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Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival Torchlight Parade Results

The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival Got off to a great start last night with the Torchlight Parade.


There were lots of colourful floats from local businesses and organizations.


The winners of this year’s parade have been announced.

In the commercial category the three winners are the Asseneskak Casino, OCN Natural Resources and McGillivary Care Home.


Miss Fat Boys Caylin Hopper, Manitoba Sustainable Development, and Miss Twin Motors Gianna Catalano are the winners of the non commercial categories.


UCN won in the school category and the two winners of the Family/ group category are Trappers Youth and Beavers.  

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Recommends Seven Conditions During Mediation Circle

Yesterday, Opaskwayak Cree Nation announced that they are recommending seven conditions that two non indigenous females from Flin Flon are required to abide by, following a conflict resolution mediation circle held last month.


The special mediation circle stemmed from an incident the occurred last summer when the two women posted racist and hateful remarks on social media toward indigenous peoples after one of the woman had her car vandalised The incident was investigated and the two women from Flin Flon and a woman from Denare Beach were charged.


Given that this was the first mediation circle of its kind in Canada OCN saw value in turning this incident into a teachable moment under the spirit of intent of reconciliation.


The seven conditions that these two women must follow include,


1. Writing an apology letter to news outlets through the RCMP,


2. staying away from social media platforms,


3. Taking culturally appropriate anger management and domestic violence workshops facilitated by OCN’s restorative justice system.


4. Writing an essay or research paper on indigenous issues.


5.working 80 hours of community service on a First nation


6. Seek counselling with a metal health therapist


7. Attend a cultural awareness residential school camp.


Chief Christian Sinclair says that this is a historic opportunity to deliver restorative justice from a first nation’s perspective and it allows them to use conditions based on the seven sacred teachings. Courage, Respect, Truth, Honesty, Love, Wisdom, and Humility.


If the two women do not accept the terms and conditions requested by OCN they will be referred back to the criminal justice system. 

Public Hearing on Possible Closure of Walkways in The Pas

A public hearing was held at The Pas Municipal Building on Monday night on the proposed closures of walkways A, B, and C here in town.


While many residents support the proposed closure of these walkways others in attendance voiced their opposition to this proposal as well.


Residents in favour of the closure complained that people have left things like condoms, drug paraphernalia, and other waste along these paths and people that hang out in these walkways have vandalized properties.


Some that opposed the closure said that children use these walkways to walk to school so that they are safe from traffic and closing them due to property damage and vandalism makes little sense because things like that can happen anywhere and it’s not fair to the children and other people that like to use these walkways.


One of the residents in attendance suggested putting cameras on the walkways so that vandals and loiterers can be identified. Having Citizens on Patrol Members observing these walkways was another suggestion brought to the table.


Mayor Herb Jaques suggested that residents meet with him to work out a solution to this problem before the final decision is made.

Local School Boards Play an Important Role

Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont was in Flin Flon yesterday.  One of the issues we discussed was the provincial public education review and the possible dissolving of locally elected School Boards.


Lamont says he is very concerned about it as having local input into education is really important but he also doesn’t see that there’s going to be a lot of savings.  He says what they’ve seen before when the amalgamation of School Boards was tried is it didn’t really improve the quality of education and it didn’t improve costs either. 


He added the real focus on the challenges in our education system need to be about what we can do better to make sure our kids are reading, writing, doing their arithmetic and learning properly rather than focus on funding.


Lamont says this is about the future generation of Manitoba and how they are going to grow up and the kind of skills they’re going to bring to the workforce and this is something we need to invest in.  We’ll have more from Lamont on newscasts later this week.

New App by Northern Adventure Guides Called "The Pas Guide"

Northern Adventure Guides has released a new App called “The Pas Guide”.


The app is designed with visitors to the area in mind and It provides useful information about the Tri Area with lists of restaurants, tourist attractions, and other places of interest.


The app can be downloaded for free at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Ecole Opasquia School Request for Handi Cap Loading Zone Signage

A letter from Ecole Opasquia School was brought up by town council at Mondays Committee of The Whole Meeting.


According to the letter the school is requesting signage to be put up for their Handi Cap pick up and drop off zone in front of the school on 8th Street for accessible parking.


Right now the school doesn’t have enough space to pick up and drop off handi cap students which means that parents and caregivers have had to park further away or wait for a parking space to open up.


