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Wadelius Drive Report Brought up at Kelsey School Division Meeting

Kelsey School Division Chair Vaughn Wadelius spoke to Arctic Radio news to discuss what was brought up at their most recent meeting.


One of the items brought forward was Wadelius Drive a road that has severe drainage issues which is the reason why the road is so rough and in bad shape.


Last spring, the school division used their budget to hire an engineering firm from Winnipeg to conduct a study on the drainage area.


The report on Wadelius Drive is expected to be received by the end of the month.

Cyara Bird Talks About her Campaign

Cyara Bird the conservative candidate for our federal riding made a stop in The Pas on Wednesday and took the time to speak to Arctic Radio about her campaign.


Bird says she has had a really good time visiting communities, knocking on doors and listening to everyone’s concerns.


Bird believes that our north has been ignored for a really long time and that has to change.


One of Birds goals is to ensure that people are attracted to Northern Manitoba with positive attention.


She also wants to end the water and housing crisis, improve rail transport in Northern Manitoba, and she would like to see more land based camps for indigenous addictions services that are based on the fundamentals of indigenous culture.





Photo Courtesy of Twitter

The Pas Resident Demands Change Regarding People Causing Mischief on the Streets

The Pas Resident, Michelle Langlois Ruston attended Tuesday night’s town council meeting to address the fact that people on the streets are still causing mischief and property damage in town.


When she moved back to The Pas from Yorkton she said she was very sad to see the state the community is in and that people have been creating mischief, partying, and destroying property near her house.


Langlois Rushton would like to get together with other residents of the area to try to work out a solution to this problem. You can call her at 306-620-8344 if you are interested in working with her.


She is planning to attend the next council meeting on October 28th.

Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn come to The Pas / Opaskwayak for a Great Show!


Tre Twitty and Tayla Lynn stopped in for a show at OCN Veterans Hall and they did not dissapoint. 


Tayla Lynn and Tre Twitty have country music in their blood. The grandchildren of famed duo Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, the two have taken to the road to honor their grandparents in an intimate evening of music and storytelling. Tayla Lynn and Tre Twitty have seen great success with their Tribute to Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty; going into their second year together, the duo already has at least two dozen tour dates set throughout much of North America and Canada.

Though Tayla Lynn and Tre Twitty are singing their grandparent’s songs, there is no “second best” quality to the artists. Lynn and Twitty have developed an authentic show that builds off of their family histories without attempting to simply duplicate older performances.


In perfect foil to one another, Tre Twitty takes a calm, methodical approach to his storytelling and performing, meanwhile Tayla Lynn arrives on stage, often unexpectedly, with explosive energy and heart. Trying to keep one’s eyes on Tayla Lynn is like trying to lasso a firework; guessing where she’ll appear and what will come out of her mouth next is half the fun of spending an evening with her. Her joy is genuine, her energy addictive, and Twitty provides the perfect balance of steadiness in the eye of her hurricane- not unlike the way Conway Twitty related to and tempered Loretta Lynn for so many years.


With a heavy emphasis on story-telling, the duo delight audiences for two-and-a-half hours with their live show. For most artists this wouldn’t work; people pay to hear singers sing. For Lynn and Twitty, half the magic is in the storytelling. Through their memories of Memaw and Poppy, as they call their grandparents, audiences are reminded in the best ways possible that behind every icon is a dynamic, funny, flawed human being. The show takes on the quality of a family get together, and it often feels more like one is on the front porch with guitars and old family hymns than it does a concert with two hundred of one’s nearest and dearest strangers. It is a fascinating opportunity to see two of country music’s greatest legends through their grandchildren’s eyes. By the end of the evening audiences have not only been able to hear some of their favorite songs and the duo’s best hits, but they’ve been invited in to the inner sanctum of these two musical dynasties to laugh and cry and understand what it was like to grow up under the tutelage of Loretta and Conway.


