locked out and then forced back to work.


He added the overall goal is to have a work life balance, and to have better health and safety.


There are workers that aren’t being paid hourly and Canada Post has the highest rate of injuries among federal workers in Canada.


The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin also joined the pickers to show her support.


More information on these strikes and the demands of the CUPW can be found at

NRHA: Flin Flon Delivery Suspension Not Money Related

The suspension of obstetrical delivery services in Flin Flon has nothing to do budget cuts; that’s according to the Northern Regional Health Authority.


The health region says that the closure is about patient safety, and has nothing to do with costs or money spent elsewhere.


The NRHA issued what they’re referring to as a fact sheet in response to community efforts, led by MLA’s and MP’s, asking the Pallister Government to reinstate the program.


Accord to the information from the health region, the past year has seen “unreliable unpredictable and unsustainable obstetrical delivery service due to lack of consistent obstetrical covering since the departure of Flin Flon’s lone obstetrician”.


The ward is set to close Sunday morning at 8:00am, and the suspension will be revisited once the Provincial women’s health clinical service plan has been completed in 2019.


The Pas Legion Branch 19 Executive Election Results

The election results are in for The Pas Legion Branch 19’s new executives. Angie Nikolychuk  was elected president, Michael Connors was elected 1st Vice president, and Roger Nikolychuk was elected 2nd vice president.


The newly elected executives will be sworn in at their next General meeting on December 20th.

Canadian Union of Postal Workers Rotating Strikes Reach the North

There will be no mail delivery today.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers series of rotating strikes has finally reached the nor-man region, with workers in Thompson, The Pas, and Flin Flon on the picket line until six a-m tomorrow.

The rotating strikes are now in their fourth week, and according to Canada Post have now touched virtually every Canada Post facility and address.

Canada Post recently submitted what they call a significant, time sensitive offer to the CUPW, though the union says the deal is not good enough and leaves major issues unaddressed.

The Pas Friendship Centres Annual Toy Drive and The Pas Fire Station Tours

The Pas Friendship Centre is running their Annual Holiday Toy Drive. The annual toy drive is a joint partnership with The Pas Friendship Centre, The Pas Family Resource Centre, The Fire Department, and Red Apple Store. The toy drive is for families that are unable to afford Christmas gifts for their children.


You can drop off donated gifts at Red Apple, Extra Foods, Home Hardware, Ace Hardware, The Pas Friendship Centre, and The Pas Family Resource Centre. Anyone that purchases a gift at red apple will be entered in a draw to win A Christmas turkey and a coffee maker.


Alongside the annual toy drive The Pas Friendship Centre has organized tours of The Pas Fire Station and you can also drop off donated toys at the fire station on the tour dates. The first tour of The Pas Fire Hall will be take place on November 24th from 1 until 2 in the afternoon and the tour will be followed by a visit from Santa at Friendship Centre from 2 until 4.


The next tours will be on December 5th at 5 and at 6 o clock in the evening.

If you have any questions call the Friendship centre at 204-627-7500


Oscar Lathlin Colligate Students Sell Pink T Shirts for Anti Bullying Week

Students from Oscar Lathlin Collegiate sold pink T-shirts at the Otineka Mall this week to raise awareness for anti bullying week. The Students involved were part of the schools Youth Leadership Group and the Sources of Strength Group.


According to pink shirt days website a teenage boy in Nova Scotia was once bullied for wearing a pink shirt so these shirts help to show awareness and support for people that have been bullied and the shirts being sold have the words “Be Kind Always” printed on them.


Even though bullying isn't a serious issue at OLC is has been a problem at Joe A Ross School. The students believe that a support group would be beneficial for Joe A Ross School to help students that are being bullied.


They encourge people that are being bullied to not be afraid to ask for help and to stand up for themselves, but without hurting someone.


The Pink T Shirts can still be purchased at OLC for 10 dollars all proceeds go towards the youth leadership group and the sources of strengths group.

Rotary Club Lobster Fest Postponed to December 1st

Rotary Club of The Pas 36th Annual Lobster Fest has been postponed from November 17th to December 1st due to bad weather on the east coast which has delayed the delivery of the lobster.


The dinner and dance will still take place at the Métis Hall with cocktails to be served at 6 and the lobster supper to be served at 7:30.


If you need to refund your tickets please call 204-623-1617 or 204-623-0402

Kelsey School Board Regular Meeting November 12th

Chair Vaughn Wadelius of The Kelsey School Board recently spoke to Arctic Radio News about their regular board meeting held on Monday. Two of the biggest items brought to the table were the implementation of their next strategic plan and an ongoing issue with drivers failing to stop for school buses.


