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New Museum Curator: Jaxon Baker

The Sam Waller Museum has a new curator, Jaxon Baker.


Baker brings a master's degree in Museology from the University of Montreal.


He has worked in museums in Fredericton and across New Brunswick.


With about a month in the community now, Baker said this when asked about plans with the Museum.


"So we had our board meeting and, you know, presented a few things.  Don't really wanna say anything set in stone at the moment.  But yeah, I have a few plans for really, like I told the town council, I really wanna bring the museum to the community.  It was really the biggest thing and how that gets done is really what's in the works at the moment."


There is a display at the Museum called Manitoba Wildlife Imagery, featuring pieces from artist Brian Longfield that run until the month's end.


The Sam Waller also has a fundraising raffle coming up where the winner will get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Museum and it’s over 70,000 pieces.

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