The high-energy, heartfelt show highlights not only the bond Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty had as best friends and musical partners, but the unique bond Tayla and Tre have formed through years of an intertwined family history and their own musical relationship.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Council Portfolio Assignments

The first meeting of the newly elected council for Opaskwayak Cree Nation was held on Tuesday and a motion was carried to give each elected Onuschekew with a portfolio assignment.


Re elected members Jennifer Flett, Shorty Lathlin, and Edwin Jebb will focus on Education, Health, and Child and Family Services respectively.


Samantha Fidler was assigned to the Paskwayak Business Development Corporation, Sidney Ballantyne was assigned to Government Services BDA, Maureen Brown was assigned to operations admin, Rick Constant was assigned to Lands and Natural Resources, and Clarence Constant was assigned to infrastructure.

No Decision yet on What to Do With the Walking Paths on Cudmore, Harvey, and Trager

During Tuesday night’s committee of the whole meeting an issue sheet was brought forward regarding the issues with the walkways on Cudmore Crescent, Harvey Place, and Trager Drive here in The Pas.


A few months ago residents came forward asking for these walkways to be closed because they were hotspots for vandals and people causing mischief.


A committee was formed of a few council members and people opposed too and in favour of closing these walkways to work out a solution.


At first they came up with the idea of putting up fencing along these walking paths but they decided not to go forward with this idea.


Some of the options for dealing with these walkways are to leave them as they are or close them and the matter is expected to be discussed again on October 28th.

Blaine Pedersen Announces the Manitoba Mineral Development Fund For The Mining Industry

Yesterday, Growth Enterprise and Trade Minister Blaine Pedersen was in The Pas to announce the Manitoba Mineral Development fund.


The fund is worth 20 million dollars that will be put towards the mining industry and it will be managed by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce who will decide how the money will be dispersed on an annual basis.


Pedersen said the old community mining reserve fund that would put money into communities where mining stopped was ineffective, but with this fund it’s more proactive where you can build business in communities in preparation for the mining industry to come.


The announcement was made at the Metis Hall where a Linkages forum was being held. Linkages, is a program that is jointly sponsored by UCN, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and Look North which focuses on how to develop businesses and entrepreneurship in the north.

Rhonda Head Wins Indigenous Leader Award

Local Musician Rhonda Head is the winner of the Indigenous Leadership Award at the 2019 Woman of Inspiration Awards.


The award was given out by a group called “Canadian Business Chicks” and this year they decided to honour Indigenous woman at this year’s awards.


She was recruited to be nominated for the award and after a long application process she received her nomination.


Head went on to say that it was very humbling and exciting to receive the award and that it was a huge honour.


She was recognized for her talent in music and for persevering through the setbacks in her health, and for her work as an advocate and humanitarian.

OCN Natural Recourses Holding a Land Use Planning Workshop

OCN Natural Resourses will be having a land use workshop from October 25th until the 27th and they are looking for participants.


The workshop will be held at Bakers Narrows Lodge and refreshments and transportation will be provided.


The goal of the workshop is to go over ideas on what’s needed for OCNs land use plan.


The deadline to sign up is October 21st at 4:30 and you can call 204-627-7111 to sign up.

Rhonda Head to Give a Benefit Concert for Families Displaced By Southern Manitoba Snow Storm

Local musician Rhonda Head announced that she will be putting on a benefit concert for indigenous families that have been displaced by the recent winter storm that hit Manitoba.


Head says that she is a humanitarian and putting on this concert comes from the goodness of her heart to help her people.


She has already put out a call to artists to perform at the concert and the next step is to secure a date and a venue for the event. The concert is expected to be held somewhere in Winnipeg.


People in the pas and area can make personal donations for the cause by calling head at 204-620-2650.


Proceeds raised will be going towards the Southern Chiefs Organization who have been working around the clock to assist displaced indigenous families that were sent to Winnipeg.

