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Public Health Information for Travellers During the COVID 19 Pandemic

With the recent increase of COVID 19 cases in Manitoba people have taken to social media to voice concerns. Some believe that the travel restrictions were lifted too early which may have lead to an increase in cases. 


To get a perspective on this issue Arctic Radio reached out to retired public health worker Jo Beyers where she wants people to understand that when people visit Manitoba or other regions exempt from the 14 day isolation order they will likely be exposed to the virus saying the virus shows no boundaries.


She wants to emphasize that just because restrictions are being lifted doesn’t mean we should let our guard down. If you experience any symptoms of COVID 19 you should self isolate immediately and get tested.


Beyers also recommends that people follow the acronym P.A.C.E to keep yourself and others safe.


The P stands for Physical distancing, A stands for avoid touching common surfaces and objects, C stands for clean your hands often, and E stands for extra layer on your face.


It is highly recommended to continue wearing masks when out in public to prevent the spread especially when we can’t keep two metres apart as you may have a possitive case of the virus that is asymptomatic.


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