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MB Community Safety Rebate Program

Earlier this week, the Manitoba Government announced an investment in community safety by providing homeowners and small business owners with a 300-dollar rebate.


Homeowners and small businesses can take advantage of the rebate on security cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors, reinforced doors or windows, anti-graffiti film, paints, security gates, pull-down protection shutters, and permanent security fencing. 


It was noted that ongoing fees or security service subscriptions are not eligible for the rebate.

Purchases made after September 1st of last year are eligible to receive the rebate.


The Manitoba Government says the applications will be available this June, and the process for evaluation will be done on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Local Honoured for Bravery

The memory of the Gateway Hotel burning down in The Pas in 2017 is etched in the minds of many.


Dennis Gabriel Charlette happened to be at the Gateway Hotel when the fire broke out and played a big part in evacuating people from the building, ensuring their safety.


In recognition of his selflessness in a perilous situation, he was one of three people awarded the insignia of the Governor General's Commendation for Bravery, a pin commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Decorations for Bravery Program.


Established in 1993 to expand the Decoration for Bravery Program, the pin symbolizes Canada's appreciation for acts of significance and valour.

Storytellers Film Festival

The Storytellers Film Festival kicks off tonight at The Pas Regional Library.


This is the 11th year the festival has run, and a variety of films produced all over the province will be on display.


Some of these films look at Manitoba Hydro’s devastating effects on South Indian Lake, Harry Tootoo, an esteemed Inuit elder from Churchill, and a conversation about racism between a White Canadian and a former member of the OCN, the late George Constant.


The Manitoba Indigenous Tuberculosis History Project will also show the first in a five-part film series that provides insights into indigenous patients who entered TB hospitals and sanatoriums and never returned.


The screenings start tonight at 6 pm. It is free to attend, and refreshments will be available.

Rise in sharp sightings

Reports of improperly discarded sharps in the community have kept the bear clan patrol busy since the snow started to melt, and they are reminding everyone of the dangers that revolve around them.


Needles or syringes can be contaminated with human blood, body fluid or other infectious material.


Over the last few weeks, these items have been found in school yards, parks, along walking paths, and other areas of the town, many of which were uncapped and contaminated.


If you find any of these lying around, you can contact the Bear Clan patrol by phone at 204-978-0567 or on Facebook to have them removed safely.


They also ask that you educate your children and make them aware of what to do if they encounter any.

Active Living for Older Adults

Volunteers are needed in the community to help support older adults with active living.


The Northern Health region will help host a program to train new volunteers next month.


The Program is called "stepping up with confidence." Russell Thorn with the Northern Health Region discusses peer leaders.


"As a peer leader, you're going to learn about regular physical activity for healthy aging.  That's important.  You're going to learn how proper ways to show exercises to older adults."


"You also help learn about how to prepare a class and all the things that are involved in leading a class also aim active aging in Manitoba.  They'll support you and your volunteer efforts."


The Program is free; volunteers will be provided with a manual and resources to help you guide a class, and insurance is also covered for liability costs.


The class runs in person and virtually, and the training will start in May; contact the NHR to register.

Drinking Habits

Tonight and tomorrow, theatre 53 will continue with performances of "Drinking Habits."


The Show premiered last night at the Westminster United Church, and tickets for tonight and tomorrow's Shows are already sold out.


Lorna Lee, with the group, tells us what we can expect from the show.


"Well, it's a farce by Tom Smith and ironically it's about some nuns in a convent that are secretly brewing wine to sell so they can keep their convent doors open.  And it's, it's just something that, you know, there's secrets, there's twists and everything and it just, it's going to leave the audience laughing out loud, really excited about that."


 The Show was initially planned for production in 2020 but was shut down due to the pandemic.


Since then, casting changes have been made.


Planning and practising for the Show take about a year, and following it, the group will take a short break during the summer before preparations for next year's Show begin in the fall.

Guest List, Inc. Fundraiser

The Pas Guest List Inc. is working towards revitalization in the community.


Here, the group’s president, Alexis Yankee, tells us what the group is:


"We were founded back in 2022 we are a social artistic group within The Pas area.  Our main focus is on raising funds for arts and culture within the tri-community area.  We aim to promote arts and culture and curate meaningful experiences for our guests."


Last year, the first 2 of many art installations were placed along the walking path between the UCN and Snack Land.


There is a goal to raise 20 murals over the next ten years.


The groups will host a fundraising event on Thursday, April 25th, featuring a dinner provided by UCN’s culinary department and a show by the Buzz Brass Band.


