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Kelsey School Division Return to School Plan

OPENING PLAN: Yellow Caution

On September 8, 2021, our schools will reopen for full-time in class learning for all students. Kelsey School Division is committed to providing a safe return to school by following Manitoba Health Orders.

In our planning for the school year, we will focus on renewing and addressing the impacts that the pandemic has had on mental health, well-being and learning. Our plan was developed based on the provincial direction provided to school divisions in regards to the 2021-22 school year.

The plan will adjust according to any changes to the Public Health order and direction from Manitoba Education.




  • August 5th - Province of Manitoba Planning Guide for 2021-2022 School Year: Schools will return in Yellow (Caution)
  • August 24th - Province announced new Public Health Orders including:
    • Mandatory Mask requirements in all schools.
    • Divisional staff required to either provide proof of full vaccination or submit to regular COVID Testing. Individuals who have received testing cannot return to work until they can demonstrate a negative COVID test result.

Instructional Programs

  • All K-12 students are in full-time class learning.
  • Schools will be discontinuing hybrid learning models with home packages, online learning, blended and synchronous learning options from last year -- unless this plan is identified in a special needs’ student education plan.
  • Technical and vocational classes can resume.
  • Modifications to program delivery may be required as a result of current public health measures. Physical Distancing and Cohorts
  • K to Grade 6 cohort process will continue as last year. This will assist with case management and minimize exposure for students who are not yet eligible for vaccinations.
  • Adherence to spacing between students’ desks and tables.
  • Physical distancing encouraged to the greatest extent possible. All schools will be prepared to implement physical distancing requirements of 1m in classes and lunch halls, to the best of their ability.
  • Schools will manage the flow of people in common areas, including hallways, and washrooms to minimize crowding and allow for the ease of people passing through.
  • Schools will implement the practice of staggered entrance and exit times, or use separate entrances (if feasible).
  • Continued use of one-way or marked hallways and designated entrance and exit doors.
  • Stagger recess times for classes and lunchtime to avoid crowded hallways and rooms, if feasible.
  • Limiting bathroom occupancy to minimize groups.

Music classes, Band and Choir

  • Wind instruments and indoor singing are permitted.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Encourage spacing and physical distancing.
  • Consider outdoor classrooms as weather permits.
  • Instruments and accessories should not be shared (i.e. drum sticks, mallets) unless disinfected between users.
  • Sharing of music stands and sheet music is permitted, provided good hand hygiene practices are followed.


  • School and classroom libraries are open for use.
  • Ensure good hand hygiene before and after use.
  • Maintain mask wearing and physical distancing procedures.
  • Wipe down all high touch surfaces between visits. Sports Classes and Teams
  • School sports classes and teams can resume.
  • Ensure good hand hygiene before and after class and use of materials.
  • Maintain mask wearing and physical distancing procedures while indoors.
  • No mask wearing required when outdoors.
  • Equipment to be disinfected between users/classes. Extra-curricular, Sports and Field Trips
  • Extra-curricular activities, including sports, optional programming and field trips, are permitted, as long as the activities follow current public health recommendations and orders at the time.
  • Overnight trips are currently prohibited. This is subject to change. Any change will follow most recent public health recommendations and orders.

Gatherings and Assemblies

  • K-6 - Smaller grade-specific gatherings or assemblies by cohort.
  • 7-12 - All gatherings and assemblies should align with public health recommendations. Physical distancing to be maintained.

Masks and PPE

  • MANDATED - Masks are required in schools for all K-12 students, staff and visitors when indoors.
  • Mask breaks can occur with physical distancing of 2m.
  • Masks are required on school buses for bus drivers, students, and any other passengers on the bus.
  • Extra masks will be made available at all schools throughout the school year for those who do not have their own.
  • PPE will continue to be provided to staff, as per guidelines/requirements from previous schoolyear.

Visitors to School & School Use

  • Parents & visitors will be permitted but limited by the schools.
  • Parents & visitors will need to sign in, wear masks, follow hygiene and distancing protocols.
  • Volunteers will be permitted by the school but must show proof of full vaccination or submit results to recent COVID testing.
  • Itinerant staff, casual staff & practicum students will be permitted by the school but must show proof of full vaccination or submit results to recent and frequent COVID testing results.
  • Community use of schools are permitted, provided they adhere to school division and public health recommendations and orders.
  • Continue documentation of visitors is required by all schools to support case and contact management.

Public Health Fundamentals

  • Students and staff will continue to follow hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  • All students and families will adhere to practice of self-screening, hand hygiene and staying home when sick.
  • Hand hygiene stations at entrances and exits to school facilities and classrooms will continue.
  • Parents and guardians will screen their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms before sending them to school each day. A self-screening tool is available at tool/
  • A school can require students or staff who are showing symptoms to stay home, encourage them to seek testing and follow public health recommendations and orders on testing. Current public health information on isolation requirements and exemptions is found at Health Links (204-788-8200 or 1- toll free at 1-888-315-9257) or by consulting a doctor. Information regarding Self-Isolation and Quarantine can be located at
  • Public Health will continue to perform contact tracing. Schools shall continue to keep detailed records to assist with this process.


  • Masks use is mandatory for bus drivers, students, and any other passenger on the bus.
  • Mask requirements will follow public health recommendations and orders at the time.
  • Assigned seating and attendance records will be retained.
  • Buses will be at full capacity.
  • School transportation will return to pre-COVID policies and practices with some additional cleaning.
  • Only students eligible for transportation will be allowed on buses. No in town bus services will be provided.
  • Groups of students on a bus will be considered a cohort for the purposes of transportation to and from school.


