The Pas Local News Archives for 2017-08

Fire Bulletin #6

A recent fire report from Manitoba Sustainable Development and the Office of the Fire Commissioner says hot, dry and windy conditions have elevated the wildfire danger in many areas of Manitoba.


There have been more than 497 fires this season. People are reminded to exercise caution while taking part in outdoor activities, always stay on developed trails when driving all terrain vehicles and to stop frequently to check areas around the engine and exhaust for debris and carefully dispose of any debris found.


People are also reminded to only use designated fire pits for campfires and open burning is not permitted between April 1st and November 15th without a permit.


You can report wildfires by contacting local emergency services at 911 or you can contact the forest fire tip line at 1-800-782-0076. More information on wildfire prevention can be found at

Hawaiian Restaurant Fire Suspect Name Released

The RCMP has released the name of the person charged in relation to the fire at The Hawaiian Restaurant here in The Pas This Past Sunday.


Skywalker Castel aged 18 from Pukatawagan has been charged with two counts of arson and mischief over $5000 and has been released pending a court date.


The RCMP Launched an investigation into the cause of the fire and it was determined with the assistance of the Office of the Fire Commissioner that the fire was deliberately set.


The Restaurant was not in operation and although the building sustained extensive damaged there were no injuries as a result of the fire.

Back to School Safety Tips From The Pas Public Safety Officer

The new school year is right around the corner and The Pas Public Safety Officer Harley Bon has some important back to school safety tips for both parents and children.


He said it is important to drop off children at designated drop off spots at their schools, and that children should always look both ways before crossing the street.


Bon would also like to remind motorists not to go around school buses when there sign is out and there lights are on. Going around a school bus like this can put a childs life in danger.

Get Better Together Course in The Pas

There will be a self management program offered here in The Pas for anyone with an ongoing health condition called “Get Better Together.


The course will cover various topics such as physical activity, setting goals and action planning. To find out where the course is being held in The Pas or if you have any questions you are asked to contact Russell Thorne at 204 627-6419 or email



Manitoba Public Insurance and RCMP Partner to Promote Gravel Road Safety

Manitoba Public Insurance and the RCMP have partnered in a joint public awareness and enforcement campaign specific to gravel roads to help reduce the number of injuries, and deaths from accidents on gravel roads in the province. On average nearly 500 people are injured in crashes on gravel roads annually and about 14 people are killed in these crashes.


One of the goals Manitoba Public Insurance has to heighten awareness about the challenges associated with driving on gravel roads is to enhance its high school driver education program. This will help to expose all teen drivers with training on how to properly control their vehicle on gravel.


Some of the safety tips for driving on gravel roads are keeping a good distance between you and the vehicle ahead of you to prevent dust from blocking your vision and if you lose control take your foot off the gas and steer in the direction you want to go.

Fire Breaks Out at Old Hawaiian Restaurant, UPDATE!

A fire broke out at the old Hawaiian Restaurant building on Fischer Avenue in
The Pas on Sunday. Emergency services got the call around 9:09 AM.


The Pas RCMP have arrested an 18 year old man who they believe is resonsible for fire.


CJAR will keep you up to date on this story as the information becomes available.

Steam sets off Alarm at The Pas Health Complex

The Pas Fire Department responded to a report of smoke coming from The Pas Health Complex last Wednesday Evening.


Chief Fire Prevention Officer Randy Manych told CJAR the page was received around 8:25 in the evening and the report came in as smoke on the fourth floor of the building.


The so called smoke on the fourth floor was later determined to be steam from a shower which set off a smoke detector.


The situation was under control before the fire department had to do anything.

Emergency Calls Made Over Smoke

Chief Fire Prevention Officer Randy Manych said there were a lot of emergency calls made on Saturday August 19th


According to Manych there was smoke in town from the forest fires and people were making phone calls because they were under the impression that there were fires in town.


Manych says that people need to be aware that when there is smoke that unless they have an exact location of where the smoke is coming from to refrain from calling 911. Forest fire information can be found online at:

"WHO Says We Need Fresh Air" Project May Be Postponed

The Who Says We Need Fresh Air Project being run by Marie Leblanc may end up running Tomorrow night at The Opasquia Times building if it rains tonight.


