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Thompson Fire

A body has been recovered from the remains of a fire in Thompson after police say “brave and selfless community members” rushed towards the burning home within the first few minutes to help people in danger.


Thompson RCMP say that they responded to multiple reports early Friday on Centennial Drive East about a home that was burning in the community and that people might still be inside.


Officers assisted neighbours pull an 89-year-old woman to safety from a first-floor window, and a 61-year-old man was able to escape the home by jumping from a window.


A 21-year-old man who lived in the home was able to flee through the flames, and police say he remains in hospital in critical condition.


A 20-year-old woman remained unaccounted for, and police say a female's body whose identity has not yet been confirmed was found in the home on Saturday.


Four RCMP officers were treated for smoke inhalation sustained during their attempts to rescue the residents.

Town of The Pas Council and Committee of the Whole Meetings

The Town of The Pas will be having their Council and Committee of the Whole meetings tonight.


One of the items on the agenda for the committee of the whole meeting is the possibility of having a speed reader board in the community.


Speed reader boards measure the speed of vehicles to encourage drivers to obey speed limits and according to an issue sheet from the town Manitoba Public Insurance has offered one of these boards for The Pas.


The town is now required to provide MPI with at least two locations where these boards could be placed.

Transportation 2030 the Federal Liberals Transportation Plan

When our MP Niki Ashton announced in her latest report that Canada needs a National Transportation Vision, Arctic Radio reached out to the office of Federal Liberal Minister of Transport and they responded by saying that the country has a National Transportation Strategy called Transportation 2030


Part of strategy ensures that Canadians have safe and reliable and efficient transportation and the plan is based on safer and green and innovative transportation.


Bill C-49 which received royal assent in 2018 will provide a safer and efficient freight rail system that will facilitate trade and economic growth.


In regards to air transportation in Canada Niki Ashton stated she wants the Minister of Transport to defend the rights of airline passengers while upholding the Passengers Bill of Rights adding the bill should be improved rather than allow powerful airline companies to further undermine the rights of passengers.

Kelsey School Division Public Budget Meeting

Kelsey School Division chairperson Vaughn Wadelius spoke to Arctic Radio about the Kelsey School Divisions Public Budget meeting held on Wednesday night.


He says that participants were shown a PowerPoint presentation about the budget and they were given questionnaires to provide their feedback on how they would like the school division to prioritize programs and building improvements.


The next step is the development of the 2020-2021 preliminary budget and the board must approve the final version by March the 9th for presentation to the province.


If you were unable to attend the meeting the PowerPoint presentation will be made available on the Kelsey School Division Website and questionnaires can be picked up at the School Division office and the responses must be returned by the end of the month.

Niki Ashton MP Report

Local MP Niki Ashton says she will continue to advocate for improved transportation in the country.


In her MP report, Ashton stated that despite our vast distances, there are many deficiencies in our transportation systems, including inadequate investment, insufficient regulations, a lack of competition, and a reliance on privatized profit driven infrastructure.


She adds that climate change adds to the challenges of transportation, especially in the north.


Ashton explains that means residents have limited choices and high costs, especially for the 21 communities which don’t have access to all weather roads.


She goes on to say that Canada needs a national transportation vision that recognises the need for public investment, greater competition, and improved regulations.

Manitoba School Boards Association President Alan Campbell Conducts Presentation at Kelsey School Division Public Budget Meeting

The Manitoba School Boards Association president Alan Campbell conducted a presentation last night at the Kelsey School Divisions Public Budget meeting.


He discussed the K to 12 education Review Report and one of the focuses of that report was the role of school boards and the possibility that public school boards in Manitoba could be amalgamated or eliminated.


Campbell knowledge’s that community voices are important to ensure that students in the north have the same opportunities as everyone else in the province which is why is important to maintain locally elected school boards.


You can learn more about the MSBA and how they provide assistance to local school boards on their website

Riley Manych Still Planning to Fight Wildfires Down Under

Riley Manych is still planning to go to Australia to assist with putting out the countries wildfires.


Randy Manych says they are still receiving donations and he expects his son will have a game plan for his journey in the next week.


If Riley Manych doesn’t reach his fund raising goals his time in Australia will be limited.


If you would like to make a donation in person you can give money donations to Randy Manych at the fire hall or at Shear Essentials.

Ducks Unlimited Wing Night Fundraiser

Ducks Unlimited will be having another wing night fundraiser at The Pas Billiards on February 1st.


Doors open at 6:30. Tickets are 30 dollars each and a ticket includes a pound of wings, an alcoholic beverage, veggies and dip, free pool, and a ticket for a door prize.