Wadelius says it was agreed to begin the process of the development of their next strategic plan for 2019-2022. Once the strategic plan is completed it will be posted to the Kelsey School Division’s website but it will take a few weeks to finalize once they have their organizational meeting and get input from those participating in the meeting such as people from the school division and from parent council.


They also discussed a report from the transportation committee the indicated that there is still an issue with motorists in The Pas passing school buses with their stop signs out. The School board has ask the RCMP and Citizens on Patrol to Look out for drivers that pass school buses when there lights are on and their stop signs are out as this is a safety hazard for students.


Motorists are reminded not to pass school buses when there lights are flashing and when there stop sign is out, otherwise you could be charged with a $600 fine or you could lose two demerit points.


Kasper Transportation Won't be Providing Bus Service to The Pas as Originally Planned

Kasper Transportation has confirmed that they will be putting their planned bus route from The Pas to Winnipeg on hold. 


Kasper Transportation was one of the first bus companies to come forward after Greyhound announced that they would be pulling out of Northern Manitoba earlier this year but other bus companies have come forward to provide transportation as well.


Mahihkan Kelsey Bus Lines 2014 and Maple Bus Lines will still provide transportation for The Pas and Thompson Bus Lines has listed The Pas as a future destination.

Sensory Friendly Visit from Santa

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with all the snow on the ground and that means it’s time for children young and old to visit Santa and tell him what they want for Christmas. But visiting Santa can sometimes be overwhelming for children on the autism spectrum.


This is why local autism mom Melanie Young had decided to arrange a “Sensitive Santa” which will be taking place at Northland Fords showroom here in The Pas on November 25th from 1 until 3 in the afternoon. This way children on the autism spectrum can visit Santa in a sensory friendly environment with no flashing lights, no loud music, and Santa won’t be as loud.


People attending the sensitive Santa will not have to wait in line as this is also something that children on the spectrum often struggle with.


There will also be a photographer available to take photos. You must register ahead of time in order to attend and you can sign up by calling Young at 204-623-3187 The event is sponsored by Northland Ford and Autism Society Manitoba.

Linkages in Northern Economic Development Conference Held Last Week

Last week the University College of the North In partnership with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and Look North held a two day conference at the Kikiwak Inn Called Linkages in Northern Economic development.


UCN President Doug Lauvstad told Arctic Radio News that the idea behind the conference is to link governments, communities and organizations together and have a conversation about northern economic development for the future of Northern Manitoba. Lauvstad believes that there is potential for people to start small businesses here in the north.


The conference featured guest speakers including the CEO of AGT Foods Murad Al Katib where he said he had an optimistic view of how the north would benefit from the Port of Churchill including the shipping of western Canadian food products.


Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief Christian Sinclair and Minister of Growth Enterprise and Trade Blaine Pederson also spoke at the conference.

Concerns Continue to be Expressed About a Suspension in Services

Members of Parliament Niki Ashton and Georgina Jolibois  are joining community efforts to save the obstetrical delivery program in Flin Flon, as it will force many Northern mothers and families to drive several more hours to access services in The Pas or in Prince Albert. Ashton says the closure of the obstetrics ward is shutting down a vital community service for an entire region adding instead of spending money on consultants, the provincial government should do what's necessary to reopen the obstetrics ward immediately.


 Jolibois expressed concerns over the impact this interruption in services will have on mothers and families from northwest Saskatchewan from Pelican Narrows to Denare Beach noting First Nations and all communities in our region are some of the youngest in the country and they need access to birthing services in Flin Flon.


Jolibois and Ashton are joining a community based effort, as well as Manitoba MLA Tom Lindsay and Saskatchewan MLA Doyle Vermette, in calling for the Manitoba government to save these birthing services immediately. The service will be temporarily suspended by the Health Region November 18th after a clinical study showed issues dealing with volume, increasing gaps in service and resulting patient safety.

The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Winners

The winners of The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce, long service volunteer award and the citizen and business of the year awards have been announced.


The citizen of the year award winner is Christine Anderson for cleaning garbage off the streets of The Pas without ever being asked to do so and she volunteers to take care of the towns cross country ski trails, donates to the homeless shelter, and is the organizing force behind many local projects.


The long service volunteer award went to Saint Paul’s personal Care home resident Anita Fulmore for dedicating 40 to 45 years of volunteer work to the community and the Business of year award went to the Wescana Inn.