Leblanc will still be there tonight checking on rain at 8:30 if you wish to stop by and talk.


She thanks you for your support and she hopes to see you Tonight or Tommorow Night





Community Wellness Challenge Updated

There will be a community Wellness Challenge here in The Pas and the surrounding areas starting on October 16th. Regional Community Health Developer for Northern Health Region, Russell Thorne told CJAR the challenge involves keeping track of simple wellness tips and  setting challenges for yourself. For example, you can challenge yourself to take part in more physical activities or to eat a healthy diet.


The registration will start on September 18th. For more information you can call Thorne at 204-627-6419 or by emailing


Correction: An earlier version of this story said the registration starts after September 18th when it fact the registration starts on September 18th

The Pas Kinsmen Club Wins Two Club Awards at The Kin Canada National Convention

The Kinsmen Club of The Pas won two club awards at Kin Canada’s National Convention in Halifax last week. The first award they won was the Hal and Espeth Memorial Service Award. The award is given to the best service project across the country The Pas Kinsmen submitted their work that they do for the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival with the world championship dog races.


The second award the club won was the Bill Skelly Award for their work with the OCN Blizzard on the goals for CF. Where each goal scored at a home game has a 10 dollar contribution from the club towards Cystic Fibrosis and every shutout that a Blizzard goalie makes throughout the season has a 25 dollar contribution. The campaign raised 1200 for cystic fibrosis this past hockey season.


Along with the two club awards The Pas Kinsmen Club also won three Maple Leaf Awards of Distinction, an Outstanding Club Award, and many others. For a complete list of awards visit


Past President and Kinsmen member Kevin Carlson would like to thank the community and those that came out to help out with the dog races during the Trapper’s Festival.





Neighborhoods Alive! Program Funding Applications

The Neighbourhoods Alive! Program is accepting funding applications and program staff will be coming to The Pas on August 31st. The session will be held at 1559 Gordon Avenue at 3:30 PM and all interested groups are invited to attend. 


Desarae Lambert from The Pas Community Renewal Corporation added that the program assists local nonprofit organizations to revitalize designated neighborhoods and communities in Manitoba though a range of locally planned and supported projects.


If you are unable to attend you can email  

Who Says We Need Fresh Air Project Update

Winnipeg based artist and The Pas native Marie Leblanc will be conducting a special art project here in The Pas called “Who Says We Need Fresh Air.” The project involves a projection of quotes from sufferers of multiple chemical sensitivities and environmental illnesses. The quotes will give people an idea of what these people go through every day with these illnesses.


Leblanc herself has multiple chemical sensitivities and she would like to hear from anyone who has an environmental or chemical sensitivity or knows of someone that is affected by these sensitivities. You can email her at


The project will take place at the Opasquia Times Building at 8:30 PM on Friday.

Dr. David Suzuki Guest Speaking at Manitoba NDP Leadership Convention

Manitoba NDP President David Woodbury recently announced that Dr. David Suzuki will be a guest speaker at the parties’ leadership convention dinner on September 15th.


Woodbury stated in a press release that Dr. Suzuki is a champion of progressive values as leader in the fight against climate change and an advocate for social and environmental issues in partnership with indigenous communities.


In 2016, under the previous NDP Government Manitoba became the first province in Canada to sign the Blue Dot Declaration. An initiative led by Dr. Suzuki that commits the government to ensuring a healthy environment for all Manitobans’.


Woodbury says they look forward to welcoming Dr. Suzuki to Manitoba as they gather in Winnipeg and prepare to elect their next leader.

Two Males Arrested in Pukatawagan Assault

The Pukatawagan RCMP responded to an assault in the community on the morning of August 19th. A 17 year old male victim of the assault was sent to the hospital where he died of his injuries.


RCMP major crimes services and Puckatawagan RCMP later arrested two males from the community Alexander Bear aged 20 and Reshawn Muskwa aged 19. Both men remain in custody and have been charged with manslaughter. The investigation is ongoing.

