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Email Sent to The Town of The Pas to Address the Lack of Parking Spots for Semi Trucks

The town of The Pas received an email regarding the lack of parking spots for semi trucks in the community.


The email stated that the only suitable place to park a semi was at the Otineka Mall one of the last places for truckers to buy supplies before heading back on the road.


The email also pointed out that truck drivers play an important role in delivering goods for the community and without suitable parking spots these truckers won’t be using services that The Pas has to offer.


A sign in the parking lot says truckers are not allowed to park in the north end of the mall parking lot from 8AM until 5PM leaving them with no other parking options.


An email from the Otineka Malls general manager stated that the mall has tenants on the north side of the building that need to receive deliveries which means they can’t have semis blocking other vehicles that are delivering the tenants their goods during the day.


Town council will be having meeting at on an undisclosed date to try to work out a solution to this issue.

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