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Federal Assault Rifle Ban Clarification

With fall being the hunting season more people will be out in the woods with their firearms. Now that there is a ban on military style assault rifles in Canada, Arctic Radio Reached out to the Minister of Public Safety to clear up any misunderstandings, that legal firearm owners might have.


A statement from a spokesperson for the Minister of Public Safety said they respect legal firearms owners and acknowledged that they are responsible people.


The newly prohibited firearms are designed for soldiers in combat and not for hunting or sport shooting. 


A category of prohibited firearms are those with a bore diameter of 20 millimetres or more leading to speculation that 10 and 12 gauge shotguns would be prohibited. The spokesperson clarified in the statement that 10 and 12 gauges shotguns will not be prohibited as the standard bore diameter for these two gauges is less than 20 millimetres.


The prohibition of military assault rifles was done with extensive consultation between October 2018 and spring of 2019 with eight in person roundtable discussions across the country in both urban and rural communities.


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