Opaswayak Indian Days Turnout

The 52nd Opaswayak Indian Days were held last week from August 14th to the 19th. Even though planning for the event started late OCN recreation assistant Barney Monias says the turnout was pretty good.


Some of the events held this year included the Mickey Constant Memorial Dry Dance, the Canoe Classic, and a Long Distance Foot Race. The theme for this year’s Indian days was “The Year of Our Language.”

The Pas Curfew Bylaw Discussion

The Pas RCMP Staff Sergeant Brent Mattice was present at last Wednesday’s committee of the whole meeting to discuss the town’s curfew by law in the midst of ongoing concerns of vandalism and youth walking the streets at night causing mischief. The By Law was first enacted back in 1998 but it has been difficult for the town to enforce.


Mattice added that the town wants to let residents know that the curfew by law is a tool that can be used to eliminate any further vandalism. The By Law was first enacted back in 1998 but it has been difficult for the town to enforce.


Mattice would like to remind parents to know what their children are doing at all times and to have them home at a decent time.

Who Says We Need Fresh Air Art Project

Winnipeg based artist and The Pas native Marie Leblanc will be conducting a special art project here in The Pas called “Who Says We Need Fresh Air.” The project involves a projection of quotes sufferers of multiple chemical sensitivities and environmental illnesses. The quotes will give people an idea of what these people go through every day with these illnesses.


Leblanc herself has multiple chemical sensitivities and she would like to hear from anyone who has an environmental or chemical sensitivity or knows of someone that is affected by these sensitivities. You can email her at


The project will take place at the Opasquia Times Building at 8:30 PM on Friday.

How Attachment Shapes Our Lives

The Pas and Area FASD Committee is running a conference called “How Attachment Shapes Our Lives”.


Occupational therapist Kim Barthel will be speaking at the conference and she says  attachment is all about early childhood relationships between parents and teachers and how these relationships help to develop the brain.


These relationships can be tricky for children with developmental challenges and the conference centre’s around how adults can help or advance their children development.

The Conference will take place in The Pas on October 5th at the Royal Canadian Legion from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. To register for the conference call 204-623-9649 the deadline to register is September 15th.


Correction: An Earlier Version of this Story said the conference was being run by the FASD Diagnostic Coordinator Joanne Wyman. It is actually being run by The Pas and Area FASD Committee

The Pas Sewage Lagoon Improvements

The Pas Town Councilors agreed that they would authorize the public works department to investigate and plan improvements to the new sewage lagoon for The Pas at last weeks council meeting.


Deputy Mayor Brian Roque says there are serious issues with the current sewage lagoons capacity. 


Roque added that because of a high cost issue, the town has to make a plan and look at the steps to achieve a lagoon system and process that will handle all the communities’ needs.

The Pas Community Choir

The Pas Community Choir will be starting a new session on September 7th at the Westminster United Church on Edwards Avenue.


The cost is 30 dollars for the session. For more information call Andrew at 204-623-2136.

Everyone is welcome to join.

In kind sponsorship for the OCN Blizzard.

At Wednesday night’s council meeting the town of The Pas agreed that they would provide some in kind sponsorship to the OCN Blizzard.


Mayor Jim Scott says the town will be paying for two games here in The Pas during the upcoming season Roy H Johnston Arena. One of the games will be played during The Trappers Festival.


The team will also be allowed to use the Wellness Centre to workout.


Scott added that having a hockey team is important for the community and that the Blizzard is a very strong franchise.

Town Council Carries Variation Application for 702 and 728 Gordon Avenue

The Pas Town Council carried the variation application for 702 and 728 Gordon Avenue at Wednesday night’s council meeting. The Application was submitted by True Blue Developments owner Michael O Rourke to have a drive thru for a Tim Horton’s Express at Michaels Corner Store. Mayor Jim Scott told CJAR that the variation application also allowed for a number of objects to be located where they were at the business and where they potentially could be.


Although the application was carried, Deputy Mayor Brian Roque and Margret Commodore voted against the variation out of concern for the safety of children. Commodore felt that having a drive thru would increase traffic and put the safety of children at risk because the business is not far from Opasquia Elementary School and Ecole Opasquia. A couple of citizens present at the meeting were concerned about children’s safety as well.


