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Our Member of Parliament is urging the Prime Minister to Listen to Our Grads

In the House of Commons Wednesday MP Niki Ashton noted a few weeks ago the Prime Minister spoke to the New York University grad in the United States.  She said while he philosophized in the United States here at home our grads are facing a challenging time and she wants to invite him to attend any one of our grads in the north here in Canada to hear their stories. 


She explained Thompson is faced with the loss of the smelter and refinery, First Nations are facing continuing high unemployment and under funding of education and Churchill is still faced with the shutdown of the port and rail line.  She noted he could attend any grad in virtually any community across Canada to hear what young people are facing in terms of sky high tuition fees and precarious employment but she doubts if he will.


Ashton added she believes he doesn’t want to listen to young people who are concerned about the environment, growing inequality and their economic future leaving them to believe his government is not only not part of the solution but is increasingly part of the problem.


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