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Rhonda Head Now a Board Member for Aboriginal Music Manitoba

Award winning Opaskwayak Cree Nation musician Rhonda Head is now a board member for Aboriginal Music Manitoba.


Head says she was chosen as a board member to represent Northern Manitoba musicians and that it’s really good to be a part of the organization.


Aboriginal Music Manitoba is dedicated to developing the aboriginal music community.


If you would like to know how Aboriginal Music Manitoba can help you call Rhonda at 204-620-2650.

Northern Tourism Gala Tonight

The Northern Tourism Awards Gala is tonight at the Kikiwak Inn.


The Northern Manitoba Trappers Festival and the Jimmy Jackfish Ice fishing Derby have both been nominated for Event of the Year, Opaskwayak Indian Days and Treaty and York Boat Days have been nominated in the indigenous tourism category, and Northern Adventure Guides Mobile Apps have been nominated for the innovation award.


The awards Gala runs from 6:45 until 9PM.

Hudbay Outreach Presentation Tomorrow

Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Hudbay will be having an outreach presentation tomorrow afternoon at the Kikiwaks Inn’s Bignell room.


The purpose of this presentation is to acquaint the community with the company about potential employment and business opportunities.


The presentation runs from 1 until 3PM.

Amanda Lathlin Addresses Disabilities Services Funding Concerns

The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin Recently addressed funding concerns for disability services during question period last week.


She said that there is a growing demand for services for children with physical and intellectual disabilities and last year the Pallister government made program changes and froze the intake for the inclusion support program.


As a result the number of children provided service through the inclusion support program fell by 8 percent last year to the lowest it has been in nearly a decade.


Minister of Families Heather Stefanson responded to Lathlin’s question by saying that they care very deeply about children living with disabilities in the province and they are spending more than the NDP’S ever did when they were in office.


She added that they also care very much about adults with disabilities and other vulnerable Manitobans which is why they continue to invest in programs that are working to improve their lives.


According to Stefanson they have invested more than 13 million dollars in community living and disability services in this budget alone.

Unplanned Power Outage in The Pas

An unplanned power outage has affected some customers here in The Pas, the cause of the outage is not known right now but according to Manitoba Hydro's website it should be restored around 6 this evening.

Niki Ashton Addresses Autism Services in Canada

With autism awareness month drawing to a close MP Niki Ashton spoke to Arctic Radio about what the federal government should do to support people on the autism spectrum and their families across the country.


Ashton says the federal government needs to be a partner in supporting provinces and communities in offering services and that there needs to be proper support in terms of health and education and people need to acknowledge just how increasingly common autism really is and how important it is to ensure that funding is in place to support those on the spectrum.


The NDP’s supported a motion calling for a Canadian Autism Partnership and they looked at ways that they can work with advocates to ensure that services are in place. The NDP’S also supported a motion put forward by the Conservatives on autism which was defeated by the Liberal Government.


For The NDP they have been outspoken on the need for federal leadership on autism and it’s something they will continue to advocate for and they firmly believe that the government needs to enact a strategy for people on the spectrum and back it up with the much needed funding.

The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce Calling on The Town to Take Action on Safety and Negative Impacts on Downtown Businesses

The Pas and District Chamber of Commerce is calling on The Town of The Pas to take serious action regarding concerns over safety and negative impacts on businesses in the downtown area.


Chamber president Trent Allen says there has been a long vocal outcry regarding the problems associated with loitering and vandalism in the area.


A survey conducted two years ago found that the downtown area was the greatest concern to respondents with the 200 block of Edwards Avenue topping the list of troublesome locations.


Concerns with the downtown area often increase in the spring and summer and the chamber wants the town of The Pas to reinforce their commitment to support local businesses and help address these concerns.


Skye Charlette Found Safe

The RCMP has reported that Skye Charlette the missing woman from Cranberry Portage has been found safe. They thank the public for their assistance.

Manitoba Library Associations Prison Libraries Committee Wins an Award for Their Hard Work

The Manitoba Library Associations Prison Libraries Committee recently won the Premiers Volunteer Service Award in the community category of Volunteer Manitoba’s 36th Annual Volunteer Awards.


The Pas Regional library is part of the Prison Libraries Committee and it’s a volunteer group that provides collections, programming, and library awareness for incarcerated adults in the justice system.


The group provides service to four facilities in Manitoba including The Pas Correctional Centre by providing the residents with books to read and they try to provide them with new material whenever possible.


Lauren Wadeluis from The Pas Regional Library says that it’s a lot of hard work that is very rewarding and it was great to receive the Premiers Volunteer Service Award.





Amanda Lathlin Addresses Child and Family Services Block Funding Concerns

During Question period recently The Pas MLA Amanda Lathlin addressed cutting costs to the child welfare system.


Lathlin said that funding was blocked without working with agencies and partners in the child welfare system and they have heard from many leaderships and agencies that are concerned with how they will deal with increasing costs in the future.


