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Niki Ashton Speaks Out on the Mistreatment of Indigenous Canadians By The Trudeau Government

Local NDP MP Niki Ashton spoke in the House of Commons recently and said that the Trudeau government has shown a profound disrespect towards indigenous peoples.


Ashton stated that Prime Minster Justin Trudeau has mocked protesters, turned his back on indigenous peoples that oppose pipelines, and fired one of the most prominent indigenous woman in Canada.


She added that colonialism is still alive and well in Canada and many indigenous people still live in third world conditions.


When Ashton asked why the Prime Minister continues to disrespect indigenous peoples, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded by saying that his government has been focused on partnerships with indigenous peoples from the very beginning.


They have been focused on moving forward in ways that respect and uplift indigenous peoples and communities and they have been doing that with hundreds of new school projects, better access to health care, and eliminating 82 long term boil water advisories.


He concluded by saying that they are working forward on the path to reconciliation.

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