  • Cleaning and disinfecting will focus on high-touch surfaces and common areas but frequency will return to normal practices.
  • Schools will reduce additional items on top of all shelving surfaces, tables and desks to allow for quick cleaning. Items or furniture which impede cleaning will be relocated to storage.
  • Washrooms will remain an exception with a focus on more intensive daily cleaning. Washroom facility use should be used in a staggered manner (as per plans from previous schoolyear).
  • Schools will monitor hand hygiene supplies to ensure an ample supply at all sinks in washroom and kitchen areas.
  • Non-touch water drinking practices will continue, including encouraging the use of water bottles.
  • Return bus cleaning to pre-COVID practices.
  • Perform good hand hygiene after waste removal. No-touch waste receptacles are preferred.
  • Health Canada has posted a list of disinfectants shown to be effective against COVID-19 at products/disinfectants/covid-19/list.html.
  • All disinfectants to be reviewed and approved by Maintenance Director prior to order. Food Handling and Services
  • Only school staff will handle, prepare and serve food, following all safe food handling protocols.
  • Utensils should be used.
  • Remove shared food containers from eating areas. If using single serve packets of condiments, provide them directly to students. Use prepackaged snacks and serve them directly to students.
  • Eating areas and lunch rooms can open but should avoid overcrowding. Schools will manage the flow of people and distancing between students in these areas.
  • Ensure proper hand hygiene practices.
  • Food and nutrition courses involving food preparation with students may continue if supervised by qualified staff who follow industry standards.
  • The cafeteria services for SB and MBCI will not resume during the first semester.


Sharing of Resources

  • Students can share toys and manipulatives.
  • Ensure hand hygiene before and after use.
  • K-6 shared play stations (e.g., water tables and sand tables) are permitted in cohorts, provided good hand hygiene before and after use is practiced.
  • K-12 school and classroom libraries, music rooms, gyms, resource rooms, and computer rooms are open for use. Good hand hygiene and distancing should be practiced.


  • Ventilation standards provided by the Province will be adhered to in all of our schools.
  • The Division will continue to monitor HVAC systems to ensure that the ventilation system operates properly in all schools. All filters will be changed and air movement scrutinized via professional services.
  • Schools will encourage outdoor activities when possible (for example, lunch, classes and physical activity) and consider moving classrooms outside when space and weather permit.
  • Schools will maximize space and avoid crowded rooms and hallways.

Vaccination Safety Measures

As directed by the Province all staff must either:

  • KSD employees should have first vaccination by September 7, 2021.
  • KSD employees must be fully immunized with both vaccinations for COVID-19 by October 31, 2021 or undergo regular testing as per Manitoba public health requirements. This means 2 doses completed by mid-October to ensure that the 14 days have passed.
  • All KSD employees should provide proof of full vaccination to their school administration, prior to October 31 or submit to regular COVID testing (as directed by the Board) and demonstrate proof of testing negative for COVID 19.
  • Proof of a negative test result will be required before the employees are allowed to resume working.

Special Needs and Immunocompromised

  • Students with special learning needs and students at risk will continue with supports from the

student support team as identified in the student’s specific plans.

  • School teams will continue to work in collaboration with families and related agencies and organizations that support children, youth and their families.
  • Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre will provide remote learning for students in K-8 who are immunocompromised. Students/families requiring these distance learning courses may contact and register with the following:


Manitoba Remote Learning Support Centre

Telephone: 431-373-7183 or toll free at 1-866-390-1195 Principal email: Website:


  • InformNet, Teacher Mediated Options and Learning from Home School/L’Ecole Apprendre-chez-soi are available for students in Grades 9-12 who are immunocompromised. Students/families requiring these distance learning courses may contact the following:



Manitoba’s Online High School - Blended and Synchronous Learning Option

Telephone: 204-885-9555 extension 4708 Email: Website:


Teacher Mediated Option (via Pine Creek School Division)

Live High School instruction via virtual classroom to Manitoba students under 21.

Telephone: 204-637-2129 Email:



Learning from Home School (LFHS)

The Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) Learning from Home School (LFHS) is a robust and fully staffed school with programming in both English and French Immersion from K-12. It is





available to students who are required to learning from home due to a medical condition that affects them or a member of the household. If the requirements are met, parents/guardians must contact their current school principal to further discuss their situation.


If there is no medical requirement for your child to learn from home, the Manitoba Government mandates that students attend in-school learning at their current school or register with the province for homeschooling.

Telephone: 204-594-3535

Form: Website:


Compulsory Education Requirements

  • In Manitoba, compulsory school age is 7-18 years old.
  • The Public Schools Act 260.1(1) requires that the parent or guardian of a child who is a student in a home school, and not registered in a division school, shall, in a form approved by the minister, notify the minister of the home school. See homeschooling legislation at
  • Families whose children will not be attending a local KSD school will need to contact the Homeschooling Office regarding child’s registration, program costs and expectations at the following:


Homeschooling Office - Manitoba Education

Telephone: 204-945-8138

Toll Free (in Manitoba) 1-800-282-8069 ext. 8138 Email:


Further references can be located at the following sites:

  1. Restoring Safe Schools

  1. Covid 19 Screening Tool
  2. Symptom confirmation with Health Links
  3. Self-Isolation and Quarantine
  4. List of effective disinfectants from Health Canada products/disinfectants/covid- 19/list.html.

  1. General Covid-19 prevention order

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