Tickets can be purchased by calling 204-620-7446 or 204-620-1858 or at The Pas Billiards during business hours.

House Fire on Campbell Drive May Have been Caused Accidently

Fire Chief Randy Manych spoke to Arctic Radio to provide an update on the house fire on Campbell Drive on Monday night.


They received the page around 10:05 and the house on fire was not occupied and had been abandoned for some time.


It was reported that someone witnessed another person enter the building before the fire started.


Manych says that the cause fire is likely to have been accidental.




Arrests Made In Connection to Flin Flon Shooting

More details have come in regarding last week’s shooting in Flin Flon. Two people have been charged.


24 year old David Ross of Flin Flon and 24 year old Nicolas Gunville of Denare Beach have been charged with attempted murder with a firearm, discharge of a firearm with intent, and four counts of failing to comply.


Ross was also charged with possessing a firearm while prohibited.


The RCMP is not looking for any more suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

In Spite of the Cold a Snowmobile Fundraiser was a Success

The Lions Journey for Sight is a snowmobile ride that left Flin Flon last Wednesday finishing in Brandon Saturday.  It’s held to raise money for the Lions Eye Bank of Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. 


Committee Chair Brad Henderson says the Journey went well.  He says it was rather cold the first couple of days and as they got further south towards Brandon it did warm up a little bit. He adds there were no serious breakdowns and they ended up with roughly 20 sleds they pretty well stated with in Flin Flon.


Henderson says so far around 34 thousand dollars has been turned in with money still to come from pledges made to the riders.  When all the money came in last year the Journey had raised 77 thousand dollars for the Lions Eye Bank.

Kin Canada Bursary Applications Due February 1st

Students graduating high school this year and students already enrolled or registered at a post secondary institution are reminded that February 1st is the deadline to submit an application for a Kin Canada Bursary.


Students that have won Kin Canada Bursaries in the past are not eligible and students from Margaret Barbour Collegiate, Oscar Lathlin Collegiate, the Kelsey Learning Centre and UCN are invited to apply.


Visit Kin Canada dot ca to find an application form.

House Fire On Campbell Drive

Emergency Crews responded to a house fire on Campbell Drive last night.


People were advised to avoid the area while the crews worked to put out the fire.


There is still no word right now on what caused the fire or how long it took to put it out.



Your Used Phone Can Have a New Life

Every year thousands of Canadians receive a new smartphone for the holidays and their used ones ends up collecting dust on shelves even though they may still be very new. 


The CNIB Foundation is asking you to donate them to people with sight loss through their Phone it Forward program. 


The program takes modern gently used smartphones, refurbishes them and outfits them with accessible apps and puts them into the hands of people who are blind as well as providing training on how to use their refurbished phone. 


These phones make it possible for blind and partially sighted users to do all kinds of things that may have seemed impossible before from travelling safely using GPS to shopping independently or taking the proper dosage of medicine.


To donate your smartphone, make a financial donation or learn more visit

Public Budget Consultation for The Pas and Area

Last week, a Budget 2020 consultation session was held at the Kikiwak Inn. According to a summary the consultation meeting was productive with a lot of discussion and an opportunity for audience members to ask questions with 27 community members in attendance.


The community members raised questions about Northern Economic development, expansion of health care services as well as localized concerns including funding for infrastructure.

Green Party Leader Candidate Candidate Alex Tyrells Vision for the North

Alex Tyrell the leader of The Green Party of Quebec who is running for leadership for the Green Party of Canada spoke to Arctic Radio, where he talked about some of his visions for a greener future for Canada.


Tyrell wants to solve the housing and drinking water crisis in Canada on First Nation’s communities and he would like to link all of the major cities in Canada with high speed rail.


The goal is to start building high speed rail for big cities and then to build a branch for Northern Manitoba and other areas as the railway develops.


Tyrell is planning to visit Northern Manitoba this summer before the Greens choose a new leader in October.

Strategic Planning Session on Opaskwayak Cree Nation

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Chief Christian Sinclair spoke to Arctic Radio to give an update on the community.


One of the things Sinclair brought up was their recent strategic planning session and according to Sinclair the purpose of the session was to revamp the way OCN is governed.


They reduced the number of boards and committees within OCN and expanded the board participation for members both on and off reserve. OCN Chief and council will also be engaging their Junior Chief and Council on the boards along with community elders and they will also be selecting people that have experience to sit on various boards.


Sinclair also took time to talk about OCN’s financial situation and with the number of projects and the amount of money flowing through OCN’s economy this year the community is expected to make 135 to 155 million dollars which will be a major economic impact for everyone.