Town council has shown support for this request and it is expected to move forward at a later date.

There is a Need for More Investment in the North

Manitoba Liberal leader Dougald Lamont while in Flin Flon Tuesday noted we need some economic assistance for northern communities that are losing jobs. 


He says we have people who are losing jobs and we need to step in and make sure if they can’t get the kind of jobs they want that there’ll the retraining they need but we also need to make sure that jobs are there so we need to invest in businesses and invest in projects that are going to put people to work and Manitoba Liberals are committed to investing into growth as that’s what we need to do to get out of this mess.


Lamont added there’s still lots of potential in the north and it doesn’t just have to be in mining so there really needs to be a focus on developing the north and in helping these communities to thrive.  One suggestion he has is the development of a Manitoba based Business Development Bank that will invest in Manitoba businesses to help them get off the ground and provide more full time jobs with benefits.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Awards Short Term Contracts to Band members to Help with Administration Restructuring

Opaskwayak Cree Nation has awarded short term contracts to Tiar Wilson Wheatle and Elaine Kadachuk to develop a modernized approach to the way that OCN operates. They will both be working closely with the OCN administration for the rest of the fiscal year.


Chief Christian Sinclair says while maintaining self sufficiency is the goal of OCN the path to reaching it is just as important which is why it’s good to hire and invest in OCN community members that have the skill set and capacity. Wilson Wheatle will be working as an interim communications manager.


She has decades of experience working in journalism and communications and has worked closely with commissioners of the national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous woman and girls as a communications advisor.


Kadachuk was hired to do a thorough job analysis of all the staff working for OCN. She has worked in Winnipeg with the Provincial Government in human resources and payroll and has worked in many OCN departments including finance, health, and child and family services.

Twenty-two Manitoba Communities Now Have Access to Winter Roads

Manitoba Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler has announced all northern communities now have access to the winter road system allowing for the delivery of supplies.  In our area the 138 kilometer winter road from Pukatawagan to Highway Ten is reported to be in good condition.


Schuler says winter roads not only facilitate the hauling of freight to northern and remote communities but also provide the residents with temporary inter-community travel as well as road access to the rest of the province.  He adds the government will spend 4.5 million dollars providing 22 northern Manitoba communities access to the 24 hundred kilometer network. 


In a typical season more that 25 hundred shipments are delivered to a large number of isolated northern communities from mid-January to mid-March.

Wear Your Jersey Fundraiser Social for Ryder Armstrong

There will be a Jersey Fundraiser Social for Ryder Armstrong at the Kikiwak Inn on February 22nd.


Ryder is a local boy that is in Winnipeg receiving treatment in a hospital and all proceeds raised will go towards Alyssa Whitehead and family so that they can stay with him.


The social will run from 8PM until 1AM and there will be music by DJ Derek. Advanced tickets are ten dollars. Tickets at the door are fifteen dollars if you don’t have a jersey and ten dollars if you are wearing one.


Tickets can be purchased by calling 204-978-0153 or 204-978-0025

Just Watch Me Video Contest Prairie Edition Finalists

The four finalists for the Prairie Edition Just Watch Me Video Contest have been announced. The contest was open to rural residents of Saskatchewan and Manitoba who own their own business and live with a health condition or disability. None of these finalists are from the Tri Area but three of them are from Rural Manitoba.


Participants submitted a short video that shared the success of their business for a chance to win a cash prize and other prizes for their business.


The video submitted that gets the most public votes will win the top prize of one thousand dollars and other prizes for their business.


The Four Finalists are Jeff Stoneham the Owner of Jeff Stoneham’s Creative Planters in Beausejour, Manitoba.


Julie Paseschnikoff the owner of Bee Boyzz Honey in Oak Bluff, Manitoba.


Christina Hopper the owner of Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning in Warren, Manitoba,


and Michelle Janzen the owner of Michelle Janzen Signature Cakes and Cookies in Waldheim, Saskatchewan.


The winner will be announced this Friday.

Niki Ashton Addresses the House of Commons on the Federal Government Reusing to Extend Sick Benefits

Niki Ashton spoke in the House of Commons last week regarding the federal government’s decision not to extend sick benefits for workers. The current number of weeks that people can take to recover from an illness or injury is 15 weeks and Ashton doesn’t believe that this is long enough.


Ashton pointed out that people in Northern Manitoba and across the country are in need of this kind of help but this government isn’t there to give it to them.