Special Workshop Being Held at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

A special one day workshop with a focus on strengthening relationships with HIV and mental health services will be offered at the Beatrice Wilson Health Centres classroom on November 6th.


The course will run from 9:30 AM until 4PM and lunch will be provided and the course will cover things like building communication and listening skills, and the importance of self care.


The program is being put on by charity called “Realize”, a group dedicated to fostering positive changes for people living with HIV and other disorders.


To sign up for the course call 204-627-7410.


Opaskwayak Junior Chief and Council Election Preliminaries

The Opaskwayak Cree Nation Junior Chief and Council election will be held on October 26th and two candidates have accepted their nominations for the chief position. The two candidates running for chief are April Harris and Nicole Tornquist.


As of news time, six of the councillor candidates have accepted their nominations.


The final list of candidates is expected to be released tomorrow. The overall goal of Junior Chief and Council is give youth an idea of how local politics work and how decisions are made in their community.

NDP Unveils Commitments Towards Reconciliation of Indigenous Peoples

The NDP’s recently unveiled their commitments to reconciliation. The plan outlines how the NDPs will work towards true reconciliation with indigenous peoples in Northern Manitoba and across the country.


Part of the commitments to reconciliation involves moving forward in partnership with indigenous peoples, ensuring they have access to essential services, creating jobs, and acting on the urgency of climate change.


Our local MP Niki Ashton stated that the NDP will place reconciliation at the heart of what we do for our North.

Canada Post Community Foundation Provides Gives Cheques to Uptown Day Care

Canada Post and the Canada Post Community Foundation provided the Uptown Day Care here in The Pas with a cheque of over $4000.


The cheque was presented to them by Tammy Green the Superintendent of Thompson and Northern Manitoba Canada Post offices and Anita Genaille  the Lead Hand of The Pas Canada Post Office.


Brenda Forster, the director of the Uptown Day Care said it was fantastic to receive this grant and they will be using the funding for their breakfast and snack program to provide the children with a healthy start to their day.


118 organizations across Canada are receiving these grants and the goal of these grants is to build a better, safer, and supportive community for Canadian Kids.

Federal Election Advanced Polls

Advanced polls for the 2019 federal election will open tomorrow and will run until Monday from 9AM until 9PM.


The advanced polls will be held here in The Pas at 328 Fisher Avenue and this will give you the opportunity to vote before the set Election Day of October 21st


You must be registered to vote and you must bring at least one piece of government issued photo ID or two pieces of ID that contains your name and address.


Visit for more information.

Items Stolen From Simonhouse Bible Camp

Simonhouse Bible Camp has announced on their Facebook page that several items were stolen from the camp.


If you have any information about this theft you are asked to call 204-472-4040.


Donations of cash are being accepted to replace the stolen items and they can be sent via e transfer to


Simonhouse Bible Camp is located near Cranberry Portage.


Here is a photo of some of the items stolen.


The Pas Council Calls a Special Meeting Updated

An unexpected meeting of town council was called for Monday night.


It has been reported that the meeting was called in regards to The Towns Chief Administrative Officer parting ways with The Town of The Pas


Jenn Early will be the acting CAO until further notice.

IIU investigating death while in police custody

The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) is investigating the death of a 54-year-old-male following his arrest by RCMP in The Pas.

On October 6, 2019, the IIU was notified by the RCMP of the following incident: On October 5, officers  responded to an intoxicated person call, arrested a male, and lodged him in cells in the RCMP detachment in The Pas around 7:00 p.m. Officers checked on the individual in the early hours of October 6 and found him unresponsive.  EMS attended and pronounced the male deceased.

The IIU has assumed responsibility for this investigation in accordance with section 65(1) of The Police Services Act. As this matter involves a fatality, a request for a civilian monitor will be made to the Manitoba Police Commission.  

Witnesses or other individuals who have information or video footage that may assist this investigation are asked to contact the IIU toll free at 1-844-667-6060.

