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COVID 19 Situation

The COVID 19 Pandemic has been going on for several months and many safety protocols have been put in place that many had never experienced before, the most extreme of which was a full lock down.


Retired public health worker Jo Beyers told Arctic Radio that the lock down approach was put in place because early on we did not have a positive idea of how this virus worked and having too many cases early on could have overwhelmed the healthcare system.


The lock down put in place early on helped health care systems to prepare and adapt to the current situation.


A lot of these health care systems have increased their capacity and staffing and received more protective equipment.


There has also been an increase in the public health laboratory ability to test and contact trace.


While we are still in the pandemic Beyers also recommends that we avoid what is known as the three C’s of COVID. Closed Spaces, Crowded Places, and Closed contact.


She added that in the foreseeable future we will continue to see regional and local public health responses which will be different depending on the number of active cases in the respective areas.


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