Monthly Mayor Reports December

The monthly mayor reports for the month of December are in. The Town of The Pas had 126 disturbances of the peace, 117 reports of Mischief, 108 prisoners held and 70 index checks.


Some of the The RM of Kelsey’s offenses included 21 provincial traffic violations, 14 mischief cases, and 10 breaches of the peace.


The Community of Cormorant had 4 provincial statutes, 3 cases of mischief, 2 assaults, 2 case of theft, 2 mental health act cases, one case of uttering threats, and one breach of the peace.

Niki Ashton Talks About the Housing Crisis

Parliament is set to resume on January 27th and our MP Niki Ashton spoke to Arctic Radio about the many problems in our region that she wants to address to the Federal government including the housing crisis.


Ashton acknowledged that communities have pursued local solutions like building new houses and First Nations Communities have put forward housing proposals but their ability to get these projects off the ground is hard because of a lack of resources.  


Ashton stands firm that there is no reason that a country as wealthy as Canada can’t find solutions for housing.


Ashton says the crisis has had a devastating effect on people’s health and well being.



Niki Ashton Calling the The Liberal Government to Act on Child Poverty

Churchill Keewatinook Aski Member of Parliament Niki Ashton says Campaign 2000’s most recent report reveals the Liberal government's refusal to act on measures like pharmacare and a national childcare program has left over one million children still living in poverty across the country. 

Ashton states successive Liberal and Conservative governments have ignored northern, Inuit, First Nation and Metis communities who are now living with the results as two-thirds of kids in our riding are living in poverty and this cannot go on.

She adds until we have leaders willing to do things differently, we’ll continue to see the same results and it’s our kids who will pay for it.

Ashton says New Democrats welcome Campaign 2000’s recommendations to address these inequalities and lift children and families out of poverty once and for all­.


Among the recommended policy and program changes Campaign 2000 calls for increasing the Canada Child Benefit, implementing Pharmacare, establishing a National Childcare Program, and expanding employment insurance to help those who really need it.

Niki Ashton Addresses Transportation Issues in the Region

Our MP Niki Ashton spoke to Arctic Radio about how Transportation needs improvement in Northern Manitoba.


Ashton says that Canada has a lot to learn from other Northern Countries when it comes to improving transportation.


Ashton pointed out that the Federal Government resolved the issue with the Churchill Rail line but that wasn’t until Northern Residents fought tooth and nail to make the Federal Government act and added that other Northern Countries such as Russia sees Northern Transportation as something that is worthwhile investing in even though Russia lacks the amount of wealth that Canada has.


Ashton believes that Federal Leadership is needed when it comes to having good transportation infrastructure. She hopes that the Federal Government will continue to work on building all weather roads and to improve air travel.

Students Conduct a Presentation at Kelsey School Division Board Meeting

The Kelsey School Division Chair Vaughn Wadelius spoke to Arctic Radio News about what happened at their board meeting on Monday evening.


During the meeting a group of students from Margaret Barbour Collegiate conducted a presentation about a project called the three percent solution.


The group’s project involves replacing paper towel dispensers in the school with low emission hand dryers and the school board supports their idea.

Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation Looking For Applications

The Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation is looking for applications for funding to meet the needs of homeless people in rural Manitoba.


The funding may be used for capital and non capital projects that target homelessness.  


Any organization can apply but priority will be given to indigenous organizations. Not everyone that applies will receive funding only those that are chosen.


The deadline to submit applications is February 12th at 4:30PM and additional information can be found at


You can also call Blaine Foley at 204-729-2490 ext 106

Niki Ashton preparing for the next sitting of parliament

Our Local MP Niki Ashton stopped by The Pas in preparation for the next session of parliament set to open on January 27th.


She spoke to Arctic Radio to talk about her visit and said it was a chance for her to connect with the community about issues in the region including the housing crisis, health care and the need for good jobs.


Ashton will also be pressuring the Federal Government to improve transportation in our region as well.


Ashton is very grateful to be a voice for our North and invites anyone to contact her office to discuss issues in our region that need to be addressed.

Local Firefighter Hoping to go to Australia to Fight Wildfires

Local Fire Fighter Riley Manych is planning to go to Australia to help fight the massive wildfires across the country.


Maynch has worked as a structural firefighter with The Pas Fire Department for the past three years and has worked as a Wildland Firefighter for the past two seasons.


Randy Manych says he is very proud of his son for putting his life on hold to help with the wildfire efforts in Australia and The Pas Fire Department will be helping him to get there.


A Go Fund Me page was set up to support Riley Manych’s efforts and so far they have raised over 2000 dollars of the 30,000 dollar goal.





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