The awards will be handed out at the Wescana inn event centre November 24th from noon to 2 in the afternoon. Tickets for the ceremony are 15 dollars and are available at Paper Works Plus, The Opasquia Times, 102.9 CJAR, or from any Chamber of Commerce Board Member.

The Pas UCN Instructor Appointed to the License Suspension Appeal Board

Five new members were appointed to the License Suspension Appeal Board last week.  According to Infrastructure minister Ron Schuler the License Suspension Appeal Board works to grant conditional driving privileges with the public’s best interest in mind.


One of the newly appointed members is The Pas’s Jeffray Stepaniuk a senior instructor in natural resources management technology at the University College of the North. His responsibilities have included co coordinating and maintaining contact with other natural resource related organizations.


Schuler said he was very pleased to see the appointment of the new members and he expressed his appreciation to the outgoing members.

Federal Government and The Province Funding Signage for First Nations Communities in Manitoba

The Government of Manitoba and Canada have entered into an agreement to purchase and install directional highway and community boundary signage for Manitoba’s First Nations. Both governments will provide $200,000 each for the project.


Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler says the project will upgrade or replace highway signage for first nation’s communities located on Manitoba’s all weather highway network and the new signage will improve community visibility from our major highways.


Jane Philpott stated that it’s important to note that the new signs will be designed in consultation with elected leadership from these First Nations. A community review to determine the sign type and locations is expected to be conducted over the next year.

Keep Off The Ice

The RCMP would like to remind residents to be ice smart when heading onto the ice for winter activities.  They note simple precautions can prevent winter fun from becoming tragic. 


They remind you to be safe around lakes, rivers, creeks and open bodies of fast moving water by being aware of ice thickness. Ice should be 15 centimeters thick before you walk or skate on it, 25 centimeters before snowmobiling on it and at least 30 centimeters thick before you drive a vehicle on it.


Clear blue ice is strong while white or grey colored ice is not as strong.  Stay away from ice that looks slushy, has thawed and refrozen, is near moving water or near a pressure crack. When snowmobiling wear proper gear, avoid alcohol or drugs, don’t go on the ice alone and carry safety gear like ice picks, poles and ropes as well as a first aid kit that includes cold weather supplies like a thermal blanket.


Correction: an earlier version of this story read on air said 15 metres instead of 15 centimetres.

Opaskwayak Health Authority Showing a Movie on the Impact of Sugar

As part of National Diabetes Month the Opaskwayak Health Authority will be screening “That Sugar Film” at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre on November 22nd beginning at 6:30 in the evening.


Shawn Yaremko learning circle facilitator for the Opaskwayak Health Authority says the film is a fun and comical approach to learning about the impact that sugar has on chronic diseases such as type two diabetes and the impact that sugar has on our health.


A dietitian will be available to answer questions after the screening of the film and there will a draw for a chance to win a 50 dollar healthy food voucher.


Space is limited so if you would like to see the film you are asked to call Yaremko at 204-627-7410.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Makes History with the Opening of the First Legal Recreational Cannabis Store on First Nations Land in Canada

Yesterday was a historic moment for Opaskwayak Cree Nation when they opened the first legal recreational cannabis store on a First Nations land in Canada. 


The store is a Meta Cannabis Supply Co. outlet and it’s located at the Otineka Mall and it's a partnership with National Access Cannabis and Opaskwayak Cree Nation. The outlet will be staffed with trained OCN members that will ensure the safe and secure distribution of cannabis.


OCN is one of the biggest share holders of National Access Cannabis and Chief Sinclair who is also a NAC board member sees this investment as an economic breakthrough for the community and the goals of the investment will involve getting OCN out of debt and to invest in infrastructure and education.


The Grand opening of the store took place late yesterday morning with some speeches and an official ribbon cutting.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Child and Family Services Family Enhancement and Beatrice Wilson Health Centre Sobriety Dinner and AA Round Up

Opaskwayak Cree Nations Child and Family Services in partnership with the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre is having a sobriety dinner on November 30th from 5 until 9 in the evening and an AA Roundup on December 1st beginning at 9AM.


The sobriety dinner is held annually and they recognize people that have been sober and they give these people certificates for their sobriety. Chief Christian Seinclair will be a special guest at the dinner.


The dinner will be followed by a family fun dance with music by DJ Derek. Both events take place at the OCN veteran’s hall and there is no cost to participate. To sign up call 204-627-7157 or 204-627-7410

NCN opens their First Women's Shelter

The Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation held a grand opening for their first women’s shelter on Tuesday.


