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MP Niki Ashton Pushing For National Indigenous Peoples Day to Be A Statutory Holiday

Our local NDP member of parliament Niki Ashton has urged the Federal Government to make National Indigenous Peoples day a statutory holiday nationwide.  Ashton told Arctic Radio news that a stat holiday will give people the opportunity for everyone to celebrate indigenous communities and culture.


NDP MP Georgina Jolibois has a private members bill calling on the Trudeau government to make national indigenous peoples day a stat holiday.


When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was asked if National Indigenous peoples day would be made a stat holiday, Ashton said that Trudeau dodged the question and believes that he does not support making the day a stat holiday but she is hoping that he will change his mind.


Ashton is expected to put more pressure on the Trudeau Government on this matter once parliament is back in session this fall.

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