Ashton continued her statement by saying when rich American Billionaires want pipelines built this government goes the extra mile, but when regular Canadians who are being forced to return to work sick or injured or quit their jobs because their too sick to perform this government doesn’t even budge an inch.


Politics that privileges style over substance is typical of this government and It is seen in their attitude towards reconciliation and indigenous peoples, the environment, and the sick and injured.

Niki Ashton Addresses Mould Contamination and No Running Water in First Nations Communities

MP Niki Ashton spoke in the House of Commons during question period yesterday and stated that the Federal Government is ignoring communities like Garden Hill that doesn’t have running water and Mathias Colomb Cree Nation that has over 500 students that can’t go to school because of mould contamination at the school.


She asked when the Prime Minister will stop the empty words about reconciliation and relationships and urgently work with first nations to deal with the serious crisis that they are facing right now.


Dan Vandal, the parliamentary secretary to the Minister of Indigenous Services responded to Ashton by saying that all children deserve a safe and healthy environment to learn in and work is under way to remediate mould at the school and it’s expected to be completed by the end of this week.

Northern Manitoba Trappers Festivals Decorating and Snow Slash Ice Sculpture Contests

Winter in the North would not be the same without snow sculptures and the Northern Manitoba Trappers Festivals Decorating and Snow Slash Ice Sculpture Contests will be held again this year.


The cost is five dollars to enter and the entry forms can be picked up at trapper’s headquarters. Registrations can be made before noon on February 14th


Call 204-620-2279 for more information.

Northern Manitoba Trappers Festivals Junior Jigging Contest

The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festivals Junior Jigging Contest will be held at The Pas Friendship Centre on February 16th from one until two in the afternoon.


The contest has four different age categories. Tiny jigging for ages zero to three, Junior Junior Jigging for age’s four to seven, Junior Jigging for ages eight to twelve, and teen jigging for ages thirteen to seventeen.


A complete list of cash prizes up for grabs in the contest can be found at


For more information call 204-627-7500

People Interested in Manitoba History Can Receive a Special Award

The Manitoba Historical Society is accepting nominations for the Lieutenant Governor’s Award.  The award recognizes people interested in the preservation and promotion of the province’s history.


The Society’s Gordon Goldsborough says nominations are open to anyone.  The award is intended primarily for people serving in the promotion of Manitoba’s history.


Anyone who’s done things like writing books, various art projects, running museums, anything that has an aspect of preserving and promoting Manitoba’s history would qualify.


Nomination forms and more information are available on the websites of the Manitoba Historical Society or the Lieutenant Governor at  The deadline is March 1st. 

Niki Ashton Not Pleased With Liberals Response to the Housing Crisis

During Question Period recently local MP Niki Ashton brought up the housing crisis in Northern Manitoba and across the country. She said that 85 percent of First Nations in Manitoba report mould in their homes and houses are often overcrowded.


She asked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau if he knows that the housing crisis is literally making people sick and when the Liberal Government will move from talking to taking action to address the housing crisis.


Prime Minister Trudeau responded to Ashton’s question by saying that when they got elected in 2015 they heard loudly and clearly from Canadians that they wanted a renewal of the relationship and investments in Indigenous people to close the gaps and inequalities that exist in Canada something they have been committed to doing since the very beginning.


Trudeau went on to say that they have lifted 78 long term boil water advertises in indigenous communities, opened hundreds of new schools, invested in new health centres, and they are investing in a number of new housing units across the country in indigenous communities.


Ashtons MP Report Stated that the Liberal Government voted against a plan aimed to bring immediate relief to Canadians in these communities affected by the housing crisis and even though the Liberal government calls the housing situation a crisis they don’t act on it when they should. Instead they give billions in corporate tax giveaways.


The NDP’s motion called on the government to act with urgency and create 500,000 units of affordable housing within ten years and commit in the budget to completing 250.000 of these units within five years.

Opaskwayak Community Meeting Lands Exchange Presentation

Opaskwayak Cree Nation announced that there will be a community meeting on Monday at the Veterans Hall and they will be having  a Lands Exchange presentation.


The meeting will run from 6 until 9 in the evening. Call the Lands Division at 204-627-7148 for more information.

RCMP Looking For Applicants For Aboriginal Pre-Cadet Training Program

If you’re a young First Naitons, Metis or Inuit adult, the RCMP has an opportunity that could be for you.