Executive Director Susan Kobliski said it will house women facing family violence issues. 

The shelter will serve women in Nelson House and those living in surrounding areas like Tadoule Lake, Lac Brochet, Churchill and Lynn Lake.


The women will have access to counselling and programs with an Indigenous focus, including smudging and medicine picking.


The shelter has hired nine people from the community, including two support workers, security staff and a child care worker.


The shelter will collaborate with other community services like the NCN Medicine Lodge, Nursing Station and NCN Family and Community Wellness Centre to ensure families receive the support they need to successfully move forward and break the cycle of abuse.

Expectant Mothers Are Urged to Make Alternate Delivery Plans in Flin Flon

The Flin Flon General Hospital will be temporarily suspending obstetrical delivery services beginning at 8 am November 18th.  Health Region CEO Helga Bryant says this is happening as their priority is patient safety for expectant moms and their babies after a study recommended this step be taken due to only occasional services being available by obstetricians and anesthesiologists. 


She explained they had a recent external review of obstetrics in Flin Flon done and there were a number of issues that had been raised to the Chief Medical Officer as well as herself around their volume and their increasingly frequent gaps in service.  She said this review was conducted by an esteemed obstetrician from the Health Sciences Center and nurse expert from Winnipeg and they concluded the service should be temporarily suspended.


Bryant says some deliveries will take place in The Pas where they have full services available or moms can make other arrangements with their care provider. She says pre-natal and post-partum services will continue to be available here.  She adds the will again look at the provision of services once a clinical services plan is completed by the province next year.

Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child

Residents of The Pas and area are reminded that this week is collection week for operation Christmas child a program that gives children in third world countries shoe boxes full of Christmas gifts.


You can get shoe boxes at the Northern Lights Dollar Store, The UCN bookstore, The Grub Box and The Pas Regional library.


The filled boxes can also be dropped off at the Library and The Grub Box and The Pas Alliance Church will be open on November 10th and the 11th to collect boxes from 1 until 4 in the afternoon.


November 11th is the deadline to drop off boxes and additional information on the program can be found at or by calling 204-620-6811

Province of Manitoba Ranked One of the Top Ten Regions to Visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet

The Province of Manitoba has been listed as one of the top ten regions to visit in 2019 by Lonely Planet, a well known travel authority and publisher of guide books. Alan McLaughlin who works as a consultant for Travel Manitoba on The Northern Tourism Strategy says that this will mean big things for Manitoba in the coming year like the possibility of increased tourism for the province.


Lonely Planet outlined a lot of the popular tourist attractions that Manitoba has to offer including the town of Churchill and the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival and Manitoba was the only Canadian Destination included in Lonely Planet’s Travel destinations lists for 2019


McLaughlin says we need to get tourism ready for the province by thinking like tourists and thinking about what they would want to do and see if they visit our region and to give them the best experience that they can have.

Linkages in Northern Economic Development

The University College of The North in partnership with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and Look North is hosting the Linkages in Northern Economic Development Conference at the Kikiwak Inn on November 7th and the 8th.


During the conference participants will engage in interactive discussions of northern economic development strategies, how to thrive in a time of change, innovation, and connecting the north to the rest of the world.


The conference will also have a number of guest speakers including Blaine Pederson, Minister of Growth Enterprise and Trade, and Opaskwayak Cree Nation chief Christian Sinclair.

For a full program of the conference visit

Manitoba M├ętis Federation Celebrates New Housing in The Pas With a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

The Manitoba Métis Federation celebrated the completion of two new housing units here in The Pas last Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony.


The new duplex on Bignell Avenue includes a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom unit and this is the fifth housing project completed by the MMF since partnering with Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation back in 2013 to develop affordable housing for Manitobans.


Will Goodon MMF Minister of Housing and Property management said it has been years since they saw the need to starting building more affordable housing for citizens and these two new houses will benefit two Métis families living in the area

Red Cross Standard 1st Aid Course in The Pas

This Saturday, there will be a Red Cross standard first aid course from 9 AM until 5PM offered here in The Pas.


The course is known as “a new approach to standard first aid” and it will give participants the certification they need in a one day course instead of a two day course. Although it is a new course it is not a new certification.


The entry fee is $130 dollars a person and if you would like more information call 204-381-1311.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Addresses Climate Change for Manitobans

While in Churchill last week to celebrate the restoration of rail service, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took time to address climate change and what that will mean for Manitobans.


Trudeau said that communities like Churchill know firsthand what climate inaction looks like, and that starting in 2019 Manitobans will directly receive a climate action incentive.