Mayor Jim Scott voted in favour of the variation saying that O Rourke has helped to provide jobs in the community and young children would not be at risk of traffic because they are often driven to school by their parents.

Registrations Still Needed for Hudson Reykdall Mobile Clinic to come to The Pas

Bonnie Meadows from The Pas Precious Pet Kennels is looking for people to sign up for The Hudson Reykdall Mobile Clinic that she hopes to have here in The Pas from September 14th to the 15th.


If more people do not sign up, the mobile clinic could end up being cancelled.  Meadows added that they are also in need of volunteers to assist with the animals and donations of gift cards from restaurants and gas stations for the mobile clinic workers.


If you would like to donate gift cards, sign up for the clinic, or volunteer you can call 623-3608. The cost to have your pets spayed and neutered is 100 dollars for male pets and 125 dollars for female pets.


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

The Pas Pre School Registration Night

There will be a registration night at the A&W here in The Pas for The Pas Pre School. The event takes place on August 30th at 7PM and space for children is limited. The goal of the Pre School is to help prepare children for kindergarten.


If you are interested in signing your children up for the program email

DQ Miracle Treat Day

Last week, The Pas Diary Queen held the annual DQ Miracle Treat Day. On Miracle Treat Day, money from each Blizzard treat goes towards local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to support research, purchase equipment, and to help children that can’t afford certain types of health care.


The money raised this year will go towards buying a Neuro Microscope for a children’s hospital in Manitoba, an instrument that will make it easier for surgeons to operate brain tumors. Donations can still be made at The Pas’ Diary Queen anytime through their donation box.

Kelsey Recreation Annual Parade of Programs

The Kelsey Recreation Annual Parade of Programs will be held at The Roy H Johnston Arena from 11AM until 2PM on September 16th.


The parade gives residents the opportunity to see what activities and organizations there are in the community. The Roadrunners Swim Club, The Pas and Area Basketball Association, and Zumba with Erin are some of the organizations that are expected to be present at the Parade of Programs.


If you would like to register your organization call The Pas Recreation and Wellness Centre at 627-1134.

The Pas Town Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings

There will be a Town Council and Committee of The Whole Meeting tonight here in The Pas.


Some of the items on the council meeting agenda include dealing with a variation application for a Tim Horton’s Express, authorizing the public works department to investigate designing a new sewage lagoon, offering the OCN Blizzard some In kind sponsorship, and taking back control of the disc golf set up in the park.


Some of the items that will be talked about at the committee of the whole meeting include a curfew for young people in the community, and purchasing a sweeper for The Clearwater Lake Airport.


These will be the first Council and Committee of the whole meetings since last month.

Road Work in The Pas

The Manitoba Provincial Government will be conducting road work here in The Pas in the next few weeks.


According to a media spokesperson, The 10.5 million dollars project will involve paving Provincial Trunk Highway 10 from Cook Avenue North to The railway crossing 600 metres South of Provincial Road 287 for a total distance of 18.6 kilometres.


They will also be paving provincial road 285 from Highway 10 to the east junction of Kryschuk.


Motorists will experience some delays in these construction areas as there will be some speed reductions and one way streets.


The estimated completion of the road work is next summer.

Opaswayak Indian Days Traditional Events

The Opaswayak Indian Days traditional events for men and woman aged 40 to 54 years of age takes place on Thursday at OID park  from 10 AM to 6PM and on Saturday from 9AM to 12 PM. The entry fee is 2 dollars per event with cash awards of 50 dollars for first place, 40 dollars for second and 30 dollars for third.

OCN Summer Traditional Pow Wow Turn Out

The Summer Traditional Pow Wow 2017 was held last weekend at the OCN Arbor Site. There were a lot of young people that participated and one of the goals of the Pow Wow was to encourage young indigenous people to continue to follow their culture.


The Pow Wow’s visitors were not limited to locals. They also had visitors from as far away as Toronto and even the United States.