Tickets to the dinner and cocktail service have already sold out, but for those interested in seeing the band, complimentary tickets will be available for free at the door. A silver collection will also be taken.


Cocktail and dinner service will start at 6 pm, and the Show will follow at 7:45.


Funds from the event will be put towards the next mural along the walking path.

Skate Club Year End Review

The Pas Skate Club is hosting a year-end review this weekend.


Sherry Hunter, with the club, tells us what to expect when seeing the youth skating at the event.


"The show starts at one o'clock on Sunday.  And our theme this year is at the movies.  So we're going to have some classic songs from movies like James Bond, Top Gun, Rocky, and even Dirty Dancing.  


"Of course, I had to throw in the Barbie movie.  Got to have music from there.  Everyone's favorite Harry Potter as well.  And then some kids classics like some Disney music and even Pokemon."


The Show will be held at the Roy H Johnston Arena on Sunday afternoon and will feature skaters from the Parent and Me program, the Can Skate program, and the Can Star program, which will feature 17 skaters.


All the figure skaters will be doing singles programs and a group program featuring everyone.


Concessions will be available, and a silver plate collection will happen at the door.


Flowers will also be available for sale at the event.

Lido Fire

A fire broke out at the historic Lido Theater Building on Edwards Avenue on Monday in the early morning hours.


The Pas Fire Department was dispatched to the location at 4:38, and upon arrival, heavy smoke was observed billowing from the building.


The building was unoccupied at the time, which allowed the fire to go on for some time before it was detected.


It was around 10 am that the fire department was able to have the fire under control.


Following that, the team remained on the scene for a period of time to continue extinguishing flare-ups and keeping hot spots under control.


No injuries have been reported, and at this point, the fire remains under investigation.

Annual Trade Show

The Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for the annual Trade Show and Sale, which will be held at Roy H. Johnston from May 9th to the 11th.


This year, to encourage vendors to get involved, they will be given free entry and stay at the Ag-Grounds during the event for trailers, equipment, and camping, but booking must be made in advance.


The theme for this year's show is Unleashing Creativity: Where Art Meets Innovation, and local performer Greg Personius will act as the event MC and Host.


Registration can be done now online at

RCMP Assistance

RCMP in The Pas is asking for assistance in locating an unknown male who was involved in a stabbing on March 23rd at an apartment complex on Dufferin Street.


On this date, at approximately 7 am, officers reported to an injured male on Cudmore Crescent and found him with a non-life-threatening stab wound.


He was taken to hospital in stable condition and notified officers of the stabbing that had occurred at the apartment complex.


It was there that the suspect approached the victim, and the incident ensued.


Surveillance footage provided officers with an image of the suspect, which can be found on the Manitoba RCMP Facebook page or at


Anyone with information regarding the incident or the suspect is asked to contact RCMP or leave a secure tip online at

Mayor Update - Lido Theatre

A revival project is in the works to bring life back to the Lido Theater.


The theatre opened its doors in 1929 before officially closing in 2019; the building has stood vacant since then.


The town has now acquired the facility, and measures are being taken to restore the historic venue.


Mayor Andre Murphy shares some details about the project.


"We've allotted the $50,000 in our budget or up to $50,000 to really get it all cleaned up.  And when I say cleaned up is just sort of get it so that we can get inside the building and have others have a look and see if there's actual a plan.


"I just want to make sure everybody is aware that the town is not dumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the theatre at this time.  You know, we're really trying to see what what if possible, is required and, you know, and make sure that we make an informed decision for our community members."


The Pas Community Renewal Corporation and the Pas Guest List Inc. will work together on the project.


The team says they hope to complete the project in three years.

OHA Programming

The Beatrice Wilson Health Center is ramping up for the spring meltdown by reminding the community of the dangers of improperly disposed sharps.


Injuries and blood-borne infections can result from contact, which is why it’s important to talk to children.


The OHA will accept sharps appropriately stored in any hard plastic container and enter those who bring them in for a chance to win a monthly giveaway.


Listen to CJAR on Thursdays at 1:15 for weekly updates from the Opaskwayak Health Authority.

60th Annual Fireman's Ball

Last week, members of the Pas Fire Department participated in basic ice water rescue training in preparation for the spring meltdown.


Changing conditions means ice can quickly open, so appropriate caution is necessary when going out on the ice.


This weekend, the 60th annual fireman's ball is at the Royal Canadian Legion.


The event runs from 5:30 to 2 am and includes a supper and dance.


The goal is to raise funds for the Pas Fire Association to continue providing services and equipment upgrades.


Tickets can be purchased from any firefighter or by contacting the Association.


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