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To date, the Rotary Club has raised over 2.1 billion dollars to help eradicate Polio; despite the efforts, Polio remains an issue in third-world countries.


Polio is highly infectious and transmitted through contaminated food and water or direct contact with an infected individual.


February is the month that Rotary uses to advocate for the eradication of Polio.


Dom McKay with the Rotary Club of The Pas Shares more.


"Polio is still common in Afghanistan and Pakistan, so there's still work to do.  Sadly, the thing about that is the cost to vaccinate a kid is three dollars, but still the issue remains.


"Again, please donate.  If you wish to donate, go to the Rotary site and at the top-right corner, there's a donate button."


There are also donation jars set up at the grub box. Polio has the potential to devastate someone’s life, but it is preventable with vaccination.


The disease is rare thanks to widespread vaccination efforts, although there are areas where it is endemic.

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