Minister of Families’ Heather Stefanson responded by saying quote “We have heard loud and clear from communities access the province and that the perverse incentivization of the apprehension of children based on the previous funding model is not working.


She added that they will continue to ensure that the funding is there for the children who need it the most. Lathlin pointed out that the Child and Families Services newcomer Unit was cut even though it helped newcomers to the province through complex situations to ensure that their families stayed together.


When Lathlin asked if the newcomer unit would be reinstated Stefanson said they care very deeply about new comers to our province and they will ensure that resources are there for newcomers when they arrive.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Taking Action to Address Their Animal Population

Opaskwayak Cree Nation is taking action to address the animal population in the community.  


Vice Chief Jennifer Flett says OCN has hired animal control officers to capture animals that are at large in the community to address safety concerns and to follow their animal control bylaw. Animals are being caught and kept for two days.


If you have lost your dog call 204-627-7100 and ask for public works.

Northern Urban Reserves and Economic Development Forum Held in Thompson

Last week, Jennifer Flett the Vice Chief attended the Northern Urban economic development forum in Thompson last week.


The forum involved a combination of businesses and stakeholders from across the province that looked at the growth of Northern Manitoba.


Flett said a report by Look North was tabled about at the meeting and the report found that the Indigenous People’s contribution to Manitoba’s GDP is up over a billion dollars. Flett says that this report says a lot about how indigenous peoples contribute to the provincial economy.


She added that it was good to have people from all areas of Manitoba that wanted to take part in the meeting.

Safe Needles in the Community Presentations

Special presentations called “Safe Needles in the Community” will be held on May 7th at one in the afternoon and seven in the evening at the Kikiwak Inns Bignell room.


The presentations will be conducted by Community Health Nurse Christie Wilson to discuss the dangers of needles and what you should do if you see them in your community with a goal of preventing hepatitis C and other blood bourne illnesses.


It’s free to attend and if you need more information call 204-627-7410.

Not Using Seatbelts as Dangerous as Distracted Driving

A dangerous driving activity still persists in 2019.


RCMP Sgt. Paul Manaigre said that 60 per cent of people killed in passenger vehicles in 2018 weren’t wearing seatbelts.


Manaigre said around 1100 to 1200 people are charged in Manitoba each year for not wearing a seatbelt.  That’s higher than the number for texting or using an electronic device while driving, at 900-1,000.


Manitoba Public Insurance spokesman Brian Smiley said changing driver behaviour takes a long time, and requires a combination of education and awareness on MPI’s end, along with law enforcement making up the third piece of the puzzle.


The $300 fine, plus two demerits, he said, is a strong motivator for drivers to obey the law, even if their personal safety isn’t a priority.

High Water Level Warning in Effect For The Pas

A high water advisory is in effect for the Carrot and Saskatchewan Rivers near The Town of The Pas.


People living near the rivers should be cautious and people are advised not to cross fast flowing waters or water of unknown depth and avoid flooded areas.



Opaskwayak Cree Nation Achieves Financial Management System Certification

In less than three years the leaders of Opaskwayak Cree Nation has elevated the communities’ financial status from nearing third party management to being recognized by the financial management board.


OCN is now the 18th First Nation in Canada and the second in Manitoba to receive the Financial Management System Certification a rare yet growing accomplishment among indigenous communities.  


In their journey towards getting this certification OCN Developed a financial administration law and received a financial performance certificate.


OCN Chief Christian Sinclair stated in a news release they struggle to meet their communities’ social needs as their membership continues to grow which is why it’s important to put economic development first because without

financial stability they cannot take care of the community.

Town of The Pas Putting a Motion Forward To The Association of Manitoba Municipalities to Heighten Protection for Volunteer Fire Fighters

The Town of The Pas will be putting a motion forward to the Association of Manitoba Municipalities.


Town Councillor Chad Zolinski spoke to Arctic radio news and said the motion is being put forward in response to The Town of The Pas and Volunteer fire fighters being named in a lawsuit regarding the Town Centre Hotel Fire from 2017.


The goal of this motion is to provide better protection for volunteer fire fighters for when they work for a municipality.


This motion is expected to be talked about at future council meetings.

Opaskwayak Cree Nation Band Member Recognized By the Province for Community Volunteerism

The leaders of Opaskwayak Cree Nation would like to congratulate Lyle Crain for receiving this year’s Lieutenant Governors Make a Difference Community Award. He accepted the award at the 36th Annual Volunteer Manitoba Awards Dinner in Winnipeg last night.


According to a news release Mr. Crain has been an active volunteer on OCN for over a decade and some of the programs that benefit from his time and energy are Opaskwayak Indian Days, OCN Recreation, the OCN Blizzard and Storm hockey teams, the Canoe Club and their Community Gardens. He is currently the president of the Opaskwayak Minor Hockey Association and has taken on a coaching role over the past four years.