Opaskwayak Indian Days Senior Traditional Events

The Opaskwayak Indian Days Senior Traditional Events will take place at OID Park this Thursday from 11AM until 6PM and on Saturday from 9AM until 12 PM. These events are open to men and woman aged 18 to 39. Cost is 2 dollars per event with cash prizes of 40 dollars for first place, 30 dollars for second and 20 dollars for third. Some of the events include tea boiling, moose calling, and nail pounding.

Opaskwayak Indian Days Junior Traditional Events

The Opaskwayak Indian Days Junior Traditional Events will take place at OID Park this Thursday from 11AM until 6PM and on Saturday from 9AM until 12 PM. Some of the events include archery, log throw, moose call, and many others. Cost is 2 dollars an event. Prizes include 30 dollars for first place, 20 dollars for second and 10 dollars for third. These events are open to boys and girls 13-17.

The Pas Release a Memory Event

There will be a “release a memory event” here in The Pas on September 14th at Devon Park. The event will begin at 7pm and they will be releasing balloons again this year.


Everyone is invited to take part and the deadline to register is September 13th at 4PM.  You can sign up at the town office.

Monthly Mayor Reports for July

The monthly mayor reports for July have been released. Most criminal offensives committed in The Pas were Disturbance of The Peace Cases a total 178, The RM of Kelsey had mostly provincial traffic violations a total of 61, and Cormorant had 2 breaks and enters, 2 disturbances of the Peace and 2 provincial traffic violations.

Kelsey Conservation District Barbeque

The Annual Kelsey Conservation District Barbeque will be held at the Carrot Valley Community Club on August 17th. Cocktails will be served at 5PM and supper will be served around 6.


The barbeque is an opportunity for the Kelsey Conservation District to let residents know what they have been doing for the past year and what they have planned for next year.

If you wish to attend you are asked to call 204-623-3353.


Photo Courtesy of

RM of Kelsey Meeting on Pumping Guide Lines

The RM of Kelsey Office will be holding a special meeting on August 22nd at 7PM. Reeve Rod Berezowecki says the meeting will give the public and the agriculture committee some input on pumping rules that relate to agriculture drainage in the Opasquia Valley.


Berezowecki stated that the pumping guide lines have not been looked at for a while and there has to be some changes that are sustainable.



Photo Courtesty of

NDP MLAs Demand Action from The Pallister Government

According to a news release, NDP MLAs Amanda Lathlin and Tom Lindsay recently stated that The Pallister Government has snubbed the North again with its announcement that they will spend millions on water treatment projects all over the province except for the Northern Manitoba.


Lathlin says people in the North have the greatest need for upgraded water treatment and many do not have access to clean drinking water. Lindsay also voiced his displeasure saying the Pallister Government has continually turned its back on the North.


The NDP is calling on The Pallister Government to listen to people in Northern Manitoba and help invest in their water and waste projects.

No Further Action on a Proposed By-Law

The Pas Town Councilor Margret Commodore put forward a proposal for a no loitering by-law for The Town of The Pas back in June. Commodore spoke to 102 9 CJAR and said that town has decided not to move forward with proposed by-law and that she respects their decision.


Commodore felt that having a no loitering by-law would help to make residents feel safer going to businesses in the downtown area.

Larose Avenue Infrastructure Renewal Work

The Larose Avenue Infrastructure Renewal work started in July. Assistant Municipal Superintendent Chris McTaggert says they will be doing the renewal work from the 500 block starting at 7th Street all the way to BNC at Larose Avenue and First Street.


All the underground work is going to take place this summer and the paving work and the rest of the cleanup is expected to occur next year.


MacTaggert stated that although the road closure will be an inconvenience the town appreciates everyones patience.

Water Balloon and Pie Throwing Fundraiser Total Amount Raised

The Pas Families Building a Better Community Group's Water Balloon and Pie Throwing fundraiser was held at the 9th annual The Pas Community Renewal Corporations street festival last weekend.


Desarae Lambert from The Pas Community Renewal Corporation told CJAR that a total of $1,185 was raised towards a new skate and Spray Park and about $592 dollars will go towards each project.


Some of the participants this year included CJAR”S Blake Priddle, The Pas Mayor Jim Scott, and few other council members.