The Pas and Area Animal Shelter Fundraising Results

Jimmy the Janitor performed at the Guy Hall on Friday night here in The Pas as part of The Pas and Area Animal Shelters fundraiser.


Overall, the fundraiser was a big success with about $2000 raised. Jimmy the Janitor made audiences laugh with some funny jokes and audience members had a chance to win some great prizes as well.


You can keep up to date with The Pas and Area Animal Shelter on their Facebook page.

Fire Prevention Week 2019

As part of fire prevention week The Pas Fire Chief Randy Manych spoke to Arctic Radio to provide some safety tips.


When planning your escape in case of a fire, it’s important to ensure you have two ways out and that your front and back doors are accessible at all times.


It is also important to arrange a meeting place when you evacuate your home this way you can ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for.


It’s also important to have working smoking alarms to alert you when there is a fire, and because of home construction these days fires burn a lot faster and our time to escape is limited.

Liberal Candidate Judy Klassen's Statement on Planned Appeal for Compensation of First Nations Children

Judy Klassen the Liberal Candidate Running for the Churchill Keewatinook Aski riding released a statement regarding the Trudeau Governments decision to appeal a Canadian Human Rights tribunal ruling that ordered Ottawa to pay compensation to first nation’s children and their families that were separated by the child welfare system.


She stated that they believe that collaboration rather than litigation is the best way to advance reconciliation and in moving forward with compensation its critical to sit down and have these conversations with our partners something that isn’t possible during an election.


Klassen stated that she agrees with the need for compensation and that it should be part of the healing process to those that have experienced significant wrongs.


Klassen is committed to ensuring that these conversations occur in a way that will focus on reconciliation and healing if elected as MP.

Opasquia Trails Receives Funding For Design Phase of the Grace Lake Boardwalk

Opasquia Trails has received funding from two local partners to complete the design phase of the Grace Lake Board Walk.


University College of the North and The Pas Community Renewal Corporation each contributed $5000 towards the project.


Shawn Sexsmith of the Kelsey Conservation District stated in a news release that the boardwalk will allow school children to learn about what inhabits the lake and how the animals inhabiting the lake impact our daily lives.


The board walk will begin at the Kelsey Conservation District Office and end 400 metres north at a Boreal Discovery Trail.


Opasquia Trails is a non profit organization dedicated to building educational and recreational trails near The Pas and OCN.

Operation Christmas Child 2019

Operation Christmas Child is a program that provides children in third world countries with a Christmas present to ensure they have a happy holiday season with the help of community members throughout Canada.


Over 157 million shoeboxes full of toys and other items have been sent to children over the past 26 years and this year shoes boxes from Canada will be sent to countries in Central America and Africa.


Shoe boxes and information pamphlets will be made available at Grub Box, The Pas Regional Library, The Pas Alliance Church, and other churches in the area very soon for you to put together a fun package for a child in need.


Boxes can be dropped off at participating locations from November 18th until the 24th.


Additional information about Operation Christmas Child can be found at

Nominations Open for the 2019 Citizen and Business of the Year Award

Nominations are open for the 2019 Citizen and Business, and Neighbour of the year award.


Nominations are open to all businesses and citizens from The Pas, OCN, and the RM of Kelsey.


The nomination forms can be picked up at the CJAR station at third street west and the deadline to submit applications is October 16th at 4PM.


Eligibility details are included in the nomination forms.

Kin Canada Bursary Applications

If you are a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of Canada that’s in the process of graduating high school or if you’re registered or studying at a post secondary school you can apply for a Kin Canada bursary.


The Pas Kinsmen and Kinettes are encouraging students of Margret Barbour Collegiate, Oscar Lathlin Collegiate, Kelsey Learning Centre, and UCN to apply.


Students that that already won a Kin Canada Bursary are not eligible.


Application forms can be submitted to The Pas Kinsmen or Kinette club and the deadline to apply is February 1st of 2020.


An application form can be found at


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