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August 14, 2023

OID - Foot Long Hot Dog Eating Contest




Foot Long Hot Dog Eating Contest


Time: 12 noon

Location: Otineka Mall

Categories: Boys & Girls (13 - 17) and Men & Women (18+)


Ages 13 - 17:

1st Place - $40

2nd Place - $35

3rd Place - $30


Ages 18+:

1st Place - $75

2nd Place - $60

3rd Place - $50


Details: Registration begins at 11:30am, only accepting the first 10 contestants for each category.


Rules: Plate must be cleaned of crumbs, must eat all the hot dog and bun, video will be used to help monitor the race.

Location: Otineka Mall

Museum Days for season

From 12:00PM to 6:00PM

The Cranberry Portage Heritage Museum will be opening soon for the summer season. At any other times arrange a tour with any museum director.

Location: 105 Railway Ave. N.W. Cranberry Portage, Mb.

Website: https://www.cpmuseum.ca

Phone: 204 620 1710

The Pas Arts Council (Susan Island Studio)

From 1:00PM to 5:00PM

YWCA Steps to Success Summer Courses


YWCA is offering free training opportunities through their Steps to Success program. Steps to Success is offering a variety of courses throughout the summer months.

July Courses-

Accountability: July 4th, 10am- 12pm

Adaptability: July 5th, 10am- 12pm

Attitude: July 6th, 10am- 12pm

Confidence: July 7th, 10am- 12pm

Communication: July 10th, 10am- 12pm

Motivation: July 11th, 10am- 12pm

Presentation: July 12th, 10am- 12pm

Problem Solving: July 13th, 10am- 12pm

Stress Management: July 14th, 10am- 12pm

Creativity & Innovation: July 17th, 10am- 12pm

Collaboration: July 19th, 10am- 120pm

Time Management: July 20th, 10am- 12pm

Job Search Skills: July 21st & 22nd, 9am- 3pm

Adult Drivers’ Ed Course: July 21st, 4pm- 6pm (Preapproval Required)

Basic Computer: July 24th- 27th, 10am- 12pm

Online Safety: July 28th, 10am- 12pm

Budgeting: July 31st, 10am- 12pm


August Courses-

Spelling Tips: August 1st, 9am- 3pm

Punctuation: August 2nd, 9am- 3pm

Essay Writing: August 3rd, 9am- 3pm

Using APA: August 4th, 10am- 12pm

APA Template: August 4th, 1pm- 3pm

Internet Research: August 8th, 10am- 12pm

Email: August 9th, 10am- 12pm

PowerPoint: August 10th, 10am- 3pm

Adult Drivers Ed Course: August 10th, 4pm- 8pm (Preapproval Required)

Study Tips: August 11th, 10am- 12pm

Word: August 14th- August 17th, 10am- 12pm

Publisher Brochures: August 18th, 9am- 12pm

Excel: August 21st- 24th, 10am- 2pm

Learner's Permit Prep, Online or In-Person: August 28th- 31st, 1:00pm- 3:00pm


September Courses-

Telephone Answering Skills: September 1st, 10am- 12pm

Writing Business Letters: September 4th, 10am- 12pm

Writing Cover Letters: September 6th, 10am- 12pm

Using Zoom: September 7th, 10: 12pm

Workplace Communications: September 11th- 15th, 1pm- 3pmam

Evening Learner's Permit Prep, Online or In-Person: September 11th- Sept 14th, 8:30pm- 10:30pm

Evening GED Prep Online: September 19th- November 21st, 8:30pm- 10:30pm


Call 204-677-5016 to register and for more details

Location: YWCA Thompson; 39 Nickel Road

Phone: 204-677-5016

Blizzard Season Ticket Push

OCN Blizzard Tickets on Sale NOW


  • Adult - $375
  • Student / Senior - $315

Contact: Jenn

Phone: (204) 620 - 5200

Email: ocnblizzard.marketing@hotmail.com