The Pas Boat Launch Dock Put in the Water After a Long Delay

The Pas boat launch dock was put in the water on Tuesday after a long delay caused by extremely high water levels. The high water levels increased the chances of the dock getting damaged by floating debris.


The dock is often used to tie down boats after they have been launched and not having the dock has made things difficult for boaters.

The Pas and Area Animal Shelter Considering Building Options

Last week, The executive committee of The Pas and Area Animal Shelter held a special meeting where they voted to pursue the possibility of establishing an animal shelter at 1559 Gordon Avenue the current tourist information building.


Herb Jacques the chairmen of TPAAS executive stated in a press release that their next major step is to pursue the zoning amendment required for an animal shelter.


The committee believes 1559 Gordon Avenue would be the least cost prohibitive and would offer the opportunity to open a shelter in a more timely fashion.


Funds will continue to be raised for the future animal shelter and the committees next fundraiser is a social on October 21st that will feature the Bon Jovi Tribute Band “Bed of Roses”.


Photo Courtesy of Facebook


Correction: An earlier version of this story Incorrectly referred to The Pas and Area Animal Shelter as the The Pas and Area Animal Hospital we apologize for this mistake

Wildfires Near Clearwater Lake Brought Under Control

On August 4th, two wildfires were detected near Clearwater Lake. Gary Friesen the Manager of the Wildfire Program with Manitoba Sustainable Development says both fires were started by lightning and were suppressed immediately by the fire crews and water bombers out of The Pas. These fires are now under control.


If you do see a wildfire you are asked to report it by calling 1-800-782-0076.

Opaswayak Indian Days Memorial Fishing Derby

The Opaswayak Indian Days Memorial Fishing Derby runs on August 20th at Riverside Park. The derby features an adult category with a entry fee of $20 and a youth division for people 17 and under with an entry fee of 5 dollars.


Both divisions will have a chance to win some cash prizes. Advanced tickets are on sale from Lyle or Sheryl Crain and the derby runs from 5 until 8 pm

Anthony Frank Constant Memorial Basketball Tournament

The Anthony Frank Constant Memorial three on three basketball tournament is one of many events happening at Opaswayak Cree Indian Days next week.


The divisions for the tournament include the competitive men’s division, co-ed rec division, 17 and under division, and a 13 and under division.


The deadline to sign up is August 16th and the games will be played on the 18th. For more information call Yvonne Fenner at 620-2738

Clearwater Lake Boat Parade Outcome

The First Clearwater Lake Boat Parade was held last weekend as part of The Pas Homecoming celebrations and had an excellence turn out with lots of positive feedback from participants and spectators.


The first place winners were Dave and Karen Simes, Rene Caston Gauy and family won second place, and the Quiring family won third place.


Mary Anne Greenwood would like to thank all the wonderful people that came out to volunteer to make the day a success.

Opaswayak Indian Days Events

The 52 Opaswayak Indian Days Parade is scheduled for Wednesday August 16th. Registration will be open at the Gordon Lathin Memorial Centre at 9AM and the parade begins at noon.


The parade will run from the GLMC all the way to Pike Lake. Parade Floats will be judged between 10 and 11AM. If you wish to register call Cory McGinnis at 204-250-8951 or The Social Services Department at 204-627-7171.


Opaswayak Indian Days Memorial Soccer Championships will take place on August 17th, 18th, and 19th. The Entry fee is six hundred dollars and the cash prizes for both the men’s and woman’s division is three thousand dollars for first place, two thousand for second place and one thousand for third.


The deadline to register is August 14th. You can send to: Opaswayak Indian days Box 10880 R0B 2J0. For more information call Lyle Crain at 204-620-6017 or Curtis Sayese at 204-620-7422.



Vision Clinic at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

The Beatrice Wilson Health Centre is having a Vision Clinic from the Swan Valley Vision Centre on August 10th and the 11th from 9 AM until 4PM.


To book an appointment for to find out if you are eligible call 627-7410


Corrections: An earlier version of this story had the incorrect phone number list the correct phone number is 627-7410

Water Balloon and Pie Throwing Fundraiser

For the past few years The Pas Families Building a Better Community Group has been fundraising for a spray and a skate park for all the communities in the area and they will be raising funds this weekend with a water balloon and pie throwing fundraiser.