He said that the incentive will help Canadians adjust to an economy in which pollution isn’t free, and that the average family of four in Manitoba will receive around 339 dollars per year,

The Prime Minister added that the rest of the money collected will be used for energy efficiency projects in schools, hospitals businesses and Indigenous communities.


He said that this will allow the country to protect the environment while continuing to strengthen the local economy.

Special Meeting Held for Opaskwayak Cree Nation Members on Proposed Changes to Their Election Code

A special meeting was held for Opaskwayak Cree Nation members at the Kikiwak Inn last Friday to give members information about proposed changes to their election code.


One of the biggest of these proposed changes to the election code is that the OCN chief and council would hold office for a two year term instead of a three year term if the changes were approved.


If you couldn’t make the meeting and you want to find out more about the proposed changes there is going to be another meeting at a later date but there is no set date for this meeting right now.


A document containing these proposed changes can be obtained from any band member on OCN and the referendum on these proposed changes is set for November 28th at the Otineka Mall from 9 AM to 8PM.


Contact an election board member at 204-627-7016 or 204-620-6158 for more information.

Niki Ashton Addresses Health Care Issues in the North

Local MP Niki Ashton released her latest MP report where she addressed Health Care issues in Northern Manitoba as well as her visit to the annual general meeting of the Northern Manitoba Regional Health Authority in Flin Flon to follow up on the health concerns of our region.


Ashton says we are very fortunate to have so many dedicated healthcare professionals in our region but these workers and their patients face many challenges.


People in our region have trouble accessing healthcare in ways that other Canadians don’t and this is due to the fact that many medical services are not available in our communities requiring people to travel long distances for treatment.


Ashton also talked about Abraham Donkey a heart Patient that died on a bus while going to a medical appointment and was not able to get an escort. She asked Prime Minster Trudeau to follow up with an investigation to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


The long term solution is to have more medical services available in our region and there are signs of progress particularly with the announcement of the new hospital in Norway House.

Ashton Concluded by saying that there is still a long way to go and she will continue to fight for improved health care in Northern Manitoba.

Patient Transportation was Brought to the Attention of the Manitoba Legislature

Flin Flon MLA Tom Lindsey questioned Health Minister Cameron Friesen last week about changes to the Northern Patient Transportation Program asking him stop the cuts.


He tabled a freedom of information request that he says shows that this government cut one million dollars from the NPTP escort subsidor and knows this decision was made at the Cabinet table because the information comes from a Department of Health funding letter.


Lindsey added the same freedom of information request shows the NRHA was forced to find an additional 450 thousand dollars in savings from the Northern Patient Transportation Program by making it harder for northern Manitoba patients to get escorts.


Friesen replied they became aware of all kinds of abuses to the program which is why the rules must be enforced to make sure the program continues to be able to have the capacity to respond to those who legitimately need the travel subsidy.

Prime Minsiter Visits Churchill

While in Churchill late last week following the arrival of the first train in 17 months, the Prime Minister announced funding for the community.


Justin Trudeau said that his Federal Liberal government is putting more than three point eight million dollars towards 40 projects that will increase tourism, provide skills training, and help offset the freight costs stemming from the rail closures.


He said that Ottawa is also committed to investing 43 million dollars over the next ten years to make sure that the rail line continues to operate properly.


Prime Minister Trudeau added that by opening the railway, Churchill is open to outside investments from companies like Bell.

Public Hearings for The Town of The Pas

The town of The Pas’s newly elected mayor and council will get down to business this evening at 6PM. There is no regular council meeting tonight but there will be two public hearings.


The first public hearing will begin at 6PM regarding an amendment to the zoning bylaw to permit an animal shelter in a commercial industrial zone and a conditional use application to permit an animal shelter at 63 16th Street West. The other hearing is about a variation application to permit the construction of a residence on a 33 foot lot.


The hearings will be followed by a committee of the whole meeting.

Crime Prevention Month

November is Crime Prevention Month and RCMP Constable Kruzer will be talking more about the campaign on the morning wake up tomorrow morning on 102.9 CJAR.


The interview is scheduled to air at 8:15 AM

Local Citizens on Patrol Group Wins Outstanding Group Award at annual C.O.P.P Conference in Winnipeg

The Pas Citizens on patrol group received the outstanding group award at the annual C.O.P.P conference in Winnipeg. The Pas C.O.P.P chairperson Paulette Aamot says the group has been active for the past 25 years, and this year they had a total of 3454 patrol hours , 3951 volunteer hours, and they are the eyes and ears for local law enforcement to keep the community safe. These are the reasons why she felt that the group won the award.