His volunteering efforts have had a rippling effect on his own children and they are often seen contributing toward making OCN a safe space for all members.


Chief Christian Sinclair says the prestigious award is a reminder to the entire community about the importance of creating space where there is an opportunity to see one another flourish.

The Pas and Area Animal Shelter May Long Weekend Booze Draw Fundraiser

The Pas and Area Animal Shelter is having a May Long Weekend Booze Draw for a chance to win some MLCC gift cards.


All proceeds will go towards a new fence for the shelter and tickets can be purchased from committee members for just five dollars.


The draw will be on May 17th

Niki Ashton Reprimands Trudeau Government For Giving Money to Loblaws and Ignoring the Norman Region

Niki Ashton is continuing to press Ottawa when it comes to money that she doesn’t think is being spent wisely.


Ashton recently asked the Prime Minister why money is going to his billionaire friends when First Nations and hurting Canadians get nothing. 


She said that last week she asked the government to address urgent food insecurity in our region because of climate change, and that they quote delivered giving 12 million dollars to Loblaws, a company headed up by the second richest Canadian. 


Ashton added Liberals also gave four point five billion dollars to a rich American oil company and that quote in the eyes of this Liberal government it’s clear that every problem can be solved by giving money to your billionaire friends while First Nations already hurting from climate change get nothing.


In response, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna noted that the money given to Loblaws will be used to update to energy efficient freezers and coolers, which she says will be equivalent to taking 50 thousand cars off the road a year.


She added that the company is paying three quarters of the cost.

Judy Klassen Seeking Liberal Nomination for Federal Election

Judy Klassen has officially thrown her hat in the ring.


The Liberal MLA, who represents the Keewatinook riding, has filed her papers with the Federal Liberal Party, and is seeking the nomination to run in the upcoming federal election against Niki Ashton.


Klassen says that Justin Trudeau and the federal government have made much-needed investments into Truth and Reconciliation initiatives, as well as significant investments in the Nor-Man economy.


She added that Manitoba’s north needs these investments now more than ever, and that quote Prime Minister Trudeau and the Federal Liberals are the only choice to ensure that the north continues to see this much-needed investment and work for truth and reconciliation within our indigenous communities.


Klassen, who first entered politics in the 2016 Manitoba election, still has to be formally nominated as the Liberal candidate for the riding before any potential race against Ashton, while there has not yet been any word on a Conservative Party candidate.


The federal election is scheduled for October.


Photo From Facebook

Public Hearing For By Law 4592 Rescheduled to April 29th

The Town of The Pas has announced that their public hearing for By Law 4592 will now be held on April 29th at 6PM instead of April 23rd.


According to a notice from the town the general intent of this by law is to amend the 100 foot undisturbed native vegetation area required for lands located adjacent to Clearwater Lake.


For more information on this bylaw call Jenn Early at 204-627-1108

Annual Mayor Reports For 2018

The Annual Mayor Reports for 2018 have been released. Most of the offences committed in The Pas last year were disturbances of the peace a total of 1520.


The RM of Kelsey had mostly provincial traffic violations a total of 615.


And most of the offences in the community of Cormorant were assaults a total of 21.

Kelsey School Division Meeting

Vaughn Wadeluis spoke to Arctic Radio News recently to talk about what was discussed that their last board meeting.  The strategic plan for  2019-2022 was approved and it has four main objectives.


The first objective is the drainage problem between Scott Bateman Middle School and MBCI, and the other objectives are student wellness and engagement, looking at ways to improve communication with the public, and to look at ways to improve technology within the school division.


It was also reported that the building and maintenance committee is in the process of touring each school to take a firsthand look at each facility to see what the buildings problems might be.


The transportation committee also reported that they are very concerned about various stop arm violations around the school meaning that some people pass school buses when the buses stop signs and arms are out which carries a hefty fine for violators.


The policy committee also updated their communicable disease policy and the trustee’s code of conduct was updated as well.

RCMP Looking For Help Naming Foals

Your Children Can Help Name a Future RCMP Musical Ride Horse.


The RCMP are asking for help in naming twelve foals that will be born this spring at the RCMP breeding farm in Ontario. 


Superintendent Kevin Fahey says this is the 80th anniversary of their breeding program and they can’t think of a better way to name the foals that are born at their farm than by asking kids across Canada to help them.


Up to twelve winning names will be selected including one classroom entry.


Each winner will each receive a prize pack that includes a photo of the foal they named, a certificate signed by the RCMP Commissioner and an engraved horse shoe. 


The winning classroom will receive a framed photo of the foal they named along with the signed certificate.


To qualify, participants must be 14 years old or younger and must live in Canada.


There is a limit of one entry per person.


All names submitted for the contest must start with the letter “R” and must be in by April 30th.


You can click here for more information, or to submit an entry.


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