The group is still looking for community members willing to take part in the event and have stuff thrown at them for a good cause. If you would like to participate or for more information, send an email to


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

52nd Opaskwayak Indian Days Events

The 52nd Opaskwayak Indian days will take place from August 14th until the 20th. Some of the events this year include a parade, a three on three basketball tournament, and a fishing derby.


To find out what else is taking place. Visit The Pas Community What’s Happening in the Tri Area Facebook Page or the Opaskwayak Indian Days Facebook page.

Wildfire Risk Elevated

Manitoba Sustainable Development and the office of the fire commissioner is warning Manitobans that hot and dry conditions have elevated the forest fire risk in many areas of the Province going into the long weekend.


Manitobans are reminded to exercise caution with any outdoor activity. ATV riders should carry a shovel and a fire extinguisher and to stop frequently to check around the engine and exhaust for debris.


Campers are also reminded to use designated fire pits and to make sure campfires are completely out before leaving the area.


To report a wildfire you can call 911 or the forest fire tip line at 1-800-782-0076.

Manitoba Public Insurance Warning for the Long Weekend

According to a news release from Manitoba Public Insurance, Friday is the deadliest day of the holiday long weekend. On average two people are killed and 100 people are injured on each long holiday weekend 37 percent of which take place on Friday.


The top five safety tips from Manitoba Public Insurance to prevent accidents include. Not texting and driving, not driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, wearing your seatbelt, driving the speed limit, and slowing down in construction zones.


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Guy Hill Residential School and Family Gathering

The Guy Hill Residential School and Family Gathering will run from August 4th until the 7th at the site of the former Guy Hill Residential School.


The purpose of this gathering is to have a school reunion and to have traditional ceremonies that will help to build up the culture that was destroyed in the residential school system.


There will be activities, sweat lodges, teepee set up, and sharing circles at the gathering and they will finish with a feast on Sunday August 6th before packing up on August 7th.


For more information you can call Guy Hill Residential School Committee Chairperson Daniel Highway at 204-881-5423.

The Clearwater Lake Airport Hall Pork Loin Supper

The Clearwater Lake Airport Hall is having a fundraiser pork loin supper on August 12th at 6PM. The cost is 25 dollars for adults and children under 12 are free. All money raised will go towards renovations for the Clearwater Lake Social Club Halls bar and kitchen.


Tickets can be purchased by calling 204-624-5609, everyone is welcome to attend.

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

For the past five years Aurora House in The Pas has held the Walk a Mile in her Shoes Walk. An international mens march with the goal of stopping sexual assault and gender violence. The event gives men the chance to express their opposition to gender based violence.


The walk will be held at the Otineka Mall on September 21st at 6PM. If you wish to register or for more information you can call Aurora House at 623-7427 or email


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

The Pas Homecoming Treasure Hunt

There will be a special contest this weekend as part of The Pas Homecoming Celebrations. A couple of rocks will be hidden and you could win $100 if you find one. The first clue will be released this Friday, the second clue on Saturday and the third clue on Sunday. If you find one of these rocks you can turn it into Terry McKellup at The Roy H Johnston Arena all day Saturday or by calling her at 620-1265.


Photo Courtesy of Facebook

House Fire on Brenley Drive

Last weekend, a fire broke out at a residence on Brenley Drive near Opaswayak Cree Nation. Chief Fire Prevention Officer Ranych Manych says the call came in around 3:20 and fire was contained by 5:30.


The cause of the fire was determined to be a cooking accident. Brenley Drive is on a parcel of land that is the responsibility of The RM of Kelsey which is why the The Pas Fire Department responded to this fire.

Aurora House International Recipe Exchange

The Pas Committee for Woman in Crisis Aurora House is running a cooking and sharing program called International Recipe Exchange. The program is expected to run on Wednesdays from August 9th until the 30th from 11AM to 3PM.


If you wish to register or for more information call 204-623-7427 or email  It has not yet been determined where the program will take place but it may be held at the Anglican Parish Hall on Edwards Avenue.


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