Aamot is hoping that the group will have more of a visible presence in the future so that residents know that they are still active and she hopes that more people will become members as well.


If you are interested in joining The Pas C.O.P.P you can call Aamot at 204-620-1369 or you can attend one of their meetings which take place the first Tuesday of every month at the RCMP Office at 6PM.


Photo Courtesy of



Monthly Mayor Reports for The Pas, Cormorant, and The RM of Kelsey

The Monthly Mayor reports for the month of October have been released for The RM of Kelsey, The Pas, and Cormorant.


The Town of The Pas had mostly Index Checks a total of 155, along with 97 prisoners held, 85 disturbances of the peace cases, 83 mischief cases, 32 assaults and a handful of other cases.


The RM of Kelsey saw mostly provincial traffic violations a total of 65 and Cormorant had two disturbances of the peaces cases, one assault, one case of theft, and one mental health act case.

Memorial Fund for Mary Claire De Guzman

A memorial fund for Mary Claire De Guzman has been set up on De Guzman was a migrant worker from the Philippines that worked at the Tim Hortons on Opaskwayak Cree Nation with a plan to have her family settle in Canada.


De Guzman suffered a stroke last month and was airlifted to Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre for treatment but passed away on October 23rd.


Her family would like to have a funeral to commemorate her so any donations to her memorial fund will be greatly appreciated. The fundraising goal is $8000

RCMP Make an Arrest for and Assault with a Deadly Weapon at the Wescana Inn

The Pas RCMP received a call from the Wescana Inn on the afternoon of October 26th and it was reported that an unknown male pulled a knife on one of the employees in the VLT lounge. No one was injured and the suspect fled the scene before the police attended.


The RCMP later found and arrested 24 year old John McPherson and charged him with assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose, uttering threats, failing to comply with an undertaking, and forcible confinement.


Video surveillance of the incident was obtained and McPherson appeared in court on October 29th.

Province Reminding Long-Term Care Residents to Get Special High Dose Seasonal Flu Vaccine

The Province of Manitoba is reminding seniors that the high dose influenza vaccine is once again available for residents of long term care facilities that are 65 years of age and older.


Health, seniors, and active living minister Cameron Friesen says the high dose vaccine is being made available free of charge for seniors at long term care facilities that have a higher risk of suffering from complications of the flu and the goal of offering this vaccine is to further mitigate the health risks that come for Manitobans living in these care facilities when flu outbreaks occur and he encourages everyone eligible to get this vaccine.


The flu vaccine and the PNEU P-23 vaccine which helps protect against Pneumococcal  Disease is available at local public health offices, nursing stations, doctors offices, and access centres.


There will be a flu vaccine clinic here in the pas at the Roy H Johnston Arena on November 5th from one in the afternoon until 5:30.

Kelsey Bus Lines 2014 Begins Service from Flin Flon to Winnipeg Today UPDATED

Kelsey Bus Lines 2014 is beginning bus and fright service from Flin Flon to Winnipeg today and one of the stops on the route is The Pas.


The bus will stop in The Pas at 336 Fischer Avenue at 9:05 in the evening and depart around 9:30 before arriving in Winnipeg at 6:50. The bus from Winnipeg will arrive in The Pas at 6:20 in the morning and leave at 6:40 on the way to Flin Flon.


Kelsey Bus Lines 2014 is part of Aseneskak Casino Limited and it will soon be renamed Mahihkan the cree word for wolf.


More information on the routes and can be found at The Flin Flon to Winnipeg and Winnipeg to Flin Flon Routes will now be running seven days a week.


Corrections: An earlier version of this story had the incorrect web address listed



Province Reminds Manitobans of New Penalties for Distracted Driving

Manitobans are reminded that stricter penalties for distracted driving come into force today. Infrastructure minister Ron Schuler says the growing threat of distracted driving has led the government to take important action.


Drivers will be subject to a three day roadside license suspension for the first time that they are caught using a cell phone or another hand held electronic device and a seven day suspension for a subsequent occurrence within 10 years.


Suspended drivers will also be required to surrender their licenses at the roadside.

Officers that charge a driver with careless driving will immediately notify Manitoba Public Insurance to review the driver’s record and to determine if further penalties are required.


Schuler added that by public education, legislation, and enforcement that they are working together with Manitoba Public Insurance to change the public perception and make distracted driving as socially unacceptable as impaired driving.


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