They’re currently looking for candidates to take part in the Aboriginal Pre-Cadet Training Program, set to take place in Regina from May 13th until the 31st.


The program is open to Canadian First Nations, Metis or Inuit people between the ages of 19 and 29, and offers transportation, meals, accommodation, a uniform and three weeks of training pay.


Other requirements include being in good physical condition, a Canadian high school diploma or equivalent, and a valid Canadian driver’s license.


The program itself, which aims to provide an inside look at the life of a police officer, will include focused teaching in areas such as collaborative problem solving skills, law enforcement, public speaking and cultural diversity.


There will also be elements of physical fitness and drill included, which help promote teamwork while providing those in the program with long-term strategies to meet personal fitness goals.


If you’d like to apply for the program, or would like more information, you can call Sergeant Barry Ledoux at 639-625-4221. Alternatively, you can email Sgt Ledoux by clicking here.


The application deadline is February 22nd.

Antarctica: Layers of Time, Beautiful Monsters at The Sam Waller Museum

There is a new exhibit on display at the Sam Waller Museum called Antarctica: Layers of Time, Beautiful Monsters.


The exhibit is borrowed from the Manitoba Arts Network that features photos of Antarctica taken by artist Hugh Conacher.


Museum Director Sharain Jones says it’s a really amazing exhibit to see, especially live.


The museum is open daily from 1 until 5 in the afternoon and the exhibit will be on display until March 30th



Kelsey School Board Public Budget Consultation Meeting

Last week the Kelsey School Division had a Public Budget Consolation meeting for their 2019-2020 budget in conjunction with their regular board meeting.  


Chair Vaughn Wadelius told Arctic Radio news that the public presentation lasted half an hour and they reviewed the standing of the school division over the last several years in various budget categories and compared them to three other nearby school divisions.


There is another budget preparation meeting scheduled for 19th and the finance committee will present a preliminary budget to the school board on February 11th and the 25th.


The next step would be to bring the budget to the board in March for final approval.


The highlights from the meeting can be found at

King and Queen Trappers Competitions

The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival is next week and now you can register for the King and Queen Trappers Competitions.


The King Trappers Competition is open to men 18 and up with an entry fee of fifty dollars and the Queen Trappers Competition is open to woman 18 and up with an entry fee of twenty five dollars.


Both competitions involve challenges like moose and goose calling, trap setting, log throwing and more. Participants have a chance to win some cash prizes.


For more information call 204-623-4579 or 204-620-4947 and if you want to sign up for the Queen Trappers Festival call 204-620-5475 or visit

Snowmobile Safety Tips From The RCMP

In the midst of snowmobile season Pelican Narrows RCMP offer a friendly safety reminder to snowmobile operators. They note drivers and passengers must always wear safety gear that is property fitted and weather appropriate.  Ensure your snowmobile is well maintained and in good operating condition.


Check weather conditions and tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back. Make sure your snowmobile is equipped with an emergency kit and first aid supplies.  Ride to your comfort and ability. Parents make sure your children are old enough and trained to operate the snowmobile.  Ride with a buddy and never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


The RCMP reminds you to enjoy the outdoors and make it home safely.

Volunteer Award Nominations

If you know a volunteer in the community who deserves recognition for their work, Friday is the deadline for you to nominate them for an award.


The Manager of Communications and Outreach for Volunteer Manitoba, Dawn Bourbonnais, tells Arctic Radio News that there are eleven awards to be presented at the Annual Volunteer Awards Dinner in Winnipeg April 11th.


She says those include the Premier’s Volunteer Service Award, the Lieutenant Governor’s Make a Difference Award and the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Family Award,


Bourbonnais adds that there are two new awards this year; the CTV Champion of Mental Health Award and the William Norrie Arts and Culture Award.


To nominate a volunteer or for more information on the eleven volunteer awards, you can go to

9th Annual Bannock Slap Street Hockey Tournament

The 9th Annual Bannock Slap Street Hockey Tournament will take place on February 16th near the legion at 11AM. The entry is 120 dollars per team and the prizes are $300 for first place, $175 dollars for second place, and $120 dollars for third. Teams that don’t show up will not be refunded.


The games are 15 minutes and they will be played in 2 to 7 minutes periods with a one minute intermission and its open to people 18 and older.

You must register on or before February 13th and if you would like to sign up or if you want more information call Terry McKellop at 204-620-1265.


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